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📢 | "QA Engineer Study Group-Learning from the Initiatives and Issues of Each Company-" Event Held | May 5th (Tuesday) 24: 19-


"QA Engineer Study Group-Learn from the Initiatives and Issues of Each Company-" Event Held | May 5th (Tuesday) 24: 19-

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As a Developer Productivity engineer, I have been promoting tabelog test automation since June 2021.

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    Developer Productivity engineer

    Test automation

    Test automationBy using a test support tool, etc.Software testingIs to automate.In order to perform software testing, it is necessary to do the following work.Test automation is the automation of some of these tasks.

    • Test case design
    • Run the test and check the results
    • Manage test progress
    • Creating a report

    Test case design

    test caseIt describes what kind of input should be given to the program and what kind of output should be obtained as a result when performing the test.To create a test case A method focusing on the structure of the program, A method focusing on program specificationsThere is.

    test case[1]Is basically done by humans because it cannot be created without understanding how the program should work.There are tools that automatically create test cases based on the structure of the program, but humans have to decide what the execution result of the program should be.

    Test execution and confirmation of results

    If the test case is written in an executable program, the execution of the test and the confirmation of the result can be automated.As an automated execution framework for unit testsxUnitThere is. xUnitImplementations for various languages ​​are open to the public, and test cases can be written in the same format as a normal program.

    Manage test progress

    Creating a report


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