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📢 | Let's take a look at the stars that are a little hard to find.If you can find it, you can get a certificate "Starry Sky Certification Challenge!" XNUMX ...


Let's take a look at the stars that are a little hard to find.If you can find it, you can get a certificate "Starry Sky Certification Challenge!" XNUMX ...

If you write the contents roughly
Simply select the star you want to see from the registered astronomical list and move the astronomical telescope in the direction of the orange arrow displayed on the screen.

Vixen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Kazushige Niitsuma) uses an astronomical telescope ... → Continue reading


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This is a press release service that promptly sends out the latest news of companies and organizations!

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BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorWe are dealing with.Colors may not be displayed properly depending on the viewing environment. ((Template: Color)

Orange(Orange color)fruit OfOrange OfFruitlikeColor[1][2]."Red"と黄色Is the neutral color of[1].橙色Also say (daidaiiro)[3].Warm colorsOne of[4].

color sample

Japanese Industrial Standard

Japanese Industrial Standard(JIS Z 8102:2001) has the following colors. (#ef810f)[5][6][7]

Similarly, there is a table to be associated next. (#ff5900)[8]

CSS In 2.1 and above,OrangeWas defined in the following colors: this is,X11 color nameDerived from. (#ffa500)

International orange

Aerospace industryThen, the following colors are International Orange en: international orangeAnd A vivid color between red and yellowvermilion.Aviation lawIt is called yellow-red in Article XNUMX-XNUMX of the Enforcement Regulations (types of daytime obstacle signs and installation standards). In a familiar example,Painting of Tokyo TowerUsed for etc. (#ff4f00)

The following three colors are defined in US 3CInternational OrangeEach of the above is a reproduction of observations from the beginning with the auxiliary illuminant C (daylight) of :2000, the standard illuminant A (bulb), and the fluorescent lamp F1996 of Appendix 1 of 2. (From the beginning, #d33007, #ff0600, #b84300)[9]

Color chart

Among the fruit characteristics, there are lemon color charts and orange color charts that look at the color of the skin and the color of the flesh, and the numerical values ​​are set.[10].

Approximate color


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