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📊 | JAL and JALUX sell "raw scallops" directly from Hokkaido at supermarkets in the Tokyo metropolitan area

Photo: Scallops landed at Tokoro fishing port are airlifted from Memanbetsu Airport without freezing.

JAL and JALUX sell "raw scallops" directly from Hokkaido at supermarkets in the Tokyo metropolitan area

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The first raw scallops are packed as they are, without freezing, from the scallops landed at the Tokoro fishing port in Hokkaido, and are shipped by air from Memanbetsu Airport and lined up at stores.

JALUX, which operates Japan Airlines (JAL) and airport shops and duty-free shops, announced on May 5th that JAL's air distribution network and JAL ... → Continue reading

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Memanbetsu Airport

Memanbetsu Airport(Memanbe Tsukukou,British: Memanbetsu Airport) IsHokkaidoAbashiriOzora TownIt is inLocally managed airport.


Sea of ​​OkhotskCoastalAbashiriLocated about 22km southwest of the center (about 30 minutes by bus)Okhotsk General Promotion BureauIt is the main airport of.Abashiri City in the vicinityKitamiTieNational Route 39Runs.In the area around the airportShiretoko National Park,Akan Mashu National Park,Abashiri Quasi-National ParkAnd so on.The airport is locatedMemanbetsu TownWas in 2006Higashimokoto VillageMerged withOzora TownHowever, the name of the airport was not changed.

Initially opened in the adjacent land on the north side of the current location[4].Cold injuryTo overcome the Sea of ​​OkhotskDrift ice,Weather observationThe reason for the opening of the port was that I tried to fly.afterwards,Imperial Japanese NavyBecame Bihoro No. XNUMX Air Base.For this reason, it is still around the airport.BunkerThere are many facilities left in memory of those days.

It was relocated to its current location when the airport was jetted in 1985.Since then, the number of passengers has been steadily increasing, mainly due to tourism demand, and the annual number of passengers has been close to 100 million in recent years. [3]..In addition to chronic congestionworld HeritageRegisteredShiretokoAs the number of passengers is expected to increase as a major access airport to the airport, a terminal that can handle international flights has been added.The old airport runway is a German automobile parts manufacturer.BoschIt has been diverted to the brake test course of.


Number of users

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Old airport

  • 1935/(Showa10 years) June 3- Central Meteorological ObservatoryHowever, the former Memanbetsu region moved to Kitami beef in 1931.RacecourseInstalled as an airfield for meteorological observation on the site (500 m x width 50 m), and conducted drift ice observation using a Type 10 shipboard reconnaissance aircraft.[5].
  • 1936/(11)
    • June-Runway extension to be used as a total solar eclipse observation base on June 6[5] (650 m).
    • Order to ban the use of observation aircraft due to aging, then Yohei Suzuki remodeled the Type 3 fighter and donated it to the Central Meteorological Observatory and continued drift ice observation until 1944.[5].
  • 1942/(Showa 17) --The Naval Air Corps begins maintenance as "Bihoro No. XNUMX Flight Base"[5].
  • 1945/(Showa 20)- Second World WarWith the end of the warAlliesExploded by the army and becomes unusable[5]..The former Navy Government Building will be reused as a junior high school.[5].
  • 1952/(Showa 27) June- U.S. ForcesAfter repairing, it was requisitioned as an emergency landing.
  • 1956/(31)
    • April-Partially returned from the US military.
    • June 6-North Japan Airlines,Okadama AirportIrregular line operation started[5].
  • 1957/(Showa 32) July --North Japan Airlines, Okadama Airport- Nishishunbetsu Airfield The line starts operating via Memanbetsu Airport.
  • 1958/(33)
    • July-All returned from the U.S. military,Memanbetsu Town Is managed.
    • December-Started operation as a third-class airport[5].
  • 1959/(Showa 34) September --North Japan Airlines arrives and departs from Nishishunbetsu AirfieldNakashibetsu AirportChange to departure and arrival.
  • 1961/(Showa 36) April --Transferred management to Hokkaido.
  • 1963/(Showa 38) April-Started operation as a third-class airport (4 m).
  • 1964/(39) April --North Japan Airlines merges to become Japan Domestic Airlines.
  • 1965/(40) June-Japan Air System starts regular service on Okadama Airport Line[5]..Okadama Airport-Memanbetsu Airport-Nakashibetsu Airport Line abolished.
  • 1970/(Showa 45) --Japan Domestic Airlines,Tokyo International AirportThe line starts operating via Okadama Airport.
  • 1971/(Showa 46) May --Japan Domestic Airlines merged to become Toa Domestic Airlines.
  • 1974/(49) December --Toa Domestic Airlines, all routes to / from Okadama AirportChitose AirportChange to departure and arrival.
  • 1977/(Showa 52) August-Toa Domestic AirlinesYS-11The aircraft landed on the fuselage[5].
  • 1980/(55) May --Toa Domestic Airlines starts direct flight to Tokyo International Airport[5].. Known as an ultra-long-haul route where YS-11 aircraft fly.
  • April 1985, 4-Closed due to the opening of a new airport[5].

Current airport

  • 1975/(50) --Started survey of suitable sites for new airport construction[5].
  • 1979/(54) April --Apply for permission to set up New Memanbetsu Airport[5].
  • 1980/(55) October --Permission to set up a new Memanbetsu airport, designated as a third-class airport[5].
  • 1981/(Showa 56) June-Construction starts at New Memanbetsu Airport for jetting[5].
  • 1984/(59)
    • April --Start of construction of airport terminal building and cargo building[5].
    • December-Completion of basic facilities.
  • 1985/(60)
    • March-Completion of terminal building[5].
    • April 4-New Memanbetsu Airport in service on the south side of Memanbetsu Airport (22 m), jetted[5]..Memanbetsu Airport abolished.
  • 1987/(62)
    • February-Operates ANA Hong Kong flights as the first international charter[5].
    • April-Renamed from New Memanbetsu Airport to Memanbetsu Airport.
  • 1988/(63) April --Toa Domestic Airlines,Japan Air System Changed the trade name to.
  • 1992/(Heisei 4 years)
  • 1993/(5) July 7-All Nippon Airways,Nagoya AirportLine operation started[6].
  • 1994/(6)
    • Runway 2500m extension approval[5].
    • March --Starting operation of the extension of the airport building[5].
    • September-All Nippon Airways,KIX With the opening of the port, the Osaka International Airport line was changed to the Kansai International Airport line.[5].
  • 1995/(7)
    • June-Japan Air System,Fukuoka Airport Line operation started[5](Seasonal operation from June to October).
    • October-Start of runway extension work[5].
  • 1996/(8)
  • 1997/(9)
    • 7 month - (Old) Japan Airlines ・ All Nippon Airways and Tokyo International Airport line start operation and become competing routes for 3 companies[5].
    • 8 month - Air Nippon,New Chitose Airport Line operation started 2 companies become competing routes[5].
    • October-Japan Air System suspends Fukuoka Airport line[5].
    • November-Japan Air System suspends Fukuoka Airport line via Hiroshima Airport[5].
  • 1999/(11)
    • April-All Nippon Airways changes from year-round operation to Tokyo International Airport line to seasonal operation from June to October[5].
    • 10 month - Hokkaido Air System,Hakodate Airport Line operation started[5].
    • November-Air Nippon launches Okadama Airport line[5].
  • 2000/(12)
    • January-The number of users has exceeded 1 million since 1985 (jetting).
    • February 2-Completed runway extension (24m), due to equipment changes on Japan Air System Tokyo International Airport LineBoeing 777-200 A commemorative flight of the mold[5].
    • April-All Nippon Airways and Tokyo International Airport lines are changed from seasonal flights to limited-time flights from July to September.
    • April --Japan Air System changes the Sendai Airport Line from seasonal operation to limited-time operation from mid-July to August.
    • July-All Nippon Airways transfers Kansai International Airport line to Air Nippon.
    • September-All Nippon Airways, Tokyo International Airport line suspended 9 companies become competing routes[5].
    • October-Air Nippon suspends Okadama Airport line[5].
  • 2001/(13)
  • 2003/(15)
    • April --Japan Air System begins operation of Osaka International Airport line.[5].
    • July-Japan Air System resumes Sendai Airport Line for a limited time in July and August[5].
    • August 8-Air Nippon's YS-31 aircraft ends its last flight 11 to New Chitose Airport[5].
    • 9 month - Air Nippon Network , Okadama Airport Line, New Chitose Airport Line start operation[5].
    • August-Japan Air System suspends Sendai Airport Line[5].
    • October-(Old) Japan Airlines transfers Tokyo International Airport line to Japan Air System due to preparations for integration with Japan Air System.[5].
    • October-Japan Air System suspends Niigata Airport line[5].
    • November --Air Nippon and Kansai International Airport lines are changed from year-round to seasonal operations from February to March and June to October.
  • 2004/(16)
    • June-Japan Air System,Japan Airlines Japan Change the trade name to[5], Japan Airlines flight number.
    • April --Air Nippon Network changed to All Nippon Airways flight number due to unification of All Nippon Airways Group flight numbers[5].
  • 2005/(17)
  • 2006/(18)
    • 2 month - Hokkaido International Airlines , Started operation of Tokyo International Airport line jointly with All Nippon Airways (resumed as All Nippon Airways) and becomes a competing route again.
    • 3
      • 19th --The third phase of the terminal building extension work was completed, one boarding bridge and one turntable were added, and a separate CIQ space was set up.[5].
      • Hokkaido Air System, Hakodate Airport Line suspended[5].
    • 4 month - Airtransse , Hakodate Airport Line service started[5].
    • April-Paying for parking lots.
    • June-Airtransse launches New Chitose Airport line, becoming a competing route for three companies[5].
  • 2007/(19)
    • February --Airtransse, New Chitose Airport Line suspended 2 companies become competing routes[5].
    • March --Airtransse and Hakodate Airport flights will be operated irregularly[5].
    • April --All Nippon Airways suspends New Chitose Airport line and becomes independent operation again (two companies compete for Sapporo line)[5].
    • September-Complete withdrawal of airtransse[5].
  • 2008/(20)
    • November-All Nippon Airways, Kansai International Airport line changed from year-round service to seasonal service from June to September.
    • 11 month - THE S 36 Start of service (ILS bidirectional)[5].
  • 2009/(21)
    • March --Japan Airlines International suspends Kansai International Airport line and becomes independent flight route again[5].
  • 2010/(22)
    • July-All Nippon Airways changed the Okadama Airport line to the New Chitose Airport line.
    • October-Hokkaido Air System begins operation on the New Chitose Airport line.
  • 2011/(23)
    • April --Hokkaido Air System starts operating Okadama Airport Line.
    • June-All Nippon Airways extends Kansai International Airport line to seasonal service from June to October.
  • 2012/(24)
    • June-All Nippon Airways extends Kansai International Airport line to seasonal service from June to October.
    • October-Hokkaido Air System suspends Okadama Airport line.
  • 2013/(25)
    • May-All Nippon Airways shortens Kansai International Airport line to seasonal service from May to September.
  • 2014/(26)
    • From February 2th, the in-house broadcasts except those by each airline were selected as the support character for the Memanbetsu Airport Building.VOCALOIDas well as the VOICEROID OfYuitsuki YukariWill do[7] .
  • 2020/(Reiwa2 years)
    • 1/15 - Hokkaido AirportCentered on "Hokkaido AirportStarted privatization of terminals at 7 major airports in Hokkaido, including Memanbetsu[8] .
    • 10/27 --Hokkaido Air System[9]The Gaokatama Airport Line is reopened three times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).
  • 2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)


There is one terminal building on the west side of the runway, which is three stories above the ground.Boarding bridgeIt has three units.The equipment is compatible with domestic flights,The design is designed to anticipate future international flight development.[Source required]..The terminal facility was operated by Memanbetsu Airport Building Co., Ltd., which is funded by financial institutions, airlines and local governments.Hokkaido AirportIt was absorbed and merged with Hokkaido Airport, and has been operated by Hokkaido Airport since then.

  • 1F: Airline counter, arrival lobby, tourist information center, XNUMX-Eleven
  • 2F: Departure lobby, paid waiting room, 5 shops (souvenir shops), 2 restaurants, ATM
    • Business hours are 19:30 for the paid waiting room, 18:17 on weekdays and 20:XNUMX on Saturdays and Sundays, XNUMX:XNUMX for shops and restaurants, and until the last flight departs for the boarding waiting room.
  • 3F: Observation deck (free)

Approximately 1,150 toll parking lots are installed and are managed by "Memanbetsu Industrial Development Corporation".[2]..Parking fee is free for up to 1 hour.You cannot use 5 or 1 banknotes with cash payment only at an outside checkout machine, but a staff member may be standing during times when there are many users, in which case you may receive high-value banknotes.

There is a pre-payment machine on the 1st floor of the terminal building, where you can pay by credit card.If you settle with a pre-payment machine, you must leave the parking lot within 20 minutes after the payment.

Hokkaido Airport, which will be in charge of privatization from 2020, will be a "regional gateway" type airport aimed at sending customers to the Okhotsk area, with the concept of "unparalleled nature", international flight facility development, passenger building expansion, cargo building new construction・ We are planning to build a new office building and attract low-priced hotels.[13].

Service route

If there are two or more airlines, operate with the aircraft / crew of the first airlineJointly operated flights (codeshare flights)

Former regular service routes


Abashiri City is about 22 km and Kitami City is about 32 km to the neighboring city area.

Transit Bus

As of October 2019, 10.For details on the number of trains, fares, required times, etc., refer to the relevant items and the official website.

Main abolished routes

  • Akan Bus
  • Abashiri Bus
    • Bihoro StationIn front --Memanbetsu Airport --Memanbetsu Office --Yobashiri Station --Abashiri Prison --Abashiri Station --Okhotsk Joint Government Building --Abashiri Bus Terminal (general route bus, fixed time) * Abolished by the timetable revision on October 2019, 10[18]



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