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📊 | Summer coolness, changes in the summer dining table after the Korona-ka


Summer coolness, changes in the summer dining table after the Korona-ka

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On the other hand, the number of sushi-based menus such as rice balls, hand-rolled rice balls, seaweed rolls, and inari is decreasing.

Two years have passed since Korona-ka, and this year marks the third summer.According to the warm weather forecast released by the Japan Meteorological Agency, this summer is warm ... → Continue reading

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Nori roll

Nori rollWhat is (Norimaki)?sushi OfScroll,Nori sushi roll(Norimakizushi).

Originally, seaweed rolls are used as foodSeaweedWrapped or wrapped with seaweedCuisineRefers to itself.When we simply say "nori-maki", we often refer to nori-maki sushi.Besides sushi,rice ballNori seaweed wrapped with nori seaweed or grilled seaweed is also called "seaweed roll".Rice crackersThe one wrapped with seaweed is called "seaweed-rolled rice cracker", and some are sold under the name of "Edo Soka seaweed roll".Wrap the seaweed (or put the seaweed in the batter)oilThe fried food is "Isobe fried(Isobe-age) ”,“ Isobe-yaki ”, which is made by wrapping seaweed around baked ingredients, is baked.MochiThe one wrapped with seaweed is called "Isobe Mochi".


Generally, it refers to all sushi wrapped in seaweed,Edomae sushiIn, simply speaking of "seaweed rolls"Kanpy 巻 き windingMeans[1][2].

Nori roll[1]Was introduced as a dish in "Cooking Sankaigo" published in 1750.[3][4],1787/Already in the publication "XNUMXth"Edo OfHandAs sushi that does not polluteSushi shopIt is introduced that it is one of the menus[5].

Inari SushiAnd a combination of seaweed rollsSukerokuHowever, this is a fashionable "Aburaage" with fried tofu and maki sushi, in the name of the characters in the Kabuki performance of the same title.[6]Commonly used ingredients include tuna, cucumber, shrimp, omelet, and kanpyo.


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