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📢 | Automating the control of residual chlorine concentration in food wash water The world's first residual chlorine concentration monitor using diamond electrodes…


Automating the control of residual chlorine concentration in food washing water The world's first residual chlorine concentration monitor that uses diamond electrodes ...

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In addition, since it is possible to measure hypochlorous acid and hypochlorous acid ions at the same time, which cannot be achieved with a commonly used platinum electrode, it is possible to measure a wide range of acidic / neutral / alkaline wash water that is not easily affected by pH. is.

HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd. (Headquarters ...), which is a group company of HORIBA, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") and is responsible for the water measurement business. → Continue reading


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Hypochlorite(Jiaenso-san,British: hypochlorite) IsHypochlorous acid OfsaltIs.Hypochlorite ion Clo- Including chlorineOxidation numberIs +1.

A common example isSodium hypochlorite(chlorinebleach,bleach) AndCalcium hypochlorite(Powder bleach and pool disinfectant).Hypochlorite is very unstable, for example when water is removed from an aqueous NaClO solution.Sodium chlorideSodium chlorateTo the mixture ofDisproportionationTherefore, it is not possible to obtain a solid. A similar reaction occurs when an aqueous solution of NaClO is heated.HypochloritesunlightBychlorideoxygenDisassemble into.

Due to its low stability, hypochlorite is very strongOxidant.Organic compoundHypochlorite should be handled with care as the reaction with is very exothermic and can ignite.this ismanganeseCompoundPermanganateCan be oxidized to.

likeCovalent bondSex compounds are also known and are generally very unstable.


At room temperatureSodium hydroxideIn aqueous solutionchlorineThrough gas, disproportionation of hypochlorite ionssodiumThe salt NaClO is produced.

In the reaction of hot concentrated sodium hydroxide aqueous solution and chlorine, the higher oxidation stateChlorateOccurs.


Reaction with acid

Hypochlorite isacidWhen mixed with, chlorine gas is generated.Hypochlorite ion and chloride ion are due to chlorinebalanceIt is in a state.

for that reason,Le Chatelier's PrincipleBy pH Then H+ Ions are consumed and the reaction proceeds to the left, promoting the disproportionation of chlorine to hypochlorite and chloride ions, whereas at low pH the reaction proceeds to the right and the generation of chlorine is promoted. To.

Bleach reaction

Hypochlorite isdyeTo decolorizebleachUsed as.


Hypochlorite is chlorineOxyanionIs the fastest oxidizer in[1].. Mn2+ ThePermanganate ionOxidizes to.


Hypochlorite is the most unstable of the oxoanions of chlorine[1]..Many hypochlorites, like hypochlorous acid itself, are present only in solution.

Hypochlorite is unstable to disproportionation.Upon heating, it decomposes into a mixture of chloride, oxygen gas and chlorate.


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