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🎗 | Oamishirasato City starts raising donations by paying hometown tax for the development of teaching materials for GIGA school


Oamishirasato City starts raising donations by paying hometown tax for developing teaching materials for GIGA school

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We aim to provide high-quality teaching materials using tablet PCs, which became one for each elementary school student due to the efforts of the GIGA school concept.

Satofulu, which operates the hometown tax portal site "Satofulu" in Oamishirasato City, Chiba Prefecture, will be on May 5, with stone tools and earthenware ... → Continue reading

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GIGA school concept

GIGA school concept(Giga School Kousou) is one for each child / student nationwide, which started in 2019 (the first year of Reiwa).computersAnd maintain a high-speed networkMinistry of educationEfforts.

"GIGA" means "Global and Innovation Gateway for All"[1] [2].


As the background of the GIGA school concept, at the time of 2019, Japan's "school ICT environment maintenance situation is fragile and there is a large disparity in maintenance situation between regions" "use of digital equipment in school classes" "Time is the lowest in OECD member countries" "The use of ICT outside of school is below the OECD average in terms of learning, and above the OECD average outside of school" (that is, the use of digital devices on weekdays outside of school is for studying and homework The time spent on games and chats is higher than the OECD average, while the time spent is less than the OECD average.PISAThere was a recognition of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)[3].

In the supplementary budget for the first year of Reiwa, which was approved by the Cabinet on December 2019, 12, expenses for integrally developing a high-speed, large-capacity communication network with each terminal for children and students were included. ..

On December 2019, 12, the "GIGA School Realization Promotion Headquarters" was established, headed by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.On the same day, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and TechnologyKoichi HagitaReleased a message entitled "Toward the realization of an educational ICT environment that is individually optimized for each child and fosters creativity-a terminal environment for each person as the standard of the Reiwa era".Society5.0For children living in the times, PC terminals are a must-have item alongside pencils and notebooks. "He also emphasized the importance of "incorporating cutting-edge ICT education on top of Japan's 150 years of accumulated educational practice, and aiming for the best mix of past practice and ICT." At the same time, this also contributes to fair, individually optimized learning and learning that fosters creativity without leaving any diverse children behind, greatly expanding the possibilities of children with special needs. " Insisted that[4].

2020 yearsNew coronavirus infectionDue to the expansion of the GIGA school concept, the delay in digitization of the education field in Japan became apparent, and the implementation of the GIGA school concept was accelerated.As a result, 2021 local governments (3%) out of all local governments were completed in the fiscal year ended March 1,742, and the maintenance of educational terminals for each elementary and junior high school student was almost completed.[5].


In March 2020, standard specifications for "computers for learners" and "school LAN maintenance" were established.[6].

Standard specifications for learner computers

Microsoft Windows terminal,Google Chrome OS device,iPadOS terminalThree types of specifications have been formulated.

  • Microsoft Windows terminal
    • OS-equivalent to Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
    • CPU-Intel Celeron equivalent or better, commercialized after August 2016
    • Storage-64GB or more
    • Memory ―― 4GB or more
    • Screen ―― 9-14 inches (preferably 11-13 inches) with touch panel support
    • Wireless IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac or higher

な ど

  • Google Chrome OS device
    • OS-Google Chrome OS
    • CPU-Intel Celeron equivalent or better, commercialized after August 2016
    • Storage-32GB or more
    • Memory ―― 4GB or more
    • Screen ―― 9-14 inches (preferably 11-13 inches) with touch panel support
    • Wireless IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac or higher

な ど

  • iPadOS terminal
    • OS iPadOS
    • Storage 32GB or more
    • Screen 10.2-12.9 inches
    • Wireless IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac or higher

な ど


  • In order to improve reading comprehension seriously, the viewpoint of active learning that realizes independent, interactive, and deep learning as well as learning of knowledge acquisition is emphasized, and the GIGA school concept is exactly the optimal environment for active learning. Therefore, it is expected that reading comprehension will improve internationally.
  • It is expected to contribute to the expansion of the effects of programming education.
  • Teachers can use ICT to improve the efficiency of class preparation, test scoring, and grade processing. (Control of long working hours)
  • Educational disparities can be eliminated without leaving children living in areas where the educational environment is difficult to prepare, such as depopulated areas and remote islands, and children from low-income families.
  • You will be able to search and study by searching using the Internet, and the range of lessons will expand.


  • hardwareThe update cannot keep up, and I feel inconvenient to use it, and it is expected that the usage rate of the PCs and tablets lent to each person at school will drop significantly, but it is not possible to replace it with the latest model each time.
  • By changing the learning tools from notebooks and pencils as before to computers and tablets, the chances of drawing letters and pictures by handwriting will decrease, and the benefits of handwriting learning will not be obtained.
  • By promoting the GIGA school concept, you will be exposed to digital devices and the Internet while you are at school, so you will be more likely to face risks such as SNS troubles.
  • When each person can use a personal computer or tablet device, children will install games on their own and start playing during breaks, and the boundary between play and learning will become ambiguous.

Current challenges

Current issues are "promoting the use of terminals in class and home study", "creating and sharing use cases in class", "improving teachers' teaching skills", "enriching content", and "improving the ICT environment for high schools". And so on.[7]Although there are still many challenges, we will gradually create an environment where teachers and children can communicate with each other and provide optimized learning for each child by utilizing each person's terminal, high-speed network, cloud, etc. It is being updated.

  • "Promotion of the utilization of terminals in class and home study" It can be said that the GIGA school concept was achieved only when the terminals could be used meaningfully.The support of teachers and parents is needed for children to learn various things by using terminals.However, as of November 2021, there are differences in the responses of local governments.
  • "Creation and sharing of use cases in class" To promote the GIGA school concept, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said "StuDX Style"[8]We are disseminating various usage scenes on the site.
  • "Improvement of teaching skills of teachers" Classes using ICT are very different from conventional classes, so they depend on the skills of teachers.It is necessary to improve the IT literacy of teachers and parents who are instructors.
  • "Enriching content" In order to make effective use of terminals, use terminal-based learning and communication in class, online home study and online lessons, health observation, and translation functions for children who do not speak Japanese sufficiently. It is necessary to have abundant learning contents such as support.
  • "Improvement of ICT environment for high schools" Compared to elementary and junior high schools, where the maintenance of terminals for each person is progressing, the maintenance is not so advanced in public high schools, and there is a big difference in the maintenance schedule by each local government.

Rampant unauthorized access

TokyoMachida-shiAt the municipal elementary school, the password for activating the tablet terminal lent to the child was unified, and the ID was a combination of the child's class and attendance number.Also, changing the password was not allowed. Testimony alleging the damage of "spoofing" has been reported[9][10][11].


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Tablet pc

Tablet pc(British: tablet PC) Means Microsoft's, which was announced in 2001 and supports touch interfaces.Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC EditionAnd the successor OS installedTabletKind of.

Equipped with a flat plate-shaped outer shape, touch panel or pen input operation (touch interface)[1]) CorrespondingdisplayIt is equipped with.

In addition, "TabletPCIs the notationTablet computerIt may also refer to the whole.

Especially in this article, for PCoperating system (OS)x86/x64It deals with those compatible with the version of Windows.Windows Mobile,RT Windows,iOS,Android,Chrome OSIs excluded from the models in which is installed (as a part of these, it is the successor to this section model.Microsoft SurfaceThere is).


On tablet PCMobile information terminalLike a finger or pen typepointing deviceでLiquid crystal displayMounted on the surface ofTouch panelBy tracingmouseYou can perform the same operations as in, and input handwritten characters, pictures, and figures.Compared to mouse operation, the touch operation method is said to be intuitive even for people who are unfamiliar with computers, and can be used for standing work by holding the main unit with one hand.On the other hand, it is not suitable for detailed operations and precise work.

The concept of tablet PCs has been around since the end of the 20th century, but the actual products were compatible with hardware vendors when Windows XP Tablet PC Edition appeared in 2002.

Apple in 2010iPadOn saleTabletIt became widespread due to the development of the market and the appearance of smartphones equipped with Android OS and Android tablets with a slightly larger slate shape, but it was released in 2012.Windows 8After thatOSThe graphical user interface (GUI) of is conscious of touch panel operation, pre-installed low-priced Windows tablets are also released in earnest, and various types of products including high-priced ones are becoming widespread. rice field.

These products can use the conventional software for x86 / x64 version of Windows PC, and consider the demand of the user group who also needs the same use as a conventional PC.[2].

ARM architectureWindows 8 for mobile that supports only the processor of "RT Windows"Surface RT" etc. was also released as a tablet PC equipped with ", but the conventional x86 / x64 desktop application assets can not be used, and third partiesWindowsRuntime (WinRT) Due to the fact that only application development using API can be done, it was not accepted by users and was discontinued.[3]..The successor "Surface Pro X" is the ARM64 versionWindows 10Supports running ARM32 / ARM64 applications and running x86 / x64 applications by emulation[4]..Also on Windows 10, it's based on the WinRT API.UWPNot just app development tools, but traditionalWindows API,MFCA development tool for ARM32 / ARM64 native apps using is also provided.


Classification by form

The form of tablet PC can be roughly classified into two types, "convertible type" and "pure tablet type".[5], Convertible type can be further classified as follows[6]..These are forms in which the main body and keyboard can be attached and detached and folded, and can be used as both a tablet and a laptop computer.2in1Is called.The criteria for choosing which type to use will change depending on whether it is mainly used as a tablet or as a notebook PC.[7].

Convertible type

  • The hinge part rotates and the keyboard turns over
The type in which the keyboard is turned inside out has almost the same form as a normal notebook PC except for the hinge mechanism, but since it is bulky to use in the tablet form, it is assumed that it can be used in the tablet form for the time being in the main form of the notebook computer.
Most of the old tablet PCs are of this type, and in most cases, the display and keyboard are connected by a swing-rotating hinge that supports one point, so that the keyboard keystroke surface can be folded inward and the display display surface faces outward. It was.OnceUltra-Mobile PCMost of them were of this type. Most of the ones after Windows 8 is installed are those that simply rotate 2 ​​degrees using a 360-axis hinge (keyboard keystrokes face outward).
  • Form that the main body and keyboard can be separated
Since the separate type can be used as a tablet by removing the keyboard dock, the battery and storage are integrated with the main body display, and the weight of the display part tends to be heavy.The hinge part of the keyboard dock has a detachable mechanism, which is physically connected by claws or magnetic force, and is usually electrically connected by a dedicated contact.
It can be used in the same way as a normal notebook PC.Keyboard docks are often equipped with sub-batteries, sub-storage, USB terminals, etc.However, there is a tendency that the weight becomes heavier together with the main body.

Pure tablet type

Surface ProIn the case of the main tablet form such as, the keyboard dock may be sold separately, and since many of the mechanisms are simple without hinges, when using it as a notebook PC, the keyboard side can not support the main body, so it is dedicated. Some products require a tablet.There are products that are purely tablets and do not have a genuine keyboard dock. In that case, you will need to use a commercially available keyboard that connects via Bluetooth or USB.

Classification by touch panel recognition method

The following two types are used for tablet PC applications[8].

  • Resistance film method (pressure sensitive type)
Recognize by the pressure when the pen is pressed against the screen.Basically, there are no restrictions on the shape and material of the tip of the pen, and you can operate it not only with the pen but also with your finger.Early tablet PCs and UMPCs often use this method.
  • Electromagnetic induction method (electrostatic method)
This method has become mainstream since the spread of smartphones and tablets.It is a mechanism that energizes from the hand to the pen tip, and when the pen is brought closerElectromagnetic inductionWake up and recognize, and react even with your fingertips.Since it cannot be operated with non-conductive gloves on, conductive gloves that claim to be compatible with smartphones are commercially available.In the case of this method, it does not react and recognize accurately unless it is touched with a pen tip that has a certain area and thickness as well as being electrically conductive.Many of the pens sold for smartphones have a fairly thick nib.[9].

Support for Microsoft operating system

There was a long-standing product for PCs in the same category.Unlike tablet PCs, functions such as pen input were not supported as standard, so each companyThe interface,Device driver,ユ ー テ ィ リ テ ィ,Character recognitionSpecifications such as functions were disjointed and not unified.Some were retailed, but were used exclusively for industrial purposes.[10]..But in 2005FujitsuFrom Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 and "Pressure-sensitive touch panel"FMV-P8210 "tablet PC appeared[11].. Since 2007, Ultra-Mobile PCs equipped with a touch panel have also been released by various companies, but due to machine spec problems etc., drivers and utilities etc. are implemented in Windows XP Home Edition instead of Windows Vista or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. There were also products sold in Windows.

Windows VistaSubsequent Windows OSs are designed for use with pen tablet input devices as standard.Software keyboardIt is possible to freely select the installation style of the device and the input style using a tablet.

Windows 7Has implemented a Windows touch API to enable intuitive UX using touch-enabled displays, and now supports multi-touch and touch gestures.[12].

Windows 8After thatUIThe design itself is premised on the operation and use on touch panel displays such as tablet PCs (Modern UI), and it has become strongly conscious of the Android and iOS interfaces that have been adopted in smartphones and tablets since the 2010s. Are[13].Windows storeNew used to develop apps for Windows 8 that can be distributed inWindowsRuntime The API has a design that is also suitable for touch input.Widget toolkitIt is included.

Below are the extensions for Microsoft operating systems.

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition

Windows XP Tablet PC Edition has the following features in addition to all the features of Windows XP Professional.

All Tablet PC users can upgrade to Tablet PC Edition 2 by installing Windows XP SP2005.also,Microsoft Expansion Pack[Broken link],power toys[Broken link]By downloading, you will be able to use more programs for tablet PCs.

Windows Vista

Released at the end of January 2007Windows VistaNow, the features of Windows XP Tablet PC Edition have been integrated as standard features in Home Premium and above editions.As a result, the concept of a machine running on a special operating system called Windows XP Tablet PC Edition disappears, so the tablet function in terms of hardware is not recognized as a "tablet PC" but as a "notebook PC" in notebook PCs after the release of Windows Vista. Is also equipped as standardConfirmed at trade fairs, etc.[Source required]..In addition, the same function can be realized by connecting a touch panel display to a desktop PC.

In addition to the same functions as Windows XP Tablet PC Edition, the following functions are also installed.

  • Pen flick
You can move pages and perform operations such as copying and pasting by moving the pen.
  • Pen cursor
A cursor prepared separately from the mouse.Ripples appear when you tap the screen.The cursor disappears when you remove the pen from the screen.
  • Microsoft Office Ink Features

Windows 7

Released in 2009Windows 7Now, the functions for tablet devices have been expanded beyond Vista. "Windows Touch"[14]Functions are installed as standard, and operation with two or more fingers "Multi-touchYou can now perform gesture operations such as zooming and rotating.Since then, many notebook PCs equipped with touch panel liquid crystal displays and PCs with integrated displays have appeared.Although these products supported multi-touch and pen input, the OS UI and applications were not optimized for touch, so touch input was rarely the main product except for special embedded products. rice field.Therefore, in addition to the touch panel, it was often equipped with a conventional keyboard and mouse / touchpad.There is no specific name for this category.

Windows 8 / 8.1

Windows 10

In Windows 8, Modern UI was installed due to the strong awareness of the UI of rival OS such as iOS and Android, but it was unpopular with users who use it in the conventional PC style because the start button and start menu were abolished.[15].Windows 10Now the Start button and Start menu are back, and Modern UI functionality has been integrated into the desktop.When using it in the form of a laptop computer, pressing the start button will display a start menu with a design like Modern UI, but if you switch to tablet mode by removing the keyboard dock etc., Windows 8 / 8.1 will automatically be displayed. It has a function "Continuum" that switches to a display similar to Modern UI.[16].


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