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📊 | Marusanai, “Soymilk Glut” Acquires Food with Functional Claims “Domestic Soymilk Glut” is also performing well

Photo "Soy milk glut", a long-selling vegetable yogurt that has acquired a food with a functional claim that "improves communication".The soymilk glut using soymilk from domestic soybeans, which allows you to enjoy a rich taste using domestic soybeans, is also popular.

Marusanai acquires functional foods for "soy milk glut" "Domestic soy milk glut" also performed well

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Currently, in addition to various soymilk products, we are developing various vegetable milk products such as almond milk and oat milk.

Marusanai's No. 1 brand of vegetable yogurt, "Soymilk Glut," has been recognized for its ability to improve communication. → Continue reading

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