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💴 | [Bicycle month this month] Will transportation expenses be paid even if I commute by bicycle?How to calculate?


[Bicycle month this month] Will transportation expenses be paid even if I commute by bicycle?How to calculate?

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Therefore, it is legally possible for a company to provide a bicycle commuting allowance up to that limit.

About commuting allowance for bicycle commuting The NTA exempts the commuting allowance for bicycle commuting provided by the company up to a certain amount ... → Continue reading

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    Below the limit


    CommutingWhat is (commuting)?Separation of work and residenceInhomeworkplaceThe act of going back and forth between (workplaces).JapanEspecially in urban areas ofTrain OfCongestion rateFrom the height ofPainful work"WhenpunTypicallyIronyMay be expressed.Also, commuting timeEconomyIt is said that it is seen from the viewpoint of.

    Means of commuting

    Various combinations of commuting methods are selected depending on the geographical relationship and distance between home and work. Walk,Bicycle,オ ー ト バ イ(scootersIncluded),Private car,bus,Train,ShipEtc. are used alone or in combination.

    Metropolitan areaThen, it is often used as a means of commuting by rail.Walking or biking from home,Transit Busnearest stationThe main combination is to go to and use it as if you were connecting to a railroad.From home, drive to the area around the station and transfer to the train "Park and ride"Or"Kiss and ride"Also in the metropolitan areaSuburbIt is often seen in.

    on the other hand,Provincial cityIn general, it is common to drive to and from the commuting destination by private car.Route buses and railroadsPublic transportThis is due to the fact that the number of routes and flights is small, and factories and large stores with large employment are often located far from the city center.These factories and large stores connect to and along the trunk roadIndustrial parkLocated in, employees commute and visit business partners and customers,logisticsA vast area that also supports (delivery of goods and materials in and out)Parking LotIt is customary to have an annex.

    NowadaysHealth,EnvironmentTo社会The number of people who use bicycles for the entire commuting process is increasing.like thisBicycle commutingPeople who do this are sometimes called "bicycle two-kinists."

    In addition, private shops where your home and workplace are in the same placebusiness centerIn such cases, commuting does not occur.

    Position in Japanese law

    Commuting allowance

    Employee-StaffThe time it takes to commute to work,cost(Railways, buses, etc.FareAndhighwayTolls, cars and motorcyclesfuelExpenses, etc.)Labor regulationsIf there is no agreement, in principleCivil lawAccording to the provisions of, the cost is the side that provides the labordebtIt is a burden on the person, and the time required is private time,working timeNot.If there is an arrangement, as an allowanceSalaryIs added to.In the case of in-kind benefits such as commuter passesUnionWithCollective agreementIs required.

    However, the maximum amount of payment may be set according to work regulations, or the payment may not be paid (treatment included in salary) depending on the treatment.This is a problem that affects commuting time for employees and staff, and it is necessary to devise commuting means.In particular, there are many work rules that set the minimum distance for using the bus from your home to the nearest station.

    If there are multiple commuting routes, the employee / staff will choose the shortest route.Company-GroupThe side usually wants the cheapest route from the viewpoint of cost reduction.In practice, if there is a difference of up to a certain amount, there are various things from accepting the desired route of employees / staff to specifying the cheapest route.

    Especially when the new railway line is opened and a new commuting route is created, this is the handling with the employer.UnionMay be subject to discussion.

    Commuting allowance under tax law

    Tax law (Income tax law) Above is related to commutingFare, Time, distance, etc.EconomyUp to 15 yen per month for fares, etc. by normal commuting routes and methods that are considered to be reasonable and reasonableTax exempt(Income Tax Law, Article 9, Paragraph 1, Item 5 → Income Tax Law Enforcement Ordinance, Article 20-2).

    Commuting allowance on social insurance

    Workers Compensation Insurance Act,Employment Insurance Act,Health insurance law,Welfare Pension Insurance ActAbove, commuting allowance (including in-kind benefits)WorkerToRemunerationIt will be treated as, and the rate and insurance premium will be borne according to each.

    Commuting accident

    If you are killed or injured in an accident while commutingIndustrial accident(Civil servantIn the case ofPublic affairs disaster) May be certified. (Industrial accident(See)

    Long-distance commute

    Generally, if it exceeds 1 hour and 30 minutes one way, it is called long-distance commuting.United States Census Bureau"" For commuters who spend 90 minutes or more one waySuper long distance commuteDefined as "extreme commuter".

    Many companies are concentratedTokyo 23 Ward,OsakaFor commuting to work, one way距離Some people commute for more than 100km or more than 2 hours.Also,ShinkansenUsingShin-Shirakawa,Nagano,Echigo Yuzawa,ShizuokaEtc.TokyoCity centerUntil,Okayama,Aioi,MaibaraからOsakaThere is also an example of commuting to work (Shinkansen commuting).

    High economic growth periodからBubble periodOverLand priceDue to soaring pricesDonut phenomenonAs a result, such long-distance commuting peaked.Due to the recent decline in land pricesReturn to the city centerDue to trends and the retirement of generations who bought their homes far away from the suburbs, the weight of long-distance commuters is decreasing.[1].

    1 years (weekly) if commuting time differs by 40 hour one wayRestWith a simple calculation (2 days premise), 19,200 hours = 800 days = 2 years and 2 months extra will be spent on commuting, which is exactly a lifestyle problem, and the theme was "effective use of commuting time".BookThis is the background to the topic of kind.

    Cross-border commute

    European UnionFocusing on (EU) member statesEuropeMany countries国境Omit immigration inspection atSchengen AgreementParticipating in.TheseSchengen areaThe economies of each country are becoming more integrated, with approximately 170 million people commuting to neighboring countries every day.[2].

    Even in AsiaSingapore,MalaysiaFor cross-border commuting and school commuting at borders where mutual traffic is activeJohor Singapore CausewayThen, there is a traffic jam in the morning and evening.


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