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📢 | "Word-of-mouth multi-tasking para-carry" has been greatly enhanced and reopened!A series of people who earn more than their main business for free!  


"Word-of-mouth multi-tasking paracarriage" has been greatly enhanced and reopened!A series of people who earn more than their main business for free!  

If you write the contents roughly
It is a very simple mechanism that when you introduce a prospective customer, the listed company will contact you and when you make a contract, you will be paid a referral fee.

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Potential customers

Potential customers (British: Lead), orLeadIt is,MarketingIn term, usually personal contact information, and in some casespersonal informationNot likely to be interested in a particular product or serviceDemographicsIt also refers to information.

As a word with a similar meaningProspect,Potential customersThere is.Leads and prospects are often used interchangeably, and the word "lead" applies to both, but strictly speaking, lead doesn't know or feel the need for their products or services. A prospect is a stage customer who is interested in your product or service and may eventually purchase it.[1].. That isAIDMA It can be said that the stages in (Idoma) are different.For prospectsProspectThe English word (prospect) is sometimes applied, and there is a difference that one-way communication is used at the lead stage and two-way communication is used for prospect.[2].

Lead generation

Lead generation (Lead generation) is for products and servicesConsumer interestRefers to attracting or getting inbound inquiries.

Lead isインターネットDigital advertising via, personal referrals,TelemarketingDepends on the vendorTel, General other than digitalAds, Events, etc. According to a 2015 survey, 89% of respondents cited email as the most commonly used channel for generating leads, followed byContent marketing,Search engine, And finally the event[3].. According to a 2014 survey, the three most popular online channels for lead discovery are direct traffic, search engines, and web referrals, accounting for 3% of leads.[4].

Often the generated leads areCRM toolTreated by the method inPurchase funnelMoved to the measures defined in.This is called pipeline marketing.

Lead quality certification

In many cases, the generated leads receive quality certification based on information such as purchase intention, purchase time, budget, etc., and decide the future follow-up method.

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL)Is a lead that is usually generated by marketing methods such as web search and content marketing, and is considered to have a high purchase motivation because it meets specific conditions in a questionnaire or the like.Certified by the marketing department. The sales department has not yet contacted MQL.

Sales Qualified Leads (SQL)Is a lead screened by a sales representative, often a sales developer (SDR).Criteria for quality certification include whether there is a need, a budget, when to buy, whether you are interested, or whether you have the right to buy.

Leads are usually assigned to individuals for follow-up[5]..When an individual (such as a sales person) reviews and finds that there is a potential business, the lead is converted into a business opportunity on the CRM tool.After that, the negotiation goes through multiple sales stages before the transaction is closed.

Lead development

Lead development (Lead nurturing) orLead nurturingIs the process of continuously contacting potential and prospective customers, updating information, and improving customer knowledge throughout the purchasing process.All lead information can become obsolete over time.To keep the information up-to-date, the lead administrator should continually contact the lead's contacts to update the information.May be grouped and managed into segments based on lead quality certification criteria to collect more information[6].

Lead development processIs a series of actions taken by the marketing department to develop leads.

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