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📊 | Inageya, the second company after Beisia to develop an online supermarket at "Rakuten Nationwide Supermarket"

Photo Delivering products to some areas of Ayase, Fujisawa, and Yamato in Kanagawa Prefecture, based on "Inageya Yamato Takaza Shibuya"

Inageya, the second company after Beisia to develop an online supermarket at "Rakuten Nationwide Supermarket"

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Payment is made with a credit card, and Rakuten points are accumulated according to the purchase amount.

Inageya will be on June 6th at Rakuten Nationwide Supermarket, an online supermarket platform provided by Rakuten Group. → Continue reading

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    Shopping amount

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      Rakuten points

      Rakuten points(Rakuten point) isRakutenOperated byPoint program[1] .2020Until DecemberRakuten Super PointWas renamed to the current name on March 3st.[2].Rakuten,Rakuten Books,Rakuten TravelIn addition to Rakuten Group such asRakuten reward cardMerchant stores are also available.

      This section makes Rakuten points available in physical stores as a common point system.Rakuten reward cardAlso note.In this section, "points" refers to Rakuten points.


      Japanese giantEC siteRakutenIn addition,Rakuten Books,Rakuten TravelIt can be used with each service of Rakuten Group such as.Rakuten reward cardAlso available at member stores.

      Available services

      • Rakuten Group
        • Rakuten
        • Rakuten Books
        • Rakuten Travel
        • Rakuten Auction
        • Rakuten card --Points will be returned according to the amount used.
        • Rakuten Edy ――In addition to mutual exchange, you can set up to accumulate points at the time of payment with Rakuten Edy.
        • Rakuten Pay (former Rakuten ID settlement)[3] ――If you make a payment using Rakuten ID on a partner site, you can use points as well as services within Rakuten, and you can earn points.
        • etc.
      • Rakuten reward card

      Use within Rakuten commercial area

      At Rakuten, the purchase price is usually 1percent (%) Minute points are accumulated[4], 1 point can be used as 1 yen in units of 50 to 1 point (Rakuten Travel is in units of 100 to 100 points).The expiration date of points is about one year from the date when the points were last granted.[4] Is.Limited-time points are not related to the validity period of regular points.If there are points for a limited time when using points, the one with the closest deadline will be automatically prioritized and used.Rakuten Ichiba's point award fee is basically borne by the store owner[5][6].

      When using at Rakuten Ichiba or Rakuten Books, even if you buy multiple products, all products other than the exact same product will be calculated individually.In the case of books, even if they are in the same series, they will not be added up unless they are in the same volume.Points are given for discounts made by using points, but points are not given for discounts made when using coupons.No points will be given to settlement fees such as shipping and transfer fees.

      Example of adding points: (all prices below exclude tax)

      • 150 yenProduct AAnd 180 yenProduct B= 2 points
      • 150 yenProduct C2 = 3 points
      • 125 yenProduct D2 pieces and 150 yenProduct E= 3 points

      Rakuten reward card

      Make Rakuten points available as a common point service at physical storesPoint Card.2014From December 10R point cardService started under the name. The point return rate and the like vary depending on the member store, and some member stores can collect points but cannot use them.

      Points can be used by linking the card number to the Rakuten ID and registering it.You can accumulate points without registering a number, but you cannot use points, and the accumulated points will disappear in 12 months, so you need to register by then.By linking, it will be integrated with Rakuten ID points. Up to 1 card numbers can be registered for each Rakuten ID.At the beginning of the service, there were up to 15 cards.The smartphone app described below andRakuten cardIssuedCredit cardThe point card function added to is registered in a separate frame from the 15 cards.You can suspend or delete the card for each card number[7].

      Some member stores distribute original design point cards.Rakuten EdySome paid cards such as "Edy-Rakuten reward card" with the function of[8].iOS-AndroidWe also distribute point card apps for customers, but some stores cannot use them.[9].

      It is reported that the point grant fee burden of Rakuten point card member stores is lower than that of competing services.[10].

      From the beginning of the service, points were used from 50 points for a while like the service in Rakuten,2015From August 8th, it has become possible to use from 20 point in sequence.[11].

      From November 2015, 11, from the R point card for the purpose of increasing recognition as "Rakuten Group's common point card"Rakuten reward cardWas renamed to[12]. At this time, the logo mark was also changed,2018On October 10st, it was changed to the current logo mark, which is the third generation.


      As of December 2022, 5 ☆ is a company that issues Rakuten point cards in-house. ★ issues Edy-Rakuten point cards in-house.

      Scheduled member stores

      Scheduled service start time in parentheses

      Previous member store

      • Musee Platinum(2015Ends December 9)
      • Kushiro Point Card Business Cooperative (2017Ends November 11th) ★
      • FamilyMart OfCircle KandthanksEach brand store (2016Before August 8st, Circle K Sunkus Co., Ltd.) ☆ ★ --Separately+K memberI got some membership benefits by registering on[28].2018Prior to the conversion and integration of all Circle K. Sunkus stores to FamilyMart by November 11, and the termination of the + K membership service, the service was originally provided by FamilyMart from August to September 30.Famima T CardServices (some services will not be subject to brand conversion), and Rakuten Point Card service ended on September 2017, 9.[29][30], FamilyMart introduced Rakuten Points on November 2019, 11, and the service of Rakuten Points will be resumed at the former "Circle K" and "Sunkus" brand stores.[18], Previously published by Circle K and Sunkus+K Rakuten reward cardIs now available at FamilyMart[31].
      • Shabu-shabu hot vegetables(End September 2020, 12)[32]
      • Pepper lunch(Ended April 2021, 4) ☆[33]
      • Studio Palette (Ended January 2022, 1)[34]
      • Komeda's Coffee-Stone kiln bread workshop ADEMOK(Introduced only in stores in Okinawa Prefecture, but ended on April 2022, 4)[35]


      Defective point campaign

      2005From early DecemberAll Nippon Airways,AOL,Asahi ShimbunIt was a campaign that you can earn points by entering a member number and clicking a banner advertisement by partnering with companies such as, but if you go through multiple affiliated campaigns, you can earn points worth about 1 yen in total for one account .. Therefore, for these campaignsURL channel 2,BlogAt the same time, when the method of getting a large number of accounts by one person was introduced, some people bought a large amount of products under 2,000 yen. Some 2 channel users automate account acquisition and point acquisitionsoftwareThe release of was also spurred on this.Rakuten's rules do not prohibit the possession of multiple accounts, and there was no limit on the number of points earned in this campaign,2006On January 1th, we suddenly announced the cancellation of the campaign and performed an operation to deduct the points acquired in the campaign regardless of whether it was a legitimate acquisition or not.[36]..A billing email was sent to the user if the points were already used and the balance was negative.From the next day onward, points that Rakuten determined to be legitimate were returned.[37], Judgment criteria have not been announced.These uproars were reported in newspapers, and Rakuten Ichiba incurred an expense of about 5,000 million yen.[38].

      Point theft

      2013In July, Rakuten Super Points will be electronic moneyRakuten EdyIt was reported that there was damage that was illegally transferred to[39].

      Rakuten explained that the ID and password that seemed to have leaked from another company's site were illegally used and that it will compensate points for members found to have illegally acquired points in this case[40].

      April 2015, 4 (Sat) 18:14 (UTC) Points of use at the time of viewing Terms of use[1] Article 11 (2) states that Rakuten does not return points and does not take any responsibility for damages due to unauthorized use by a third party.

      In December 2013, a Chinese person who stole points and made electronic money was reportedly arrested[41].


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