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📢 | Started service of condominium wood deck that can effectively utilize balconies and balconies No construction required, even for rent ...


Started service of condominium wood deck that can effectively utilize balconies and balconies No construction required, even for rent ...

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This service makes new proposals for condominiums (rental / condominiums) where wood decks cannot be made.

The limited liability company Issen (Headquarters: Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture, Representative Employee: Hideyuki Hasegawa) has been balconies and balconies since June 2022. → Continue reading


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    Condominium (rental)

    Wood deck

    Wood deckIsHouseAroundgarden, In the harborPierFor the purpose of improving habitability and walking ability, etc.groundHigher wooden or wooden stylebed(Building).Mainly a wooden structure installed in front of the first floor of the buildingdeck(テ ラ ス).Durability depends on the nature of the material usedpaintPerformance such as antiseptic,maintenanceDegree of installation locationclimateIt depends greatly on.


    Natural wood (softwood / hardwood) is used as the material for the wood deck.[1]) Or with woodResinSynthetic wood mixed withWPC,WPRC) Is used.A wooden deck is a floor that is installed outdoors to expand the functionality of the porch of a building.In recent years, it has become popular to integrate a wooden deck and a living room to enjoy an outdoor living room.VerandaOn top of theSunokoStateパ ネ ルDistinguished from the wood panel that lays down[2].. Also,groundNearSidewalkWhat is spread as a use ofBoardwalkAlso called,広 場In many cases, it is difficult to distinguish between sidewalks and sidewalks, and they are collectively called wood decks.住宅When used for, from the sweep-out window of the buildinggardenTry to go in and out ofExteriorWith the garden inLiving roomIt is used as an intermediate space between.other,park,Shopping center Of広 場Also used for.In Japan, it has almost the same role.Wet edge(Wet)Can be mentioned[3].

    Origin of the name

    The word wood deck is in English nationwide(deck).English deckboat OfdeckDerived from.Therefore, the material of the wood deck refers to the material made of wood or a material equivalent to it (synthetic wood).


    The wood used for the wood deck must be highly durable due to the environment in which it is installed.Easy to process for residential useDIYI'm peelingWestern red cedarIs often used for decks that are exposed to harsh outdoor environments熱 帯 雨林Highly durable hardwood from Japan (LauraceaeMezilaurusGenus M. ituba Such; Brazil OfMato Grosso), Itauba Fiera[Note 1],Urin,Ipe, (Shorea spp.), Cypress, etc. are often used.In addition, domestically produced natural parks are treated with pressure-injected antiseptic wood (tanaris agent), which boasts a service life of 15 years.Cedar,CypressIs often used.Synthetic wood that is a mixture of resin and wood powderプ ラ ン トHowever, the market share of residential decks is increasing, although the number of manufacturers is limited.


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    注 釈

    1. ^ Made in BrazilMoraceaeRefers to a tree[4]..This tatajuba is (Maclura tinctoria; synonym: Chlorophora tinctoria)[5], Bagassa guianensis[6] Refers to multiple tree species such as.


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