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💹 | Running water type dam “It is worth the investment” Kawabe River ・ Estimated by experts [Kumamoto]


Running water type dam "It is worth the investment" Kawabe River, expert estimate [Kumamoto]

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Cost-effectiveness compares the project cost of dam construction with the amount of damage to public facilities and crops.
It means that it was calculated.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has announced that a running water dam to be constructed on the Kawabe River, a tributary of the Kuma River in Kumamoto Prefecture, which was flooded by the heavy rain in July XNUMX. → Continue reading

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    Cost performance

    Cost performance(English: cost performance) Is the cost of something (cost) And performance (Effect) Is the degree of contrast.COSPA,CPSometimes abbreviated asCost-effectiveness,Cost-effectiveAlso called[1][2].

    Construction consultantAnd at meetings and meetings in government officesCost-benefit ratioOrB / CAlso known as (abbreviation for benefit by cost).

    When calculating the number, divide the effect by the cost.That is, the higher the effect obtained with respect to the cost to be paid, the higher the cost performance.


    • High cost performance, good cost performance
    • Low cost performance, poor cost performance


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