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💹 | Gunma Bank's personal consultation base Opened in Gunma / Isesaki City Accepting consultations on investment, loans, inheritance, etc.


Gunma Bank's personal consultation base Opened in Gunma / Isesaki City Accepting consultations on investment, loans, inheritance, etc.

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"Personal consultation plaza Isesaki" is open on weekdays except Wednesdays and on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and you can make reservations using your smartphone.

Gunma Bank's personal consulting base that handles various financial consultations is Shoppi in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture. → Continue reading

 Gunma TV

It is a prefectural broadcasting station in Gunma Prefecture.
We deliver news focusing on Gunma local topics.

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Personal consultation plaza Isesaki


    Smartphone(British: Smartphone,JapanAbbreviation insmartphone))Mobile operating systemEquipped withMobile phoneIs a general term for.

    Traditional mobile phones, including foldable ones, are now commonly used.feature phone) Etc. are used separately.1996 OfNokiaBeginning with the release of PDA terminals with telephone function by2007 OfiPhoneLaunch and2008 OfAndroidIt has become widespread worldwide since the launch of the terminal.

    If your smartphone has a large screen,Tablet, About the size of a smartphone and tabletPhabletSay. Smartphone, tablet,Smart watchSuch asインターネットConnection functionElectronic paymentA smart device with functions etc.Smart deviceThat.


    Generally, conventional high-performance mobile phones (feature phone, Compared to the so-called "Calla" in Japan), more emphasis on apps,Personal computerWhat is close to (PC, PC) is called a smartphone. For conventional high-performance mobile phones,Handheld computer(One of the forms of portable personal computers that was commonly used in the world before the advent of smartphones),Mobile information terminal(PDA) function is incorporated. "A clear definition of the term "smartphone"DefinitionThere is also a theory that there is no[1][2].

    Feature phones, which were popular from the latter half of the 1980s to the 1990s, were used as digital methods, as opposed to analog mobile phones in the 1990s and 2000s, which could only make calls.SMSAlthough the functions have improved, such as having functions and Internet browsing functions,E-mailAnd calendar and other basicsApp or Application or Sakurabook AppOther than that, there are few apps that can be used, and the Internet was only limited. In the feature phone eraBasic software(OS)hardwareAnd the basic application is also integrated with the OS, so you can freely use the application like a smartphone.DownloadI couldn't turn it on, erase it, or upgrade it (Middleware).

    Meanwhile, it was announced in 2007First iPhoneModern smartphones that started from the Internet can be used freely, apps can be freely downloaded, deleted, and upgraded, and the OS can also be upgraded.AlsoWi-FiThe ones that can also use the functions are general. On smartphones from the middle of the 2010s, high-speed communication (LTE) Function,Artificial intelligence(AI) was usedvoice recognitionbyVirtual assistantMany have functions. OS isApple OfiPhoneUsed iniOSAnd used in most other productsGoogleCompanyAndroidIs common, but there are others, and each mobile phone company also has an OS that customizes Android uniquely.[Annotation 1].However, in order to make various functions into applications, there are strict requirements for hardware and line speed in order to achieve sufficient response.

    Global smartphone penetration exceeded feature phone penetration in 2013[3].. In Japan, smartphones exceeded the feature phone penetration rate in 2013, and the smartphone penetration rate in 2016 reached 71.3% in all ages, especially 20% in the 96.8s.[4]The smartphone is the most common form of mobile phone in the 2010s.

    Built-in due to the worldwide spread of smartphonessemiconductorAnd various sensors, motors, liquid crystal displays and other small electronic devicesMass production effectThe price is getting lower due to the above, and the benefit is that it is smaller.Drone,3D printerThe prices of digital devices such as these are being reduced.

    About abbreviation

    "Smartphone" is often abbreviated as "sumafo", which is further transliterated as "smartphone".Although it is very rare, it may be written as a smartphone even in the 2020s.

    By the way, the abbreviation "smartphone" was first used in 2007 (this year,The United States of AmericaFirst iPhoneWas released)Weekly ASCIIIt is said that the article was created by the deputy editor-in-chief of Weekly ASCII at that time.[5].. Some people abbreviated "smartphone" and "smartphone" until the abbreviation of "smartphone" was established, but they were gradually unified into "smartphone" because of the pronunciation of words.

    Definition or classification

    #OverviewAs described in, the classification is made without a uniform and clear standard. For example of a groupauKDDIThere are different views on the definition of smartphones.

    • Cabinet Cyber ​​Security Center -iOS and Android and other smartphone OSInstallThe designated terminal as a smartphone (thing with smartphone OS installed)[6].
    • NTT DoCoMo -"Google Pixel"Docomo smartphones" refer to devices with Android installed excluding ". Others are classified as "docomo mobile", "iPhone" and "Google Pixel".
    • au -The terminal on which Android is installed is called "smartphone". Others are classified as "mobile" and "iPhone".
    • Softbank -Android devices other than "Google Pixel" are considered "smartphones". Others are classified as "mobile", "iPhone" and "Google Pixel".
    • Rakuten Mobile ――All of "iPhone", "Rakuten original" and "Android" are collectively classified as "smartphone".
    • Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare -In the guidance of "The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare website is now compatible with smartphones," "iOS4/5,iPhone 3GS "After" "Android 2.1 or later" is "supported and recommended"[7].
    • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications -An information device that has properties similar to those of a personal computer compared to conventional mobile phones. For PCWEB SITE,MovieBrowsing, adding applications,Touch panelIntroduced as something that can be operated intuitively by[8].
    • KDDI -"There is no clear definition, but it is a mobile phone terminal that can use various functions other than telephone and email". IPhones that are not classified as smartphones by au under its umbrella are classified as smartphones[2].
    • NTT Communications -In "a multifunctional mobile phone that has the functions of a personal computer and has a high affinity with the Internet," he said that smart means "wise." NTT Docomo in the group defines iOS devices that are not smartphones and Google Pixel as smartphones[9].

    This item also describes smartphones before the iPhone in consideration of historical background.

    operating system

    世界shareIt is,AndroidIs overwhelming in the 80% range[11].


    2007, Apple announced in the United StatesiPhoneIt was installed in.Mac OS XIPhone OS derived from (currentlyiOS), Install the application on the official websiteApp StoreIt is characterized by specifications similar to those of Japanese high-performance mobile phones, which are different from conventional smartphones due to restrictions such as via only via.

    XNUKernel orCocoa touch, WebKit, etc.MacOSIt consists of components common toUIAre very different and are not binary compatible.

    July 2008, 7XNUMXrd generation mobile phoneCorresponding toiPhone 3GIs also in JapanSoftbank mobileWas released by. Sales of 3 million iPhone 3G units worldwide, release of over 100 software, download of 800 million iPhone software, etc. within 1000 days of release[12], Attracted attention from the beginning of the sale, and expanded the Japanese smartphone market. Released on October 2011, 10iPhone 4sFromKDDI / Okinawa Cellular PhoneUnion (Each au brand), released on September 2013, 9iPhone 5s/iPhone 5cFromNTT DoCoMoAlso entered[13].


    Acquired AndroidGoogleAn OS developed around the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).Linuxkernel,W,ARTIt is composed of its own execution environment called.

    At a third partyOpen Handset Alliance(Open Handset Alliance) Development is proceeding mainly on (OHA). OHA includes KDDI, NTT DoCoMo, Qualcomm,IntelMobile phone companies, such as Motorola, Motorola, and HTC, are making their name.

    Since Google is the center, Gmail, which is a smartphone OS centered around Google applications,Google calendar,YouTubeGoogle services such as are available. AlsoAndroid StudioYou can easily develop applications on Windows and Mac usingAPK(Application file) can be read to install the application on the Android smartphone. AlsoGoogle Play(Old name Android Market), which is said to have launched an application portal.

    Devices equipped with Android areGalaxy,Huawei,pixelIt is sold by various manufacturers, including, among others. Equipped with Android OS in the US in 2008T-Mobile G1Was released and on July 2009, 7 in Japan from NTT DocomoHT-03AThe Android-equipped smartphone has been released and has been attracting attention. From NTT Docomo in April 2010SO-01BWas released, and then from DocomoSH-10BFrom SoftBank MobileSoftBank X06HTFrom auIS01Etc. were released in sequence.

    It gained market share in the early 2010s and occupies the majority of the smartphone market, especially in Eurasian continental countries.The market has become an oligopoly with the top two Android and iOS.

    Android based OS

    Custom ROMs based on Android are available from many third parties. Some terminals are shipped with the custom ROM installed as a standard OS. The main custom ROMs are as follows.


    HarmonyOS(Harmony OS)HuaweiDeveloped and partlyOpen SourceIt is a platform.MicrokernelAs an OS for smartphones, it has been deployed in China and Europe since 2021, and is mainly installed in Huawei terminals.It is also installed in tablets, smart watches, and automobiles. As of the end of 2021, the number of terminals equipped with HarmonyOS has exceeded 2 million units worldwide.[14].. Compatible with Android apps.


    Past operating system

    Windows Mobile

    The UI is similar to the desktop version of Windows, but not binary compatible.

    2002, the publisher of SideKickT-Mobile USA (VoiceStream Wireless) has released a mobile phone with an operating system for US$549.99. As of 2002, the US market was still receiving it as "PDA Pocket PC has a call function" (there is no view that it is not a smartphone even today, and there is no definition). However, Windows Mobile basedW-ZERO3Etc. were one of the big product groups in terms of user interface and file system because of their compatibility with PCs.

    In 2009, Windows Mobile 6.5 was announced, and the terminal was released. The Today screen, which hasn't changed much until now, has been revamped, and now has a revolutionary one that uses inertia scrolling called Titanium, large icons, and transparent controls. This is a combination of the function of the launcher and the function of the gadget, and there was a feature not found on other platforms, but in general, this change was taken as a blade-like improvement. In addition, the intention was to make it finger-friendly, such as a honeycomb-structured start menu and a large-sized standard menu control. It was also compatible with capacitive touch panels, and terminals were also released.

    Windows Phone

    Thus, while Windows Mobile was ahead of the market, it couldn't resist the momentum of Android and iOS.Therefore, in 2010, riceMicrosoftWindows Phone 7 was announced by and released in September of the same year.Unlike previous Windows Mobile, application installation is limited to the Marketplace. In 9, the UI etc. have been revamped, and in 7,NT kernel, Multi-core CPU, SD card,DirectXSupport such as has been strengthened.

    Windows Phone 7 is an important part of Microsoft's three-screen (PC, TV, mobile) strategy, with new development environments running common programs on PC, Xbox, and Windows Phone.This is also a feature not found in other camps.

    The main series equipped with Windows Phone isMicrosoft Lumia(Former: Nokia Lumia).

    Windows Phone 2012 announced in 8 was launched in earnest in major markets such as North America (excluding Japan) in the year-end sales season of the same year.Lumia 920Have achieved some success. However, in terms of platform share, it can make a big difference to Android and iOS[17], Less than in the Windows Mobile era.

    10 Windows Mobile

    The successor OS to Windows Phone 8.Desktop version Windows 10platformWas completely unified.2015Since the official release at the end, compatible terminals have been released in Japan, but it was a difficult time, and support for Windows 2019 Mobile will end on December 12, 10.[18].


    • bada -Samsung Electronics' unique mobile platform.KoreanIt was named after the word "sea". Development end[19].
    • BlackBerry OS -An operating system that focuses on remote management, access, and messaging with corporate use in mind. In earlier versions I couldn't make a call.
    • BlackBerry Tablet OS - Tablet terminal"BlackBerry PlayBook"Dedicated OS.QNXBased on, it is possible to run Android applications as well as BlackBerry applications.
    • BlackBerry 10 -New OS developed by BlackBerry. Like the BlackBerry Tablet OS, it was based on QNX. Although it is still being updated, the new BlackBerry device has an Android OS.
    • Firefox OS - MDeveloped by.The development environment isweb(HTML) It is the base.Only a few models were released. Development ended in 2016.in JapanKDDIWas in the market.
    • Garnet OS(Formerly Palm OS)- PalmOS used for PDA ofACCESS Intellectual property rightOwns. Used in the early days of PDAs and smartphones. Built-inW-CDMADoes not correspond to. The successor is Access Linux Platform.
    • Access Linux Platform -ACCESS is a smartphone OS, the successor to Palm OS. Development ended in 2011 due to business withdrawal[20].
    • Symbian OS - S60,MOAP-SUsed in combination with a UI layer such as. In Japan, NTT Docomo mobile phones (feature phone) Was adopted a lot.NokiaAdoption for smartphones was virtually suspended in 2011 in line with the policy.
    • webOS - HP(Old Palm, now a division of HP)Palm PreAlthough it was an OS for smart TVs, it was acquired by LG and is now for smart TVs.GNU / LinuxAnd is mainly composed of WebKit.
    • MeeGo -IntelMoblinand Nokia'sMaemoSuccessor OS. Development is finished, but open source artifacts(English editionWas taken over by.
    • - QualcommOS for low specification smartphones for developing and emerging countries developed by. It is not expected to be launched in developed countries. The BREW MP SDK was last updated in 2012.
    • Cyanogen OS -Android derivative OS. It was installed on some smartphones.
    • Tizen -Linux basedSamsung electronics,Intel,NTT DoCoMoEtc. participate in the development.Although DoCoMo was planning to release the terminal, on January 2014, 1, although it officially announced that it would withdraw from the terminal, saying that it was "inappropriate time".(English editionIt was installed in. It consists of Linux kernel, Wayland, etc. 2021, GoogleWear OSThe integration into was announced.


    Like PCs, smartphones can use all functions as long as they meet the hardware and software requirements.You can also expand the functionality by installing additional applications.The list shown below is an example, and there are many functions other than those described here.

    Unless otherwise noted, brackets have the highest share of the world share.

    • Receive emergency bulletins (Earthquake early warning,Amber alertSuch)
    • communication(Tel,E-mail
    • Content browsing
      • Full browserbywebBrowse (Chrome,SafariSuch)
      • Document file (PDF,Word,ExcelEtc.) viewing/editing
      • View/edit slide show (etc.)
      • E-book(Amazon KindleSuch)
      • Music play
        • Equalizer(Google Play Music for Android, AudioFX for Cyanogen OS, etc.)
        • Playing high-resolution sound sources (supported models)
        • External speaker connection
        • Audio amplifier (USB-DAC) connection (Android 5.0 or later)[22]Such)
        • Use of music distribution services (Apple Music, Google Play Music, etc.)
      • Viewing still images and videos
        • External monitor connection
        • AV amplifier connection
        • Video distribution service (Netflix,Amazon Prime Video,HuluSuch)
        • Video sharing service (YouTube,YoukuSuch)
          • Browsing game status (YouTube Gaming etc.)
        • Use of photo storage and sharing services (iCloud Photo Library,Google PhotosSuch)
        • Watching TV (one-segment and full-segment) (Android smartphones for Japan, South Korea, Brazil, etc.)
        • Listening to FM radio
    • Creation and recording of information
      • Notes (Google Keep, etc.)
        • Share notes
      • Writing
      • paint
      • Digital camera
        • High speed photography[23]
        • Time-lapse shooting
        • RAW shooting(Android 5.0 or later, iOS 10 or later[24]Such)
        • Auto bracket shooting(Kyocera's DIGNO R[25]Such)
        • Remote shooting from smartwatch or selfie stick
        • RAW development (Android Snapseed[26], IOS 10 or later[24]Such)
        • Depth of field measurement (a function that produces a bokeh like a single-lens reflex camera in a model equipped with a depth camera)
        • Photo processing
        • Facial camera
        • Face recognition-Grouping photos by object recognition (Memories function of Photos app on iOS 10 or later)[27], Google Photos, etc.)
        • Shutter sound - Many smartphone cameras emit an electronic shutter sound to let you know when a picture has been taken.You can turn off the sound in silent mode (*However,Models for JapanOnly, the shutter sound cannot be turned off.)[28].
        • QR codeScans (such as those that can be scanned as standard and those that use a separate app)
      • Movie camera
        • Video editing (iMovie on iOS, Google Photos, etc.)
      • Sound recorder
        • 360 degree recording (eg Dolby Audio Capture 2 with Lenovo Phab 5.1)
      • Music performance/creation
        • Low-latency audio I/O (iOS Audio Unit[29], Android's OpenSL ES (always improved but still inferior to iOS[30]), Samsung Professional Audio SDK (backendJACKUse)))
        • MIDI device connection via USB (Android 6.0+)[31]Such)
        • Connection of MIDI device via Bluetooth LE (iOS8 or later)[32], Android 6.0 or later[31]Such)
        • Metronome (Google search[33]Such)
        • Musical keyboard(Samsung Soundcamp Keyboard[34]Such)
        • Virtualdrum set(Drum of Samsung Soundcamp[34]Such)
        • Virtual guitars/virtual bass guitars (such as Guitars and Bass guitars from Samsung Soundcamp v6.3.1 onwards)
        • Music sequencer(Samsung Soundcamp Looper[34]And Midi Editor)
        • XY Pad (Looper of Samsung Soundcamp[34]Such)
        • sampler(Sampler of Samsung Soundcamp[34]Such)
        • mixer(Samsung Soundcamp Mixer view[34]Such)
    • Personal information managementFeatures
      • Schedule management/calendar (Android Google Calendar app etc.)
      • ToDo (reservation) management
      • Address book
      • Business card management (such as Samsung's ScanBizCards)
      • Medical institution prescription and medication status
    • 懐 中 电灯
    • clock
    • calculator
      • Scientific calculator
    • Identification / driver's license (iOS 15 or later)Wallet AppSuch)
    • Healthcare
      • Smart watch, Smart bands, etc.Wearable device, Cooperation with smart scales, etc. (The following functions can be enhanced)
      • Centralized management of health information (iOS health care app,Google FitSuch)
        • Preservation of medical records (integration after iOS 15)
      • pedometer(IOS8 or later[35],Google FitSuch)
      • Heart rate monitor (Samsung Galaxy S5[36]Such. *Since many models are not equipped, it can be covered by linking with a smart watch.)
      • Registration of emergency information (Android Nougat or later)
      • Sleep support (bedtime function of the clock application on iOS 10 or later[37]Such)
    • Map/Traffic
    • Investigate
      • Electronic dictionary
      • Web search
        • News search
        • Portrait search
          • (Such)
        • video search
      • Lyrics search[39]
      • Full-text search for e-books
      • Song name search from music/humming (Siri on iOS 8 or later[40], Android Sound Search for Google Play etc.)
    • Tag reading
      • Two-dimensional codereading
      • IC tagreading
      • Contactless IC cardRead (such as Edy card balance confirmation function of "Rakuten Edy" application preinstalled on some Japanese smartphones)
      • Barcode search (Fire OS FIREFLY function etc.)
    • Machine translation(Google Translate,Baidu translation, Translation app for iOS 14 or later, etc.)
    • Learning ("Education" of iOS 9.3 or later, NTT DoCoMo, etc.)
    • Game
      • AR games (Google Play Developer Services (AR) (supports AR-related APIs), etc.)
    • Intelligent Personal Assistant (iOSCrab, AndroidGoogle AssistantSuch)
    • Accessibility
      • Screen keyboard(Gboard,in JapanATOK,Google Japanese inputSuch)
      • Handwriting input (Android's "Google Handwriting" application, etc.)
      • Physical keyboard (some come standard, some can be used with a Bluetooth connection)
      • Text-to-speech (Android "Google Text-to-speech" app,Google TalkBackSuch)
      • Voice input (such as Android "voice search" app)
      • Speech transcription (speech conversion (Google) etc.)
      • Blue light reduction ("Night Shift" after iOS 9.3, Android, etc.)
      • Dark mode (iOS 13 or later, Android 10 or later)
    • Mobile payment, finance, etc.
      • Contactless payment (NFC or FeliCa) (Apple's "Apple Pay", Android's "Google Pay", Samsung Electronics' "Samsung Pay", LG Electronics' "LG Pay". In Japan, FeliCa technology was applied.Mobile suica,iD,Rakuten Edy,QUICPaySuch)
      • QR/Bar code payment(Alipay,WeChat payment,in Japan,PayPay,LINE PaySuch)
      • Online bank (applications released by each bank)
      • Remittance between individuals (Treasure payment, WeChat support, iMessage, etc. In Japan, PayPay, LINE Pay, pring, etc.)
      • Unit conversion/currency conversion (Google search, iOS Siri and Spotlight search[41]Such)
      • Stock price display (such as Android's Google Finance app)
    • Measurement/measurement
      • Level(Compass after iOS7[42], Google Search on "Bubble Level"[43]Such)
      • Radiometer (SoftBank 107SHSuch)
      • (Huawei Mate S[44]Such)
      • Depth of field camera (mainstream in models with dual lenses or more that began to appear in the latter half of the 2010s)
      • Thermal camera(Caterpillar (English editionSuch)
      • Barometric altimeter (Siri on iOS[45]Such. (Some models equipped with an atmospheric pressure sensor such as iPhone 6 or later)
    • Cooperation with other devices
      • mobileWi-FiUse as a router (Tethering
      • Cooperation with PC (iOS and Mac cooperation function[46][47], Samsung SideSync, etc.)
      • File exchange with PC (iOSiTunesLink with, Android can be connected via USB)
      • Home appliances operation
        • Use as an infrared remote control (Android 4.4 or later)
        • Home automation controller (HomeKit for iOS 8.1 or later)
      • Cooperation with cars
        • Link with car dashboard (iOS 7 and aboveC, AndroidAndroid AutoApps etc.)
        • Cooperation with car keys (iOS 14After that, etc.)
      • Cooperation with the house
        • Linkage with home key (Home Key after iOS 15 etc.)
      • Cloud printing (eg "Google Cloud Print" on Android)
      • Projection to external display
        • Wired connection to external display
        • Wireless connection to external display (Android 4.2 or later, Windows Phone 8.1 or later etc. supports Miracast, and multiple Android apps such as Google support Chromecast.)
        • Use as a PC (Windows 10 Mobile Continuum, Ubuntu Touch desktop mode, Maru OS, etc.)
    • communication
      • Multiple SIMUse of (Android 5.1 or later)
      • Saving communication volume (Data saver such as Android Nougat or later)
    • Power saving mode (Doze mode for Android 6.0 or later, etc.)
      • Dark mode (iOS 13 or later, Android 10 or later)
    • Security management
      • (English edition(Apple's Find My iPhone service, Google'sFind My Device, "Device Protection" for Android 5.1 or later)
      • Support for Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) (Managed App Config for iOS 7 or later, Android for Work for Android, etc.)
      • Data protection
        • passcode
        • PIN code
        • Pattern lock
        • Bluetooth unlock (Android smart lock)
        • Biometrics
          • Face recognition (Face ID on iOS, Face unlock on Android, Windows Hello on Windows 10 Mobile, etc.)
          • Fingerprint authentication (Touch ID for iOS, Android 6.0 or later, Windows Hello for Windows 10 Mobile, etc.)
          • Iris authentication (Windows Hello for Windows 10 Mobile, etc.)
          • Voiceprint authentication[Annotation 3][48]
      • Security when logging in to each service
        • Voice call to phone number or SMSMulti-factor authenticationSend code
        • Security code creation other than phone number (Google authentication system etc.)
        • Other unauthorized access avoidance (GooglereCAPTCHASuch)
    • Data management
      • Use of online storage (iOS iCloud Drive app, Android Google Drive app, Windows Phone One Drive app, etc.)
      • Backup to cloud[Annotation 4][49][50]
      • Migration from other OS (Apple's "Move to iOS" app for Android, etc.)
    • Change theme[Annotation 5]
    • Third partyAdd an app developed by



    In 1992AppleIn the United StatesNewton MessagePadAt the time of the announcement, this device was a Personal Digital Assistant, PDA (Mobile information terminal) Was called. This word/concept became popular in 1996PalmReleased byPalmPilotAfter the hit. At this point, no communication function was added to the terminal.

    In 1994IBMDeveloped byIBM SimonIt is,Mobile phonePDAIt was a terminal that was integrated with, and mainly operated on a touch screen, and it was a terminal similar to a modern smartphone that can also operate by downloading a third-party application to the internal memory.

    In 1994General MagicThe Magic Cap terminal Magic Link, which was developed by Sony and released by SONY, was originally planned and developed as a mobile phone-sized communication terminal.[51], Personal Intelligent Communicator (PIC).

    In 1996NokiaAnnounced byNokia 9000was a vertical straight mobile phone when closed, but when opened (folding type housing), a 640 x 200 pixel screen and a QWERTY keyboard appeared.

    in JapanpioneerIn 1996, a mobile phone with full-screen LCD displayDP-211, Next yearDP-211SWHas been released. It was a terminal that could be called Japan's original smartphone/PDA that handles memos, schedules, games, emails, etc., but in Japan, each company is developing more compact and easy-to-use "normal" mobile phone terminals, In other words, because the technology and market for "information terminals with full-screen liquid crystal and touch panel operation" have not matured yet, no other company will follow, and Pioneer will be in a form to meet this market need and enhance functions. It was a successor to the company afterJ-PE03(2000) became a product that pushed high functionality into the general mobile phone terminal format of those days. Also, with the minor change version of J-PE03, J-PE03II, Pioneer withdrew from the mobile phone terminal PDA.

    Business information terminals that integrate these mobile phones and PDAs are said to be the beginning of smartphones. However, at that time, the word "Smartphone" did not exist yet, and it was called "PDA that can make telephone calls" or "PDA that can communicate using telephone lines". It was recognized as "a very high-performance and terrific mobile phone", and it was not the kind that the general public market demands. In addition, in IBM and Nokia, not PDACommunicator』I was called.


    1999,in JapanNTT DoCoMoByi-modeServiced in.

    September 1999, 1Canada OfResearch in Motion (RIM) isBlackBerryWas released.When it first went on sale, it was a pager with a keyboard that could be used for e-mail.

    September 1999, Japan's first camera-equipped mobile phone (PHS) VP-210Appeared, and an important element of later smartphones was born here.Overseas, in 2002 in EuropeVodafoneNokia shipped the "Nokia 7650 Imaging Phone" to the company, and in December of the same year, the "Sanyo SCP-12" was released as the first mobile phone with a built-in camera in the United States.

    In 2000, Ericsson is a Symbian smartphone with a touch screen(English editionReleased[52].NokiaAdopts touch screen(English editionLaunched Symbian smartphone[52].. 2002,Sony EricssonIs a successor to the R380, with a touch panel based software platform.UIQAdopt(English editionReleased[52].. UIQ SDK required for software development for UIQ was provided free of charge via the Web[53]Therefore, the development of non-official apps has become popular.

    Until then, I had used the original hand-drawn input "Graffiti" as a keywordhandspringIs the first PDA equipped with a call function as standard equipment in January 2002.TreoThe series was released, and the first Treo180 (unmarked) was equipped with a small QWERTY keyboard like BlackBerry.At the same time, "(HipTop)" announced at the trade fair in January 2002 was a low-priced product under US $ 1, and since it was possible to make voice calls, it was welcomed as "BlackBerry capable of voice communication". rice field.The Treo series, which was strong in the United States, appeared in 200 as the first Treo 2003 with a built-in camera function, a mobile phone capable of calling and messaging with a camera capable of VGA shooting, and a device that integrates PDA functions equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. ing.

    BlackBerry also supported voice calls at the end of 2002, and with subsequent improvements, PIM functionGroupwareSecure remote collaboration withPush email, Browsing websites on the Internet, and depending on the model, Microsoft Office application filesPDFIt has transformed into a smartphone that also has a viewing / editing function.Blackberries are mainly for corporations, and since around 2004, they have become popular among American businessmen and boasted the top share of smartphones in the United States.

    In 2006, NTT DoCoMo became a dedicated server (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) And setBlackBerry 8707hStarted domestic sales for corporations.


    2007In 1 monthAppleBut"iOSAnnounced the smartphone "iPhone" equipped with ".It determined the shape of modern smartphones.Launched in the US in June of the same year.It was also released in the UK, France and Germany in November of the same year.


    First for Japan by SoftBankiPhoneAsiPhone 3GWill be released[54].. Initially sales were sluggish,Tadashi OnoderaCriticized that "iPhone is not attractive to general users"[55], Softbank's aggressive sales measures will boost sales. Since then, smartphones have become rapidly popular in Japan.

    This year,GoogleBy OS for smartphones"Android"Developed by the United StatesT-MobileAndroid smartphoneT-Mobile G1Was released.


    In 2011,Google Motorola mobilityAnd acquired a patent related to modular mobile phones. by thismoduleAssembled smartphone (code name:Project Ara) Development has begun. Project Ara is a platform that allows you to create your own smartphone by combining the base parts of the display and metal frame with the modules you like. With this, the minimum configuration without the cellular communication module will start from $50. These were planned for market launch in 2015[56].. In 2015, trial sales were suspended and the launch was postponed, and in 2016 it was announced that the development would be discontinued.


    January 2013AcerIs the first in the world4K6 inches for video recordingFHDdisplayEquipped with[57][58]Was announced, and it was launched in Europe in October of the same year.


    January 2015SONYIs the first in the world4Kliquid crystalEquipped with(English edition[59]Was announced, and it was released in October of the same year.


    Equipped with a vertical full-screen display "Infinity Display" that is "easy to hold and large screen"Galaxy S8 │ S8 +Recorded a worldwide hit. This product is a bezelless smartphone, full screenBig trendsAnd each company will release a bezel-less full-screen smartphone[60][61][62][63][64][65].

    In addition, the world's smartphone shipments declined for the first time in 2017[66].


    2018After entering,Flexible smartphoneThe development of (bending, folding smartphones) proceeded rapidly. In this year, Chinese venture company Royole released the world's first commercially available flexible smartphone, FlexPai.[67].

    OPPOAnnounced that it realized a full screen with a pop-up camera[68].

    Samsung ElectronicsBrings Bezel-cess and Full-screen Flow to the Industry at Private Event "SDC18" for DevelopersGalaxy S8 │ S8 +As the next phase of "Infinity Display", "Infinity-V Display", "Infinity-U Display", "Infinity-O Display", "New Infinity Display" were announced. Infinity-V and Infinity-UEssentialDeveloped byiPhone XThe notches (cutouts) that have spread due to the existence of each have been branded by arranging them in V type or U type respectively, and mainlyMid range OfA Galaxy,Galaxy MHas been adopted by. Infinity-O is equipped with a punch hole camera that opens a hole for the sub camera in the display to further expand the screen, and after thatGalaxy S10 e │ S10 │ S10 +It has been adopted in. The New Infinity Display is the name of a full-screen display, but how it would be realized was not announced at this time.2019It was adopted for the first time since it was announced, and it was realized with a pop-up rotating camera (by rotating the main camera, the same camera is used for the sub camera).[69].

    Huawei also released the world's first punch-hole display smartphone, which has a hole for the camera in the display and eliminates the notch.[70].. ChineseLivingReleased the world's first fingerprint sensor with a built-in display[71].


    Finally, a folding smartphone is announced by a major manufacturer. KoreanSamsung electronics OfGalaxy fold,ChineseHuaweiEven after that, announced the folding smartphone.

    Next-generation communication systems in each country5GWhile announcing the start time of the service of each company and the initiatives, services, and plans regarding 5G from each company,Qualcomm5G for smartphones (5rd generation mobile communication system) Smartphone makers announced 5G compatible smartphones by releasing compatible chips. The world's first commercial 5G smartphone is20192/20Announced in20194/5Was released inGalaxy S10 5GIs[72][73][74][75].

    Samsung Electronics can authenticate fingerprints on the display with the world's first fingerprint sensor with a built-in display that uses ultrasonic waves.Galaxy S10 │ S10 +announced[76].

    20194/3In the americanVerizonHas launched the world's first 5G communication service. Followed by4/5In the koreanKTStarted 5G communication service[77].. The full-scale 5G service in Japan is scheduled to start in 2020, which is behind other countries.[78].

    Also in ChinaXiaomi,OPPOAnnounced a prototype of a smartphone with a camera embedded in the screen using transparent display technology that allows light to pass through. This technology eliminates the notches and punch holes provided for the front-facing camera, resulting in a complete full screen[79].

    MotorolaAnnounced the "razr", a "vertical" folding smartphone.

    Around the United States, the movement to eliminate parts such as stopping the supply of parts to Huawei has accelerated, and the services provided by Google cannot be installed on new Huawei devices. (Huawei # Movements of countries around HuaweiSee. )


    20202/11(Local time),Samsung electronicsIs a vertical folding smartphoneSamsung galaxy z flipannounced[80][81].. This allowsGalaxyBecame the world's first brand to release both a horizontal folding smartphone and a vertical folding smartphone[82]. Also,Galaxy z flipIs the world's first folding smartphone to display on the screenGlassIt was adopted.In addition, this bendable type glass is called Ultra Thin Glass (UTG), and it has been announced that it will be sold outside.High-end products announced at the same time Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Has attracted attention because it has an ultra-high pixel count camera with about 1 million pixels and a camera function that can zoom 800 times, which greatly exceeds all conventional smartphones (called a smartphone).Categoryカメラ OfNumber of pixelsThis product is the first to exceed 1 million).

    The international trade fair for mobile technology that was scheduled to be heldMWC 2020"But,Impact of spread of new coronavirusSince the companies that are going to exhibit have announced the suspension of exhibition one after another, the event itself has also been canceled. As a result, manufacturers that were planning to announce products at MWC held their own press conferences,YouTubeCorrespondence such as the announcement above.

    Due to the sanctions of each country on Huawei, the "HUAWEI nova lite 5+" released on May 29 in Japan became the last smartphone that Google can use.Google services are no longer available on Huawei devices released after this[83].

    Global market situation

    Global smartphone share by manufacturer
    2021 Source: Canalys[84]
    1 bitRepublic of Korea flag South KoreaSamsung19%
    2 bitFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaXiaomi17%
    3 bitUnited States flag The United States of AmericaApple14%
    4 bitFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaOPPO10%
    5 bitFlag of the People's Republic of China People's Republic of ChinaLiving10%

    Before the iPhone appearedNokia,HTC, RIM, palm,Samsung electronicsMany models formed a certain market. Symbian OSWindows Mobile for Smart PhonesDedicated toOSSince it was also made, Palm OS andWindows Mobile for Pocket PCThere was also a model equipped with a partial improvement of the PDA OS. Made for smartphonesApplication softwareWere also provided. This is also because when the OS for PDA was installed, there was an advantage that application software created up to that point could be used.

    the 2020sAs of the first half, Samsung, Apple, which had the top two shares of global smartphones by company in the second quarter of 2018 by US research firm Strategy Analytics,Rice-China trade frictionHuawei, which was affected by the above, significantly reduced its market share, and instead, the rise of Xiaomi, Oppo, etc. was noticeable.[85][86].

    According to data released by IT market research firm Gartner, only 2017% of platforms other than Android and iOS as of December 12[87].

    Even in areas where manufacturers were not well known in the pastIndia OfMicromax,Indonesiaof,The Philippinesof,AfricaManufacturers such as in the market came out[88]..Especially in India, which is a huge market, Micromax increased its share to 2013% in the second quarter of 2 (IDC), and although Samsung (22%) was the leader, it dropped the figure and expanded the power of Micromax and (26%). Stands out.According to the company's research, the smartphone market share ranking in India for the same period is 13st Samsung 1nd Micromax 2rd Karbonn 3th Nokia 4th Sony Mobile and local manufacturers are strong.Local companies are expanding smartphone production in Vietnam[89].

    Domestic smartphone manufacturer in Russia(English edition'[90]Independent mobile OS platform(English editionBusiness-use smartphone that adopts(English edition'[91][92]Sold, the same modelRussian postHas purchased 1 units. The company's commercial tablet terminal "INOI T5000"[93]Is the largest Russian communication company(English editionHave been purchased.

    The United States Google is the world's first modular smartphone in the first half of 2015Project AraWas scheduled to be released. This is a tile type design and each part is modularized. In the case of the minimum configuration, the price was aimed at $50, but development has been discontinued.

    Mobile base station world share

    Huawei has the top share of the world market for mobile base stations.


    Designing semiconductors for smartphones,ARM HoldingsHas a 9% share.For example, AppleA seriesAndQualcomm OfSnapdragon,ChineseHuaweiThe basic technology of the core semiconductor "Kirin" used in smartphones is licensed from ARM, and it is difficult for each manufacturer to develop and sell new products without the cooperation of ARM.

    Comparison of communication charges with major countries

    According to the 2019 data of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, the communication charges (data capacity 1GB / month) of the operator with the largest market share in each country are as follows, and Tokyo is by far the highest.

    Tokyo8175 JPY
    NY7990 JPY
    Seoul6004 JPY
    Dusseldorf4179 JPY
    Paris3768 JPY
    UK2700 JPY

    Japan situation

    The situation in the 2G era

    In Japan before the 1990sToshiba"GENIUS"Kyocera"DataScope"DataScope for DoCoMo",PanasonicSome "mobile phones/PHSs with PDA-like elements" such as "Pinocchio" have been released, but they have not spread widely, but rather ordinary mobile phones (feature phoneThe increase in the user base that accepts the higher functionality of) was conspicuous.

    The situation in the 3G era

    With the spread of 3G (third generation mobile phones), it became possible to translate smartphones, a category born outside Japan, into Japanese and release them in 2004.VodafoneNokia “from a Japanese corporation (current SoftBank Mobile)Vodafone 702NKBut in 2005 from NTT DocomoMotorola"FOMA M1000Was released.Some users personally imported 3G-compatible smartphones made outside Japan.Also in 2005,sharpWILLCOM Windows Mobile 5.0 for Pocket PCThere are movements such as the release of the "W-ZERO3" series, which was originally developed in Japan, and around this time, there were signs that full-scale smartphones would become widespread in Japan as well.

    However, it was sophisticatedUser interfaceDue to the landing of the iPhone with the iPhone and the overseas Androids that followed it, domestic manufacturers were in trouble. First for Japan by Softbank in 2008iPhoneAsiPhone 3GWhen is released[94]Initially, sales were sluggish, and the competing KDDI president (at that time)Tadashi OnoderaCriticized that "iPhone is not attractive to general users"[95], Softbank's aggressive sales measures will boost sales. Since then, smartphones have become rapidly popular in Japan.

    Since then, smartphones have gradually become accepted by the general public other than businessmen and enthusiasts, and conventional multifunctional mobile phones have been ridiculed as "Galapagos mobile phones" and have become obsolete at once, and conventional smartphones are also treated as old-fashioned. I was supposed to receive it.

    The Windows Mobile camp, which was overtaken by the later iPhone, showed a move to follow suit, such as launching a new Windows Phone platform and installing an interface that makes use of multi-touch.The Android camp is also moving in the same way as the Windows Mobile camp.

    BlackberryAlso sought to expand to Japan, in 2008POP-IMAPEmail orgmailWaitWeb mailPersonalized service for push emailBlackBerry Internet ServiceStarted. In 2010i-mode mailFor BlackBerry's email addresssp modeIs provided.

    Before 2009, it was blocking smartphones in Japan.CareersWeb and email services for mobile phones (i-mode andEZweb,Yahoo! Keitai), So it remained a "gadget for enthusiasts".Push-delivery email services, especially on mobile phones, and similar to existing PCsPOP3There is a big difference in usability of the mail function of smartphones based on IMAP and IMAP.This is a smartphone,Ultra-small PC with phoneAndSomething similar to a mobile phone(From the PCOfficial site (mobile phone)And someSelfish siteCannot be accessed).In addition, there were some users who could not utilize smartphones on the user side and returned to the conventional feature phones or moved to the combination of netbook and data communication.[96].

    From the latter half of 2010, push type carrier mail support on smartphones such as sp mode,FeliCa,One Seg,Infrared,Earthquake early warningSmartphones incorporating the elements of Japanese-style high-performance mobile phones have been announced one after another by Japanese manufacturers.Such a model with a feature phone function is called "GalaKlikeSmartphone"Phone"Glassware” is sometimes called.In this case, the antonym is a model that does not have such a function.Global smartphone, Called "gross"[97].

    In addition, some of them are intended to improve operability and promote the migration of feature phone users to smartphones.AQUOS PHONE(IS11SH (CDMA SHI11) andIS14SH (CDMA SHI14), 007SH, etc., andINFOBAR C01 A "smartphone shaped like a Galapagos mobile phone" equipped with a numeric keypad such as the (CDMA SHX12)007SHToSmartphonePhoneKin Thailand"Smartphone") has appeared, but support has been short-lived due to instability of operation and loss of good battery life that was supported by feature phones.

    In the first half of 2011, about half of the new mobile phone sales will be smartphones, and in 2012 it will grow further to account for about 75%.

    Due to the rapid spread of smartphones that use many communication bands, each carrier will be able to use it for the time being.無線 LANBy off-loading (route data communication of mobile phone to optical line via wireless LAN),LTE,Mobile WiMAXWe have shifted to the next-generation communication method with good radio wave efficiency.

    The situation in the LTE era

    According to a survey by Impress R & D, the smartphone penetration rate in Japan was 2012% as of October 10, and the penetration rate increased by 39.9% in 5 months.[98].

    In 2013-2014, shipments turned to decline for the second consecutive year, and in 2, feature phones showed a slight increase for the first time in seven years.This is thought to be due to factors such as a slowdown in the shift from feature phones to smartphones, and a decrease in the frequency of replacements due to increased satisfaction with smartphone functions and performance among smartphone users.

    Although it is a domestic manufacturer that has shifted the development of terminals to smartphones, Apple and Samsung Electronics accounted for half of the global market share at that time, competing for the remaining market share, and it was struggling to secure parts.The usage rate of Japanese manufacturers was still high for parts that required high machining accuracy, but semiconductor chips were made in the United States.QualcommWas monopolizing.Supply will be given priority to Apple and Samsung Electronics[99], Japanese manufacturers who entered the market late in the lap have no choice but to squeeze the number of sales.Since the release of popular handsets is related to the business strategy of each carrier, it was not possible to maintain close relationships with domestic manufacturers as before, and it was decided to focus on the popular smartphones made overseas.

    SonyLTEWhere the net has spread to a practical rangeSonyUntil then, the carrier side (NTT docomo) Was handed over to "XperiaCommonly used as its own brand (until thenauIs a carrier-specific trademark or "Cyber-shot"Keitai" or no trademark,Softbank mobileIn 2014, in the domestic market, it took share from Samsung Electronics, which has the same OS, and emerged as the second largest in the domestic market after Apple.This is equipped with a mobile phone that has become a matter of course overseasDigital still cameraAndFace recognition-Fingerprint authenticationrequired forImage sensorInSonyIs the background of the fact that is leading the world market.

    2015 years,OptageIs Japan's first cheapVirtual mobile operator(MVNO) When the "mineo" service was launched, in Japan, carriers used to provide lines and mobile communication terminals in a lump, but the liberalization of terminals, so-calledSIM freeEnter the era of.In response to this trend, Sony, among the manufacturers that had sold terminals through carrier companies until then,sharp,Fujitsu,KyoceraReleased SIM-free maker brand terminals one after another.Each company tried to make it unique.However, after the LTE era, many manufacturers withdrew from domestic smartphones, which had been struggling due to lap delay. By the end of the 2010s, the purely domestic manufacturers would be Sony and the niche market Kyocera (Casio "G'zOneThe spiritual successor of ""[100]),FCNT(Inheriting Fujitsu's business, "for the elderly"Easy phone”), Both of which are low in the global market share.And even in the domestic market, Apple has secured a majority share[101].

    Usage restrictions for minors

    With the use of smartphones,Internet addiction,BullyingIt is easy to meet strangers and disturb your life.MinorRestrictions on use are being promoted.20144IsAichiKariya cityAll 21 elementary and junior high schools called to prohibit use after 21:XNUMX[102].. 20148ToFukuokaKasuga CityBut the same applies, and it was banned after 22:XNUMX[103][104][105].

    In order to cover this problem when used by minors, there are smartphones that are premised on being used by minors.A typical example is DoCoMoSmartphone for juniorTo serve asSH-03FSH-05E.PolaroidDeveloped by. Toy makersMega houseDeveloped byFairiciaand so on.

    Business model problems

    The problems common to Japanese telecommunications carriers, such as binding for 2 years, virtually 0 yen, expensive fee system, specifications with original regulations,Problems with mobile phone # business model in JapanSee.


    iPhone (iOS) AndAndroidSmartphones such asSoftware development kit (SDK) is open to the publicApplication software(App) can be developed and distributed.

    For iPhone, the developerApple Developer ConnectionJoin[106]In addition, when an app is published, it must be reviewed by Apple, and apps that do not pass the review cannot be published.jailbreakAllows you to install unlicensed apps, but doing so is not covered by the warranty.Windows Phone 7However, the installation source of the software isWindows Phone MarketplaceIt is restricted to only developers and requires developers to go through the Windows Phone Marketplace and be screened.

    BlackBerry,Android,Windows Mobile(Before 6.5)Application storeOther apps can be installed, but in order to distribute apps efficiently, AndroidGoogle PlayAnd BlackBerryBlackBerry App WorldFor application publication centered on the OS providerplatformExists.

    Major manufacturers

    Manufacturers that were manufactured in the past


    Microphone terminal,USBTerminal,Bluetooth, NFC (Short-range wireless communication), etc., hardware that can work with smartphones is sold.

    Effects on the human body

    Smartphone syndrome
    With the spread of smartphones, an increasing number of women are complaining about "straight neck" symptoms (neck pain, stiff shoulders, and in severe cases, dizziness and nausea). The normal neck bone bends forward to support the heavy head, but the “straight neck” loses its curve and becomes straight due to posture collapse and chronic fatigue.[117].Squintand so on.
    Text thumb damage
    Depending on how you hold your smartphone, your fingers may deform,筋肉However, it may cause symptom such as sticking and bending of fingers or pain. This case is called text thumb injury outside Japan. The most common way of holding this case is to hold the lower part of the body with the little finger. It is believed that the weight burden is concentrated on the little finger, causing deformation only in that area.[118].
    By using for a long time,focusHas the function of adjustmentCrystalline lensThe muscles that movevisionmay fall.when it becomes chronicPresbyopiaCause of.
    Smartphone neck
    Being a manipulatorChung NobuyoshiThe word named by.When the sternocleidomastoid muscle on the front side of the neck is pulled forward and causes hypertension, various disorders such as stiff neck, headache, and dizziness are caused.The state of a person who keeps using a smartphone in a depressed position and the neck comes out forward.[119][120].
    Effects on sleep
    The effect on sleep is physical due to the light emitted from the main body and mental due to the excitement caused by the content.For light, many displays, including smartphones,Blue lightと 呼 ば れ るVisible lightIs out. If you take this blue light for a long time,MelatoninCan be suppressed, which can lead to awakening and adversely affect sleep. In particular, smartphones tend to have more blue light than other devices.[121].. If these symptoms become chronic and become more severe,depression,autism,Anxiety disorder,Attachment disorderSuch asMental illnessCan trigger[122].It can be reduced to some extent by using a blue light cut function or special glasses.
    Another mental thing is the influence of content.For example, listening to intense music or playing a game with vigorous movements disturbs the balance of the autonomic nerves, making it easier for sleep disorders to occur.In addition, there are times when I can't sleep because I'm worried about the sound of notifications such as SNS and emails in the middle of the night.As a countermeasure, avoid touching your smartphone before sleeping and turn off notifications.
    Impact on children
    Since the brain triples in size between the ages of 0 and 2, there are concerns that the use of smartphones during this period will have a large impact.Due to excessive stimulation of the brain by smartphones,Attention deficit, Cognitive delay,Learning disabilityMay cause[122].
    Even when used by elementary, middle and high school students, about 3% of them tend to affect their lives. Mainly, the symptoms such as lack of motivation for studying or lack of sufficient sleep are increasing due to being absorbed in games and the Internet once touched.[123].


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