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📢 | Ennio Morricone's gem of a masterpiece will be performed in Japan by an orchestra along with a video! !!


Ennio Morricone's gem of a masterpiece will be performed in Japan by an orchestra along with a video! !!

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Movie music and theme songs that everyone has heard, such as "The Good, the Bad and the Sunset," "Untouchable," "Mission," "New Cinema Paradise," and "The Hateful Eight," which won the Academy Award for Best Music. , A luxurious concert performed by the orchestra and the choir while projecting the famous scenes of the movie on the screen.

World premiere!A concert where the orchestra plays a masterpiece of the gem of Ennio Morricone, a master of film music, along with images ... → Continue reading

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Film Music

Film Music(Eigaongaku, film music or film score[1]) IsmoviesIt is the music used in.


The movie was initiallyサ イ レ ン ト(Silent movie), with audiothe 1920sToTalkieHas been invented.However, before thatSilent movieIn the movie theater when showingPianoI was playing music by.Sometimes for movies with a budgetOrchestraSometimes a full orchestra accompaniment was added in the pits.The first movie music in the world1908,Saint-Saens"Assassination of Prince Guise"[2]It is said to be music composed for.Other,Shostakovich 1929"New Babylon",Erik Satie 1924Early movie music, such as composing "Intermission"Classical musicWas the main composer.in JapanYamada Kosaku 1922から1924It is said that it was the first to attach it to "Reigakudo" produced by Showa Cinema.In the silent era,Charlie Chaplin,Buster Keaton,Harold LloydChaplin was not only an actor and director, but also composed.In recent years, the number of composers who do not have roots in classical music is increasing, and due to the diversification of music, various music such as pop, jazz, rock, soul, and techno are used in movie music.There are movie music that is not used in the main story but is used only for the trailer, and these music areEpicIt is called.[3].

Black movie movie music

From prewar to postwarthe 1960sThe movies up to the first half were white, including music.However, since the late 1960s, the number of movies directed by black directors has gradually increased.The trigger was Melvin Van Peoples[4]It was a great success of the independent movie "Sweet Sweetbacks Bad Ass Song" by.The music was played by Earth, Wind & Fire.After that, Isaac Hayes was in charge of the music "Black Jaguar" (1971)[5]And Curtis Mayfield's "Super Fly" (1972)[6], Johnny Pate's "Shaft in Africa" ​​(1973)[7], Osibisa[8]Many black movie soundtracks such as "Superfly TNT" have been announced.

Film music composer

Both country and name are in alphabetical order.As a general rule, it is by country of origin, but there are many composers who work across national borders.



United Kingdom



  • (Currently active in the United States)




South Korea





Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu



China/Hong Kong






It was





Et al.


New Zealand






Republic of South Africa


Russia / former Soviet Union

Radio program specializing in film music

Programs still on air

Programs that were broadcast in the past

  • (NHK-FM) --Every Saturday from 22:20 to 23:00.The moderator is. It was broadcast from 1980 to 1983.

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