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📢 | [Sendai] Introducing "Recommended Color" Afternoon Tea, which you can choose from 9 colors!Dress cakes, lip chocolates, etc ...

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[Sendai] Introducing "Recommended Color" Afternoon Tea, which you can choose from 9 colors!Dress cakes, lip chocolates, etc ...

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"My Favorite Color Afternoon Tea" that you can customize by choosing your favorite color from all 9 colors of "recommended color" of red, pink, blue, light blue, yellow, purple, green, orange and black・ Afternoon tea) ”will be on sale.

Guest House Wedding operated by Best Bridal Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo / CEO: Masayuki Tsukada) ... → Continue reading


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Sky blue

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Sky blue(Sorairo) issunny dayof timeOur Sky OfColorBright and paleblueIs.A neutral color between blue and white.EnglishSaysky blue (sky blue) has almost the same meaning and represents a similar color.

Sky color

Even if it is simply the color of the sky, the color isthe weatherIt varies depending on the time of day and time.The color name "sky blue" indicates that it was sunny.DaytimeThe color of the sky.Reach the surface of the earthSunlightInvisible light TheatmosphereInFine particlesByscatteringIn the sunny daytime sky, the short wavelength blue color looks strong (Rayleigh scattering).This is sky blue.

However, when the conditions were limited to fine weather and daytime,(I.e.The color of the sky changes further depending on the area.

JapaneseThe sky blue in JIS Z 8102 is "Conventional color nameAs one ofSystem color nameとMunsell valueDirectly defined in, each "bright"blue"9B 7.5 / 5.5" (the difference in expression is almost the same).

On the other hand, the English name Sky Blue is indirectly defined by defining what kind of sky color it is.that is"Summer: From 10 am to 3 pm on a sunny daywater vapor,dustIn atmospheric conditions that are less affected byニ ュ ー ヨ ー クA 50-inch square hole in cardboard, held up about 1 cm away from your eyes, and observed through the hole, within 30 miles of the color. "[1][Question][By whom?]Is.However, in any case, it is not considered so strictly on a daily basis, and sky blue and sky blue can be considered to be the same color within a certain range.

Derived from the Latin word caelum (sky)[2]Color nameCerulean blueOriginally, it was synonymous with sky blue.Cerulean blue was later established as the name of a blue pigment whose main component was, but it is still translated as "sky blue".[3].

Uruguay national football teamIs nicknamed Celestial (English cerestial: in the sky) from the sky blue uniform color.SimilarlyArgentina national football teamIs also called Albisereste (white and sky blue).

Colors of other things

JapanSo the sky blue is oftenlight blueIt is used without distinction.Light blue tends to be used as a general color name. According to JIS, "light greenish blue" and "6B 8/4" are more greenish than the "bright blue" sky blue.

English "azure", French "Azur(Azur) ", Italian"Azure(Azzurri) "isPersian Oflapis lazuliIt is derived from (originally the name of the place of origin), but is confused with the color of the sky.This is,,Fafner in the AzureBecause of the different climatic conditions from Japan, it is darker and closer to blue than the Japanese sky blue.

Sky blue in web colors

Web browserDepending onHTMLSkyBlue, LightSkyBlue, and DeepSkyBlue are defined as the colors that can be used above.

Skyblue corresponds to the sky blue or sky blue in this section, and the brighter color is LightSkyBlue and the darker color is DeepSkyBlue.

Color name derived from the sky

Approximate color


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