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📢 | Huawei takes advantage of Temenos platform Digital Banking 2.0…


Huawei Leveraging Temenos Platform Digital Banking 2.0…

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At the same time, cloud-native systems are scalable, cost-effective and require low initial investment.

Jason Cao (CEO) of Huawei Global Digital Finance, DBS ... → Continue reading

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    ScalabilityWhat is (Kakuchosei)?machine,softwareEtc. originally haveFeaturesIn addition to adding additional features and theirPerformanceIt seems that it is possible to improve laterdesignAbove features.

    Computer hardware scalability

    ComputerThe elements that make up are roughly dividedinput,control,Calculation,Memory,outputHowever, when a computer is usually constructed as a concrete system, the requirements required for each element are determined according to the purpose, and they are combined to construct a single computer device.For example, for calculators and embedded computers for home appliances, there is no need to change them later, so this item is a problem.ScalabilityIt is not necessary to design to have.

    However,General purpose computer,Personal computer,Home game consoleFor a series of computer devices that are premised on having a certain range of purposes in the operation stage, it is not suitable to design by setting the requirements of the device configuration strictly in advance, so the functions and performance of the main unit. After designing the greatest common divisor for the needs and finally deciding the application of the hardware equipment required individually.System integrator,userIt will be necessary to incorporate it into the system by hand.Here, the degree to which the system configuration can be freely set ultimately determines the extensibility of the computer hardware.

    Regarding the extensibility of computer hardware, taking a personal computer as an example, the input of a personal computer is usuallyKeyboardとmouse,TrackpadIs generally used.

    In recent years, general personal computers (including laptop computers) have becomePS/2 connector,USBIt is normal that the input means can be expanded byTrackball,pen tablet,furtherScan,Digital cameraSuch asInput deviceCan be connected and used.In addition to this, various input means such as connecting various sensors for scientific and technological purposes can be considered, but at that time, it may be necessary to expand the external interface of the computer body.

    Of the elements of a computer, the part that corresponds to control is the most invisible part, but for example, controlling an external interface is an example of a control device.As mentioned above, a special external interface may be required when connecting an external input device or output device, etc., which is added at this time.Expansion cardIs an easy-to-understand extension of the control device.

    Regarding the expansion of arithmetic units, for exampleCPULike to replaceupgradeCan be considered.Direct CPU without considering such upgradessubstrateaboveSolderingSince there are computers that implement this, taking a structure that can replace the CPU is an example of a design that takes extensibility into consideration.again,Floating point coprocessor(FPU) andGraphic acceleratorIn many cases, measures are taken to speed up some arithmetic processing by adding an additional arithmetic unit.

    If you are using a computerhard diskI've used up my newDataCan no longer be savedMain memoryHave been used upApplicationYou may not be able to start up, or the operation may become extremely slow.In such a case, if the design considers the expandability of the storage device,Hard disk driveIt is possible to deal with it by adding or remounting, or adding main memory.

    For output devicesdisplayIt can be said that it is an expansion act to replace the speaker with a larger and higher-definition one, add a printer, and finally replace or add a speaker.

    In order to realize these extensions, it is customary that personal computers are provided with various extension means.PCI,ISA,C bus,NuBusGeneral-purpose expansion buses such as USB are typical, and USB andIEEE 1394External interfaces such as are also indispensable equipment for extensibility.ATAThere is also an interface specialized for individual devices such as a disk drive interface such as.Also, inside the computer housing itselfExpansion card,Drive deviceIt can be said that it is also important to secure the space for incorporating the above to ensure the expandability.

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