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💴 | How to get a raised iPhone at a great price, a difference of more than 1 yen from the lowest price


How to get a price-raised iPhone at a great price, a difference of more than 1 yen from the lowest price

If you write the contents roughly
It's a great deal with up to 20% reduction, so if you have an eligible JCB card, this is the campaign you want to participate in.

In July 2022, the prices of Apple products in Japan were raised one after another.iPhone is an exception, of course. → Continue reading


MONEY PLUS is an economic media that conveys financial and economic information in an easy-to-understand manner for people who are not good at talking about money.

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    Up to 20% reduction equivalent


    JCB Co., Ltd.(English: JCB Co., Ltd.) IsJapan OfCredit cardCompany.Nicknames and abbreviationsJCB.In addition to operating an international brand (JCB brand), it also conducts card issuing operations (issuers) and member store contracts (acquirers).


    It is the only international card brand originating in Japan and operates and develops international brands.Chugoku OfUnionPay cardAlong with (Union Pay), it is one of the few non-US international brands.[6]..Because it is made in Japan, "SamuraicardAppears[7],the 2000sFrom the second halfJoining informationOfficially used in the corporate history of the material[8].

    In addition to providing payment systems for international brands, we also offer proper cards (JCB original series) in-house.Partner cardIt also manages affiliated stores (among international brands).Amex,Diners cardAlso carries out card issuance business).The market share is low among international brands, and overseasHawaii,AsiaExcept for areas where there are many Japanese tourists, such as some countries, there are few affiliated stores, so it is often not possible to use it.Currently, it is expanding overseas, mainly in the Asian market, and the number of overseas cardholders and merchants is increasing.[9].

    The company name is the predecessor "Japan Credit Bureau (English: Japan Credit Bureau) ”, The brand marks blue, red, and green are the old ones at the time when they were involved in the establishment:Toyo Trust Bank(Current:Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking Corporation, Blue), old:Nippon Shinpan(Current:Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos, Red), old:Sanwa Bank(Current:Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Green) Of the three companiesCorporate color(Both are nowMitsubishi UFJ Financial Group(MUFG) affiliated company).

    Former presidents have been dispatched from Sanwa Bank for generations to the deputy president class (current president Hamakawa is also from Sanwa Bank, but was appointed as managing director of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, at Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank. Managing Executive Officer), in 2004Nippon Shinpan(CurrentMitsubishi UFJ Nikos)ButUFJ BankAs a result of becoming a consolidated subsidiary ofUFJ GroupThroughMitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupIt has become.However,Midori-kaiIs a member company ofSanwa GroupBelongs to[10]Because in 2005UFJ HoldingsAbsorbed old:Mitsubishi Tokyo FGThere is no relationship with the side because there is no card business or human interaction.note that,JCB GroupAlternatively, many of its parent companies have invested in the company.Mega bankDue to the reorganizationSumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationOnce upon a timeResona BankIs also a major shareholder.

    Resona Bank was the second largest shareholder after the UFJ Group, but it was reported that it sold about 2005% of its holdings in September 9.[11], Formed a comprehensive business alliance with us in July 2006Oryx[12]About 5%,Nomura SecuritiesAbout 5% (Nomura Trust Bankへtrust),Nomura HoldingsSold about 2% to, and changed major shareholders[13][14].. Then in June 2008Nomura SecuritiesHolds sharesToyota financeIs the parent company ofToyota financial servicesSold to[15]By doingToyota groupHas become a major shareholder, and in its business, it is developing in omnidirectional diplomacy that is not overly dyed by a specific financial group.

    20076/1From1968The design of the emblem, which has been popular for many years since then, has been changed for the first time in 39 years, and the conventional design has been changed.TricolorIt has a new design while following the design.At the time of this change, it was newly defined that blue expresses "responsibility", red expresses "vitality", and green expresses "friendliness". From August 2013, 8, the tricolor of the emblem on the card designmonotoneAdded[16].

    The brand message from June 2015 is "One in the world.One for you.(For Japan), "Uniquely Yours(For the world).

    Originally, it was not an international brand from the beginning, but the first president: Ryosuke Kawamura (later chairman and advisor), the second president: Masaaki Ikeuchi, the third president from the early 2s. : Takashi Tanimura, 1980th President: Masaaki Ikeuchi, Managing Director in charge of International Affairs: Kazunao Murata, etc.[6][17]Established a foothold as one of the world's seven largest credit card brands[18].

    In recent years, JCB operatedPost-pay type electronic moneyIsQUICPay(Quick Pay) and its network to create payment solutions that are not bound by the framework of credit cards by collaborating with various companies. As of the end of March 2018, QUICPay had 3 members (up 888% year-on-year).

    Domestic offices


    • 1961 --January 1, Sanwa Bank (currently:Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) And Nippon Shinpan (currently:Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos) Established "Japan Credit Bureau Co., Ltd." (Japan Credit Bureau, JCB) (the second credit card company in Japan. The first is Japan.Diners Club).May 5, the same year, Osaka credit sales based in Osaka (Daishin Sales, now:Aplus) And Sanwa Bank established "Osaka Credit Bureau, OCB"[19].

    From the beginning, automatic transfer of card usage charges from bank accounts was performed for the first time as a private company with the approval of the authorities, and it was the first to pioneer the generalization of payments by automatic transfer of usage charges for cards, credit sales, etc. , Had a huge impact.

    • 1967 - American ExpressStarted issuing international cards in partnership with[20].
    • 1968
      • Hokkaido Takushoku BankEstablished "HCB" (HCB) in Sapporo.
      • JCB and OCB merged (Osaka Credit Bureau Co., Ltd. (OCB) becomes the surviving company, and JCB is dissolved.[Source required]At the same time, the company name was changed to "Japan Credit Bureau Co., Ltd. (JCB)".For this reason, the current JCB is the second generation.
    • 1978 --Changed the company name to the current "JCB Co., Ltd."
    • 1981 ――For the first time as a Japanese card company, start its own international expansion.Established a local subsidiary JCB ASIA in Hong Kong and started developing affiliated stores in partnership with the local bank OTB.
    • 1982 --Gold card issuance started.
    • 1985 --Started issuing overseas.
    • 1988 --Opened in 1983Tokyo DisneylandIt becomes a member store contract and the official card of the garden.
    • 1990 --Started issuing "The Class", a super gold card (generally called upper premium card / platinum card), and "Nexus", a gold card for young people.
    • 1994 --Opened a card center in Mitaka City.
    • 1998 - Hokkaido Takushoku BankHCB (HCB), a subsidiary of the company, due to the bankruptcy ofHCB) Was made a subsidiary of "JCB Hokkaido Co., Ltd."
    • 2001
      • Started issuing "JCB Arubara", a card exclusively for revolving payments.
      • - IC credit cardStarted standard issuance of[21].
    • 2004 --Participation in management of EMVCo, LLC, a company that aims to promote EMV specification-compliant IC cards, etc.[22].
    • 2005 --Merged with JCB Hokkaido Co., Ltd.
    • 2006 --Bitwallet (currently:Rakuten Edy) And the two companies announced a partnership to expand the spread of non-contact IC payments.[23].
    • 2007 ――Since 1968, the design of the JCB emblem has been changed for the first time in 39 years, and the brand slogan has been changed to "I'm happy, firmly" in Japan and "Good times start here." For overseas.
    • 2009 - Walt Disney JapanConcluded a marketing alliance contract and affiliated card contract with a corporation.
    • 2010 --"JCB Gold The Premier" issuance started
    • 2011 --Started Japan's first ATM-based IC credit card PIN change service ・ Formulated medium-term management plan "" Spiral Growth "~ Global 2013 ~".Next, JCB cards, franchise cards, and license cards will be sequentially switched from general members to platinum members, etc., to cards with hollow magnet stripes to prevent skimming.
    • 2015 --Documents sent for having employees work illegally for long hours. Convicted of violating the Labor Standards Act in 2016.
    • 2017 --Started issuing "JCB Platinum", "JCB CARD W" and "JCB CARD W plus L" for individuals as the original series for the first time in 8 years.[24].
    • 2018-End of Issuance and Handling of Personal Cards in the United States[25].
    • 2021 ――In November, we announced the renewal of the face and functions of all JCB ORIGINAL SERIES cards.Specifically, the card information is collected on the back side, which is unique to JCB.Touch paymentIs installed as standard.Announced that it will start issuing cards after December of the same year[26].

    Number of members, number of member stores, transaction volume

    Changes in the number of members, number of affiliated stores, and transaction volume are as follows.[27]..In addition, the aggregation standard was changed in 2006 and 2011 (for this reason, for example, the number of members outside Japan decreased from the end of March 2006 to the end of March 3).

    In recent years, both the number of members and the number of affiliated stores have achieved rapid growth due to the global trend toward cashless payments.In the past, the number of affiliated stores was significantly lower than that of other brands, as the image of "cannot be used overseas".

    In addition, the number of members of "QUICPay" operated by JCB is also increasing rapidly, and as of the end of March 2018, the number of QUICPay members was"888 people" (4000% compared to the same period of the previous year)It has become.

    DeadlineMembershipNumber of member storesHandling volume
    Total numberJapanOutside JapanTotal numberJapanOutside Japan
    December 2003, 34,395 million people889 million stores5.0 trillion yen
    December 2004, 34,756 million people977 million stores5.1 trillion yen
    December 2005, 35,086 million people1,073 million stores5.3 trillion yen
    December 2006, 35,399 million people4,935 million people464 million people1,239 million stores443 million stores796 million stores6.4 trillion yen
    December 2007, 35,575 million people5,239 million people336 million people1,350 million stores519 million stores831 million stores7.1 trillion yen
    December 2008, 35,978 million people1,232 million stores7.8 trillion yen
    December 2009, 36,097 million people1,280 million stores8.3 trillion yen
    December 2010, 36,421 million people5,819 million people602 million people1,641 million stores8.6 trillion yen
    December 2011, 36,926 million people869 million people1,838 million stores9.7 trillion yen
    December 2012, 37,746 million people1,095 million people2,225 million stores13.6 trillion yen
    December 2013, 38,018 million people6,553 million people1,465 million people2,383 million stores815 million stores1,568 million stores15.6 trillion yen
    December 2014, 38,447 million people2,687 million stores18.9 trillion yen
    December 2015, 38,958 million people2,857 million stores22.6 trillion yen
    December 2016, 39,563 million people2,185 million people3,108 million stores2,106 million stores25.5 trillion yen
    December 2017, 310,569 million people3,312 million stores26.6 trillion yen
    December 2018, 311,700 million people9,055 million people2,646 million people29.9 trillion yen
    December 2019, 313,074 million people9,989 million people3,018 million people32.6 trillion yen
    December 2020, 314,152 million people35.0 trillion yen

    JCB brand

    JCB is one of the world's five largest credit card brands (UnionPay6 companies), which is the only international brand originating in Japan. All credit cards bearing the JCB logo can be used at JCB member stores around the world.JCB brand common serviceIs available.


    Starting with the acquisition of the first original member store in Hong Kong in 1981, we have expanded the member store network outside Japan, and the number of countries (including regions) outside Japan expanded to 1987 countries in 100. In 1996, it exceeded 160 countries.The number of affiliated stores outside Japan exceeded 2016 million in 2100 (about three times that of 2006), changing from "JCB in Japan" to "JCB in the world."

    JCB has established "JCB International Co., Ltd." (JCBI) as a subsidiary for conducting overseas operations.


    JCB has a top-class affiliated store network in Japan.In particular, Tokyo and Osaka merged, and since it expanded its business in Kyushu from an early stage and established related companies in Hokkaido, it has a nationwide network of affiliated stores.Individual managementSmall byShopAnd high unit pricesushiIn many restaurants such as JCB, only JCB was actually a member with a lighting sign with the JCB logo.In recent years, JCB's commission rate (especially food and restaurants) has increased.Visa/MasterCardVisa / Mastercard because it tends to be higher than the commission rate of each member companyMerchant management companyThere are some stores that have a member store contract with Chika and do not have a JCB member store contract (#Commission rateSee also).

    American ExpressandDiscover cardHowever, due to the partnership with JCB, it can be used at most JCB member stores, but the fee rate is different for JCB, AMEX, and Discover, so it may not be handled at the discretion of the member store (#Acquiring businessSee also).

    North America

    Hawaii,GuamThen, due to JCB's aggressive measures, most of the tourism industry retailers are members of JCB along with other credit brands.

    on the other hand,North AmericaIn the mainland area, mainly luxuryHotel,Japanese StreetMerchandise / restaurants,Simon Property Group(Chelsea Premium Outlets)such asJapanese-NikkeiWe have developed affiliated stores mainly in industries and regions that are frequently used by.However, the number of affiliated stores is not large, and it has been said that shopping use may be hindered.For example, in the United StatesSeven-ElevenWas not a member of JCB.However, in recent years, it has become possible to use it by mutual opening of member stores with DISCOVER, and the member store network has been improved.

    In 2006, riceDiscover card (Discover Card) Concluded a tie-up[28]By2007From autumn, JCB cards can be used at member stores of the same brand in the United States.


    SpainIs affiliated with all of Spain's three largest banking coalitions (3B, SERMEPA, EURO4)[29].

    BulgariaIn August 1985, we have been expanding the number of affiliated stores since we signed a license agreement with Balkantourist Credit Card Inc. for affiliated store operations.Then, from March 8, 2006, in partnership with Transcard SA, we will start issuing the first IC credit card "TRANSCARD JCB" in Bulgaria, aiming to expand the issuance locally.[30].

    BeneluxIn the three countries, JCBI has expanded the JCB card merchant network since 3, but in January 1983 signed a license agreement with PaySquare BV, which has the largest merchant network in the Netherlands. Partly because of this, the number of affiliated stores in the three Benelux countries is expanding.[31].

    South America

    BrazilIs affiliated with Cielo, and you can make payments with a JCB card by using Cielo's card terminal.In September 2013, it was announced that it had signed a license agreement with Caixa Econômica Federal (Caixa), a Brazilian government-affiliated financial institution, and agreed to issue a JCB card.[32].. Credit card issuance with Caixa will start in 2018.

    In other countriesArgentineIn partnership with First Date, JCB cards can be used.Furthermore, from January 2015ColumbiaBut make it available in partnership with Redeban Multicolor[33]We are expanding our affiliated store network.


    Egypt Arab RepublicIn October 1994, it signed a merchant business contract with Banque Misr SAE, the country's largest commercial bank, starting with the signing of a merchant business contract with the Arab African International Bank in 2005. Concluded and expanded affiliated stores[34].


    South Korea,TaiwanStarted withAsiaIn addition to the fact that many Japanese travel every year, JCB cards for locals are actively issued in partnership with local banks and card companies (see "JCB Cards Outside Japan" below. Issuance form ”), boasting the same number of affiliated stores as Japan.People's Republic of ChinaThen.1982In addition, ahead of all credit cards in the world, card merchants北京市It is maintained at and rewards other international cards.

    In addition, in August 2011 (Heisei 23),Citibank, NAIn partnership with Hong Kong,the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,Kingdom of Thailand,Philippines,Malaysiaas well as the IndonesiaStarted handling JCB cards at the company's card member stores in Japan (Note thatRepublic of Singapore, Taiwan andGuamHas traditionally handled JCB cards. )[35].

    In China and South Korea, the number of JCB card member stores and users who dislike high fees such as VISA and are reducing fees has increased rapidly in recent years.[36].

    Also in ChinaCUPSwitch cards have been issued by a number of Chinese banks, and Vietnam has begun tie-ups with many local banks.

    Common brand service

    JCB World Support

    JCB Airport Service Desk
    • Narita International AirportTerminal 1 and Terminal 2,KIXIt is located in the departure lobby of each international flight.Pamphlets for overseas preferential stores are being distributed.
    • If you show your JCB card, you will get a shopping and dining passport closest to your destination on the spot, and you will also receive information about JCB Plaza.
    JCB Plaza / JCB Plaza Lounge
    • It seems that Japanese people visit frequently,South America-Middle East-AfricaIt is installed in major cities around the world except for, and basically guides you in Japanese about introducing local JCB member stores, obtaining event tickets, and how to use your card. You need to show your JCB card.
    • From June 2010, outsourced to JTB Global Assistance.As a result, all existing JCB Plaza and JCB desks (renewed to JCB Plaza) will be shared with other companies, but only in some areas such as Taipei, Honolulu, and Paris, the existing JCB Plaza will be used exclusively by members as the "JCB Plaza Lounge." Install as.
    • In Japan, there is "JCB Plaza Tokyo" in the JTB Travel Gate Yurakucho store, but visitors from overseas (Inbound), And cannot be used with domestically issued JCB cards.
    • Most domestically issued cards are completed only by answering the phone, but if you want face-to-face work such as joining a JCB card or purchasing a gift card, use the nearest JCB service desk ("Marunouchi" as of 2010). It will be a thing.
    JCB Shopping & Dining Passport
    • A booklet that introduces JCB Plazas and major JCB member stores by region.Depending on the store, you can get a discount or a gift by presenting the booklet.In addition, information on local optional tours and hotel reservations handled by JCB Plaza is also posted in some areas. It is also possible to make reservations for listed restaurants via JCB Plaza.
    • Until 2004, 34 regions had been published, but since 2005, publications have been gradually discontinued and suspended, and as of April 2010, there are 4 regions centered on Asia, the United States, and Hawaii.

    JCB card issuance form

    3 types of issuance

    JCB card is

    • JCB (proper card)
    • JCB Group card issuer (Franchisee)
    • JCB partner card issuer

    It is characterized by being issued by three types of companies.Visa,MasterCardHas not issued a card himself.

    JCB card issuance form in Japan

    The specific issuing company is "Japanese JCB card issuerSee.

    In addition to the cards issued by JCB and its franchisees, we have partnered with credit card companies and distribution credit card companies to create these cards.JCB partner card issuerSome credit cards issued by JCB can be used at JCB member stores. JCB's partner card issuers do the work of examining, issuing, billing, and inquiring about JCB brand cards issued by JCB's partner card issuers. One of the partner card issuersCredit SaisonIs entrusted with the business (including international brands other than JCB), and credit cards with international brands and Saison brands are being issued.

    JCB brand cards issued by JCB's partner card issuers are the services of JCB's partner card issuers.JCB brand common serviceIs available, but JCB's franchisee service is not available[37].

    JCB card issuance form outside Japan

    At the beginning of international expansion in 1981, JCB's local subsidiary issued JCB cards for Japanese overseas.And in 1985Hong KongStarted issuing cards for local residents.Especially in recent yearsAsiaAt local banksNon-bank(AEON credit serviceIn partnership with a local subsidiary of JCB, it also issues JCB cards to locals.These JCB cards are treated in much the same way as JCB cards from domestic brand issuers.The number of issuing members outside Japan exceeded 1999 million in 100 and 2002 million at the end of August 8.[38].

    From April 2005,People's Republic of ChinaFor the first time as a domestic bankBank of ChinaIssued a JCB brand card ("Central Bank JCB Credit Card")[39].

    From April 2007,Republic of China OfCommonwealth Bank(Starting local issuance of JCB cards in 2002) is a credit card equipped with the contactless payment method "J / Speedy" developed by JCB.Breeze SquareIssue "JCB Card"[40].

    From July 2006, 3,BulgariaA card called "TRANSCARD JCB" was issued in partnership with Transcard SA of Bulgaria, which is the first IC credit card in Bulgaria and also for JCB.Europe"The first JCB brand ofPrepaid CardWas issued "[41].

    JCB contactless

    JCB Contactless is being developed as a global non-contact IC program.It was once called J / Speedy.

    JCB shares with Mastercard in developing J / Speedy (currently JCB Contactless).Communication protocolWas announced in 2006 to adopt[42]..In 2007, it announced that it would adopt the non-contact IC payment terminal specifications specified by Visa.[43]. In 2017AppleProvided by Apple Pay Supported J / Speedy (currently JCB contactless) in Japan[44].

    In Japan, credit cards and debit cards (excluding some) issued by the following companies are compatible with JCB contactless.

    In addition to the above, credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards (except for some) that support Apple Pay provided by Apple are compatible with JCB contactless.

    Issuing business

    As an issuer, JCB issues various JCB cards.In addition, the following various services may be accepted as JCB cards even if the cards are issued by JCB and JCB other than those issued by FC.

    The JCB Group is responsible for credit screening.National Bank Personal Credit Information Center,CIC Inc.as well as the Japan Credit Information Corporation OfCredit informationIt is a member of each institution (JCB cards issued by brand card issuing companies are examined by the issuing company).

    Types of JCB cards issued in Japan

    The annual membership fee is as of December 2019.All are tax-excluded.

    JCB ORIGINAL SERIES (original series)

    JCB The Class
    Gold on a jet-black card made of black materialFoil stampingOf the JCB brand labeled "JCB THE CLASS"Top card..The screening criteria are not disclosed, and only members who have been sent an invitation (invitation) are allowed to join.In addition, it has been confirmed that some users have acquired JCB Gold or higher, which is the target of the original series, and have received an annual payment of about 200 to 300 million yen by accumulating usage history for at least 3 years in a row.[46]..There is no uniform limit on the amount.The annual membership fee is 5 yen.
    JCB Platinum
    A platinum card with silver foil stamped on the surface of the black card.It is issued by application, not by invitation.The annual membership fee is 25,000 yen.
    JCB Gold The Premier
    A black gold card for JCB Gold members of the JCB ORIGINAL series.The invitation condition is that the total amount of shopping usage is 2 million yen or more for 100 consecutive years, and the e-mail address of the main member is registered in "MyJCB". In addition to the annual membership fee of JCB Gold of 10,000 yen, an annual service fee of 5,000 yen is required, but if the total amount of shopping usage in the previous year is 100 million yen or more, the additional service annual membership fee of 5,000 yen will be free.
    JCB Gold
    You can apply if you are over 20 years old, excluding students.The annual membership fee is 10,000 yen.
    JCB general card
    There is a benefit that the annual membership fee for the next year will be free.
    It is intended for working adults aged 20 to 29.The annual membership fee is 3,000 yen, but unlike Nexus, it is free in the first year.In addition to the benefits of the Xstage Card, you can receive services similar to JCB Gold.However, the magazine "GOLD" for Gold Nexus members will not be sent, and the special services of the stores where it is posted will not be covered.When the expiration date is renewed for the first time (5 years later), it will be automatically switched to JCB Gold (annual membership fee 10,000 yen) of ORIGINAL SERIES after examination.
    JCB CARD W / JCB CARD W plus L
    An annual membership fee free card issued exclusively on the WEB.Usage details will not be issued, and MyJCB will check the usage amount.Enrollment is 18 to 39 years old.The points are always doubled, and there are even more points preferential treatment when using the card with a JCB ORIGINAL SERIES partner. plus L is the addition of the LINDA service.

    Variable payment card

    A variable payment type (minimum payment method) card based on revolving payment. Issuance began on November 2010, 11, and all used points will be automatically revolving, and OkiDoki points will be doubled as usual, following some of the features of the former Arubara card. doing.It does not actively explain the prepayment of the revolving balance.

    Value-added type

    JCB LINDA, LIDA tura
    As a card for women, you can choose the face of the card from 3 to 4 unique designs.Beauty salon,boutiqueThere are plenty of special services such as.Free samples such as cosmetics are often enclosed in the specification.The annual membership fee (data maintenance fee) is 100 yen per month and is free if certain conditions are met.Even men can join.There are various catchphrases depending on the year and time.

    Card issued by a part of FC

    Black letters on a lavender color background.A women-only card issued by some FC companies.Annual membership fee is the same as a general card.
    IC cash cardIntegrated JCB card
    North Pacific Bank-Chiba Bank-Japan Post Bank(JP BANK card) Etc. are issued.

    Loan card

    A personal loan card.Annual interest rate of 4.40-12.50%, which is a low interest rate setting.In addition, one-time payment cashing is 1% per annum.You can make good use of the advantages of Creca and FAITH card loans.[47]Up to 500 million yen.
    first loan +
    Loan card for individuals.Up to 300 million yen (*Money Lending Business LawIt is possible to make a loan up to one-third of the annual income together with the borrowing of the same trader due to the regulation of.
    Business loan +
    Loan card for corporations (small business owners / sole proprietors).

    Affiliated card with aviation companies

    JAL JCB card
    ANA JCB card

    Affiliation card with railway companies

    Card nameIC card ticketA partner company外部 リンク
    Path TownPASMO card JCBPASMOSupports auto chargePasmo[3]
    Tokyo Metro To Me CARD JCB
    Tokyo subway[4]
    Keio Passport JCB Card
    Keio Passport Club[5]
    KIPS-JCB cardPiTaPaSupports additional cardsKintetsu Group Holdings[6]
    Emerald STACIA PiTaPa JCB CardPiTaPaIntegrated cardHankyu Hanshin Card[7]

    Cards that have been recruited

    JCB general card (old)
    Also called "JCB card".A standard JCB card with shopping and cashing capabilities.The annual membership fee is 1,250 yen (excluding tax).Partner cardAs for the JCB general card, the service as a credit card will be similar to this.
    JCB Gold (Old)
    StandardGold card.. "Crime damage accident insurance" and "Empty nestThe feature is that "damage condolence money" is attached.The enrollment qualification is from 20 years old and over, and the limit is set low (from 50 yen).The annual membership fee is 10,000 yen.There is also a desk exclusively for Gold members.
    JCB J-One Card
    Black letters on a gray background.With a student card, there is no annual membership fee during the period of enrollment. "Tuo cardFor students such as "JCB" and "ANA JCB Card << for students >>"Partner cardGrade belongs to this.
    JCB Grande
    エ メ ラ ル ドBlack letters on the background color of the wind.An enhanced travel insurance function.The annual membership fee is 2,500 yen.In many cases, there is a "GRANDE" notation on the upper left of the surface of proper / affiliated cards.Although new issuance for individuals with a single Grande card has been completed, renewal of existing members is continuing.As of November 2015, the Grande remains as an ETC card grade for individuals, and issuance as an ETC / JCB Grande card continues (annual membership fee of 11 yen).In addition, we are continuing to recruit corporate cards (annual membership fee is 2,500 yen for one user, 1 yen for each additional person).
    It is an evolution of U-29 and has the concept of "polishing a man", and a newsletter with the contents in line with it is enclosed in the specification.It features "Sakut to Cashing" for lump-sum payment with a limit of 3 yen, cash back of up to 1% of usage amount, 3 types of plain face design, and collaboration projects with LINDA (special treatment with LINDA female members, etc.) It is done on a regular basis.Free if certain conditions are met with a monthly membership fee of 100 yen (excluding tax).Even women can join.
    Type Select JCB card
    The surface is plain and you can choose the card design from 7 colors of black, pink, yellow, orange, blue, green, and white (for gold cards, only one color is gold).Since it was based on paperless (online application, no usage statement mailed) from the time of its appearance, it will be forcibly registered in MyJ Check at the time of enrollment. Points are always doubled for ETC card tolls, mobile phone charges, and shopping charges at convenience stores, and the point addition rate is given preferential treatment at Oki Doki Land.The annual membership fee is unconditionally free for general cards and 2 yen (excluding tax) for gold cards.Since the point service was enhanced with this annual membership fee, travel accident insurance has been deleted and it is not included in Japan or overseas (it is included in some FC issues). The recruitment was closed at JCB and many FCs in August 10,000, and some of the features were taken over by "Exstage".However,Sakura card(Current:SMBC Finance Service) Has the intention of leaving a card with no annual membership fee for many years, and the only exception in the group was that new applications were being accepted, but the acceptance was canceled in early June 2014 (Sakura Card is in mid-July). Has stopped recruiting all cards.) Services to existing JCB and FC members are continuing, and card expiration dates are being renewed.
    U-29 (Under 29) JCB Card
    The card was issued on a trial basis for a limited period of 29 months intermittently from November 2003, targeting men under the age of 11, and had services similar to the male version of LINDA.The face of the ticket is entirely black.
    With the only Young Gold Card, it was possible to upgrade to Gold after the age of 30 at the time of card renewal (unless the credit situation deteriorated so much), but after that, the new enrollment criteria for old Gold were relaxed, so 2004 Although it was abolished in the year, it was revived in the form of "Gold Xstage" which changed some services in 2009.By the way, the new enrollment criteria for the old gold at the time of the issuance of Nexus was "people who are 30 years old or older and have an annual income of 500 million yen or more, years of service or (in the case of self-employed) business years of 10 years or more". ..
    Variable payment type (minimum payment method) card.The tint block is light blue with the old JCB design. Published in September 2001, it was initially targeted for students aged 9 and over, but from January 20, the application target was expanded to students aged 2002 and over (excluding high school students).[48]..With this card, everything you use will be automatically revolving (paid at one time), and Oki Doki points will be doubled as usual.Even if the full amount of the usage (remaining bonds) was repaid in advance by the specified deadline and no revolving fee (interest) was incurred, OkiDoki points remained doubled, making it a popular card.After that, from 2, "Arubara <Type L>" was also issued, in which the total amount was allocated to the use of card loans. The recruitment was closed in September 2, but it was revived in November 2004 in the form of "EIT".
    Variable payment card.Yellow letters on a black and white background. X-Times is not "payment at one time", but in principle all usage is "payment in installments 10 times" if not specified by the deadline, and wassuance started in 2001.
    A general card for 18 to 29 years old (excluding high school students).You can choose the card color as well as general cards.Not only will you receive 1 times more points for the first year after joining (1.5 times more points for 3 months after joining), but JCB'saffiliateIf you use a store with double points on the site "Oki Doki Land", you will get 2 times more points (some stores are not eligible), which is part of the characteristics of the former Type select card. ..The annual membership fee is free until the first expiration date (3 years), and after the expiration date is renewed, it is automatically forcibly switched to the general card of ORIGINAL SERIES, and the annual membership fee of the general card is incurred.

    Services at group issuing companies

    My JCB

    formulaWebsiteInquiries about usage statement and available amount, requesting materials, JCB gift card /QUO cardIt is a service that allows you to perform procedures such as purchasing and applying for an increase in the usage limit. Card members issued by the JCB Group can register for J / Secure (3D secure) And "MyJ Check" can be registered.

    MyJCB isCredit card numberCan be used by members of JCB cards (excluding some) issued by JCB Group companies, which are 354 digits and start with "16".For thisBrand card issuer that outsources credit card business to JCBIs also included, and the JCB card members are also eligible for use.

    MyJ check
    This is a service that stops mailing the "card usage statement" and switches to viewing the statement issued and posted on "My JCB".In the web versionPDFIt is possible to display the same contents as the mailed version of the statement in a format, and print and save it.Registration of My JCB is a prerequisite for use. "Type select" (cancelled recruitment) and "EXTAGE" must be used when applying, and "ORIGINAL SERIES" is one of the conditions for using the benefits.

    Main card services

    • JCB installment payment / revolving payment
    • Cashing (One-time payment the following month. Available in Japan and overseas)
    • JCBCard loan(Domestic use only)
      • A / X Card Loan (Arubara / X-Times Dedicated Card Loan)
    • Revolving payment / card loan payment (payment at one time) service (handled at Lawson, Seicomart, etc. and affiliated bank ATMs)
    • "Do" (ETCcard)
    • Oki Doki Point Program (2002-)
    • JCB STAR MEMBER'S (2004-)
    • Airport lounge
      • Only the JCB Group's "JCB Gold" and "JCB The Class" cardholders (including family cards) can use the affiliated airport lounges free of charge.
        • Brand issuer (eg: Credit Saison,ion) JCB Gold Card is out of the service range of JCBNot available..However, the brand issuer (eg: Toyota finance,Rakuten KC) Can be used if the airport company has a lounge use tie-up.
    • JCBTaxi ticket
    • JCB remittance master
      • StudentsA service in which JCB remits funds on behalf of a relative of JCB when sending money to the bank account of the study abroad destination.The fee is 525 yen directlyOverseas remittanceIt is cheaper than you do, and will be billed together with the card usage fee for the following month.Examination required.However, the service is scheduled to end on March 2013, 3.[49]
    • Plus EX
      • Tokai passenger railwayProvided by (JR Central)Tokaido ShinkansenMembership reservation service.By using the Plus EX Card, you can get a discount on the Tokaido Shinkansen, but the company'sExpress bookingThe service content is different from.The annual membership fee is 525 yen (since 2012).
    • Pure gold / platinum reserve
      • Mitsubishi CorporationWith this service, you can settle the monthly reserve amount with JCB. (* The alliance is scheduled to be canceled in November 2009)

    Services that can be used by JCB card holders

    • Donation
      • Donations to donations in the event of a disaster can be made from the JCB website or by phone (points are not awarded for cards issued by the JCB Group).
    • Ticket JCB (formerly JCB Online Ticket Center)
      • Play guideservice.Depending on the box office, you can purchase tickets at a special price or accept advance reservations. Until August 2013, 8Lawson HMV EntertainmentThe operation was outsourced to, but from August 8th of the same year, the outsourceeE +Was changed to[50].
    • JCB Magical
      • If you apply from the beginning of the year to around autumn,ChristmasAt the time ofTokyo Disney ResortThe prizes invited to the pair passport or special day for members are held every year in a lottery campaign.Other various campaigns are held irregularly.

    Acquiring business

    JCB Group companies (excluding some) handle JCB cards (credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards), JCB PREMO, and JCB gift cards.In Japan, we also carry out acquiring business for the following brands.

    Commission rate

    The commission rate when a member store handles JCB depends on negotiations with JCB Group companies, but the commission rate is announced in advance for the services listed in the table below.

    ContractorNameCommission rate
    JCBJCB WEB plan3.75%
    JMSJMS Random Web Plan3.74%
    Otegaru Pay3.74%
    Rakuten PaymentRakuten Pay(Actual store settlement)3.74%
    RecruitmentAir pay3.74%
    HeySTORES payment3.74%
    Park XNUMXTimes PAY3.74%
    GURUNAVIGurunavi Pay3.74% ~

    Business contents other than credit card business

    Money ticket issuance business

    JCB gift card

    JCBgift cardIs a JCB brand nationwide gift certificate.It can be handled at more than 50 JCB card member stores in Japan that have a gift card contract, but it is the same as other companies.Chain storeMany of the product sales and restaurants in the city other than the above do not display the handling.Gift cards from card companies were developed by JCB and spread to various companies. They pioneered general-purpose gift certificates and influenced the issuance of common gift certificates for department stores.

    JCB gift cards are available in addition to JCBAEON credit serviceWith a brand issuing company, etc.ANA,Marui ImaiThere are things that are affiliated with general companies such as, and the affiliated JCB gift card has the same design as the usual one, and the logo mark of the affiliated company and "XXXX (common name of the affiliated company) GIFT CARD" are made. ..

    Also, mainly for high-priced (1990 yen) tickets from the 1999s to 1.ForgeryDue to the large number of tickets, the design was changed in 2000.The pattern with a width of about 1.1 cm changeshologram・ Latent image pattern ・Micro character・ DeepIntaglio printingSuch,billIt incorporates anti-counterfeiting measures comparable to.Currently, only 5-yen and XNUMX-yen tickets are issued.

    From 2007 monthJTBBy establishing J & J Business Creation Co., Ltd., a business development company affiliated with JTBGift certificatesJoint venture of business (JCB and J & J will be in charge of ticketing and management of affiliated stores). JTB's general-purpose gift card "Nice Shop", accommodation facility ticket "Nice Stay", and JTB travel ticket "Nice Strip" will be discontinued in May 2007, and the Nice Shop can be used as a JCB gift card "JTB Nice Gift". Moved to.In addition, the conventional Nice Stay and Nice Strip have been integrated as "JTB Travel Tickets (cannot be used as JCB gift cards)".

    In addition to the JCB gift card, "Yodobashi CameraCan only be handled inside your store, such as a gift certificateGift certificatesIs also outsourced.

    JCB QUO card

    The JCB QUO Card was issued in 2005 through a business alliance between JCB and QUO CARD Co., Ltd. in 2006.QUO card.

    QUO card can be used without handling JCB gift cardconvenience storeIt will be issued by JCB as a new gift card that is intended for use in other areas, but its usability is exactly the same as that of the QUO card.

    Credit card business consignment business

    Seven Card Service Co., Ltd.

    Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.

    ConventionalOdakyu Department Store OfHouse cardAlthough only various point cards were issued,2004からOdakyuGroup common point card (OP card)When,Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos OflicensebyVisa/ Mastercard brand and JCB tie-upOP International CardOf the business other than point card business and credit member recruitment, OP International JCB card and conventional house card business are outsourced to JCB.In addition, operations other than recruiting OP International Visa / Mastercard members are outsourced to Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS.

    West Japan Railway Company

    Visa / Mastercard brand and JCB tie-up under license from Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS (UFJ card → MUFG card)J-WEST cardFor issuance, part of the JCB card business is outsourced to JCB, and part of the Visa / Mastercard business is outsourced to Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS.

    Payment solution

    JCB provides the following services in parallel with the credit card business.

    In addition, taspoElectronic money function (Pidell) Was also entrusted with operation management work.

    Card automatic insurance

    Credit cards issued by JCB are covered by automatic card insurance.

    • Individual card incidental insurance
    • Corporate card insurance
    • Shopping card insurance

    There are three types, and the type of insurance that accompanies it depends on the type of credit card.For details, please check the links on the official website.

    System development

    Fraud detection security system

    On May 2004, 5, JCB introduced the credit card fraud detection security system "JCB Aegis".It was introduced by combining it with the "FDS" (Fraud Detection System) that had been used until then. It has a track record of reducing about 26% to 2003% of the total.[51].

    Next-generation system development

    JCB has developed a next-generation system based on the management strategy "JCB Management Vision 2003" announced in 2010.[52][53]..The development of this next-generation system was announced in September 2004.[54][55], In February 2005, it was announced that Nippon Shinpan (at that time) and UFJ Card (at that time) would also be based on this JCB system (of the entire system, the core business system and disaster countermeasure system).[56]..This system started full-scale operation in 2008[57][58][59][60]..In addition, Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS (former: UFJ Card and Nippon Shinpan) has frozen a joint project to build a system based on this system in order to strengthen its financial position.[61].

    Japanese JCB card issuer

    Here, the Japanese JCB card issuers are listed.

    JCB Group card issuer

    JCB partner card issuer

    Alphabetical orderDescribed in (2021)10/1Now[62]).

    PublisherCredit carddebit cardprepaid card
    AEON BankYesYesNo
    Idemitsu CreditYesNoNo
    Iyotetsu Card ServiceYesNoNo
    au jibun bankNoYesNo
    SMBC Finance Service[63]YesNoNo
    NC ObihiroYesNoNo
    NC Guide ShopYesNoNo
    NC KumamotoYesNoNo
    Odakyu Electric RailwayYesNoNo
    Orient CorporationYesNoNo
    Kyushu Nippon ShinpanYesNoNo
    Credit SaisonYesNoNo
    Comely CapitalYesNoYes
    Sanin ShinpanYesNoNo
    Citix cardYesNoNo
    Sumishin SBI Net BankYesNoNo
    Seven card serviceYesNoNo
    Seven BankNoYesNo
    Seven CS Card ServiceYesNoNo
    Daiwa House FinancialYesNoNo
    TakaShimaya Financial PartnersYesNoNo
    Tobu Card BusinessYesNoNo
    Toyota financeYesNoNo
    West Japan Railway CompanyYesNoNo
    Nissen Credit ServiceYesNoNo
    View cardYesNoNo
    PayPay cardYesNoNo
    Pocket cardYesNoNo
    Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos[63]YesNoNo
    Miyazaki ShinpanYesNoNo
    Model creditYesNoNo
    Model departmentYesNoNo
    Dream cardYesNoNo
    Life cardYesNoNo
    Life financial servicesYesNoNo
    LINE PayNoNoYes
    Rakuten cardYesNoNo
    Rakuten BankNoYesYes

    Major subsidiaries and affiliated companies


    • JCB Service Co., Ltd.
    • JCB International Co., Ltd.
    • Ltd.Japan Card Network
    • JMS Co., Ltd.
    • JCB Exe Co., Ltd.

    JCB Travel Co., Ltd. is J & J Business Creation Co., Ltd. (JTBIt is a subsidiary of JCB and JCB), and is not a subsidiary of JCB.


    • Flag of the People's Republic of China JCB International Business Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    • Hong Kong flag JCB International (Asia) Ltd.
    • Republic of China flag JCB International (Taiwan) Co., Ltd.
    • Republic of Korea flag JCB Card International (Korea) Co., Ltd.
    • Singapore flag JCB International Asia Pacific Pte.
    • Kingdom of Thailand flag JCB International Holding (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    • Kingdom of Thailand flag JCB International (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
    • Indonesian flag PT. JCB International Indonesia
    • Australian flag JCB International (Oceania) Pty Ltd.
    • United States flag JCB International Credit Card Co., Ltd.
    • Guam flag JCB International (Micronesia) Ltd.
    • Brazilian flag JCB International do Brasil Administradora de Cartões de Pagamento Ltda.
    • British flag JCB International (Europe) Ltd.
    • Italian flag JCB International (ltaly) SpA
    • French flag JCB International (France) SAS
    • Russian flag JCB International (Eurasia) LLC
    • Saudi arabia flag JCB Middle East LLC

    Sponsor / Sponsor

    List of sponsorship activities


    Relationship with Tokyo Disney Resort

    JCBTokyo Disneyland(TDL)Tokyo Disney Sea(TDS) Participating Companies (Official sponsor)[65]Also famous asTokyo Disney ResortIt is the "official card" of (TDR)[66], In-house issued (Disney ★ JCB card[67])Other thanAEON cardEvenDisney characterWe are the only international brand of patterned cards[68]..The attractions offered are from Tokyo Disneyland.AttractionIsStar Tours: The Adventures Continue(July 2014-) and Tokyo DisneySea's "Nemo & Friends SeaRider, And the target users were limited.Sponsor Lounge(JCB lounge) is also set up.

    For a long time since the opening of Tokyo Disneyland, only JCB cards could be used in the park, but before and after the opening of Tokyo DisneySea, JCB (including JCB)AMEX) Also signed a member store contract with a credit card company in Japan.This willVisa/MasterCard/DinersCards with the international brand of are also available.However, some users misunderstand that cards other than JCB cannot be used because only information stickers with a large JCB logo printed on them have been displayed at cash registers.gift cardaboutOriental landOn the premises ofIkspiari,Disney HotelCannot be used except for).Also, onceElectronic moneyQUICPayWas not availableiD,Prepaid Transportation CardsFrom November 2018, 11, it became available except for some stores.[69][70].

    With campaign measures such as "JCB Magical", TDL invitation to JCB (sponsor) charter date, TDR vacation package, TDR1 day passport, special designQUO cardEtc. are prepared as prizes.

    Of the worldDisney parkAmong them, JCB is the only official card at Tokyo Disney Resort.In other parksAmerica-Disney companyHas a sponsorship contract with "VisaIs the official card.[Source required]Also, at IkspiariOricoとMasterCardbyPartner cardIn addition to issuing contactless payment methodsMastercard contactlessHas adopted[71].

    Offer program



    • Once upon a time, the entire JCB brandCMAs a characterKimura Takuya(Around 2000)Fukatsu Eri(Until the fall of 2004),Yuji Oda(Winter 2004-2006) etc. are appointed.CurrentlyNinomiya Kazuya(2010-) andHaruna Kawaguchi(2021 ~) has been appointed.Also, as a proper card CM character, onceFukuyama Masaharu(2015), nowAinosuke Kataoka(2021) has been appointed.
    • the 1990sUntil the first half, the JCB card usage fee was deducted from the account at that time.Fuji Bank(Currently: Mizuho Bank),Sumitomo Bank(Currently: Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) Could not be specified.This is Fuji BankJapan Diners Club(Currently: Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Club), And Sumitomo Credit Service (currently:), which was a group company of Sumitomo Bank. Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Card) Is VISA Japan (currently: VJA), Because both banks did not allow the withdrawal.
    • Travelex JapanYou can use JCB brand cards to purchase foreign currency cash at these stores.
    • Taxi tickets were different in Hokkaido and elsewhere.this is,HokkaidoHCB (HCB), which is responsible for JCB's business in the regionHokkaido Takushoku Bank(A joint venture with JCB) issued taxi tickets independently, and after the collapse of Takugin, the company name was changed to JCB Hokkaido and merged with JCB (currently the Hokkaido branch office). I could only use the ticket for, and I had to arrange it separately (and vice versa). This framework was abolished on April 2004, 4, eliminating the inconvenience.note that,Odakyu Electric RailwaySome group companies, such as, are planning to end the issuance of new JCB taxi tickets for individual members as of the end of December 2010.
    • It publishes a corporate history called "Half Century of JCB Cards".


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