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📢 | "Financial and Capital Market Research" Autumn 2022 issue (Volume 7) published & renewal site release


“Financial and Capital Market Research” Fall 2022 Issue (Volume 7) Published & Renewal Site Released

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In addition, the corporate website has been renewed since August, and you can also obtain more substantial information on "financial and capital market research" from there.

Currently accepting popular subscriptions (published four times a year) “Financial and Capital Market Research” Autumn 4 issue (Volume 2022) published & renewed… → Continue reading

 Kyodo News PR Wire

Kyodo PR wire, which distributes press releases and news releases, connects information from "who wants to know" to "people who want to know."
This is a site that consumers should pay attention to, where news releases from major governments and government agencies including local governments and universities are gathered.

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capital market research

    Corporate site

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    Corporate site (Corporate website) is the official website of the companyWebsiteIs.It is provided for smooth communication with customers, business partners / cooperating companies, investors, and prospective hires.

    Corporate identityIn companies that valuelogo,ブ ラ ン ド 名,catch copyToCorporate colorThere is a tendency for designs to be exhausted in line with the brand image, such as being arranged, and as of the beginning of the 21st century, advertisingMarketingIt has become one of the important tools for.


    There are no rules regarding the content to be posted on the corporate website, but it often includes the following content.[1].

    • Company[2][3]
    • Press release
    • Product / service information
    • Address / Contact[4]

    In addition to the above, large corporations such as listed companies and organizations that are enthusiastic about communication on the Web often include the following information, and global companies have pages that support major languages. It is not uncommon to have something.

    • Recruitment
    • IR情报
    • New transaction information


    1. ^ The information that is almost always included in corporate websites, not only in Japan, is generally the same as that described in the existing paper "Corporate Profile" pamphlets, leaflets, and brochers. Is.
    2. ^ In addition to the location, name, representative name, capital, number of employees, telephone number and map, the company profile also includes a list of group companies such as the parent company of the subsidiary and the history from the establishment of the company.
    3. ^ In Japan, many of them post "greetings," "philosophy," and "guidelines," as well as paper-made company introductions.Also, recently, the president's blog etc.TwitterGuidance to is also seen.
    4. ^ Many inquiries電子 メ ー ルIn addition, the telephone / fax number may be shown.In the case of e-mail, in addition to the one that shows the e-mail address as it is,Spam mailIn order to avoid this, in many cases, the email address is not directly entered and is replaced by the inquiry form.In the case of telephone numbers, in addition to the representative number, a list of telephone numbers may be listed by business establishment, department, or purpose.


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