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📢 | NTT Resonant's "AI suite" realizes a Hatsune Miku avatar that enables more advanced dialogue


NTT Resonant's "AI suite" realizes Hatsune Miku's avatar capable of more advanced dialogue

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We aim to create AI services that enable advanced communication that is sensitive to human emotions, and contribute to social and economic activities where humans and AI coexist.

~ Analysis of interlocutor's emotions from multiple information such as facial expressions and voice tone in addition to language information ~ August 2022, 8 NTT Resonance… → Continue reading

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    Economic activityWhat is (Keizai Katsudo)?Economicsthe termone of.A human OfSocial lifeAtmoneyIt refers to the part of establishing a life by exchanging goods and goods. Human beingsfoodIf you need it, to get itShopThis is an activity of going to and obtaining food in the form of a store in exchange for the money he owns. In this caseHouseholdThis means that economic activities are being carried out in this form. Others are done on a larger scale than householdsCompany,政府 OffinanceLarge amounts of money and goods are also traded in areas such as the above, and such large activities are also called economic activities.

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