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📢 | Started digital archiving of paintings from the collection of Himeji Miki Museum!The world's most advanced technology from Kyoto University...


Started digital archiving of paintings in the Himeji Miki Museum collection!The world's most advanced technology from Kyoto University...

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In addition to this, it accurately reproduces the textured textures of subtle oil paintings, so we decided that it would be ideal for archiving the precious artworks in the collection of the Miki Museum.

Miki Industry Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Hojo, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture, President: Shoichiro Okada) is a company whose founder wishes to improve the culture of Harima. → Continue reading


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Miki Museum

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    Miki Museum TheHyogoHimejiIt is inMuseum.Heisei 206Opening[1].


    Miki IndustryFocusing on works of art owned by the founder ofItaya Hayama-Kinju Toyo-Hirayama IkuoThe museum owns and exhibits about 800 pieces of ceramics and about 200 paintings by representative Japanese artists.[2][3].The building with 8 floors above ground and 1 floor underground, where the museum is located,Himeji castleimmediately south ofOtemae StreetとNational Route 2It is built on the southwest corner of the intersection of


    • painting exhibition room
    • Crafts and painting exhibition room
    • gallery art space miki
    • LoanTea room: Hinokian - KyotoUrasenkeModeled after the tea room "" in

    Permanent exhibition

    Main collection[6]


    Japanese painting

    Western painting


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