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Japan Pension Service

Japan Pension Service(Nippon Nenkinko,English: Japan Pension Service) IsJapan Pension Service LawBased onPublic pension(Employee pensionas well as the National pension) Related to a series of management operationsNon-public servant type(Not privatization)Special corporationIs [4].

The breakdown of management operationsSocial Insurance AgencyWas in charge of, and the applicants were continuously employed as non-civil servants, except for those who were punished at the time of special corporation.[5].Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareEntrusted by and entrusted with, conduct pension business such as collecting insurance premiums and pension benefits. Operation of public pensionPension reserve management operation Independent administrative agency(GPIF) multipleFinancial institutionOutsourced to.


In order to ensure the proper operation of public pension services and the trust of the Japanese people,Social Insurance AgencyAs an organization responsible for managing public pension services2010(22)1/1Was started in the same year1/4) It is a special corporation. The organization has the status of officers and employeesCivil servantHowever, officers and employees willDeemed civil servantThe provisions apply. In addition, officers are obliged to prohibit concurrent posts and officers and employees are obliged to keep confidential (confidentiality) Is imposed.

The mechanism is the Japan Pension Service Act (Law No. 19, 109).[6]Based on[7], Operation policy to operate business from the customer's perspective[8], And personnel policy[9]Is defined as follows.

  • Providing kind, prompt, accurate, and efficient services from the customer's perspective.
  • We will reflect customer opinions in our work and promote efforts to disclose easy-to-understand information about work results.
  • We will hire 1,000 people with experience in a private company, and establish a new personnel policy based on ability and performance.Organizational climatechange.
  • complianceThoroughness ofRisk managementEstablish organizational governance, including the establishment of a system.


2004(16)4/1Made inHouse of RepresentativesMain ConventionAtJunichiro KoizumiPrime Minister The

Restoration of trust between Social Insurance Agency and pension administrationHowever, in order to operate the pension system in a stable manner, we are responsible for pension business such as collecting insurance premiums and pension benefits.To the Social Insurance AgencyPeopleTrust is essentialIt is. For this reason,The Social Insurance Agency regrets many criticismsFrom the perspective of efficiency, efficiency, and rationalization, regarding business operations and organizational idealsConstant reviewAlong withDemand for pensionersSuch as ensuring a system that can accurately respond toMake every effort to secure public trustI think it should be. — Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi

For the first time, he expressed his intention to reconsider the organization of the Social Insurance Agency.[10].. May 7, same year,Seiji MuraseFrom the first civilianCommissioner of Social Insurance AgencyAs a result, the social insurance agency's business and organizational reforms were promoted.

2006(18)1/25 Of164th Diet OfHouse of CouncilorsAt the plenary session, Prime Minister Koizumi appointed the Social Insurance Agency.2008(20) Abolished around October, announced that the public pension and the administration of the administration of health insurance will be separated, and that dismantlement and renewal will be carried out, such as the establishment of new organizations. same year3/10, Koizumi Cabinet stipulated in the Diet that the Social Insurance Agency should be abolished.[11]Was submitted, but the bill was abandoned because the deliberation was not completed. In addition, in the bill, "Nenkin Business Organization" is a "Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare"Special institution(The Social Insurance Agency is a Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareOuter office) And the status of the staffgovernment officialWas said.

It took over after the Koizumi CabinetAbe CabinetAlso announced the dismantling of the Social Insurance Agency and considered that the organization responsible for the pension business should not be an administrative body and that its staff should be non-public servants.2007(19)1/26Made in,166th DietIn the plenary session of the House of Representatives ofShinzo AbeThe Prime Minister replied, "The Social Insurance Agency will abolish and dismantle six divisions, including the establishment of a new non-public servant-type corporation in order to restore discipline and improve business efficiency."

same year3/13The Cabinet said in the Diet that the “Japan Pension Service Bill” has stipulated the abolition of the Social Insurance Agency and the establishment of the Japan Pension Service.[12]Filed in the same year6/30Established in the same year7/6Was promulgated in. Under the bill, the "Japan Pension Service" will change the status of executives and employees to non-public servants.Special corporationWas taken.

2009 Year of 8 Month45th House of Representatives general electionBy the administrationRuling partyBecameDemocratic Party"If you move to the Japan Pension Service, the pension record problem may become a bad luck."dictateBy being exempted from the regulation, it will be an all-you-can-drink of going up and down," which is a civil servant-preserving type.Revenue AgencyWith the establishment ofManifestWas specified in[13].

But,Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareBecameAkira NagatsumaIs that there is a job offer from the private sector[14]However, as real estate contracts are also progressing, we decided that freezing this would cause confusion in the field, and established the Japan Pension Service on January 2010, 22 as planned.[15][16]The same day, the Social Insurance Agency was abolished.


Headquarters centering on the management and planning department is located in Tokyo, and there are nine block headquarters underneath that provide site management and support. In addition, under each block headquarters, 9 prefectural offices that do not require face-to-face notification processing, etc. and business offices such as surveys, forced collection, pension consultation, etc. (OldSocial insurance office) There are 312 locations. The number of employees at the time of establishment was approximately 22,000 (12,000 regular and associate employees, 10,000 other fixed-term employees).DirectorIs appointed by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the vice-president and directors are appointed by the President with the approval of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.[17].


The headquarters will strengthen the governance function centered on the management and planning departments, and build an organizational structure with internal control. Under the chairman, there are a vice-chairman, seven full-time directors, two auditors, and four part-time directors.

Board Member

HR as of April 2022 is as follows

  • Chairman:Mizushima Toichiro(OriginalSumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationVice President)
  • Vice Chairman: Hideki Tarumi
  • Director (in charge of personnel and accounting department): Toshihiko Kusari
  • Director (in charge of business planning department): Kenichi Suzuki
  • Director (in charge of business management department): Katsuhiro Iwai
  • Director (in charge of business promotion department): Toshiyuki Irisawa
  • Director (in charge of pension benefit business department): Mika Taura
  • Director (in charge of system department): Hiroyuki Nakayama
  • Director (special mission): Tomoyasu Eto
  • Director (part-time): Masafumi Tsujihiro (Seibu Railway Director)
  • Director (part-time): Hiroshi Toda (Outside Director of Yusen Logistics)
  • Director (part-time): Yoshiharu Kawabata (lawyer)
  • Director (part-time): Michiko Yoshinaga (Chairman of the Commercial Broadcasting Education Association)
  • Auditor: Toru Ishihara (former Director of Audit Department, Japan Pension Service)
  • Auditor (part-time): Fumiko Yazaki (Outside Director of Kitano Construction)

Deputy Chief of Staff

Block Headquarters → Regional Department

The Block Headquarters was an organization that used to exist, and provided instructions to the headquarter to the pension office and provided logistical support for office operations. The standard regional block headquarters consisted of three divisions and a prefectural office under the head of the block headquarters.

  • The Management Department performs overall management of organizations and operations within the block, comprehensive progress management and adjustment of pension record issues, thorough compliance and risk measures, regional accounting, etc.
  • The Counseling/Benefit Support Department provides guidance/support for counseling/benefit operations in offices, pension education, and cooperation/cooperative consultation with local related organizations.
  • The application and collection support department sets goals and manages the progress of each work, provides office support for difficult cases of application and collection, and provides guidance and thorough implementation of work based on the work manual.

Area discounts are as follows.Prefectures in boldIs a case different from general area classification, except for someIRSIt was the same area as. Due to the reorganization in FY2016, the functions were integrated into the headquarters over the course of a year, and the office of the old block headquarters was closed in 1 after being reorganized into the "Regional Division".[19].

blockHead office locationjurisdictionCurrent support areaCorresponding National Tax Bureau
HokkaidoSapporoShiroishi WardHokkaidoHokkaido areaSapporo National Taxation Bureau
TohokuSendai cityAoba-kuMiyagi,Yamagata,FukushimaTohoku area first sectionSendai National Taxation Bureau
Aomori,Iwate,AkitaTohoku area second part
North Kanto/Shin-EtsuSaitamaUrawa-kuSaitama,Ibaraki,TochigiNorth Kanto/Shin-Etsu Area XNUMXst SectionKanto Shinetsu National Taxation Bureau
Gunma,Niigata,NaganoNorth Kanto/Shin-Etsu Area Second Section
South KantoShinjukuTokyo Ward・IslandsSouth Kanto Area First SectionTokyo National Taxation Bureau
Chiba,TokyoTama,Kanagawa,YamanashiSouth Kanto area second part
Central partNagoya cityNaka-kuAichiOwari,Toyama,Ishikawa,GifuChubu area first partKanazawa National Taxation Bureau
Nagoya National Taxation Bureau
Mikawa, Aichi Prefecture,Shizuoka,MieChubu Region Second SectionNagoya National Taxation Bureau
KinkiOsakaChuoOsaka City,Fukui,Shiga,KyotoKinki Area First SectionKanazawa National Taxation Bureau
Osaka National Taxation Bureau
Other than Osaka cityOsaka,Hyogo,Nara,WakayamaKinki area second partOsaka National Taxation Bureau
ChugokuHiroshima cityNaka-kuTottori,Shimane ,Okayama,Hiroshima,Yamaguchi China RegionHiroshima National Taxation Bureau
ShikokuTakamatsuTokushima,Kagawa,Ehime,KochiShikoku Regional DepartmentTakamatsu National Taxation Bureau
KyusyuFukuoka CityHakata WardFukuoka,Saga,Nagasaki,OitaKyushu area first sectionFukuoka National Taxation Bureau
Kumamoto,Miyazaki,KagoshimaKyushu area second partKumamoto National Taxation Bureau
OkinawaOkinawa National Tax Office

Office center

Offices are established in major prefectures as a division of the regional block headquarters. In the center, in order to concentrate the functions of the pension office on investigations, compulsory collection, pension consultation, and other interpersonal work of applicable business offices, we consolidate examination, input, and decision-making work for notifications that do not require face-to-face meetings. To do.

The standard office center has four groups (administration/welfare pension application G, national pension G, pension benefit G, record review G) under the director, and various notifications/applications, invoices, etc. Such reception/examination/input/decision, preparation/sending (delivery) of various notifications/notifications, etc., various notifications/applications, knitting/storage of bills, special disability benefits, processing regarding old-age welfare pension , Death, special, lump-sum withdrawal payment, advancement to pension record confirmation local third party committee, local management/monitoring of work contents of consignment work, matching of computer record and paper ledger record, etc.

Depending on the size of the office center, some office centers have a deputy office manager. There is also an office center that divides one group into multiple groups depending on the scale.[20].

This office center is also being consolidated and integrated as part of the reorganization.

Pension office

There are 312 pension offices nationwide that conduct community-based interpersonal services such as business site investigation/execution of authorities, forced collection, and pension consultation. There are 20 small-scale offices (less than 104 employees), 20 medium-sized offices (39-192 employees) and 40 large-scale offices (16 employees or more). The standard office has five sections under the director and deputy director.

  • The Employees' Pension Examination Survey Division performs general affairs (including procurement contracts for small-lot procurement projects) within the office, coordination with the headquarters and block headquarters, business office guidance, business office surveys, and application of ex officio to non-applied business offices.
  • The Employees' Pension Collection Section performs encouraging payment of welfare pension insurance premiums and delinquent payments for delinquent insurance premiums.
  • The National Pension Division offers storage measures according to income, forced collection of unpaid insurance premiums,市町村And the cooperation with.
  • The Pension Record Section confirms facts and other matters related to pension record problems.
  • The customer counseling room provides visiting counseling, business trip counseling, and telephone counseling.

Business operation

Japanese pensionsystem
(As of the end of March 2017 / 29)[21]
National pension(1st floor)
No. 1 insured1,575 million people
No. 2 insured4,266 million people
No. 3 insured889 million people
Employee pension (2nd floor)
Welfare pension insurance4,267 million people
Civil servants, etc.[22](426 people)
Other optional pensions
National Pension Fund / Defined contribution pension(401k)
/ Defined benefit pension / Employees' pension fund

While the government (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) is responsible for financial responsibility and management and administration, a series of business operations are delegated/consigned to the Japan Pension Service.

Mid-term target

The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare sets goals for business operations (medium-term goals) to be achieved by JHF within the period of three to five years, and presents and announces them to Japan Pension Service. Mid-term goals are

  1. Medium-term target period (between 3 and 5 years).
  2. Matters concerning improvement of quality of services and other services provided.
  3. Matters concerning the efficiency of business operations.
  4. Ensuring fairness and transparency in business operations, and other important matters regarding business operations.

There are four of them. In addition, the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare evaluates the status of achievement of the medium-term goals, and if the evaluation finds that it is necessary, orders the Organization to take the necessary measures to improve the operation of its business.


Medium-term plan

The Japan Pension Service prepares a medium-term plan and annual plan for each year in line with the medium-term goals, and is approved by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. The Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare evaluates the performance of operations of the Organization for each business year. In the initial medium-term plan, we will focus on avoiding confusion and smooth transition for the first three months of the establishment, and aim to improve services from 3, for organizational reform to secure customer trust. , It is said that full-scale efforts through employee morale enhancement and organizational revitalization will be systematically promoted by prioritizing[24].


There are four types of work that have been delegated the authority of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, which are applicable (subscription) survey relationships, collection (insurance premium payments) relationships, consultation/arbitration/benefit (pension receipt) relationships. It is a record management that manages.

Under the name of Japan Pension Service, the services performed by JHF include confirmation of qualifications, delinquency, acceptance of notifications/applications, determination of standard compensation amount for welfare pension, creation/issuance of national pension handbook, etc. The services entrusted by the Minister of Labor include arbitrage, pension payments, records in the ledger, notifications for regular scheduled flights, and notifications and reminder of delivery. Also, the insurance fee is collected by the Japan Pension Service in the name of the national revenue collector.

In addition to pension office work,Child, child care support method,Health insurance law,Seafarers insurance law,National Civil Service Mutual Aid Law,National Health Insurance Act,Long-term care insurance methodBased on the provisions of,, the Japan Pension Service does some of the duties of the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare under each law (Article 27 of the Japan Pension Service Act).

It is said that the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare and the Japan Pension Service must endeavor to improve the general public's understanding of government-managed pensions and government-managed pension projects (Article 2, Paragraph 2 of the Japan Pension Service Law). We set November 11th as "Pension Day" every year, and develop public pension system promotion activities to deepen the public's understanding of the pension system.[25].

In addition, Federation of health insurance associationsas well as the Health insurance associationAndFederation of corporate pensionsas well as the Employees' pension fundOf the de facto jurisdiction of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the former Social Insurance Agency and the current Japan Pension Servicedictate・It is also the destination for the migration and the agencyOuter organizationHowever, it also serves as a partner organization.

Related to the improvement of the social insurance system implemented by the General Health Insurance Association CouncilGovernment officeWe are cooperating in raising awareness about system improvement in the recommendations to.

Checking agency

There are two institutions that check the Japan Pension Service from a third-party perspective: the Japan Pension Service Evaluation Committee and the Management Council. There is also a part-time director in the Japan Pension Service to reflect the business management insights of private companies in the operation of the organization.

Japan Pension Service Evaluation Committee

An advisory body to the Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareSocial Security CouncilThe committee is appointed by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

Business is[26],

  1. Deliberation of the medium-term goals of the Japan Pension Service established by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
  2. Evaluation of performance for each fiscal year and medium-term target period
  3. If improvement is required based on the evaluation, deliberation on business improvement

Management council

The management council is set up to reflect the opinions of the insured, the business owner, the beneficiary, and other related parties in the operation of the organization, and the committee is entrusted by the president.[27].. The Chairman must listen to the Opinion Council's opinions in advance regarding the medium-term plan, the annual plan for each business year, and other important matters concerning the business operations that the President deems necessary.


There are full-time staff and full-time staff. Associate staff perform fixed-term employment and work equivalent to regular staff. Full-time staff and associate staff are the same as full-time staff.SalaryRegulations apply[28][29].. There are specific business contract staff and assistant contract staff as fixed-term employees other than full-time staff.[30].

Regarding the staff at the time of establishment of the Japan Pension Service, the establishment committee (chairperson: December 2008, 12)OkudaToyota(Counselor of the board of directors)[31][32]Is the working conditions of the staff[33]And recruitment criteria[34]Decided and recruited staff[35].. The recruitment examination is conducted by the staff recruitment examination committee (chairperson:Masahiko Iwamura(Professor, The University of Tokyo)[36]The establishment committee made a decision on whether or not to hire staff based on the opinions of the staff recruitment committee, and issued a hiring notice in October 2009.

Recruitment criteria

The recruitment criteria determined by the Japan Pension Service Establishment Committee are as follows.

  • Awareness of providing people-oriented services, and a high sense of mission that they are responsible for the operation of the public pension system, which is extremely important for national life, and comply with laws and regulations to ensure that public pension services are accurate. Being a person who is willing to actively and efficiently carry out business reform and service improvement for the insured, etc. In addition, the person must support the philosophy, management policy and personnel policy of the Organization.
  • A person who has the motivation and ability suitable for the work of the organization.
  • Be in a healthy condition that does not interfere with the performance of duties.
  • When the organization was establishedRetirement ageThose who have not yet reached the end of the month to which they have reached the age of 60.
  • National Civil Service LawA person who does not fall under the reasons for disqualification specified in each item of Article 38.

Recruitment of former Social Insurance Agency staff

In 2007,Takuro MorinagaWas the ruling party at the timeLDPChief of the House of CouncilorsToranosuke KatayamaWhen I asked,DismissalAnswer[37].

  • Regarding the former Social Security Agency staff, it was notified that 9,673 regular employees and 580 assistant employees would be hired. On July 2008, 7, we will not hire persons who violate laws and regulations, are reluctant to reform work, etc. that significantly impair the public's trust in public pension services when recruiting employees from the Social Security Agency, especiallyDisciplinary actionWill not be hired,Dedicated to YamiIt has been decided by the Cabinet that the employees who performed the acts should promptly perform strict disposition.[38], The Japan Pension Service Establishment Committee has established the following criteria for recruitment from employees of the Social Security Agency (including those who have previously worked at the Social Insurance Agency and retired before the establishment of the Institute).
  1. Those who have received disciplinary action will not be recruited. In addition, if the act subject to disciplinary action becomes clear after the unofficial offer, the unofficial offer will be canceled. In addition, if the act subject to disciplinary action after employment becomes clear, the Agency shall terminate the labor contract.
  2. For those who have been punished with corrective measures in the past, we will make a rigorous decision on whether or not to accept them, after carefully considering the history of disposition, the nature of the act that caused the disposition, and the rehabilitation status after disposal.
  3. For those who have been reluctant to act on reforms and those who were not willing to reform, they will be carefully judged whether they have the desire to reform, their work record, and their abilities, and will carefully judge whether or not to hire them. In addition, if it becomes clear that the reform is unwilling, such as not cooperating with various surveys conducted by the Social Insurance Agency after the offer of employment, the establishment committee will reconsider whether or not to adopt it.

Rejected staff[39]With regard to staff who have been disciplined in the pastMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareRelocation to, encouragement of retirement,Public-Private Personnel Exchange CenterIt was necessary to make efforts to avoid the separation and dismissal due to the abolition of the organization, such as reemployment placement for the private sector by utilizing[40].

All Japan Autonomous Organization Labor UnionThe chairman ofDemocratic Party OfYuto SenyaMember of the House of RepresentativesAvoiding the dismissal of employees who had a problem while in the same seatemploymentOf the Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareYoichi MasuzoeI was asking[41]As a result, December 2009, 21, Minister of Health, Labor and WelfareAkira NagatsumaHas announced and announced a policy of dismissing 251 persons, including 525 employees who have been disciplined[42].

Also, the Commissioner of the Social Insurance Agency at that timeYoshiki WatanabeAlso,1996(8)Ministry of Health and WelfarecorruptionRegarding the case,Pay cutHe was retired as of December 2009, 21, because he was not adopted as the Vice Chairman of the pension mechanism and was not allowed to transfer to another position because he had been disciplined by[43].

Hiring from the private sector

About recruitment from the private sector, from April 21Hello WorkOpen recruitment through recruitment media such as[44], 1,127 full-time employees (breakdown: 355 managers, 30 IT planners, 13 auditors, 8 corporate accounting/procurement personnel, 721 general affairs employees), 970 associates[14][45]Was issued.

In addition, for those who have not been hired to hire employees, the social insurance agency's award staff (Part-time staff: Tell private companiespart timerEquivalent to the localLocal Social Insurance Office(Of prefecture unitLocal branch office) To work in advance,Social insurance collegeTrained in[46][47][48][49][50].

Human resources and human resource development

So-called three-layer structure problem[51]The career pattern is to integrate personnel, experience both planning work and on-site work, and manage them.In addition, the recruitment of human resources based on ability and performance, salary system, and personnel evaluation system to support it have been introduced.

Pay system

The salary system is designed to eliminate seniority as much as possible and appropriately reflect work (role). The basic salary is a range salary based on the role grade system (groups of executives, managers, and general employees). The difficulty level of work and the weight of responsibility are clarified so that the basic salary of the lower class does not exceed the basic salary of the upper class. In order to correct the seniority-based increase in salary, the upper and lower monetary limits of each grade are reduced to suppress the increase in basic salary within the same grade. When promoting to a higher rank, regardless of the salary before the promotion, as a general rule, the first salary will be the first salary. As a general rule, transition groups from the former Social Insurance Agency are rated in a grade corresponding to the grade at the time of retirement by the Social Insurance Agency.

In the case of pay raises/promotions, the results of personnel evaluations are accurately reflected.General staffHas established objective promotion requirements according to each grade for motivation and human resource development. Pension office manager, etc.ManagementA qualification examination or qualification examination will be carried out before the appointment.

Bonuses reduce the proportion of the term-end allowance (fixed portion) that is included in the bonus to properly treat employees who have achieved results and improve motivation of employees, and diligent allowance (assessed portion) that reflects personnel evaluation. And the range of appraisal of diligent allowance for each individual is expanding.

Retirement allowance is based on a method (point system) that accumulates the points of the grades that are in each grade.


Social Insurance Agency OB official rigging case

In October 2010, the internal information was leaked to the trader in a bid for the ordering operation of the mechanism,NTT SolcoEmployee (OB of Social Security Agency)Government-made rigging prevention lawArrested for alleged violation[52].

10 billion yen unpaid concealment case

In 2013, it was discovered that 1,300 special statutory stipends, which abolished the "prescription" of the pension entitlement that was not paid due to the state's blunder, were left unattended for more than 10 billion yen. It was also confirmed that the Organization continued to hide for more than a year, despite being pointed out by personnel within the Organization.[53].

Overpayment of survivor pension

In 2017Accounting OfficeBut,Survivor pensionA sampling survey of the recipients revealed that the number of people who had been eligible for remarriage, etc., was less than 1,000. It seems that about 18 billion yen was paid by the spring of the same year, of which about 8 million yen was paid.Annihilation prescriptionIt's been 5 years and I can't claim the refund.[54].

Information leakage

Leakage of personal information is the worst,Riding on the backMay be abused.

Pension management system cyber attack problem

Managing pension information in 2015Computer systemApproximately 125 million personal information leaks were discovered due to unauthorized access to[55][56][57].

Taking out personal information from the pension office

In June 2017, I took out personal information for 6 people from my pension office,YodogawaTwo people, a pension mechanism staff member who worked at a pension office and a social insurance agency staff OB,Osaka Prefectural PoliceTotheftArrested on charges. Information leakage due to this incident is said to reach 400 people[58].. Then, in July, the staff said that they received 7 yen in cash in return.Weighted briberyRe-arrested on charges of suspicion, and for the OB of a staff member of the Social Insurance Agency, the charges for bribery were postponed because the prescriptive time limit was established, but he was re-arrested on another charge of theft.[59].

Violation by an external contractor

20183/19, An external company entrusted with data entry of personal information of the Japan Pension Service, violates a contract with the organization, and does some input work.People's Republic of ChinaFound out to have been subcontracted to another company[60].. Among the personal information that was subcontracted, the names and names of spouses of approximately 500 million people were included.FuriganaWas included[60].. In response to this, in April of the same yearRyuji Yasuda(Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Business AdministrationEstablished a research committee chaired by a specially appointed professor) regarding the outsourcing of business at the Japan Pension Service[61][62][63], Proposed the establishment of rules for selecting contractors with emphasis on ability[64].

Improper posting by the director of the pension office on Twitter

20193/25,SetagayaThe male director of the pension office opened anonymouslyTwitterAccount for specific ethnic groupsDiscriminatory postAnd rants against the Constitutional Democratic Party[65]By this day it became clear that it had been repeated. On the same day, the agency said that the director will be transferred to the personnel department of the headquarters, and after confirming the facts, he will take strict measures.[66].. It was identified from the Instagram URL that the former director was doing with his real name rather than anonymously[67].

Concerns about practical climbing

Special corporationTherefore, since the status of the staff becomes a non-public servant,National Civil Service LawConcerns were raised that it may be exempt from the regulation of the mountain climbing and the actual mountain climbing may be performed.[68][69][70].. about thisYoshimi WatanabeMinister for Special Missions, Cabinet Office ThePress conferenceI will have you think about it by 2 years from now[68].

As of February 1, 22, one month after the establishment, many Social Insurance Agency OBs (exgovernment official) Is actually going up to health insurance associations or welfare pension funds and other outlying organizations, and OBs who miss the timing are steadily doing the same. This issue is still open today.


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