📊 | "Forever 21" has landed again What is Adastria's aim to revive it as a mid-price SPA?

写真 09年4月29日に東京・原宿のH&M隣にオープンした再上陸1号店。地下1階~地上4階の5フロアで売場面積は約530坪。ゴールデンウイークの8日間で8万4000人が入店した

“Forever 21” has landed again What is Adastria’s aim to revive it as a mid-price SPA?

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The prices are slightly lower than Uniqlo and slightly higher than those of H&M and GU, more than double the prices of 2180 yen for dresses and 1550 yen for jeans when the Harajuku store opened.

Adastria (Tokyo / Thursday), a fashion specialty store chain that develops “Global Work” and “Nico and”. → Continue reading

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