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📢 | Shin-Okubo No. 1. Yeop's king pork salt-grilled <Chukumi Festival> Chukumi's 5 new menus will be available on Saturday, October 10st...


Shin-Okubo No. 1. <Chukumi Festival> of Yeop's king pork salt-grilled 5 kinds of new menus of Chukumi will be on October 10st (Sat) ...

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A hearty Korean seafood dish made with beef offal, jukumi (octopus), shrimp, and vegetables simmered in Yeop's special sauce!

Co., Ltd., which operates the aging meat specialty store "Jopu no Oton Shioyaki" in Shin-Okubo No. 1, which has expanded from Tokyo to Osaka and Fukuoka ... → Continue reading


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