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💴 | "Looking back on the corona shock" to keep up with asset management


"Looking back on the corona shock" so that you will not be overwhelmed by asset management

If you write the contents roughly
That's why you may be overwhelmed by asset management.

I'm sick of it because I don't really understand the factors that cause fluctuations in the market, so when I manage my assets, I say, "It's not good to be sick." → Continue reading

 Financial field

Financial Field publishes articles every day with the motto of "Solutions for questions and concerns about money are easy to understand." Financial fields can solve problems that are difficult to discuss, such as tuition, inheritance, loans, investment, insurance, etc.
Professionals such as financial planners, lawyers, certified public accountants, and tax accountants provide easy-to-understand news about user questions and the latest trends related to money.

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asset Management

asset Management(Shisan Unyo) means that you have your own assetssavings-investmentAnd efficiently increase assets. variousCompanyProvides services related to asset management.


In asset management, various services are provided by asset management companies, and it starts with a basic design of how to manage one's own assets in view of those risks and returns. Some of the services areprincipalIs guaranteed, but the return is low” (low risk low return), and “the principal is not guaranteed but the return is high” (high risk high return).

Service type

Saving asset management

Ordinary deposit
bankDeposit the asset tointerestHow to increase assets.
Time deposit
A deposit that determines the deposit period when depositing an asset. Interest rates are better than ordinary deposits, but you cannot withdraw until the deposit period expires. Inflation reduces economic value.
Savings deposit
A deposit whose interest rate is set by the savings balance.
Foreign currency deposits
A method of performing the above deposit method using a foreign currency. It is affected by foreign exchange rates and is more risky than ordinary deposits.

Investment-type asset management

stock investment
A way to make a profit by trading the stock of a public company.
Investment trust
A method of investing in an investment trust that manages stocks, bonds, real estate, etc. of each country including Japan.
Option trading
A transaction that grants or sells the right to trade for a certain underlying asset at a certain price for a certain future period.
Futures trading
Forex margin trading(FX)
A transaction aimed at profit margin by depositing a small amount of margin money and trading between currencies by margin settlement.
Government bonds for individuals
How to invest in bonds issued by the government (national bonds).
Corporate bond
How to invest in bonds issued by a company.
Real Estate Investment
landAnd buildings (eg:Apartment,Apartment) How to invest in real estate.
Gold investment
Change dailyFriA method of investing in and aiming for a profit difference between the selling price and the buying price.

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