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💴 | Life-changing mortgages, variable or fixed?What you should not do when renting a new one


Life-changing mortgages, variable or fixed?What you should not do when renting a new one

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This short-term prime rate has remained low for over 20 years and has remained largely unchanged.

Housing costs, education costs, old age costs.It is said to be one of the three major expenditures in life.The most expensive thing in a lifetime is housing costs ... → Continue reading


MONEY PLUS is an economic media that conveys financial and economic information in an easy-to-understand manner for people who are not good at talking about money.

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Prime rate

Prime rate(British: Prime rateWhat isEconomicsthe termone of.bank CompanyAgainstLoanThe most preferential treatment when doinginterest rateSay that.The company to which the bank lends at the prime rate is because the bank has determined that it is the most credible and good company.Therefore, the interest rate for getting a loan from a bank will be lower depending on the degree of credit.This prime rate is classified into a short-term prime rate and a long-term prime rate. The former has a lending period of less than one year, and the latter has a lending period of one year or more.

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More than 20 years



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