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Train travel using "Go To Travel", tickets that can be redeemed with "Regional Coupons" are a great deal

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Keikyu Corporation

Keikyu Corporation(Keihin Kyuden Dentsu,British: Keikyu Corporation) IsKanagawa横 浜 市Is a railway company headquartered in. The abbreviation is "Keikyu(Keikyu) ""Keikyu Corporation(Keikyu Dentetsu) ".Japan OfMajor private railwayone of.

TSEListed on part,Fuyo GroupIs one of the companies that make upKeikyu GroupIs a core company.


TokyoMinato-kuからShinagawa,Ota-ku,KanagawaKawasaki City,横 浜 市,Zushi,Yokosuka,MiuraWe operate a railway line leading toKeikyu Express BusIn addition to the transportation business, we also manage distribution business, service business, real estate business, etc. in cooperation with group companies.[2].. In addition to securing direct profits, they are also aware of preventing a decrease in the number of people who live and interact in the areas along the Keikyu Line.

In the future, it is expected that the number of commuting users will decrease and competition for Haneda Airport access will intensify,strategyAs for tourists including foreignersMiura Peninsula,JogashimaPlace importance on attracting[3][4].2018In 5 monthJapan TravelPartnered with[5].. In addition, in March 2018, we have a sales network along the Keikyu Line.Shonan Shinkin Bankas well as the Japan guaranteePartner with[6].. In November of the same year, in Yokosuka City and Kanagawa PrefectureSecond armyHave a baseProfessional baseballOf the teamYokohama DeNA BaystarsAnd a tripartite partnership agreement[7].

2019In September, Nishi Ward, Yokohama City, Kanagawa PrefectureTakashimaIt was built on 11-chome with the purpose of consolidating the head office functions of Keikyu Corporation and multiple group companies (XNUMX companies in total).Keikyu Group HeadquartersBuilding completed[8].. same year9/17In Minato-ku, TokyoTakanawaHeadquarters moved from (September to October of the same year for other group companies)[9][10].. Regarding the relocation of the head officeKeikyu type 21001OrganizationIt was announced along with the slogan "A new emotion starts from Yokohama station this spring."

Company name

Long time ago"Keikyu Express(Keihinkyukou)" is an official nameKeihin Electric Express Railway Co., Ltd.'[Annotation 1]Was the English company name,2007(Heisei19 years)12/1ThanPoster-FlyerIn kindKeikyu Corporation(Keikyu Den Tetsu)"[Annotation 2]And new logo mark,2010(22)10/21[11]Than"Keikyu CorporationWe started using the English company name and are changing it.

The abbreviation used in the past is "Keihin," which was the predecessor of the Keihin Electric Railway era.1963(Showa38 years)Shonan Electric Railway"Shonan" which was a part of the station name of the times was unified to "Keihin". However, since the early 30's, "Keikyu" has come to be used as the name of a subsidiary, and at the time, the abbreviations "Keihin" and "Keikyu" were mixed. Since "Keikyu" gradually became established,1987(62)6/1Privatized in the same yearEast Japan RailwayConsidering the differentiation from (JR East Japan),Corporate identity As part of the (CI), the station names of the 10 stations that were previously "Keihin -" were changed to "Keikyu -".[Annotation 3], Abbreviated name to "Keikyu"[12].. The name "Keikyu" is the name of Keikyu Corporation.Registered trademarkIt has become.

Corporate Crest/Corporate Slogan

Daishi Electric RailwayIn the era, Kawasaki was created by making a circle with three main lines, and in that, a company crest with four "large" as "Daishi" (daishi) was used, and it is still used even after becoming Keihin Electric Railway. It was afterwards,DaitokyuAfter the era, the predecessor company crest was prepared when re-departing as the Keihin Electric Railway, after recruiting employees and selecting by selection committee members from both company unions,Sugiura non-waterIt was completed by the correction by. The design consisting of K, wings and wheels represents Keihin, Express and Electric Railway respectively.[13].

The current corporate crest has become unsuitable for conventional corporate crests due to diversification of management,1958(ShowaThe change is considered after the 33th anniversary of the foundation (60 years),1964It was established in May (39). Design is an internal candidateTokyu AgencyTwo proposals were selected from the ones that were requested to, and were reviewed and selected from several species that arranged these. The circles represent transportation (railroads and buses), which is the main business of the company, and the central figure is a graphic representation of Keihamu's "K" and "Ke" in a speedy and stable manner. Also, by arranging this figure so as to break through the circle, it shows the strength to break through the difficulty.[13][14].

Logo The2000 seriesThe appearance ofWing takanawaThere was a turning point such as the opening of1983It has been used since around 58. At that time, unlike the present, the light blue color is the ground color and the letters "KEIKYU" are white, and the letters at the bottom of the logo are italicized " Keikyu Express Was written."

Corporate slogan celebrates its 90th anniversary1988It was first established in (63), and at that time "Toward the future we aim for-Fureai Keikyu"was.1998(Heisei10th anniversary)Airport lineHaneda Airport Station (currentHaneda Airport Terminal 1 & 2 Station) In front of the big turning pointDream of new encounters", and the current corporate slogan, "To the power to flap your safety"2008It is the third generation introduced in line with the 20th anniversary of its founding (110). Up to the second generation, the corporate slogan was posted on the logo mark, but when the current logo was reversed in 3, the corporate slogan was removed.[14].. Also, the characters under the logo have variations of "Keikyu Electric Railway" and "Keikyu Group".[15].


The origin of the current Keikyu Corporation is1899OldTokaidoKawasaki lodgingClose to Kawasaki Station (laterRokugobashi StationFrom)Kawasaki DaishiDaishi Station (currentlyKawasaki Daishi Station) Up to 1435mmStandard gaugeOpened inDaishi Electric RailwayIs (currentDaishi LinePart of). The companyJapanAnd the third,KantoThen the firstElectric railwayIt was a company. At the time of establishmentYasuda ZaibatsuHas helped with human resources and funds, so the current Yasuda Zaibatsu is still forming.Fuyo GroupHave been a member of. same year,Keihin Electric RailwayThe company name was changed.

Tokyo tramWithMutual accessWith the intention ofGaugeFrom the standard gauge at the time of opening 1372 mmCarriage gaugeChanged to a subsidiary, but later became a subsidiaryShonan Electric RailwaybyMiura PeninsulaIn order to get on the stretch line in the direction, it was converted again to standard gauge.

Pacific WarIn1942ToLand Transport Business Coordination ActBy wartime integration based onTokyu Electric Railway(So-calledDaitokyu), but1948To Keikyu Electric Railway,Odakyu Electric Railway, Keio Teito Electric Railway (currentKeio Electric Railway), three companies have been separated and become independent, to the present.

Chronological Table

Successive management

March 1898, 2-March 25, 1903Yujiro Tachikawa
March 1903, 12-March 5, 1904
March 1904, 10-March 23, 1904Keijiro Amemiya
periodPresidentThe presidentRemarks
March 1904, 12-March 22, 1907(stub)Keijiro AmemiyaEstablish a presidential system.
March 1907, 10-March 24, 1909(stub)
March 1909, 5-March 15, 1910(stub)
March 1910, 8-March 5, 1918(stub)Shotaro Aoki
March 1918, 6-March 28, 1921(stub)Zenzaburo Yasuda
March 1921, 12-March 24, 1923(stub)Zengoro Yasuda
March 1923, 10-March 18, 1930(stub)Shotaro Aoki
June 1930, 6-April 24Mochizuki GunshiroIkuno Danroku
October 1939-December 4, 1941(stub)
March 1941, 11-March 25, 1942(stub)Keita Goto
March 1942, 5-March 1, 1948Tokyu Electric Railway(Daitokyu) Age
March 1948, 6-March 1, 1948Established Keikyu Corporation.
periodPresidentThe presidentRemarks
March 1948, 12-March 23, 1950(stub)
March 1950, 12-March 25, 1964(stub)Momoe TanakaMomune Tanaka died on February 1964, 2 while he was in office.
March 1964, 2-March 25, 1964(stub)Three generationsSaburosuke Suzuki
March 1964, 5-March 23, 1969(stub)
March 1969, 11-March 22, 1975(stub)
March 1975, 5-March 27, 1981Koichi NakagawaNorinori Katagiri
March 1981, 6-March 25, 1987Norinori Katagiri
March 1987, 6-March 26, 1991Michio Iida
March 1991, 6-March 27, 1997(stub)Hiramatsu Ichiro
March 1997, 6-March 27, 2005(stub)Masaru Kotani
March 2005, 6-March 29, 2013Masaru KotaniTsuneo Ishiwata
October 2013, 6-Tsuneo IshiwataKazuyuki Harada


The entire Keikyu line, or especiallyMain linePoint toKeikyu LineCalled.

The following is the predecessor Keihin Electric RailwayShonan Electric RailwayIncluding lines such as.

Existing route

Total length of kilometers: 87.0km

Abolished routes/sections

Unfinished line

Shonan Electric Railway, one of the predecessors of Keikyu Corporation, had the following planned lines as "planned lines". Hinodecho Station-The planned construction site between Sakuragicho Station is lined with roads and houses along the planned site.


2015 stations as of March 3, 73[47]Is open (including Sengakuji station).

Keihin Electric Railway is a major private railway in the Kanto region, although it has a line in Tokyo.Sagami RailwayThere is no transfer station with Tokyo Metro. The Toei Subway is on the Asakusa Line at Sengakuji Station.

Top 15 stations for getting on and off

increaseDecreaseIs increased compared to the number of passengers in the right column (increase), decrease (Decrease) Is represented.

Rankingstation nameRoute name2015 Year2010 Year2005 Year2000 YearNotices
1Yokohama StationMain lineincrease 316,478increase 311,022increase 306,494297,4275th in the world for each company's comprehensive line
2Shinagawa StationMain lineincrease 272,500increase 250,414240,469 
3Sengakuji StationMain lineincrease 182,372increase 158,974152,026Toei Subway Asakusa LineIncluding direct personnel
4Kamiooka StationMain lineincrease 143,299increase 141,742increase 135,901128,793 
5Keikyu Kawasaki StationMain line
Daishi Line
increase 122,931increase 115,036108,019 
6Haneda Airport Terminal 1 & 2 StationAirport lineincrease 83,431increase 74,88470,691 
7Kanazawa Bunko StationMain lineDecrease 69,870Decrease 72,532increase 73,65068,806No. 1 as a single station that does not connect to other routes.
8Yokosuka Chuo StationMain lineDecrease 67,278Decrease 68,23270,776 
9Kanazawa Hakkei StationMain line
Zushi line
increase 57,353increase 53,907Decrease 52,20554,902 
10Keikyu Kamata StationMain line
Airport line
increase 53,397increase 47,31345,428 
11Heiwajima StationMain lineincrease 46,493increase 44,50543,475 
12Keikyu Kurihama StationKurihama LineDecrease 43,608increase 44,15844,017 
13Oppama StationMain lineincrease 41,160Decrease 40,20543,399 
14Aomonoyokocho StationMain lineDecrease 40,067increase 44,56438,140 
15Sugita StationMain lineincrease 34,648increase 33,761increase 32,22828,800 

Station manager station

StationmasterThe station isShinagawa-Heiwa Island-Keikyu Kamata-Haneda Airport Terminals 1 and 2-Keikyu Kawasaki-Kawasaki Daishi-Keikyu Tsurumi-Kanagawa Shinmachi-Yokohama-Hinode Town-Kamiooka-Kanazawa library-Oppama-Yokosuka Central-Keikyu Kurihama-Miura coast16 stations. A station is located for each station, and all stations except Sengakuji Station and the 16 stations listed here are managed stations belonging to one of the station managers. In addition, the station manager was an employee of the same company as other station staff when the Keikyu Station Service was outsourced.[48].

Operating system

Toei Subway Asakusa Line(North of Sengakuji),Keisei Electric RailwayPush-up line-Main line(East of Aoto)・Higashi Narita Line-Narita Sky Access Line,Hokuso Railway Hokuso Line,Shibayama RailwayShibayama Railway LineAnd the direct operation is carried out. There are 8 carsOrganizationBecause of the stop of ordinary trainsEffective lengthDue to the reason, except the airport line and the Zushi line, it is not operated normally[49], On the Keikyu LineAirport express-Limited express-Limited Express-Airport special featuresBe driven as. As a rough guide, ordinary trains between Shinagawa station and Uraga station, airport line and main line trains, and airport express between Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 stations-Zushi and Hayama stations operate every 10 minutes. Has been[50].. In addition, regular trains run every 20 minutes between Shinagawa Station and Keikyu Kamata Station.[50], Airport Express runs every 40 minutes between Keisei Line and Haneda Airport[50].

Signals are basically handled at the station signal room[Annotation 9].. Therefore, if the timetable is disturbed due to an accident or the like, operation will be performed according to the judgment of each signal room, and the operation restart will be faster than other companies, but the type, destination, connected train, etc. may be changed during operation.

In addition to the regular timetable, charter event trains may operate. Responding to applications from companies until 2017Cycle trainI was runningAlumni Association,weddingWe started accepting such requests from October 2017 (implementation is at least 10 months later). Saturday and Sunday only, in the morningShinagawa StationDeparture →Uraga StationorMiurakaigan StationArrive or in the eveningDaishi Lineround trip(Keikyu Kawasaki Station(Departure and arrival) is available[51].

Although it is a long line connecting Shinagawa Station and Misakiguchi Station,Reserved seat ticketIs required"Morning Wing" "Evening Wing"Other than the above, a separate fee is collectedHonor trainThere is no.


Keikyu's existing vehicle is located on the mountain side of Kanazawa Hakkei Station along the lineTokyu vehicle manufacturing[Annotation 10], And then ofGeneral vehicle manufacturing plantKawasaki Heavy IndustriesIt is manufactured by two manufacturers (formerly Kawasaki Vehicles), and is manufactured at approximately 2% of each by General Vehicle Manufacturing (including Tokyu Vehicle Manufacturing) and Kawasaki Heavy Industries. Before the war, when there was no Tokyu vehicle,Train manufacturingThere were many orders from (a train company, now Kawasaki Heavy Industries), and there was no experience in producing rail cars at the time immediately after the end of the war.Mitsui ShipbuildingThere was also an example of placing an order with (currently Mitsui E & S Machinery).

20199/30Own 798 cars at the time. For details on each format, line sections used, operation, etc., refer to each article.


Modeled from various aspects such as management and technical aspectsAmerica OfPacific Electric RailwayAs a tradition since its founding,Body advertising carThe car body is painted red with the exception of the above, and it is also the image color of the company. The paint color pattern has changed several times, and now there is a white band under the window, the area around the window is painted white (first adopted in the 800 type, now 600 type / 2100 type / new 1000 type) Have been adopted in the form).2007Keikyu's first stainless steel vehicle that appeared in MarchNew 1000 typeFrom the 6th car, red on the curtain and waist platewrappingWith the addition of a white belt underneath the window as an accent,2015It was continued until the 15-car formation of the 6th car produced. After the 15th car four-car train (4 series) manufactured in the same year, white wrapping around the window was red and expanded to the entire side of the car body except the window frame and the passenger compartment door and the passenger compartment door.[52][53]In addition, from the 2017th car introduced in 17, not the wrapping, but the stainless steel car body will be fully painted, and it will be introduced in the fully painted car body since the 5th car.[54].

2014 yearsSeibu Railway 9000 series "RED LUCKY TRAIN"Haneda Airport from 2017 --- Car body advertisements that appeal to the convenience of central Tokyo, etc., are also actively engaged in sales activities at railway companies in various regions, and white on the red background that is widely seen in Keikyu trains. Wrapping vehicles that reproduce the design of the belt are now being seen all over the country.[55]("public relationsSee also section).Other than Japan, we have a friendship railway agreementTaiwan Railway Management BureauAt20165/12From the same year10/12Up toEMU700 type trainReproduced by wrapping in the first formation[56][57][58].

Type/destination display

Due to visibility issues, we did not introduce a 3-color LED display for destination display, but full-color whiteLEDHas been put to practical use and there was no particular problem with visibility, that many colors can be expressed and type guidance is possible with color, and there are many curtain exchanges due to an increase in destinations and changes in the driving system. Based on this, it was fully adopted from production vehicles since 2005. Since March 17Tokyu 5000 seriesA full-color white LED destination display (Japanese/English alternate display) similar to the above is now installed, and the display contents of all vehicles equipped with LED are included.ROMThe changes are complete. Also, due to the equipment space of the train radio device, the formation of the front has been replaced with a full-color LED, and the new 1000 type, 600 type, 2100 type, and 1500 type are applicable. All the Keikyu cars for direct subway have become LED with the change of all 1500 type LEDs.

Unlike Keisei Electric Railway, which operates in direct communication with each other, the station name "Keikyu" is not omitted.Keikyu Kawasaki"Such). Previously, "Keikyu" (until 1987, "Keihin") was omitted, but since it became the official station name notation such as Kanagawa Shinmachi, it is no longer omitted.

CurtainThe installed car used to display white letters on a black background (and before that, there was no white Roman letters), but now it is being replaced with a white Roman alphabet.[Annotation 11].. From the remnants that used to use destination boards, “Shinmachi (Kanagawa Shinmachi)” “Bunko (Kanazawa library)” was displayed as an abbreviated station name, but nowHaneda Airport Terminal 1 & 2 StationWith the only exception to displaying the line as "Haneda Airport", all trains on the Keikyu Line will display the official station name.

The following are special display modes.

  • Airport special featuresIn order to distinguish between and the special character, the airport character, especially the special character, is displayed in front of the character of the airplane (the same applies to vehicles of other companies). From October 2012, 10, it will be colored orange in order to unify it with the access limited express and prevent accidental riding. In the same way, for the limited express and rapid access from the Keisei line to Haneda Airport, or the airport express within the Keikyu line, display the "(airplane mark) access limited express", "(airplane mark) rapid" and "(airplane mark) express". To do. However, vehicles that do not have the "Airport Express" display function will display "Express".
  • Part ofSengakujiThe up trainShinagawaUntil "Shinagawaaspect"Sengakuji" is displayed (limited to vehicles equipped). In that case, change to single display of "Sengakuji" before arriving at Shinagawa station.
  • "Keikyu Wing”Type display “Wing"Will be displayed in a wide destination display location, the destination was displayed in the type display location was the characteristic of the Keikyu Wing from the 2000 type. Currently, due to the addition of a new type curtain and conversion to a common curtain for all cars, only the type curtain is displayed and the destination is displayed on the direction curtain like other train types.
  • For direct trains to the Keisei Line, omit "Keisei" from the station name (Keisei NaritaIs displayed as "Narita").
  • Of the direct trains to the Keisei Line,Keisei Sakura StationNarita Airport StationTrains connected to the line are within the Keikyu line.For Narita Airport SakuraIs displayed. Basically, it will be displayed as a single "Sakura" before arriving at Shinagawa station, but rarely it may be displayed on the Toei Asakusa and Keisei lines.
  • Hokuso LineDirect train to ShinagawaShinagawa·Nihonbashiaspect Inzai MakinoharaOr "For Shinagawa and Nihonbashi Inba Japan Medical UniversityThe line is divided into two lines to display the destination with the destination highlighted. The front of the new 2 type LED cars and 1000 and 1500 types (front only)To Shinagawa Inzai MakinoharaOr "To Shinagawa Inba Japan Medical UniversityThe line is divided into two lines to emphasize the destination, and the side face is displayed in the same line. Before arriving at Shinagawa Station, both will be changed to the single display of "Inzai Makinohara" and "Inba Nippon Medical School."
  • Daishi LineTrains operated byKeikyu KawasakiKojima NittaIs displayed. However, "Keikyu Kawasaki" is displayed for trains that do not return from Keikyu Kawasaki Station.
Type color
  • Airport special features…orange
  • Airport special (old display)/special…green
  • Limited Express...Red
  • Airport Express...Blue
  • Normal...black

Model designation

Formal names are Keisei Electric Railway, Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation, andOdakyu Electric RailwaySimilarly, use "..." instead of "..." and use numbers lower than 2000 so that the model numbers do not overlap with the vehicles of the companies that interoperate with each other (3000 for Keisei, 5000 for Toei) Is in the 7000 range, Hokuso is in the 9000 range, and Chiba New Town Railway is in the XNUMX range.DaitokyuFormer times Keihin Electric Railway/Shonan Electric Railway had been swayed in the 5000 series, but at the time of Keikyu's separation and independence, the number was changed to 5000 at the same time). In addition, Keikyu does not always fix the formation, and there are many rearrangements centering around the 1500 type, so "...F" representing the formation (the head of the English word Formation, which means "formation") Characters) are not used. Furthermore, there are also symbols used on the Keikyu line to represent the vehicle type and formation. For example, in the second-generation 2-type 1000-car formation, it is called "8V" (Source: "Keikyu Diamond 8-year history").


Toei Subway line entry vehicle

Trains on the Toei Subway line are limited to trains with three doors on one side and through doors so that you can escape from the front of the cab in the event of a fire or other emergency. Currently, this condition is met1500 type-600 type-New 1000 typeAnd its derived types. Note that2100 typeIs equipped with a through door, so that you can evacuate from the front in an emergency, but because it does not meet the direct standard of 3 doors on one side, you can operate to Sengakuji Station shared by Keikyu and Toei lines (A express or C limited express Applicable). Four-door vehicles on one side, such as the 800, were operated south of Shinagawa Station.

Leading vehicle

The top vehicles (control vehicles) are all after 1 when the commercial vehicle class 2010 was scrapped.Electric carAs a general rule, the leading carriages from other companies' stations are limited to the heavy and stable electric carriages.[59][60].. This is the national railwayMikawashima accident,Tsurumi accidentAfter that, in the Keikyu line, in case of derailment accidents, do not spread the damage to capsizing accidents, the wheel and rail semi-conductor film is broken, and the short-circuit sensitivity improves.[61],Track circuitThe accurate detection ofTurnoutThis is because it is required to change the traffic, open the signal, and take the railroad crossing. However, in the past Keisei3500 type,Old 3000 series(3200 type-3300 type), etc. of the front accompanying dolly (6M car)Sea bathingAnd New Year'sShotoUsed in temporary trains), or the first car at that time was not an electric carHokuso 7000(Hokusou/Kodan Line (currently Hokusou Line)There was also a time when the line was exceptionally entered.


Bolsterless trolleyHas not been adopted from the point of view of driving stability[Annotation 12], Adopts a trolley with a direct mount bolster. Cylindrical guide type occupies most of the axle box support device, and other examples of adoption are the second generation 2 type pedestal type and the third generation 800 type axial beam type.


GermanyElectrical equipment manufacturerSiemensMade byVVVF controller,ノルウェーSeat,スウェーデンIt is also actively introducing technology from outside Japan, such as using seat covers made by manufacturers.

Starting accelerationIs set to 3.3-3.5km/h/s, which is high for all vehicles,DC motorVehicle is weakerField controlThe high-speed performance is also secured by taking a wide area.

A non-smoking plate on the weekend limited express train that once operatedCar billPlug in,ashtrayIt was a remnant that made it possible to smoke, and adopted a non-smoking plate that had a unique shape up to the third generation 3 shape.

In 1988, the first private railway in the Kanto regionAir conditioningAchieved[Annotation 13].

It should be noted that major private railway companies are not the only major private railway companies to accept the logo of "J-TREC," which is the company's external name, on the manufacturing nameplates of trains manufactured by General Rolling Stock Manufacturing. Has been done.

Existing vehicle

All eight trains that enter the subway support the limited express train.

Past vehicle

The past vehicles that were enrolled after the Keihin Electric Railway separation were as follows. Both are in the form when they are scrapped. The number was changed in 1965 and 1966 when Tokyu was integrated, and the model name is often changed from the time of manufacture.

From the opening of business until before the establishment of Keihin Electric Railway, three types of wooden vehicles were enrolled. All formats are as of manufacture. Some were still enrolled after the Keikyu separation independence. In addition, from the opening of the Daishi Electric Railway to the Taisho era, wooden 3-axis trains were enrolled.

The transfer destination to the local private railway after scrapping the car isTokyu Electric Railway,Seibu RailwayIt's not many compared to, but as a noteworthy transfereeTakamatsu Kotohira Electric RailwayMany have been transferred from the wooden car era to the vehicles retired in the Heisei era. Especially in recent yearsKotohira lineNagao lineMost are former Keikyu cars.


Driving security device

The driving safety system is common to all destination lines on all lines.Type 1 ATSWas adopted,2009(21)2/14ThanC-ATSUpdated to[62].Inspection areaMainly in the vehicle management area of ​​KurihamaKanazawa Inspection AreaShinmachi Inspection AreaWith a total of 3 locations.

Overpass business

Since the route originated from the former track line and local railways, there were many sections that traveled on the ground, but grade separation is progressing in various places. In recent yearsGumyoji Station - Kamiooka StationBetween the elevatedAirport linePart of the undergroundKeikyu Kamata StationElevation in the vicinity was carried out. Especially around Keikyu Kamata StationDaiichi Keihin,Circular Route XNUMXSince it became a factor of chronic traffic congestion because it crossed over the road, most of the direct elevated construction methods were introduced in order to realize an immediate elevated construction.Continuous grade separation businessIs done[63][64],2012(24) In October, all lines of the business section were elevated[65].2017(29)3The whole business was completed[66].


StationIn order to prevent train collisions and improve signal display efficiency,SidingToSafety side lineIs basically provided. As a result, it is possible to enter the evacuated train with the Y indication (caution) instead of the YY indication (warning), and to issue the G indication (progress) to the on-site signal for the following trains quickly.[61].

Passenger information facility

Display departure times and destinations at large stationsDeparture markLED display devices and liquid crystal display devices have been updated, but still at major stationsReverse flap type guide displayIs also used at some stations. AlsoShinagawa Station,Keikyu Kamata Station,Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station,Haneda Airport Terminal 1 & 2 Station,Yokohama StationAt Hado, not only Japanese and English, but also foreign customersChinese,KoreanIt also supports the display of.

Shinagawa Station Line 1, Keikyu Kamata Station Lines 1,4 and 3, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station, Haneda Airport Terminals 2 and 3 Station, Keikyu Kawasaki Station Line XNUMX and Yokohama Station are also equipped with automatic broadcasting equipment. Although it was reluctant to introduce automatic broadcasting equipment at major stations due to the difference in the number of doors and vehicles, the large number of divisions and merging, and the complicated guidance for first arrival, etc., a system that can make detailed announcements was constructed, The feature is that it provides detailed information that is comparable to the announcement.

In addition, a simple guidance device that displays the type of approaching train is installed at many stations. It only shows the type of approaching train,Tokyo metropolitan area transportation management system It does not indicate the time/type of the next departure train like (ATOS). Initially it was mechanical, but now it is LED. In addition, there are many stations that have automatic train approach broadcasting (passage/stop) installed, but the content is very simple (eg: "Soon, you will get up, a special feature. It is dangerous. , Inside the yellow line, go down and wait.").

In addition,2008(20)11/18Was decided by the open call for participants in July of the same year as "Call for Keikyu Station Melody"Local songThere are 17 major stations on the Keikyu line (Shinagawa, Aomono Yokocho, Tachiaigawa, Heiwajima, Keikyu Kamata, Haneda Airport (currently Haneda Airport Terminals 1 and 2), Keikyu Kawasaki, Yokohama, Kamiooka, Kanazawa Bunko, Kanazawa) At Hakkei, New Zushi (currently Zushi, Hayama), Yokosuka Chuo, Horinouchi, Uraga, Keikyu Kurihama, Misakiguchi stations,Approaching melody(It was later adopted at Namamugi, Haneda Airport Terminal 3, Minatomachi, Idogaya, Oppama, Miura Kaigan, and both Umeyashiki and Kawasaki Daishi stations for a limited time. The adopted song is "Departure melody # Keihin Electric Express Railway"See the item). The melody isswitchIn the production ofHiroshi ShiozukaBy (Shinagawa Station and Haneda Airport Terminals 1 and 2 StationRed train] Is excluded). This is not the first time that a local operator has adopted a local song, and it has alreadyWest Japan Railway(Nishitetsu) is done, but Nishitetsu is different in that it is used in the guide of the station in Keikyu for the adoption of the melody in the train car.

At the station where the station staff is not doing monitoring work on the platformwireless microphoneThrough the station home speaker (some Keisei carsspeakerDirectly), type, destination, door closure notification, departure information by whistle and departure buzzer is omitted except for major stations[67].. It is customary for crew members of trains waiting to pass by to stand at the platform to monitor passage, and when the train is departing by the conductor, platform monitoring was done by opening the passenger compartment door in the case of 8 or less trains (Home doorExcept the station where it is installed), in recent years, for safety, the crew doors have been closed and the windows have been monitored. Also, since the focus is on surveillance, there is no salute between the conductor and the station staff.

In addition, the vehicle is Haneda AirportUraga-Zushi/Hayama-MisakiguchiLeaningCar 1And, the number near Shinagawa is a large number (car 12 for 12-car train, car 8 for 8-car train).

2019On January 1th, at the Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (currently Haneda Airport Terminal 28 Station), an optical illusion was used.Optical illusion"Sign" is introduced for the first time at stations nationwide[68].

Station service facility

Automatic ticket vending machineIs currently allTouch panelIt is a multi-function ticket vending machine,PASMOIn accordance with the introduction of, was modified to support PASMO. In partCommuter PassIssuing function (including new) is installed to improve convenience.2010From late July, automatic ticket vending machines have been gradually updated, starting from Shinagawa Station.1994(6)4/1Has its ownStored fair systemIntroduce and respondLutran cardThe sale and use of[69].. On the other handPassnetThe device will not be updated in time to start using2000(12)10/14Not introduced at the start of the service[69]2001It was planned after (13), but in order to respond to the increase in passengers due to the opening of Haneda Airport Station (currently Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Station), 200012/20Was introduced ahead of time (however, at the time of introduction, the corresponding automatic ticket gates were limited).

Other station equipment

To all stationsNTTBP OfPublic wireless LANEquipment is installed,docomo Wi-Fi-FLET'S SPOTThe service of is available.

In addition,UQ CommunicationsPublic wireless LAN equipment of is also installed,Wi2Public wireless LAN service of is available.


Normal adult passenger fares (half-price for children, rounded down to the nearest 1 yen for IC cards, rounded up to the nearest 10 yen for ticket usage).201910/1Revised[70].

Km (km)Fare (yen)
Prepaid Cardticket
First ride 3km136140
4 - 6157160
7 - 10199200
11 - 15242250
16 - 20283290
21 - 25314320
26 - 30367370
31 - 35430430
36 - 40492500
41 - 45576580
46 - 50650650
51 - 55723730
56 - 60796800
61 - 65870870
66 - 67943950
Specific fare
Due to competition with JR lines, Shinagawa Station-Yokohama Station costs 303 yen (ticket is 310 yen), Shinagawa Station-Keikyu Kawasaki Station, Keikyu Kawasaki Station-Yokohama Station-232 yen (ticket is 240 yen) specific fare The set.
Along with this, Shinagawa Station-Kanagawa Station / Keikyu Higashi-Kanagawa Station, Kitashinagawa Station / Shinbaba Station-Yokohama Station and other special fares apply.
Additional fare
3 yen is added to the fare from Haneda Airport Terminal 1 Station, Haneda Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 50 Stations[Annotation 14]
Tenkubashi Station-Haneda Airport Terminals 1 and 2 No additional fare when used between stations[Annotation 15].
Discounted fare
Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station, Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Stations-Toei Stations, fares to other companies via Toei Line, discount of 60 yen for adults and 30 yen for children.
A special discount (70 yen for adults) between the Toei Line and Tokyo Metro Line is applied to fares to each station on the Tokyo Metro Line via the Toei Line.[72].
Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station / Haneda Airport Terminal 1 / Terminal 2 Station-Keisei Line Airport Terminal 2 Station / Narita Airport Station Fares are 90 yen for adults and 50 yen for children. Both via Keisei Main Line and via Narita Sky Access Line are applicable.
Shinagawa-Daimon Station on the Toei Asakusa Line via Shinbaba Station and Sengakuji Station-Gotanda Station, Shirokane Takanawa on the Toei Mita Line via Sengakuji Station and Mita Station-Fares to each Shiba Koen station are adults 20 yen discount and 10 yen discount for children.
Koyasu-With each station in Hinode Town (excluding Yokohama Station)Minatomirai LineShin Takashima-Fares to Bashamichi stations are discounted 20 yen for adults and 10 yen for children.

Besides this, at the manned ticket gateHard ticketbyAdmission ticketAnd the ticket for the first fare was released, but as of February 2012, the ticket sale has ended on all Keikyu lines.

Tokyo MonorailSimilarly, ticket vending machines are also installed at airports where routes to Haneda Airport are in service, and passenger tickets can be purchased from Haneda Airport.20163/15FromAll Nippon AirwaysOperated by (ANA)ANA Mileage ClubIn collaboration with, we started the sale of "Keikyu ANA Mileage Ticket", which allows you to earn ANA miles when you buy tickets at Keikyu ticket vending machines installed at 17 airports nationwide.[73].

Discount ticket

The Keikyu Line has tourist destinations such as the Miura Peninsula and Yokohama and Haneda Airport along the line, and is selling various discount tickets for tourists and other users.

In addition, here, when simply described as “Haneda Airport Station”, both Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station and Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 Stations are included.

Discount tickets on sale

Miura Peninsula 1DAY Ticket / Miura Peninsula 2DAY Ticket
Keikyu Main Line Kanazawa Bunko Station-Uraga Station, Zushi Line / Kurihama Line all lines and Miura Peninsula areaKeikyu Express BusYou can get on and off the designated section freely, and get special benefits for various facilities on the Miura Peninsula. Valid for 1 to 2 days each. Previously, it was also sold in a free area in the Yokosuka city area.
Misaki Muro Ticket
Keikyu Line boarding station-Misakiguchi station round-trip ticket and Misaki area Keihin Kyuko bus are free to get on and off,TunaA meal meal ticket and a leisure facility use ticket are attached. It is valid for one day, and it is possible to get off on the way as long as the ticket does not return for both round trips. The sale will be suspended on the day of the Miura International Marathon.[Annotation 16].
Tokyo 1DAY ticket
Keikyu Line boarding station-Round-trip ticket to Shinagawa Station and free section Keikyu Line Sengakuji Station-Shinagawa Station andTokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Transportation(Toei Subway-Toei Bus-Toden Sakura Tram-Nippori Toneri LinerThat is, the metropolitan part isToei Marugo Ticket(Efficacy equivalent to) is free to get on and off. It is sold at all stations on the Keikyu Line except Sengakuji Station. Valid for 1 day. Previously it was sold under the name "TOKYO Search Ticket."
Yokohama 1DAY ticket
Keikyu Line Yokohama Station-Kamiooka Station andYokohama Municipal Subway Blue LineYokohama Station-Kamiooka Station (HoweverBandohashi - GumyojiThen you can't get on and off halfway),Minatomirai LineWhole line,Yokohama Municipal BusFree entry and exit (partial section of central Yokohama). Valid for 1 day. It can be said that the Minato Mirai Line between the Keikyu Line Yokohama Station and Kamiooka Station is added to the "Minato Burari Ticket".
Gumyoji Miura Bath Ticket
Boarding station-Gumyoji station round-trip ticket and "MiurayuAdmission discount ticket for "Gumyoji store". Valid for 2 days.Due to long-term suspension due to seismic retrofitting of piers, sales were suspended for one year from April 2015, 4.
Tokyo Bay Ferry Round Trip Ticket
Keikyu Line boarding stations-Keikyu Kurihama Station and Keikyu Kurihama Station- Kurihama PortKeikyu Bus and Kurihama Port- Kanaya Port OfTokyo Bay FerryRound-trip ticket. Valid for 4 days.
Keikyu Haneda/Chika iron common pass[74]
Haneda Airport Station on the Keikyu Line-One-day ticket for both Toei and Tokyo subway and one-way ticket at Sengakuji Station. Sold at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 stations and Haneda Airport Terminal 3 station.
Tokyo Travel 1DAY Pass / Tokyo Travel 2DAY Pass
Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Station-Sengakuji Station (also available at Shinagawa Station) One-way ticket and one-day Toei Subway (one day pass equivalent effect). Sold at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 stations and Haneda Airport Terminal 3 station.
Air trip outing ticket
Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Station- Oshiage StationorAsakusa StationVia- Tobu Main LineDiscounted ticket for each station (excluding some). Valid for 1 day. Sold at Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 stations and Haneda Airport Terminal 3 station.
Hanoku ticket
Excluding Kanto areaJTB GroupKinki Nippon Tourist GroupAvailable at the counter (excluding some). Keikyu Line Haneda Airport Station-Round-trip discount ticket to Sengakuji or Yokohama Station. Valid for 9 days.
2 tickets for Hatoku
Sold at airports where ticket vending machines are installed. It may also be sold at Shinagawa Station, Yokohama Station, and Haneda Airport Station in partnership with airlines. The validity is the same as the above-mentioned Hatoku ticket except that it is valid for 10 days, but since this is a pair of tickets, it can also be used as a pair ticket. If you purchase at Keikyu Line station, you can also use Shinagawa on the outbound route / Yokohama on the inbound route.
Yokosuka enjoyment ticket
The successor to the Yokosuka Gourmet Ticket. Keikyu Line boarding station-Round-trip ticket, free section train bus ticket, selectable meal ticket (Yokosuka Navy BurgerorYokosuka Navy Curry), A facility use ticket or a souvenir voucher will be attached.Valid only on the day.
Hayama Women's Travel Ticket
Keikyu Line boarding station-Round-trip ticket to Zushi / Hayama station, free section train bus ticket, selectable Zushi / Hayama rice ticket, souvenir voucher. Although it is described as "women's trip", men can also buy it. Valid only on the day.
Haneda Keikyu Ticket
At airports all over JapanLimousine busA ticket that includes a round-trip ticket for the Keikyu Line and a round-trip ticket for the Keikyu Line. You can use it at any station on the Keikyu Line from Haneda Airport Terminal 1 and 2 stations to Shinagawa (Sengakuji) or Yokohama. Both the bus ticket and the Keikyu ticket come in pairs, so you can use them as a pair ticket. Expiration date is 2 days. As of August 1New Chitose Airport --Sapporo / Muroran,Tokachi Obihiro Airport --Obihiro,Akita Airport - Akita,Toyama Airport --Toyama,Komatsu Airport --Kanazawa,Itami Airport --Osaka / Kyoto / Kobe,Hiroshima Airport - Hiroshima,Kitakyushu Airport --Ogura / Orio,Fukuoka Airport --Ogura, Saga, Kurume, Arao, Kumamoto, Hita, Yufuin, Beppu, Nagasaki, Sasebo,Nagasaki Airport --Nagasaki, Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo,Aso Kumamoto Airport - Kumamoto,Oita Airport --Beppu / Oita,Kagoshima Airport --A set ticket with a limousine bus between Kagoshima is on sale.

Discount tickets sold in the past

Heiwajima Onsen Kurhaus Ticket
Boarding Station-Heiwajima Station round-trip ticket and "Heiwajima Onsen Kurhaus" admission discount ticket. Valid for 2 days. It has been discontinued as of June 2011.
Memorial ship Mikasa ticket
TV drama"Clouds on the slopeA discounted ticket that was sold at the same time as the broadcast. Limited release until March 2012, 3. Keikyu Line boarding station-round-trip ticket, free section andMemorial ship"MikasaAdmission voucher forZ flagThe handkerchief was attached.In the case of junior high school students, a souvenir was presented.There was no setting for dwarfs[Annotation 17].. Valid for 1 day.
Ota Edomae Ticket
Keikyu Line boarding station-round-trip ticket, free section andEdomaeA meal voucher (choose one from 10 designated stores), a souvenir on the shopping street, or a retro coffee voucher. Valid only on the day.
Keikyu&Tokyo Sky TreeFree walk around the area
Keikyu Line boarding station-Toei Asakusa LineAsakusa Station-Oshiage StationRound-trip ticket,Tobu Isesaki Line(Tobu Skytree Line) Asakusa Station- Kitasenju StationMa Oshiage Station- Hikifune Stationwhile·Tobu Kameido LineDiscounted tickets for free sections of all lines. Valid for 1 day. Sales will end on March 2014, 3[75].
Yokosuka Gourmet Ticket
Keikyu Line boarding station-Round-trip ticket, free section train bus ticket and meal ticket ("Yokosuka Navy BurgerOr "Yokosuka Navy Curry"). With the release of Yokosuka Enjoy Ticket, the sale has ended.

public relations

PR magazine

  • Keikyu Town Magazine Nagisa (issued on the 1st of every even month)
  • Haneiro KEIKYU
  • Keikyu Line Regular Train Trip (Discontinued)

"Nagisa" and "Haneiro KEIKYU" are distributed not only at all stations on the Keikyu line, but also at major stations on the Toei subway and Keisei line.

Corporate museum

Keikyu Group HeadquartersOn the first floorKeikyu MuseumOpened on January 2020, 1[40].

Attracting mutual passengers with other companies


  • Keikyu♪ Doremi-tan[85]
    • It is a character that was developed around 2009. Inside the box simulating a trainMoe characterThe girl is wearing a uniform and is the design to operate the train operation. The nickname "Doremitan" is2100 typeUsed in trainsGermany-SiemensCompanyGTO thyristorelementVVVF inverter controllerandMain motorIt originates from the magnetic excitation sound (commonly called "Doremifa inverter") emitted from. The train that is the design model of the box is the 2100 type, which was the nickname for the train,600 type (KEIKYU BLUE SKY TRAIN) [86],New 1000 type(Stainless steel car)[87]There was also a version. March 2009,TaitoGame software sold byRailway Seminar -Major Private Railway Edition-"ofSpin-offIt appeared on the official website as "Keikyu Kenkyu", and was also used on the official mobile site that was renewed in November of the same year. Also, Keikyu affiliated hotels also sold accommodation plans with related goods.[88].
  • Keikyun[89][90]
    • It is a character created in October 2011 to commemorate the 10st anniversary of the opening of Haneda Airport International Terminal Station (currently Haneda Airport Terminal 3 Station). Along with the announcement of the "1st Anniversary Festival", a public offering of nicknames was started, and the results were announced and named in November of the same year. According to Keikyu, it will cover all public relations activities of the company.

Sponsored program


After the Haneda Airport extension of the airport line, there is no connection with the Keikyu Line for convenience users who arrive from Haneda AirportChugokuIn the past, there are examples of listing companies as providers of multiple companies and publishing spot commercials for programs from remote broadcasting stations.Sapporo TVThen,Zoom in!! Morning!] The sponsor of the local sales after 7:XNUMX (one of multiple companies) has been.



Collaborate with Keikyu itself and each group company, as well as companies outside the groupOpen innovationTo promoteVentureA new investment quota for companies has been established. The first year, 2018, is 1 million yen[93][94].


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