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📊 | Renamed "Emil Takatsuki", a commercial facility directly connected to Takatsuki-shi Station in Osaka, and reopened in November

Photo Emil Takatsuki's open image (from presentation materials such as Hankyu Railway)

Renamed "Emil Takatsuki", a commercial facility directly connected to Takatsuki-shi Station in Osaka, and reopened in November

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The other is to focus on environmental design that connects the ticket gates of Takatsuki-shi Station to the inside of the facility.

The commercial facility "Ming Hankyu Takatsuki", which is directly connected to Hankyu Takatsuki City Station in Johoku-cho, Takatsuki City, Osaka Prefecture, has undergone a large-scale renewal for the first time since its opening ... → Continue reading

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Takatsukishi Station

Takatsukishi Station(Takatsuki Shieki)OsakaTakatsukiLocated in Johokucho XNUMX-chome,Hankyu CorporationKyoto Main Line Ofstation.. Station numberHK-72.

Next to the eastKammaki StationThe distance between stations is 4.3kmAnd the longest on the Hankyu line[2][3].


Takatsuki City, which is located between Osaka and Kyoto, has been developing urban areas since the end of the war and the population has increased rapidly. Therefore, it is necessary to alleviate congestion during rush hours, and it has been planned to elevate stations.[1].. In 1980 (Showa 55), temporary measures were taken such as installing a ticket gate exclusively for commuter passes that operates only in the morning and evening, but the continuous grade crossing business was promoted from the following year, and it was elevated in 1994 (6). The conversion work was completed[1].

  • 1928(Showa3 years)
  • 1930(5)9/15 -Due to company mergerKeihan Electric RailwayBecome a station on the Shinkeihan line[2].
  • 1943(18)
    • 1/1 --With the enforcement of the city system of Takatsuki TownTakatsukishi StationRenamed to[1][2].
    • 10/1 --Due to company merger, it will become a station of Keihanshin Express Railway (currently Hankyu Railway)[2].
  • 1949(24)12/1 --The Shinkeihan Line has been renamed to the Kyoto Main Line, and this station also belongs to it.[2].
  • 1969(44)12/6 --With the opening of the Osaka Municipal Subway Sakaisuji Line, mutual direct operation to this station started. (Kawaramachi StationSakaisuji Express that goes directly to 1979(54)3/5Starts operation from)
  • 1981(56) March-"Around Takatsuki-shi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line"Continuous grade separation businessThe construction of the elevated construction started based on the above.The Kyoto side (Kyoto side (Marudai FoodThe Takatsuki East Signal Station (for pulling up and turning back) was set up near the back of the factory.
  • 1989(Heisei4st year) April --Elevated down line.
  • 1993(5)
    • 2/1 --No smoking all day[5].
    • October-Elevated up line. (Line 10 will start to be used from the timetable revision on February 2, the same year)
  • 1994(6)3/31 ―― "Hankyu Kyoto Line Takatsuki-shi Station area continuous grade crossing project" completed[6].
  • 1997(9)3/2 --All business trains will stop.
  • 2011(23)5/14 --On Saturdays and holidays, the limited express train that passes through this station will start operating, and all trains will stop only during weekday timetables.

Station structure

EscapePossibleIsland-style two-sided four-line platformHaveElevated station.

The home is on the 3rd floorTicket gate-ConcourseIs only one place on the 2nd floor.Connecting each floorエ レ ベ ー タ ーAnd up and downescalatorIt is relatively easy to move up and down because it is well maintained.

Automatic ticket gate TheToshibaMade ofPiTaPaSuch asIC ticketThere are two dedicated ones (all other cases are also IC compatible).Goannai counters (formerly "service centers") at major stationsCommuter PassThere is also a sales floor.

Close to Kawaramachi, KyotoLineThere is, and it turns back at this stationordinaryIs mainly used.

Bus stop

1 · 2■Kyoto Main LineGoing upKawaramachi, Kyoto-Arashiyamaaspect
3 · 4Going downIbaraki City-Awaji-Osaka Umeda-Tenkajayaaspect

* Inner 2 lines (Lines 2 and 3) are the main lines, and outer 2 lines (Lines 1 and 4) are sidings.

Station building

Station buildingIsMing Hankyu TakatsukiIt is named and operated by Hankyu Railway.Supermarket(KOHYO), restaurant, General store, fashion store,Beauty treatment(TBC),Sports Club(KONAMI), Barber shop (QB House),bank(Resona Bank) Etc. move in.

In the past, there was an administrative service corner in Takatsuki City, where it was possible to issue various certificates, but it was closed on September 2017, 9.This site is the Takatsuki City Tourist Information Corner and Takatsuki Municipal Bus Information Center.


Driven only on Saturdays and holidaysRapid Limited Express A / Rapid Limited ExpressExcept for, all regular trains stop.

Service scheduleIt is set on the boundary ofOsaka UmedaThere are many trains that return at this station from the direction[7].Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line OfTenkajaya StationAll regular trains departing and arriving at this station except those departing and arriving at Kyoto Kawaramachi Station in the morning and evening.During the day, all ordinary flights, including flights to and from Osaka Umeda Station, return at this station.In addition, the semi-express train bound for Osaka Umeda, which departs from this station in the morning, the regular train bound for Kyoto Kawaramachi, which departs from this station on weekday mornings, and the rapid express train that stops at this station are set at midnight.

By regular trainOsaka MetroThis station is the eastern limit for the entry of vehicles.

To cover many ordinary turns around at this stationSemi-expressStops at each station near Kyoto Kawaramachi from this station.

During the daytime, there is a slow and fast connection between the limited express and the semi-express except for the descent on Saturdays and holidays.[8].

2008(20) During the holiday season, which has been in operation since autumnArashiyamaTo the directionTemporary direct trainDoes not stop at this station.The setting of trains that pass through this station on commercial trains 1997This is the first time since (9).

Usage situation

2018(30)Specific dayOf the day inGetting on and offpersonnel The63,125So, it is the 8th place on all Hankyu lines.[9].

The table below shows changes in the number of passengers getting on and off each year.

年度Specific dayDaily average
Boarding personnel[10]
Boarding and alighting personnelBoarding personnel
1995 (Heisei07 years)69,42734,290-[11]
1996 (Heisei08 years)75,08737,154[12]
1997 (Heisei09 years)75,63737,223[13]
1998 year (Heisei 10 year)76,57137,338[14]
1999 year (Heisei 11 year)-
2000 year (Heisei 12 year)70,61735,273[15]
2001 year (Heisei 13 year)68,89634,260[16]
2002 year (Heisei 14 year)67,41133,542[17]
2003 year (Heisei 15 year)63,93931,681[18]
2004 year (Heisei 16 year)64,09431,607[19]
2005 year (Heisei 17 year)66,66033,106[20]
2006 year (Heisei 18 year)63,78131,743[21]
2007 year (Heisei 19 year)65,30132,48135,194[22]
2008 year (Heisei 20 year)63,42931,44035,800[23]
2009 year (Heisei 21 year)60,21829,61933,441[24]
2010 year (Heisei 22 year)61,25330,09431,995[25]
2011 year (Heisei 23 year)62,85930,88733,194[26]
2012 year (Heisei 24 year)62,11530,51133,962[27]
2013 year (Heisei 25 year)63,16730,93734,258[28]
2014 year (Heisei 26 year)62,85830,72034,852[29]
2015 year (Heisei 27 year)64,46831,47434,667[30]
2016 year (Heisei 28 year)64,26131,34235,077[31]
2017 year (Heisei 29 year)64,17331,30435,334[32]
2018 year (Heisei 30 year)63,12530,642[33]

Around the station

JR hundreds of meters awayTakatsuki StationCompared to the area where large commercial facilities are concentrated due to redevelopment, there are no conspicuous redevelopment projects around this station before and after the elevation, and there are no large commercial facilities and small shops and restaurants. It retains the appearance of the "private railway stations" that line up.

The 1st floor concourse (East-West Free Passage), the elevated plaza near Umeda, and the fountain plaza in front of the north exit station are open every year.Golden weekTo be held at "Takatsuki Jazz StreetIt is the venue for the performance.

Bus route

At the north exitTakatsuki City Bus(Scheduled departure timetable for municipal busesSee also), at the south exitKeihan BusIs on board.The name of the bus stop is "Hankyu Takatsuki Station" for the former and "Hankyu Takatsuki" for the latter.

The north exit has six stops along Mizuki Dori in front of the station, but the south exit has only one because the surrounding roads are narrow.In addition, of Hankyu Railway systemHankyu busHas not entered.

Takatsuki City Bus

  • Bus Stop No. 1-1 JR Takatsuki Station Southbound
  • Platform 2-4 Hankyu Tonda Station, 17A Sakaecho, 22/23 Hashiramotodanchi area
  • Platform 3 ―― 18 Tomita Dan area
  • Platform 4-15 Kitaotsuka, 15A Kitaotsuka (via Noda / Rokuchu-mae), 16 Shimotanabedanchi, 17B garage (via Tamagawabashi housing complex), 19 Tamagawabashi housing complex (via Takenouchi Elementary School)
  • Platform 5--14 Rokuchuzen, 13 Maeshima, 12 Doucho-cho, 7 / 7A Kamimaki area / 1 JR Takatsuki station southbound
  • Bus Stop No. 6 --32 Uenariai, 33 Kawakubo, 34 Kajiwara Higashi, 56 Besshohonmachi Park North, 57A (via Utsukushigaoka) towards Teratanicho

Keihan Bus

Both routesTakatsuki Sales OfficeIs in charge.

  • Route 1A / 2[34] - Hirakata StationLine (Matsubara, Tsujiko, Otsuka,Hirakata Park Exitvia)
  • Routes 1B and 2B-For Takenouchicho (via Matsubara, Zushi, and Otsuka)
  • Route 1A / 5A[34] --JR Takatsuki (via city hall)
  • Early morning bus-JR Takatsuki line (via city hall) (weekday morning only, first departure from Kokudo Tanokuchi)
  • Route 5 / 5A-For Banda XNUMX-chome (via Matsubara, Tsujiko, Otsuka, Takenouchicho)

Next station

Hankyu Corporation
■Kyoto Main Line
□Rapid Limited Express A ・■Rapid express
■Limited express■Commuter Express■Rapid Express■fast
Ibaraki City Station (HK-69)- Takatsukishi Station (HK-72) - Nagaoka Tenjin Station (HK-77)
■Semi Express (Stops at each station on the Kanmaki side from this station)
Ibaraki-shi Station (HK-69)- Takatsukishi Station (HK-72) - Kammaki Station (HK-73)
Tomita Station (HK-71)- Takatsukishi Station (HK-72) --Kammaki Station (HK-73)


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外部 リンク

Environmental design

Environmental design(Environmental design,English: Environmental design)EnvironmentIntended forDesignOrEnvironmentA design that takes into consideration.


Environmental problems include regional environmental problems that target living environments and pollution problems, and global environmental problems that target wide-area environments and future environments, but the "environment" in environmental design is only sanitary engineering and pollution. Not only the environment that can be captured byTakashi AsadaAlthough it is a word that has a very wide range of meanings such as spaces and scenes as shown in, it is an eco-design and eco-design that means ecological design, ecological way of life, and design. The environment in the logical sense is an ecological environment, which is basically different, but when expressed in Japanese, it becomes an environmental design, and as a result, the name environmental design also includes those designs.that isBuckminster FullerSaySpaceship EarthOur environment as a means the work of aiming for sustainable development and constructive planning and its practice.Sustainable development must be considered in order to achieve both development and production, which are design acts, and conservation of the global environment.For this reason, environmental design occupies an area that includes cultural activities as well as three-dimensional composition and three-dimensional space.

Environmental design is interpreted as a plan or planning act based on the relationship between the human-created environment and the human being who is the user, and includes the nature surrounding people and the relationship between people.Its cognition is influenced by the environmentAffordance(affordances) Is the concept.Therefore, the name "equal environmental design" is not used for social capital development such as simply constructing roads and constructing sewage drainage channels.Government officeIn the business name when developing cultural property sites and parks and green spaces, etc., the names such as "environmental maintenance" are "environmental restoration", and the maintenance of national parks is "forest conservation" and "forest protection". In the field of civil engineering, names such as "rural environment improvement" and "rural landscape improvement" are used, and the word design is not expressed.

In the category of these conceptsハ ー ド,softIt refers to research on both sides, but the scope is region, city,Social infrastructureFrom civil engineering, architecture,landscape, Places such as interiors,空间Etc. are included, and the target is from furniture etc. to nature in the mountains,Farmland village,広 場,parkIt is to understand, analyze, and design the things such as themselves and their mutual relationships.Then, understand the characteristics of the land as a whole with maps, etc.Master planThrough planning and designing a region with a certain extent, analyzing issues in the district, guiding plans, and developing a living infrastructure that makes use of natural resources (Wind-power generation,Solar powerEtc.), to maintain harmony between the city and nature, culture, history, natural resourcesTourism, Harmonizing inter-regional development such as expansion of urban functions, and adjusting landscapes of regions, city centers, blocks, etc.In addition, fostering people's skills is also a category of environmental design, and planningmanagement-ProduceIs also included.The feature is that it is not limited to individual designs, but also considers the surrounding environment.

What is environmental design?RelationshipThe relationship is spatial, temporal, and social.When designing a place, there is a relationship with the neighborhood and a relationship with the surrounding area.If you build a building, shadows will be created, the wind will be blocked, sounds will be generated, and the line of sight may be generated.The mutual relationship should be adjusted in a good direction, such as how to adjust the relationship spatially.BoardFormation is in the life of the areageneration,Citizenship,ObstacleIt means the design of a loose relationship that builds up exchanges beyond.This is a strong encouragement from others to loose connections in everyday life.disasterWhen there was such a thingAccumulationThis is because the solidarity with the front bank is used to encourage creative dialogue and exert its power, and when the design of the relationship involves concrete work, there are various things.MediaIs created and the shape is created.

Fields to be included

Generally, it is used when planning the following objects individually or comprehensively.

"Environmental design" includes various fields due to its inherent comprehensiveness.

The fields included in environmental design are illustrated below.

  • Coexistence with the natural environment-Plan and design the ideal way and related artificial objects based on the relationship between the natural environment and various human activities such as living and vacationing there.It is not an environmental problem itself.
  • Designed for sustainable, sustainable products and construction, and maintenance processes with less impact on the environment by using natural energy and considering the extension of the life of buildings.Environmental design for creation and disposal.While considering the environment while asking the modern meaning of making, we confirm the discovery of information and the creation of information.The act of making can feel the creative potential beyond the cycle of consumption and disposal by envisioning creation and disposal as a whole.
  • Spatial design and scenic design
  • Nature-oriented river management,BiotopeFormation, nature restoration business, etc.
  • LandscapingActs森林Operations, public gardening,SoundscapeAnd so onFurnitureDesign LandscapeProduct design Street landscape maintenance
  • Earth workEnvironmental art such as
  • Sign system design for visual communication.Signs and sign systems are seen as cultural manifestations of the way people live, the dynamism of space and space, and the behavior of things and gestures, and they emerge from their potential "slaughterhouses." It can be regarded as a "shape".Rather than seeking easy-to-use simulations, it is necessary to organize latent shapes in daily practices and daily habits.
  • In social system, tourism design city and regional planning, development of towns and rural areas, development of social infrastructure, etc.communicationform
  • Human skill development and education
  • Ecological design

Exterior,InteriorIt is also called "environmental design" to comprehensively associate designs that have been divided in existing specialized fields such as furniture and land art.

What is landscape design?landscapeIn the field of designingLandscapingBasically the same meaning as landscaping design, landscape planning, etc. in the field, but similar termsLandscape architectureFrom the cityscape to the existence of towns, villages, villages, and territoriesartUsed as a concept.One of the areas of environmental design.

Research / educational institution

Examples of university educational institutions for environmental design include faculties of arts and design, architecture, home economics, agriculture and forestry, and civil engineering and construction engineering.

School with environmental design department

The following are the environmental design departments set up in high schools and vocational schools.

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