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💴 | I have a high income, but my savings do not increase ... What should I start with?


I have a high income but my savings don't increase ... What do you start with?

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In addition to using family discounts, you may be able to reduce the amount by half by switching to an MVNO (so-called cheap mobile phone).

Why I Can't Save Money There are only two reasons why I can't save money.Is it "too much spending" or "income ... → Continue reading

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Family discount service

Family discount service(Family family service)mobile phone-PHSOne of the discount services.NTT DoCoMoThen.Family discount,KDDIAndOkinawa Cellular PhoneEach ofauThen.Family discount,Softbank mobileThen.Family Discount,WILLCOMThen.Family packIs called.


By joining the same mobile phone company in the same familyBasic chargeDiscounts and calls between family membersE-mailIt is a service that allows you to receive benefits such as.No monthly fee is required, but a separate application is required.

WILLCOM Family Pack is a service exclusively for WILLCOM flat-rate plans.

In the case of au, "family" is the range in which a copy of the family register or health insurance card can prove the relationship.[1]..On the other hand, in the case of NTT DoCoMo, three from the main line contractorRelativeWithin[2]Is the target.

If you are using multiple lines, you can make a contract only with the line in the name of the contractor of the main line, but it is assumed that you have two mobile phones and a smartphone or router, so it is a rule to let a third party use it. prohibited.

Discount mechanism

Discount on basic charge

Discounts on basic charges can be broadly divided as follows.

25% discount type for all lines
This method is used by NTT DoCoMo and au, and by subscribing to this service, the basic charges for the main line and sub line are uniform.25%You will get a discount.This is especially advantageous if you are choosing a high rate plan for the main line.Also,Annual discount serviceCan be combined with, up to50%You can get a discount.
Sub line 50% discount type
This method is used in the old rate plan of SoftBank Mobile, and there is no discount on the main line, but about the sub line.50%It is a type that can receive a discount.Also, with the old rate plan of SoftBank MobileHalf the free communicationWill be.However, by applying this service to a high rate plan, the effect of reducing the call unit price can be obtained.
A type in which the discount target changes depending on the number of secondary lines
This is the method used by WILLCOM.For more informationLater.

Additional service

If you subscribe to this service, you can receive the following additional services.

Family call discount / free service
Call charges between subscribed family members are free (Softbank mobile OfWhite plan) Or 30% -50% discount.
In addition, when used in combination with a separate paid service, the discount rate may be expanded and family calls may be free.Details of each companychecking ...
Free family email
Mutual emails between participating families will be free.However, auC-mailonly.
Call discounts to landlines
10% discount on call charges from subscriber family members' mobile phones to designated landlines (NTT DoCoMo).

Free communication sharing service

With au, you can share the extra free communication with your family every month.However, with auCarry indefinitelyCannot be used in combination with.

With SOFTBANK MOBILE, in the Orange Plan and Blue Plan, the surplus free communication from the previous month can be distributed to any line within the family using the same type (same color) rate plan.Distribution to different rate plans (orange plan ← → blue plan) is not possible.In addition, it cannot be distributed to some of the rate plans that originally do not have free communication.

Until May 2015, NTT DoCoMo was able to share the surplus free communication that was carried over for two months, but it was abolished from June 5.

Wide service

It is called "Famiwari Wide", "Famiwari Wide Limit", "Famiwari Wide Value", "Famiwari Wide Limit Value" at NTT DoCoMo, and "Family Discount Wide Support" at au.It was introduced to counter SoftBank Mobile's "Family Discount," which is a 50% discount on secondary lines. By using the family discount service and the annual discount service together, the basic charge is 1,500 yen (excluding tax) (NTT DoCoMo's "Family Discount". "Famiwari Wide Value" was 735 yen, and "Limit" was +105 yen).As a general rule, the target is limited to junior high school students and younger and 60 years old and over.However, at NTT DoCoMo,Hearty discount (contact discount)If you subscribed to, you could subscribe regardless of age.

Compared to the case of applying for a general plan, the call charge is set higher and there is no free communication, so it is a standby-centered service that makes almost no calls.Both companies have begun offering flat-rate email plans for similar rates, so new applications for these plans have ended.

Details of each company

Family discount (NTT DoCoMo)

Basic rate discount
25% discount on basic charges for all lines.New Ichinen DiscountUp to 10% discount (more than 25 years of continuous use) in combination with (50% -10% discount).OrFami-wari MAX5050% discount when you apply for.
Call charge discount
30% discount on family calling charges.10% discount on call charges to home landlines
Numbers in the same family group as your lineYu Yu CallIf set to, the discount will be applied only to Yu Yu Call, and the call charge discount for the family discount will not be applied again, only Yu Yu Call (30% discount).
Free family calls
2008å¹´4/1Than,FOMAAs a limited discount, use it in combination with Fami-wari MAX50 or continue to use it for more than 10 years.Videophone60% discount on call charges).
Between familyi-modeFree email.MOVAIs equivalent to 250 double-byte characters, FOMA isDeco mailAnd images are completely free of charge. (There was a time when the attached file had a condition for free, but from May 2009, 5, the condition was abolished and all became free.[3]. )
SMSIs not applicable, so there is a charge.Between familysp modeMail is free for i-mode side because it is sent and received as i-mode mail even if the other party is in sp-mode, and for sp-mode side, all transmission and reception are charged.[4].
Free communication sharing service (discontinued)
Previously, there was a service for sharing free communications within the same family, but it has been abolished since June 2015.
Number of lines
Up to 10 lines. It was not possible to enter the line of the Donicho contract (a plan that does not allow incoming and outgoing calls during the daytime on weekdays) that once existed in mova.
Billing can be divided, and even families living apart can join.

Family Discount (au by KDDI / Okinawa Cellular Telephone)

Basic rate discount
25% discount on basic charges for all lines.
With CDMA 1X WIN年割Up to 50% discount when used together (more than 10 years of continuous use).
Even with CDMA 1X, up to 43% -51% discount when combined with annual discount (4 years of continuous use, discount rate varies depending on the subscription area and plan)
Call charge discount
30% discount on family calling charges.Designated discount60% discount when used in combination with.
2008年3/1Than,Anyone discountorSmile heart discount100% discount on family call charges (60% discount on videophone call charges. Same year12/1From au contract years of 10 years or more年割Contractors were also eligible).
Free C-mail between family members.Up to 50 double-byte characters.
Free communication sharing service
If you choose the family sharing course, you can share this month's free calls within the same family.However,Carry indefinitelyIf you select (Kurikoshi Course), sharing will not be performed.
Number of lines
Up to 10 lines
Billing can be divided, and even families living apart can join

Family discount (SoftBank Mobile)

All-you-can-eatin the case of
Basic rate discount
White planin the case of
Free call charges
By signing up for White Family 24, family calls will be free all day long (except videophone).
As a service of the white plan, emails between SoftBanks are free all day.
Gold planin the case of
Basic rate discount
Up to 70% discount on basic charges (more than 10 years of continuous use) by subscribing to the Gold Plan Family Discount
As a service of the Gold Plan, emails between SoftBanks are free all day.
Orange / blue planin the case of
Due to the nature of the plan, the family discount for the Orange / Blue plan is based on the au family discount and DoCoMo family discount, respectively.The only difference is that the orange plan can be used for both carry-over and sharing, and when sharing, the contractor must specify which contract line (of the same color plan) and how much to share each time. Can be mentioned.In addition, unlike au, this month's free communication is not subject to sharing.
Number of lines
Up to 10 lines
Previously, when joining, it was necessary to consolidate billing destinations on the main line, but in 20069/1In addition, this restriction has been lifted, and it is now possible to divide bills and join families with different addresses.
Price plan from the Vodafone eraIn the case of (end of reception)
Basic rate discount
50% discount on basic charges only for secondary lines.Happy bonusUp to 75% discount when used in combination with.Family call flat rate,LOVE flat rateWhen used together, the charge is 2,000 yen or less.Voice call flat rate systemCan.
Unlike other companies, free communication is halved on the secondary line.
Call charge discount
50% discount on family calling charges.SeparatelyFamily call flat rateBy applying for, calls between family members will be free.
Free family email.SMS・ MMS ・Skymail・ For long mail (not for super mail).
Number of lines
Up to 5 lines
Only in bulk with the same name

Family pack (WILLCOM)

WILLCOM flat-rate plan (or new WILLCOM flat-rate plan)Dedicated option.

Monthly discount
If there is only one sub line, the monthly charge for the sub line is discounted by 1 yen.
If there are two or more sub lines, the monthly charge for all lines including the main line is discounted by 2 yen.
Free call charges
As a service of WILLCOM flat-rate plan (or new WILLCOM flat-rate plan), calls to PHS are free all day.
As a service of WILLCOM flat-rate plan (or new WILLCOM flat-rate plan), e-mail is free all day.
Number of lines
Up to 6 lines
Billing needs to be integrated.Even families living apart can join.


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