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📊 | IDC and IT infrastructure are expected to play a leading role in business transformation as the foundation of DX ...


Expectations are rising that IDC and IT infrastructure will become the foundation of DX and play a leading role in business transformation ...

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In the future, the ratio of using the optimal IT infrastructure according to the cooperation between new public cloud technology and on-premises and applications will increase, and it is expected that more advanced utilization will be promoted.

IDC Japan Co., Ltd. announced the results of a domestic hybrid cloud infrastructure usage trend survey ... → Continue reading


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IT infrastructure

IT infrastructureIs a series of IT service foundationsInformation technologyWidely defined as a component of (IT).Usually a physical component (computersAnd network hardware and equipment), but varioussoftwareとnetworkIt may also refer to the components of.

ITIL According to the Foundation course glossary, IT infrastructure is referred to as "all hardware, software, networks, equipment, etc. needed to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control, or support IT services. Includes information technology components, but does not include people, processes, or documents involved. " [1].

Enterprise IT infrastructure typically refers to the components needed to exist, operate, and manage an enterprise IT environment. IT infrastructure is inside the organization, inside the property, orCloud computingIt may be deployed either or in combination within the system. IT infrastructure consists of a set of physical devices and software applications necessary for the operation of the entire enterprise.

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On-premises(English: on-premisesWhat is[Note 1],Information system OfhardwareIs an operation mode in which a user (usually a company) installs and installs in a facility such as a property owned by the company or a data center, and manages those resources independently.In-house operation (type),In-house installation (type),Internal installation (type)Also translated[1].On-premise,OnPIt may be written as.


Originally, it was the only form of construction and operation of an information system, so a name representing itself was not required.However, from the late 1990s to the early 2000sBroadband internet connectionAs a method of outsourcing the construction and maintenance of information equipment due to the spread of information, external devices connected to the InternetServer farmAs a resource, depending on the scale of your company's information systemon-demandIt is now possible to realize a new operation form to be utilized in.This conceptSaaS,PaaSIt was commercialized as, and since 2006Cloud computingAs the name was proposed and permeated into society, to distinguish the conventional operation form that independently manages resources from those on-demand forms.Retro NimAs a result, the word "on-premises" has been commonly used since around 2010.

The advantages of using cloud computing services include low initial costs and fixed maintenance and operation costs, but on the other hand, other factors such as reaction speed, security, customizability, and visibility. You need to consider the aspect.In addition, when the billing system is on-demand, that is, a pay-as-you-go system, it becomes necessary to determine economic efficiency based on business growth.On-premises is often preferred depending on the business model, such as the financial and defense industries.Therefore, in actual operation, it is not a simple transition to on-demand, but the view that users need to cooperate with the cloud and on-premises while considering various factors.[2]Analysts also predict that latecomers in Japan will focus on business models that meet such needs.[3]..The transition from on-premises to full cloud continues because it's so easy that you don't have to buy hardware and install it in-house.


  1. ^ English: premisesIs plural, in this case meaning a building.The singular form is not used.


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