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💴 | NY Dow rises about $ 1, looking back on Trump administration's four-year stock price


NY Dow rises about $ 1, looking back on stock prices for four years in the Trump administration

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This "US-China trade war" became a negative factor for stock prices every time it was reported.

Beginning in October, attention to the quarterly US presidential election is increasing day by day. Tran started in 10 ... → Continue reading


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US-China trade war

US-China trade war(Bechubo Ueki Senso,British: China–United States trade war) Isアメリカ合衆国People's Republic of ChinaBilateralTradeIt's a problem.

20st centuryHas held world hegemony for about 100 years from the beginningSuperpowerWith America,1990 eraContinue to grow economically from21st centuryIt is positioned as one aspect of China's hegemony seizure.

Movement before 2017: Prehistory

  • 2016 - 2016 United States Presidential ElectionLater during the periodPresident of the United StatesbecomeDonald TrumpBegan to address the huge trade imbalance with the People's Republic of China during the election period.[1].
  • 2017August 4- Xi JinpingHead of state(General secretary) Visited the United States at the U.S.-China summit meeting, which agreed to launch a U.S.-China comprehensive economic dialogue mechanism to resolve the issue of trade imbalances, and 100 days to increase U.S. exports to China. Planning was agreed[2]..However, the negotiations on the comprehensive economic dialogue mechanism by the ministerial level in July of the same year failed without any progress.
  • August 2017, 8-The Trump administration looks for unfair trade practices with China US Commercial CodeSuper 301 ArticleEntered into consideration to start a survey based on[3].
  • October 2017, 9- United States Trade Representative OfRobert LightheiserIn his speech, he argued that China, which forces technology transfer when foreign companies enter China and promotes exports with unfair subsidies, poses a threat to the international trading system.In response, Chinese spokesman Takamine argued that it was about business-to-business transactions and that there was no interference from the Chinese government.[4].
  • November 2017, 11-At the US-China summit meeting held by President Trump in China, a total of $ 9 billion was signed to reduce the trade deficit with China, but most of them were memorandums and agreements.[5].

2018 moves

Before additional tariff measures are activated

  • January 1-China Customs Administration announces 12 trade value with the United States.To the United StatesTrade surplusThe amount reached a record high of $ 2,758 million[6].
  • January 1-AmericaUrgent import restrictionsActivate (Safeguard),Solar power30% on the panel,Washing machineAnnounced to impose an additional tariff of 20% or more on[7].. The number one share of solar panels imported by the United States in 2016 by countryMalaysiaAnd second place is China[8].
  • January 3-AmericaTrade Expansion ActBased on Article 232Steel,aluminumAnnounced policy to impose additional tariffs on products.The taxable range is 25% for steel and 10% for aluminum.Because of US security, most countries, including China, were targeted.[9].
  • March 3-US tariffs on steel and aluminum products come into effect.Ministry of Commerce of China announces plans for retaliation to impose additional tariffs of about $ 23 billion on 128 U.S. products[10].
  • April 4-China imports from the United StatesfruitAnnounced 128% -15% retaliatory tariffs on 25 U.S. products[11].
  • August 4- United States Trade Representative ThePersonal computerSmartphone,ClothingWhile excluding consumer goods with large import values ​​such asIndustrial robot,rifle,bomb[12][13],Medical equipment,Electric car,semiconductorAnnounced identification of 1,300 Chinese products such as[14][15].
  • August 4- US Department of CommerceIt is,ZTEBy the United StatesSanctions against IranAnnounced a ban on sales in the United States for the next seven years, alleging that it violated the measures and exported American products and technologies to Iran[16].
  • May 5-US-China ministerial meeting to resolve trade conflicts in Beijing.
  • May 5-US-China Ministerial Conference held in Washington.
  • May 5-China Announces Tariff Reduction Measures for Imported Automobiles and Auto Parts Following Ministerial Meeting[17].
  • June 6-US announces lifting ZTE sales ban following ministerial meeting[18].
  • June 6-America is a Chinese studying science and technology to protect intellectual propertyStudentsAgainstvisaStrict issuance of[19].
  • June 6-American side is imported from ChinaAutomobileAnd information technology products,Mech robotAnnounced that it will gradually implement additional tariff measures of 1,102 billion dollars from July 7 on 6 items such as.The Chinese side also announced that it will take additional tariff measures on 500 items such as automobiles and agricultural products (later changed to a total of 659 items twice) as a countermeasure when taxed.[20].
  • June 6, USA made in China,JapanMade byドイツMade byベルギーMade byスウェーデンAnnounced the first exemption of steel import restrictions for some steel products[21].

Trade war opening and truce

  • July 7-US announces additional $ 6 billion tariffs on 818 items imported from China.From the original listtv setExcluding 515 items such as[22]..China has also imposed retaliatory tariffs of the same scale[23].. By applying an additional 545% tariff on 25 U.S. products,soyImport tariffs on soybeans have increased from 3% to 28%, so the price of defatted soybeans after soybean oil extraction has soared, and pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, etc. that use this as feedmeatLeaded to a rise in the price of[24]..The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has accused it of "launching the biggest trade war in history"[25].
  • July 7-The United States announces that it will consider an additional $ 10 billion tariff on 6,031 items such as clothing and groceries from China as an additional measure against China's retaliatory tariffs.[26]..The items listed include items that have not been imported into the United States in recent years, and it is believed that taxable items have reached the upper limit.[27].
  • July 7-US lifts ZTE sales ban[28]..China Customs General Office announces the amount of trade with the United States in the first half of 2018.The trade surplus with the United States in the first half was $ 1,337 billion, up 13.8% year-on-year.[29].
  • August 8-US and China implement the second tariff measure.
  • September 9-China receives notice of the invocation of the third US tariff measureWorld Trade OrganizationMade a complaint to[30].
  • September 9-China refuses trade talks with US[31].
  • September 9-US and China launch third tariff measures[32]..The United States said it would stay at 2018% in 10.Initially planned for 6031 items, but reduced to 5745 items[33]。中国側は、当初5%, 10%, 20%, 25% の4種類の予定だったが、10%の物は5%に、20%や25%の物は10%に変更した[34]. America isRare earthEtc. in ChinacrudeEtc. were removed from the draft[35]..China has released a white paper on the U.S.-China trade war, arguing that it is not compelling and distorting the facts about the U.S. claim that it is demanding the forced transfer of technology from foreign companies[36].
  • 10/4
    • Mike PenceThe Vice President gave a lecture at the Hudson Institute and strongly criticized China.In hopes of China's increased political and economic freedom, it allowed China access to the US economy and made it a member of the WTO, but with improper trade practices, tariffs and import quotas, currency manipulation. He accused him of forcibly transferring technology, stealing intellectual property, improperly distributing subsidies, and acting incompatible with free and fair trade.Through Made in China 2025, he criticized the Chinese government for instructing it to acquire US intellectual property to control 90% of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence.He also said he was trying to acquire military technology.He said he was using military force such as the South China Sea and the Senkaku Islands.It has built a surveillance society and is depriving the people of their freedom and human rights.Religious repression of Christianity, Tibetan Buddhism, Islam, etc.He is doing debt-picked diplomacy and is trying to pick up ports from countries that can no longer repay their debts.Also,SupermicroUltra-compactMicrochipSuspicion of embeddingGoogle Of(English editionAnd so on[37]Said that he interfered with the midterm elections by conducting espionage and promotional work in the United States.[38][39].
    • US Department of DefenseIs americanMunitions industryHas released a report saying it is overly dependent on China for procuring materials and parts and vulnerable to hacking from China[40][41].
  • October 10-US gives preferential treatment to ChinaUniversal Postal UnionAnnounced withdrawal from[42], China rebelled against this[43].
  • October 10-Former U.S. Army European commander Ben Hodges said that while it is not inevitable, the United States is very likely to go to war with China within 24 years.[44].
  • October 10-October 31, the world's stock prices fell at the same time, and the United StatesS & P 500The rate of decline was -6.94% (September closing price 9, October closing price 2913.98), the lowest rate since September 10.[45].Nikkei Stock AverageIs the rate of decline-9.12% (September closing price 9, October closing price 24120.04), the rate of decline since June 10[46].Shanghai Composite IndexThe rate of decline is -7.75% (September closing price 9, October closing price 2821.35).United States Department of LaborThe number of new unemployment insurance applications (seasonally adjusted) announced weekly by the company has been decreasing since March 2009, 3, but the third tariff measure will be launched after hitting the bottom of 28 on September 2018, 9. Since then, it has been on an increasing trend (deterioration of the economy).[47].
  • November 11 - performs a Trump President Xi Jinping Jintao (General Secretary) is telephone conversation, it is very good dialogue with trade issues and North Korea problem, of December 1,G20If we can have a good dialogue at the US-China summit meeting inTwitterPosted in[48][49][50].
  • August 11- Stephen MunushinWith the Treasury SecretaryLiu CraneDeputy Prime Minister held a telephone conversation, but no progress was made[51].Peter NavarroU.S. National Security Adviser spoke in Washington that financial institutions should not put pressure on US-China trade issues to be resolved early[52][53][54][55]..After this lecture, global stock prices fell again, but President Trump posted on Twitter on November 11 that the outlook for presidential harassment by the Democratic Party was the cause of the fall in stock prices.[56].
  • August 11- Lee KeqiangHe said the Prime Minister was willing to negotiate with the U.S. and was confident that both sides had the wisdom to find an acceptable solution.[57].Larry KudlowThe chairman of the National Economic Council says that he is continuing discussions at all levels, although he does not know the conclusion.CNBCAnswered in a TV interview[58][57].
  • November 11-President Trump is seeking a trade deal with China, which may eliminate the need to impose additional tariffs, but China's proposal at this time is unreciprocal and unacceptable, 16 items In addition to that, he said that he would like to answer 142 to 4 important items additionally.[59][60]..Immediately after President Trump's remarksWhite HouseOfficials also said that the discussions are not expected to be finalized immediately, so please do not read the remarks in depth.[61].
  • August 11- Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation ConferenceXi JinpingThe Chief of State (General Secretary) restrained the United States by saying that protectionism and unilateralism cast a shadow over the world economy.Mike PenceVice President announced policy to continue tariffs until China corrects unfair trade practices[62][63]..Vice President Mike Pence said trade practices, tariffs, import quotas, forced transfer of technology,Intellectual property rightHe said that human rights issues such as infringement of the United States, freedom of navigation in the South China Sea, and suppression of Islam are becoming problems between the United States and China.[64][65].. Although it closed on November 11, the conflict between the United States and China was deep, and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference could not adopt the Summit Declaration for the first time since the summit meeting was held from 18.[66][67].. On June 11Chinese Foreign MinistryA spokesman said the United States could not adopt the Leaders' Declaration because it gave an angry speech and destroyed the constructive atmosphere.[68][69],Wang YiForeign Minister also said it was because the United States justified and imposed protectionism.[70][71].. The Chair's statement was released five days later on November 11, and the statement "to fight protectionism and trade-distorting means" that was customarily included in the Leaders' Declaration was deleted.[72].
  • August 11- United States Department of Commerce Industry SecurityHas begun to solicit public comments on export restrictions on artificial intelligence, robots, microprocessors, etc.[73]..No specific country is specified, but it is said to have China in mind.[74].
  • November 11-American Trade Representative reports UPDATE CONCERNING CHINA'S ACTS, POLICIES AND PRACTICES RELATED TO TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, AND INNOVATION based on Article 20 of the Trade Act.[75] He expressed his view that China has not corrected its unfair practices.He wrote that the Chinese side made it clear that China was not constructively responding and had no intention of changing its policies.[76].. On June 11Ministry of Commerce of ChinaThe spokesman said it was an unfounded criticism[77][74].
  • August 11- OECDHowever, if the United States and China implement the fourth tariff measure to impose tariffs on all commodities, it is expected that the United States will reduce GDP by 2021%, China by 1.1%, and the world by 1.3% by 0.8.[78].
  • 11/22
    • US government against allies such as JapanHuaweiThe Wall Street Journal reported that it requested not to use the communication equipment of[79][80]..British government November 11th[81]In Australia on August 8[82]On November 11th in New Zealand[83]It was reported that Huawei's equipment was requested not to be used domestically.German government announced on December 12 that it would not eliminate[84].
    • President Trump will restrain China by raising tariffs by 2019% again from January 1, and U.S. tariffs will be paid by U.S. importers, passed on to product prices, and paid by U.S. consumers. Nonetheless, China said it wanted to trade because it would pay large tariffs[85].
  • August 11- Ministry of Commerce of ChinaChina's Deputy Director Wang received a press conference on WTO reformDeveloping countriesAnd China needs to be given special incentives in trade,Developed countryReiterated that it is okay to trade under different rules[86][87]..Western countries argue that China should not be treated specially in trade because it is the world's second largest economy.
  • 11/26
    • In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, President Trump is extremely unlikely to respond to the postponement of the tax hike at the U.S.-China summit on December 12, raising it to 1% from January 1 as planned, and adding all items. He said that the fourth tariff, which was targeted, would also be activated and the tax rate would be 1% or 25%.[88][89].
    • President TrumpGeneral MotorsAgainst the closure of 7 factories[90], 4 plants in the US will be closed, but the factory in China will not be closed, so it is announced that production in China will be stopped and subsidies will not be issued to return to Ohio[91]Said that he was applying pressure in the form of[92][93]..The Wall Street Journal analyzes that General Motors cannot shut down its Chinese plant because President Trump's tariff battle has forced it to manufacture in China.[94].
  • 11/27
    • Larry KudlowThe chairman of the National Economic Council said the US-China summit will be a dinner on December 12st, and although there are still disagreements, he believes there is considerable potential for trading (still the same). Optimistic and skeptical with media[95]It is an opportunity to break the deadlock, and President Xi (General Secretary) said he could seriously present new ideas to us.[96]..However, he said he was disappointed with the reaction so far because the Chinese side has not changed the approach significantly.[97].
    • Taro AsoFinance Minister on October 10thMike PenceThe Vice President's speech at the Hudson Institute was the US government's claim, and the Chinese government did not officially argue, saying that the US strategy for China would advance and the conflict would be prolonged.He said that the hard-line argument against China should be taken as the opinion of the Eastern Establishment, not as President Trump's idea, and he explained it to the Japanese government when Vice President Mike Pence came to Japan on November 11.[98]
    • According to a US Congress reportXinjiang Uygur Autonomous RegionIn, one million Muslims have been detained in re-education facilities,Cui TiankaiAmbassador to the United States is justHEATIt is a re-education to terrorists, which is equivalent to the above, and warned that if the United States decides to impose sanctions in this case, the Chinese side will also take retaliation measures.[99]..In addition, the Chinese government holds the most in the world in terms of trade friction.US government bondsI don't think I'm seriously considering using it as a weapon[100].
  • August 11- Robert LightheiserThe trade representative raised the automobile tariff by 7% in both the United States and China at the time of the first tariff on July 6, and the US side increased to 25% and the Chinese side to 27.5%, but the American side made it 40%, which is the same as China. Said that he was considering making[101]..He also said China is not trying to reach the negotiating table with meaningful reform proposals.[102].
  • November 11-President Trump says he is approaching a conclusion of trade negotiations with China, but is uncertain what he wants.[103][104].Ministry of Commerce of ChinaA spokesman said he expected positive results at the U.S.-China summit.[105][106].
  • November 11-Chinese officials acknowledge that consensus is steadily rising[107]..American stocksS & P 500Was up 11% in the last week of November, the first increase in about 4.16 years.[107].
  • December 12-Trade issues discussed at US-China summit[108]..Extend the discussion to 90 days (until February 2019, 2)[109]) Decided to postpone further tariff increases. The third tariff was scheduled to be raised to 2019% on January 1, 1, but it was postponed during the discussion.China has agreed to purchase large quantities of agricultural products, energy, industrial products, etc., and has agreed to start importing agricultural products immediately.QualcommbyNXP SemiconductorsThe acquisition was once rejected by the Chinese antitrust authorities, but will be reviewed if it is reapplied.[110](Qualcomm announced on December 12 that it would not reapply[111]).
The US side wants to resolve the following five points within 5 days.
National capitalismReview of industrial subsidies, which are the pillars ofhigh techPolicy reviews in the field were excluded from the talks due to the backlash from the Chinese side.Although not a trade issue, the South China Sea and Muslim issues raised by Vice President Mike Pence during APEC have also disappeared from the agenda.Of the above five points, China claims that it has not forced technology transfer or conducted cyber attacks.Deputy Director Wang Jingwen of the Ministry of Commerce of China said that he would "consult in the direction of canceling" the first and second tariffs of $ 5 billion.TaiwanOn the issue, he also agreed that the United States would maintain the principle of one China.Bloomberg analyzes that China needs to import soybeans, etc., and the import value will not change, only the import destination will switch to the United States.[112]..Also, on the US side, as much as China buys, other countries will buy from other than the US, and as a result, the total amount of imports and exports in both the US and China may not change much.China[113]And America[114]There is a slight discrepancy in the content of the announcement at[115]For example, the US side says that tariffs will be raised to 90% if it cannot be resolved within 25 days, while the Chinese side has reached an agreement without announcing the story on the 90th, and each other is new. Announced that it has stopped imposing heavy tariffs.While the US side has raised the issue by five points, the Chinese side has only announced that it is a trade issue.
  • December 12-President Trump posted on Twitter that China has agreed to reduce or eliminate import tariffs on automobiles[116][117].
  • 12/3
    • A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said U.S. and Chinese leaders had instructed the economic team to work to eliminate tariffs.[118].
    • Until February 2019, 2, the US negotiator was changed to Lighthizer Trade Representative[119].
    • Kudlow, the chairman of the National Economic Council, said that the issue of tariffs on automobiles is like a pledge, although there is no written agreement, the Chinese government has not confirmed the agreement and expects tariffs to be 0%. The pledge is not necessarily a trade agreement, but said it will be considered and probably implemented by the Chinese side.[120]..He said he was quite close to an agreement on IP infringement and coercion of technology transfer.[121].
    • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said China has indicated its intention to expand imports by more than $ 1.2 trillion, although details have not been elaborated.[122].
  • 12/4
    • President Trump, he ’s Tariff Man[123] I posted on Twitter that I was a (tariff man). He suggested that the 90-day grace period could be extended, and stated that it would impose additional tariffs if it was not extended.[124]
    • Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced a policy of withdrawing from the international agreement from the perspective of stopping the situation where troublesome people such as Russia, China and Iran will benefit.[125]
    • World Trade OrganizationKarl Browner, Deputy Secretary-General of the United States, acknowledged that the global trading system is in crisis.He warned that if everyone acted as they pleased, everything would be over.[126]
    • World simultaneous stock prices fall, American stocksS & P 500Fell 1% in one day. The biggest drop since the 3.24% drop on October 2018, 10.
  • 12/5
    • Although there was a gap between the announcements in China and the United States, the Chinese side officially acknowledged for the first time that the negotiation deadline was within 90 days.[127][128]..Details of the negotiations will be announced after December 12th.[129].
    • China with soybeansLNGStarted preparations for resuming imports.However, what will happen to tariffs is undecided[130].
  • 12/6
    • At the request of the U.S. government, the Canadian Ministry of JusticeEconomic sanctionsImposing(I.e.Suspected of illegally exporting the product toHuaweiThe daughter of the founder, Vice Chairman and CFOMeng Night Boat(The arrest itself was around the time of the US-China summit meeting on December 12st.[131][132]..The Chinese Embassy in Canada has criticized it as a serious human rights violation.The deal was appointed by the US federal governmentHSBCDiscovered by the inspector at HSBC[133].
    • The United States Department of Agriculture has announced that 25% tariffs have reduced cotton exports to China by 8% in August-September.[134]
    • The October 2018 trade deficit announced by the US Department of Commerce was the largest since October 10.Exports of goods and services fell 2008% and imports rose 10%.Tariff measures were taken against China to reduce the deficit, but it was counterproductive.[135]
    • Since the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, in China against her arrest and the elimination of HuaweiAppleFor American products such asBoycottIs reported to be widespread in Hong Kongtabloid紙のApple DailyOn December 12th, "Several Chinese companies are Apple smartphones.iPhoneEmployees have been notified to discontinue use of[136][137].
  • December 12-It was reported that the Japanese government is expected to virtually eliminate Huawei and ZTE from products and services used by central government ministries and the Self-Defense Forces due to security concerns.[138].
  • 12/8
    • Chinese Foreign MinistryMr. Rakutama, the deputy director of Huawei, called on Canada's ambassador to China and protested that if he did not release it, it would cause serious consequences and that Canada would be responsible for all of it.[139].. On December 12, he summoned the U.S. Ambassador to China and filed a strong protest that U.S. actions seriously violated the legitimate and legitimate interests of the Chinese people, and China identified U.S. actions and took further action. Said to do[140][141].
    • Chinese PLA Of戴旭The Colonel said two warships should be dispatched for an armed assault when an American battleship passes through the South China Sea in a free navigation operation.[142].
    • China's November 2018 surplus with the United States hit a record high[143].
  • 12/10
    • China is former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig[144]And Michael Spava, a Canadian who has cultural exchanges with North Korea[145][146]Was restrained.It was reported that Michael Kovrig was on December 12th and Michael Kovrig was on December 11th.
    • It was reported that Japanese mobile phone carriers will not use Huawei and ZTE base stations (mobile phone terminals are not covered).[147]..Softbank is an existing4GBase station also said to switch from Huawei to Ericsson and Nokia[148]..In 2017, Huawei ranked first and ZTE ranked fourth in the market share of mobile communication infrastructure.[149].
  • 12/11
    • Liu CraneThe deputy prime minister, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and the representative of the Trade Representative of Robert Lighthizer held a telephone conversation, and on July 7, the first tariff measure was to raise the tariff on automobiles from 6% to 15%. Undecided but agreed to return to 40% (15 days later, announced to be suspended for 3 months)[150][151].
    • President Trump said he would intervene in the U.S. Department of Justice if the issue of Huawei's arrest would affect trade negotiations and security.[152]..However, doing so has been accused of increasing the detention of Americans in order to favor negotiations with the United States in future economic problems.[153].
    • Canadian court granted Huawei CFO bail[154].
  • 12/13
    • Bloomberg reports that China has begun importing soybeans[155].
    • With Huawei and ZTE in mind, the Japanese government urges private companies and organizations not to procure information and telecommunications equipment that may leak information or stop functioning in 14 infrastructure fields such as electricity, water, finance, telecommunications, and railways. Was reported[156],Yoshii KanThe Chief Cabinet Secretary said the report was only government-procured and has no plans to request private companies at this stage.[157].
    • John BoltonThe White House Chief of StaffHeritage FoundationChina used bribes and uncertain agreements to speak atAfricaDespite strategically debting and enslaving nations, the United States is the most non-imperialist superpower in world history and does not indiscriminately assist the entire African continent, becoming independent, independent and growing. With that vision, he said he would prioritize investment in countries that serve the national interests of the United States.[158][159][160].
  • 12/14
    • Ministry of Finance of ChinaAnnounced that it will suspend additional tariffs on 25% of automobiles and 5% of automobile-related products against the United States between January 2019st and March 1st, 1.[161][162].
    • The U.S. Trade Representative has announced March 90, 10, that the third tariff will be raised from 25% to 2019% if the 3-day negotiations are unsuccessful.[163].
  • 12/17
    • U.S. Ambassador to the World Trade Organization Shea pointed out that China's unfair competition practices have had a negative impact on foreign companies and workers and violate WTO rules.China's WTO Ambassador to the World Trade Organization Zhang Mukai pointed out that it was protectionism based on national security concerns.[164].. EU Ambassador to the World Trade Organization Van Hukeren criticized US trade restriction policy as the WTO is in serious crisis[165]..Japan, Switzerland and Canada also criticized US trade policy[164].. The WTO has put together a report pointing out that the focus of U.S. trade policy is shifting to policies to support its security and strengthen its economy.[166].
    • The U.S. Department of Agriculture has announced that it has begun paying a second subsidy of up to $ 120 billion to help farmers hit by the trade war.[167]..Farmers are one of the supporters who helped Trump win the presidential election[168].
  • December 12-Treasurer Steven Mnuchin is focusing on documenting the agreement within the 18-day deadline (until March 90, 2019) between the United States and China. 2019He said he expects a meeting to take place in January[169].
  • December 12-US Trade Representative announces exemption of additional tariffs on China by item[170].
  • December 12-President Xi (General Secretary) gives a New Year's greeting with the US-China trade war in mindSelf-relianceAddressed the adherence to[171].

2019 move: the situation is swamped

  • February 2-President Trump announces extension of March 24 negotiation deadline[172].
  • August 3- Flight Problems with the Boeing 737 MAXIn response, China is the first in the worldBoeing 737 MAXBanned, US-China trade negotiation card and market strategy for domestic aircraft[173][174][175].
  • March 3-US Trade Representative announces second item-specific exemption for additional tariffs on China[170].
  • April 4-US Trade Representative announces third item-specific exemption for additional tariffs on China[176].
  • May 5-US-China trade talks do not agree, China unilaterally sends all seven chapters of the draft agreement, which was 10% complete[177][178][179]The United States, which was opposed to what it did, raised the $ 2,000 billion additional tariff from 10% to 25%.Deputy Prime Minister Liu He, who was visiting the United States during the talks, said, "I will definitely retaliate. China will never give up on issues related to principles."Fiscal policy,Financial PolicyThere is plenty of room for[180].ReiwaWhile Japanese stocks have fallen sharply since the first transaction, Chinese stock prices have recovered in a V-shape, a government-affiliated company called "".Institutional investorWas observed to support buying and produce a government-made market[181].
  • 5/13
    • China announces $ 6 billion retaliatory tariffs to raise to 1% on June 25[182].
    • The US Trade Representative has announced that it will consider a fourth round of $ 3,805 billion in additional tariffs on 3,000 Chinese products.PCs and smartphones that are 8% or more than 9% dependent on China for tariffsgame machineEnter[183], Almost all imported products from China, but rare earthsMedicineWas removed from the list[184].
    • China's state media broadcast articles and videos calling on the public to fight to the end in the trade war[185].
  • 5/15
    • CNYReceived a low price for the first time in 4 months[186], President Trump tries to offset tariffs in Chinamonetary easingAgainstFRBTo take "equivalent measures"[187]Signs Executive Order Restricting Huawei's Procurement of Parts from U.S.[188].
    • President Xi (General Secretary) gave a speech at the Asian Civilization DialogueUS Department of State Of(English editionDirector of Policy PlanningSino-US ConflictWestern文明And "Civilization clashFor what was positioned asRaceThe attempt to force other countries to reform by preaching their superiority was accused of being "stupid."[189][190].
    • A spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China said that the US-China trade issue has been changed from the traditional "trade conflict" to "trade war" and that China is taking self-defense measures.[191].
  • August 5- US Department of Homeland SecurityOccupies 80% of the North American marketDJIMade in China as there is a possibility that data will be passed to the Chinese government with such things in mindDroneAttention to purchase[192].
  • May 5-The US Department of Commerce induces currency depreciation with China in mindExchange interventionAnnounced policy to impose countervailing duties on trading partners[193][194].
  • June 5-ChineseNational Development and Reform CommissionIn a statement about rare earths, which the United States depends on imports from China, which produces 7% of the world's 8%, "Is it a countermeasure against the United States? What can be said is that if someone uses rare earths in China The Chinese people are not happy if they try to curb the development of the United States, "he suggested export restrictions.[195].
  • May 5-US Department of Defense drones and robots[196]Not only high-tech products such asmissile,Fighter[197]Financial support for domestic production as a measure against rare earth dependence on China, which is also necessary for defense equipment such asUnited States Federal Government,United States CongressRequested to[198].
  • 6/2
    • China's defense minister for the first time in eight yearsAsian Security CouncilAttendedWei FengheState Committee"If the United States wants a dialogue due to trade conflicts, the door is open. If the United States wants to fight, it is ready to fight," said the Minister of National Defense.[199].. American in a dayPatrick ShanahanSecretary of DefenseThe agent said at the Asian Security Conference that the US-China trade issue was "not recognized as a trade war. Only trade negotiations are ongoing. The US and China will eventually resolve the issue."[200][201].
    • China has released a white paper on the US-China trade conflict stating that "we will never make concessions on issues related to principles."[202].
  • June 6-US Trade Representative and US Treasury criticized China's white paper in a joint statement that "the United States was disappointed in the pursuit of a blame battle to tell the truth."[203].
  • June 6-The US Department of Commerce released a report stating that "modern life is impossible without rare earths. The United States will take unprecedented steps to keep supply cut."[204].
  • June 6-President Trump in a CNBC television interviewCentral BankPresident Xi (General Secretary), who controls the government, offsets tariffs by inducing exchange rate depreciation and monetary easing, saying that "everything is done at will"People's Bank of ChinaIn contrast, he criticized the politically independent Fed for "not listening to me and giving China an edge."[205][206],G20 Osaka SummitHe also said that without a summit meeting with President Xi (General Secretary), the fourth round of imposing tariffs on all Chinese imports would be launched immediately.[207].
  • 6/17
    • China's National Development and Reform Commission has announced preparations for developing a rare earth policy.State-ownedRing and ball newsReported the possibility of targeting the U.S. munitions industry[208].
    • U.S. Trade Representative has launched a seven-day hearing on the fourth tariff[209].
    • Microsoft,Nintendo,SonyIn a joint open letter, the United States demanded that 9% of game consoles imported from China be excluded from the fourth tariff.[210][211].
  • June 6-President Trump announced in a telephone meeting with President Xi that he had agreed to hold a US-China summit meeting at the G18 Osaka Summit and resume US-China trade talks.[212].
  • 6/21
  • June 6-US-China Summit Meeting. During a visit to Japan for the G29 Osaka Summit, President Xi (General Secretary) and President Trump agreed to resume trade negotiations, lift the embargo on Huawei, and postpone the fourth tariff.[216][217][218].
  • July 7-The first US-China ministerial talks after the re-stop[219].
  • July 7-First US-China trade talks after the re-stopShanghaiWent in[220].
  • August 8-Donald Trump has announced that China will implement the fourth tariff on China on September 1, saying it has not fulfilled the bulk purchase of agricultural products agreed at the Osaka Summit.[221].
  • August 8-Following the yuan's fall to the 5 yuan level against the dollar for the first time in 2008 years since 11[222], US Treasury for the first time since July 1994Currency manipulation countriesAnnounced that the certification was made in China[223].
  • August 8-The Ministry of Commerce of China announced that it has stopped purchasing agricultural products from the United States.[224].
  • August 8-The US Trade Representative has announced that it will exclude some items such as PCs, smartphones, and game consoles from the fourth tariff until December 13.[225].
  • 8/23
    • China imposes an additional 9% tariff on September 1st, resumes 10% tariffs on imported cars on December 12th, and adds 15% to some of the fourth round of retaliatory tariffs totaling $ 25 billion. Announced[226], Almost all imports from the United States are subject to tariffs on the Chinese side[227][228].
    • The United States has announced retaliation measures to add 5% to the fourth tariff and raise the additional tariffs from October 10st to the third from 1% to 25%.[229].
  • September 9-US Trade Representative imposes a 1% tariff on China for $ 1 billion in the fourth list 1200 and imposes a tariff on the remaining $ 15 billion on almost all imports on December 12. Expressed that[230]..China has also announced a 2-750% retaliatory tariff on the United States for a total of 5 billion dollars, which will be almost all imported goods in two parts of the fourth round.[231].
  • September 9-China's Ministry of Finance announces the first items to be excluded from tariffs on the United States, such as pharmaceuticals and lubricants[232].
  • September 9-President Trump has announced that he will postpone the tariff increase to 12% scheduled for October 10st to October 1th.[233].
  • September 9-US Trade Representative announces exemption of 20 items, including computer parts, from additional tariffs[234].
  • October 10-President Trump has announced that the US and China have reached a partial agreement and will not raise tariffs on October 11.[235].
  • 12月13日 - トランプ大統領とライトハイザー通商代表は米中が第1段階の合意文書で妥結したとして12月15日に予定した第四弾リスト2の1600億ドル分の対中関税を無期限に延期し、9月1日に発動した第四弾リスト1の1200億ドル分の対中関税を7.5%に引き下げることを発表した[236][237].. On the 15th, the State Council of the People's Republic of China announced that it would forgo the planned retaliatory tariffs and tariffs on the United States.[238].

2020 Moves: US-China Economic and Trade Agreement Signed and Corona War

  • January 1th, in the first stage agreementCompetitive devaluation of currencyTo avoidG20Commitment was confirmed and the currency manipulator certification to China was lifted[239][240][241].
  • January 1-President Trump and Deputy Prime Minister Liu He sign US-China Economic and Trade Agreement[242][243].
  • February 2-Chinese governmentOutbreak of new coronavirus infection in mainland ChinaAnnounced that masks and protective clothing will be excluded from retaliatory tariffs.[244].
  • February 2 - Trump President Xi Jinping Jintao reaffirmed the implementation of the US-China economic and trade agreements in the telephone conversation.Although it was said that the disaster clause in the US-China economic and trade agreement would be applied to the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection.[245], It is said that there was no official request from China[246]. Also,United States Department of StateIn China, about 18 tons of masks and protective clothing, etc.Infection controlAnnounced that it will airlift relief supplies and provide up to $ 1 million in financial assistance.[247][248].
  • February 2-The first phase of the agreement goes into effect, with the United States and China reducing tariffs on each other's imports for the first time.[249].
  • March 3-American Trade RepresentativeOutbreak of new coronavirus in the United StatesIn response to the maskArtificial respirators, Gloves and other medical supplies excluded from tariffs on China[250][251].
  • March 3-The G26 jointly stated that it would secure a cross-border supply chain of essential medical supplies to overcome the new coronavirus.[252]..Amid concerns about the impact on drug supply[253]The United States and China, which had been exchanging over the name and place of occurrence of the new coronavirus, reported that the new coronavirus was recognized as a threat common to all humankind and agreed to prioritize the establishment of an international infection prevention mechanism in the G20. Was[254].
  • August 8-President Trump is a Chinese IT companyBite dance,TencentSigned an executive order banning transactions with[255]..Also, on the 14th, for ByteDanceTikTokFormally ordered to sell its US business within 90 days[256].
  • September 9-The World Trade Organization makes its first decision on the US-China trade war, and the first-instance dispute resolution subcommittee (panel) acknowledges China's allegations that US tariffs on China are not justified.[257].
  • 11月12日 - トランプ大統領は中国人民解放軍の影響下にある中国企業にアメリカの投資会社や年金基金などが投資することを禁止する大統領令に署名した[258].

Customs duty amount

As the negotiations progressed, the United States urged China to make concessions by expanding the scope of additional tariffs in four stages.

However, negotiations continued to break down, with both the United States and China announcing that they would impose additional tariffs on almost all of each other's imports in 2019.[227][228].

It has been pointed out that tariffs apply not only to Chinese companies but also to companies in each country that produce in China and export to the United States, which will have a significant negative impact on the world economy throughout the supply chain.[259].

NameScheduled activation dateEligible amount in the United StatesNumber of items in the United StatesU.S. tariff ratesEligible amount in ChinaChina tariff rateNumber of items in ChinaActivation status
First tariff on China2018/7/6$ 340 million818 items25%$ 340 millionUp to 25%545 itemsIn activation
Second tariff on China2018/8/23$ 160 million284 items25%$ 160 millionUp to 25%333 itemsIn activation
Third tariff on China2018/9/24$ 2000 million5745 items10% (until May 2019, 5)
25% (from May 2019, 5)
$ 600 millionUp to 25%5207 itemsIn activation
Fourth tariff on China2019/9/1$ 1200 million3243 items
Part of $ 750 billion (30%)Up to 10%1717 items
In activation

American claim

The claim on the American side isEconomy of the People's Republic of ChinaAndChinese Communist PartyIt is divided into criticisms of the political system of. 201810/4ToMike PenceThese allegations are summarized in what the Vice President gave at the Hudson Institute.[38][39].

Things about the Chinese economy
Criticism of Chinese politics

The Trump administration believes that China's trade deficit problem will be solved by optimizing tariffs, but economics believes it is due to US overconsumption and low savings rates.[260].

It will be in the red because it consumes more than it earns.1980 era OfUS-Japan trade frictionThen.Japanese economyChinese economyResearcherRyutaro KomiyabyIS balance論や[261], 2007 OfWorld financial crisisHowever, the low savings rate and overconsumption of the United States were problems.[262]After that, the savings rate temporarily increased but decreased again, and in 2018, the low savings rate and excessive consumption constitution became a problem.[263][264]It is also the cause of the trade deficit.


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