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📊 | Sanyo Shokai / "Paul Stuart" flagship store moved to Gaienmae


Sanyo Shokai / "Paul Stuart" flagship store moved to Gaienmae

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We have a wide variety of pattern orders, and you can relax and choose your products in the VIP room.

Sanyo Shokai opened the flagship store of "Paul Stuart" in front of Gaien on November 11, the commercial facility "the ARGYLE ..." → Continue reading

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Guest room

Guest room(Kihinshitsu) is a guest (VIP) Was set up to serve部屋.



  • St. Petersburg stop-The St. Petersburg stop was used by the Russian imperial family, and there was a separate station bookstore as a guest room.[1].



Haneda airport,Narita AirportEtc. major空港Andbaseball Ground,Ryogoku KokugikanFor facilities such asroyal,Minister,foreignHeadな ど賓客There is a guest room (VIP room) for


The airports where the guest rooms are permanently or temporarily installed are as follows.[2].


The airport where the guest room was once temporarily built


At the railway station, to isolate from general usersTicket gateAs it is列車You can get in.In Japan before the end of World War IIEmperor,Royal familyIt is installed as a room to be used byVeteranI also used.Even at stations without guest rooms, VIPs, celebrities and members of the Diet (boarding pass for members of the Diet) may not use the normal ticket gates (passages other than dedicated elevators and ticket gates), depending on the structure.[3], In some cases staff corridors, etc.).

The station where the guest room still exists

The station where the guest room once existed


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