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💴 | What if a complaint occurs on the flea market apps? Confronting possible problems such as "the image is different" and "they do not evaluate" ...


What if a complaint occurs on the flea market apps? Confronting possible problems such as "the image is different" and "they do not evaluate" ...

If you write the contents roughly
In the case of an unfounded complaint such as an allegation, if you tell the other party, "I'm contacting the secretariat and waiting for a reply," the complaint may not be perfect.

Participants in the flea market apps have a lot of different ideas, and sometimes users collide with each other ... → Continue reading


MONEY PLUS is an economic media that conveys financial and economic information in an easy-to-understand manner for people who are not good at talking about money.

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As a legal term in JapanSecretariat(Jimukyoku) isCountryorLocal government OforganIt is a department set up (usually in a collegial system) to handle the office work.


CountryOrLocal governmentBelongs toCollaborative systemInstitution ofSole systemSimilar to the organization, there is usually a department to handle the affairs, but as a legal term, this is generally called the "secretariat."

The actual name is often “secretariat”, but it may be given a different name such as “secretariat”. In addition, even when multiple independent institutions have the same authority, the department that handles the affairs is called the secretariat.[1].

Sole system OforganIn the case of, there is a collective term that refers to the institution and the department that handles its affairs (for example,Minister of JusticeAgainstMinistry of Justice), there is usually no designation to refer to the department.[2],Collaborative systemInstitutions (Administrative committee,Council etc.), it refers to the department that handles the affairs of the institution and is usually called the "secretariat" (for example,Public Safety Examination Committee(The secretariat), there is usually no name that refers to both as a whole.[3].. Therefore, for convenience, it is often referred to by the name of the institution.

The head of the secretariat in a general sense is generally called the secretary-general, and when the term “secretariat” is actually used, the director is usually called the “secretary-general”.[4].

An example

Example called "Secretariat"

Legislative office

Executive branch

  • So-calledSanjo CommitteeMay have a secretariat as required by law (Cabinet Office Establishment LawArticle 52, paragraph 1,National Administrative Organization LawArticle 7 paragraph 7). The secretariat hasSecretariatIt is possible to set up departments, sections, and rooms that are equivalent thereto (Article 52, Paragraphs 2 and 3 of the Cabinet Office Establishment Act, Article 7 and Paragraph 7 of the National Administrative Organization Act, Paragraphs 3 to 5). Many examples.
  • In addition, there may be a secretariat for the council, etc. (If the department in charge has the secretariat function, there is no such organization as the secretariat.) For example,Securities and Exchange Surveillance CommitteeSuch.


Local government

Example called "General Secretariat"

Executive branch

  • Accounting OfficeSecretary-General for the Inspector Meeting in Japan (Head is Secretary-General)
  • National Personnel AuthoritySecretary-General of the
  • In addition, the so-called Sanjo Committee may have a secretariat as required by law (Cabinet Office Establishment Law, Article 52, paragraph 5, National Administrative Organization Law, Article 7, paragraph 8), if necessary. The example is only one of the following.


Neither the "Secretariat" nor the "Secretary General" are called, but examples corresponding to these

Executive branch

Local government


  1. ^ In local governmentSole systemIs an institutionAudit CommitteeThe secretariat is located in.
  2. ^ As an exception to the aboveAudit CommitteeAnd the secretariat does not exist.
  3. ^ As an exceptionAccounting Office(Inspector Meeting and Secretariat).
  4. ^ As an exceptionHouse of Representatives(He is the Secretary General),House of Councilors(He is the Secretary General),Board of education(The length isSuperintendent of schools).



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