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💹 | 27th Tokyo Stock Exchange Front price 65 yen depreciation ends at 64 yen


27st Tokyo Stock Market Forecast Ended at 65 yen depreciation of 64 yen

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The closing price in the morning was 26 yen, which is 65 yen lower than the 64th, and TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) was 2.

In the Tokyo stock market on the 27th, the number of new infections of the new coronavirus increased sharply in Europe and the United States, and the stock price was large in the US market the day before ... → Continue reading

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TSE stock index

TSE stock index(I'm sorry,English: Tokyo stock price index, TOPIX(Topics))Tokyo Stock ExchangeListed on the first sectionstockThe exchange calculates and publishes stocks every second.Stock index.Nikkei Stock AverageWith Japanese stocksbenchmarkIs popular as


The TSE stock price index is for stocks listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.Market capitalizationThe sum ofclosing priceEvaluated on a base and is the base date 1968(Showa43 years)1/4Market capitalization (initial value is 8 yen)100As,New listing・Delisting ・Capital increase/decrease ・Corporate splitIt is corrected and indexed.

Compared to the Nikkei Stock Average,ValueBy the movement ofStock priceWhile having the advantage of not being affected,Stock certificateIt also had the drawback that due to the cross-holding, the market capitalization could easily double-count. For this reason, the Tokyo Stock ExchangeHeisei16 years) in FebruaryMarket capitalization weighted average stock price indexからFloating stock benchmarkへの変更を示唆。その後、2005年(平成17年)10月31日、2006年(平成18年)2月28日、2006年(平成18年)6月30日の3段階に分けて、東証REIT(REIT)All stock indexes except indexes have been moved to floating stock index.

Brief history

  • July 1969, 7 --Started publishing Tokyo Stock Price Index and Tokyo Stock Price Index by size
  • August 1969, 8 --Started publishing the TSE Second Section Stock Index
  • October 1988, 9-TOPIX at Tokyo Stock ExchangeFutures tradingStart
  • October 1989, 10-TOPIX at Tokyo Stock ExchangeOption tradingStart
  • August 1998, 8 --Started publishing TOPIX New Index Series
  • February 1999, 2-Started publishing stock index including dividends
  • October 2001, 7-TOPIX at Tokyo Stock Exchange ETFStart trading
  • August 2003, 8 --Started publishing the TSE REIT Index
  • October 2003, 9- TSE Mothers IndexStarted to publish
  • October 2005, 10-TOPIX first floating stock
  • October 2005, 11- EuronextStart TOPIX ETF trading at
  • February 2006, 2-TOPIX's second floating stock
  • June 2006, 6-TOPIX floating stock completed
  • October 2007, 12- S & P / TOPIX150 Shariah IndexStarted to publish
  • December 2007, 12-Publication of TOPIX-10 series started
  • February 2009, 2 --Started publishing TOPIX style index series
  • February 2009, 2 --Started publishing TOPIX Composite Index Series
  • March 2010, 3 --Started to publish TSE Dividend Focus 8 Index
  • June 2010, 6 --Started publishing the TSE REIT index series by application
  • July 2010, 7 --TOPIX Dividend Index and TOPIX Core22 Dividend Index Launched
  • September 2010, 9 --Reduced TOPIX delivery interval to 13 second


All domestic common stocks listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

However, the addition/removal of stocks is done according to the following rules.

(Addition of brand)

  • New listing (direct listing or listing via other stock exchanges): End of the month following the listing date (last business day)
  • Initial listing (when a newly established company, etc. is immediately listed on the First Section of the Market due to stock transfer, etc.: Initial listing date
  • Stocks whose listing market has changed from Part XNUMX to Part XNUMX (partially designated): The end of the month following the partly designated date (last business day)
  • Mothers-JASDAQStocks whose listing market has changed from XNUMXst to the XNUMXst: The end of the month following the date of market change (last business day)

(Excluding stocks)

  • Organized issuesDelisted Stocks by Designation: 4 business days after designated stocks are listed
  • When delisting due to a share transfer, etc., and the newly established company being quickly listed on the First Section of the market due to the share transfer, etc.: Date of new listing of the newly established company, etc.
  • Stocks delisted due to merger, etc.: Delisting date
  • Redesignation to Part XNUMX of the Market: Redesignation Date
  • Market change to Mothers / JASDAQ: Market change date

Relationship with Nikkei Stock Average

The value obtained by dividing the Nikkei Stock Average by TOPIX isNT magnification". The NT ratio since 2000 has been around 9.5 to 12.5. Changes in the Nikkei Stock Average are related to export-related high-techFast retailing-KDDI-FANUC-Softbank Group-Kyocera OfValue is stockHowever, TOPIX is greatly affected by large companies with large market capitalization and domestic demand-related stocks, and the composition ratio of large bank stocks differs greatly between the two.

Therefore, when the NT magnification greatly rises or, conversely, falls, it means that the object of object color is biased.

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