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💴 | What is a pensioner support benefit?What kind of person can I get?


What is a pensioner support benefit?What kind of person can I get?

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At the time of revision, "Notice of revision of pensioner support benefit payment amount" will be mailed.

What kind of system is it? With the consumption tax hike from October 2019, living support for pensioners below a certain income standard ... → Continue reading

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Notification of revision of payment amount

Junji Takada's pension life

Junji Takada's pension life(Junji Takada's pension)BS Japanで2012年4/8から2013年3/24Was being broadcast until情报-Cultureprogram.Junji Takada OfCrown program.


Junji Takada, who has reached the age of 65, will learn about lifestyles in close contact with ordinary people and entertainers aged 65 and over (called "Happy Seniors of the Week" in the program) who lead a fulfilling life with hobbies and work. However, from the 30th time the program started broadcasting, the content changed to a city walk program where you can take a walk while interacting with the senior generation in the city you visited.

In addition to BS Japan,Yamaguchi broadcastingで2013年1月から3月まで月曜9:25 - 10:20に、同年4月5日から19日まで金曜9:25 - 10:20に放送されたほか、Hiroshima TVBut from January 2013 to March 1th of the same year, it was broadcast on Mondays from 3:18 to 10:30.In addition, allNippon TVIt is a series.


ス タ ッ フ

  • Narration:Inuyama Inuko
  • Planning: Tatsuya Hosoi (BS Japan)
  • Composition: Tetsuya Nishida, Tetsuya Tokoro, Yusuke Iino
  • Edited by: Hatsue Tsuchiya, Hirohiko Kondo, Mitsuru Shiroishi, Shinya Miyabe, Atsushi Miura, Naoya Yamashita
  • MA: Hiroyuki Sakairi, Shinichi Okada, Masayuki Tatsubayashi
  • Sound effects: Seiji Wake
  • Technology: Yasuyuki Inomata, Hiroyuki Kotaki, Masatoshi Ikeda, Hiroyuki Ochiai, Koichiro Miyakawa, Kazuhiro Kiyohara, Satoshi Konishi, Takashi Sasaki (First Hand)
  • research:News Create
  • Title CG: Hiroyuki Tsujii, Akihiro Sawaguchi
  • Organization: Junya Ito (BS Japan)
  • Program promotion: Taizo Yamamuro (TV Tokyo)
  • Desk: Risa Kadota
  • AP: Mieko Mori, Mari Tanaka, Hiroko Takakawa
  • AD: Daijiro Tsuruta, Mana Kimura, Yuki Nishimura, Hisami Yamazaki
  • Directors: Keiji Takahashi, Sho Funatsu, Ryoichi Fukui, Yosuke Nishimura, Rizo Kito, Takahiro Okada
  • Producer: Hidekichi Okada → Daiki Watanabe (TV Tokyo), Mayu Obata (ZIPPY PRODUCTION)
  • Production: BS Japan, ZIPPY PRODUCTION

Program theme song


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BS Japan Sunday 20:00 frame
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Junji Takada's pension life




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