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📢 | [goo bot maker x Miliyah Kato] AI chatbot "Virtual Miliyah" training project ...


[Goo bot maker x Miliyah Kato] AI chatbot "Virtual Miliyah" training project ...

If you write the contents roughly
(2) Miliyah Kato produces digital contents and original goods linked with "Virtual Miliyah"
In this project, Miliyah Kato himself creates digital contents and original goods that match the personality and hobbies of "Virtual Miliyah" and her favorite fashion.

November 2020, 11 NTT Resonant Inc. Notice AI chatbot at goo bot maker… → Continue reading

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Miliyah Kato

Miliyah Kato(Miliyah Kato, 19886/22 -) isJapan OfFemale singer-songwriter,fashion designer,Novelist,actress.AichiToyota CityI'm from BelongsLabel TheMASTERSIX FOUNDATION,BelongsThe office TheYARD.


Before debut

AichiToyota CityBorn in.The family consists of mother and younger brother.His deceased father ran a jewelry store during his lifetime[1][2].

When I was in elementary schoolNamie Amuro,Lauryn hillAiming to become a singer[3].

In 1998, a woman who made her debut one after another with a new sensation this yearSinger-songwriterInspired by us.And I started writing lyrics when I was 10 years old in order to dissipate the moyamoya feelings of adolescence without bothering my mother and anyone.[4].

In 2001, when I became a junior high school student, I went to Tokyo with the lyrics I wrote down.Sony Music AuditionReceive.Hikaru Utadaof"automaticallySang and passed at the age of 13. He started writing songs at the age of 14, and began to listen to music eagerly to stay one step ahead of his rivals.For three years in junior high school, on weekends, I went to Tokyo from Nagoya and spent days taking singing lessons.[4].

2003, before debutReggae Disco RockersParticipated in one of the songs in the album as a guest vocalist and appeared in a commercial.following year,Doji-TAlso featured in "Goddess of Victory".

major debut

  • In April, his column released a short movie of the original "Lonely Girl".
  • January,UAHit song "情 熱4th single "" sampled fromJonetsuWas released.
  • October, 10st album "Pink』Released.Recorded 2nd place on Oricon's first appearance.
  • He started the fashion brand "Kawi Jamele" for clothes that he designs himself.
  • November, sampling best album "BEST DESTINY』Released.Won his first Oricon chart.
  • July, 7th album "Ring』Released.It was ranked in the TOP3 for 4 consecutive weeks in the Oricon weekly ranking.
  • October, the firstNippon BudokanPlayed a performance.
  • July 7th, 28th album “HEAVEN] Is released.In the Oricon weekly ranking, he won a personal best record that surpassed the previous work.
  • April, "4 London OlympicsAnnounced to sing the original Japanese campaign song "HEART BEAT", appointed by Coca-Cola, which develops various activities related to[9].
  • In July, he performed with the 7-member dance team "MY BEATS" in London during the Olympic Games.[10][9].
  • In May, the new song "Girls Award 5 Spring / Summer"AIAIAIShow off[11].
  • On November 11th, the second novel "UGLY" was released by Gentosha.[12].
  • July 11th, 21th album “TRUE LOVERSWas released.
  • A national tour "TRUE LOVERS TOUR 2" will be held from February to April.
  • On January 1nd, the limited edition double-sided A-side single "Love / Affection / Kami-sama" was released. A part of the new novel "God" is pre-enclosed on the CD.I challenged the director for the first time in the music video of the recorded song "God" based on the novel[13].
  • On January 1, the third short story collection "God" as a novelist was released.This is her first collection of short stories[14].
  • 7th album 『LOVELANDWas released.
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Nakashima MikaThe collaboration song "Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 2014 Remix)" with was included as a representative song for Asia.2014 FIFA World CupformulaCompilation albumThe Japanese version of "One Love, One Rhythm 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Tournament Official Album" will be released[15].
  • June 6 (local time),World CupCurrently being heldBrazil-Rio de Janeiro OfCopacabanaIt was held at a special beach venueFIFA Performed as an Asian representative in "Fan Fest" with Mika Nakashima and performed the official representative song "Fighter (Tachytelic World Cup Brazil 10 Remix)" in front of about 2014 soccer fans. In the middle of the song, the local artist Dream team do Passinho also jumped in[16].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,HYReleased a collaboration single "YOU ..." with Izumi Nakasone[17].
  • On October 10nd, the artist book "Cupido" will be released to commemorate the 2th anniversary of debut.[18].
  • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Thelma AoyamaとAIReleased "I'll be there with you" featuring.
  • October 10, debut 29th anniversary album "MUSE] Has been released.
  • On January 1th, the 14th single "Boys and Girls" was released.See you on the night of the dayLINEAppsThe release commemorative program "Miliyah's Room-Boys and Girls Edition-" was delivered live above.[19][20].
  • May 5-8 Stage "ASTERISK ~ Goddess of Light ~"God's Light" is decided as the theme song of[21].
  • On April 4, he married a general man and reported that he was pregnant.[23].. Reported the birth of the first baby boy on June 6[24].


  • The name "Miliyah" was named by connecting his real name with the acronyms of his mother, younger brother, and three people.[3]..Credits for songwriting and songwriting are written as "Miliyah".
  • DesignerAs an original fashion brand KAWI JAMELE and jewelry brand Mirror by Kawi Jamele.
  • At the time of debut in 2004OriconWon first place in the weekly album ranking ofHikaru UtadaBreaking the youngest record of, attracted attention as "Post Utada"[27].
  • At first, it is often emphasized that he is an "active high school student"[28], Called "high school girl charisma" because of its sympathetic lyrics[27].. Participating in the concept creation of the visual image of the CD jacket and producing a fashion brand, it has an influence on the visual and fashion aspects as well.[29]..People who are influenced by Kato's music, fashion, and behavior are called "miliya".[30][31].
  • The future goal isNamie Amuro,Ayumi HamasakiSymbolize the times as a female artist likeiconTo be[32].
  • In 1996, when I was in the second grade of elementary school, "AmlaIn the phenomenon "Namie AmuroI longed for fashion and imitated makeup.And I wanted to be like her and was conscious of becoming a singer[3][4][33].
  • I listened to the song I cried the most when I was starting to write the lyrics for the sixth grade of elementary schoolRingo Shiinaof"Dependence"[4][34]..It dispelled the feeling of loneliness and made me realize that "women can sing in their own words."[4].
  • Love readingOsamu Dazai"Human disqualification],Yazawa Ai"Paradise Kiss"[34].


He likes a style that fuses R & B and hip-hop, and he states that he has successfully found a landing point based on R & B and hip-hop, "not too core, not too pop, and an intermediate point".[29].

The characteristic of music is often "samplingTo use the technique[35]..However, the best album released in 2008, which consists only of sampled songs,BEST DESTINY』, Once sealed the style[36]..In addition, the overseas hit chart is "Four strikesIn 2007, when the song "" began to dominate, the 13th single "SAYONARA BabySucceeded in creating a four-on-the-floor hit format even in Japan[36]..Then, the image of four-on-the-floor became stronger this time, and I tried to dispel it, and the 4th single "Heroes"made[36].

As mentioned above, I hate that the same image continues.And if you can write good melody and lyrics, what is it?TrackI don't mind singing on top of it, and I don't want to set restrictions, so sometimes I say "HouseI just follow the intuition of "I want to do", "I want to do hip hop", "I want to do rock"[36].

I think dance is "one of the emotional expressions"[37].

The affected artists are Namie Amuro,Lauryn hill[3],Mary J. Blige[38][39]..When I was in the first year of junior high school, I was shocked by Mary J. Blige, who listened to it on a listening device, and realized the fun of R & B and hip-hop.AndBlack musicI started to dig deeper and listen to it, and my mother bought itTurntableI came to touch[39][40]..And I knew the sound I should aim for[4].

What influenced me in terms of lyricsCoconut,Hikaru Utada,aiko,Ringo Shiina,Ayumi HamasakiFemale singers who made their debut around 1998[4][37][39]..Especially for Ayumi Hamasaki,iconAs a result, he felt that he was the first to speak for the loneliness that everyone had.[37].

Kwansei Gakuin University OfKensuke SuzukiAssociate professorIt is,Mobile phoneHave a close relationship with cultureGalThe lyrics of the pattern "I don't want to be hated by men" and "I hate myself like this" while saying "I'm waiting forever", which is supported by young women calledEnkaNamed "Gal Enka" because it has the same format asNishino KanaKato was mentioned as a representative of them.[41]..Kato himself thinks that it is the price of having released such songs in quick succession, and says that the image must be broken somewhere.[36].




Release dateTitleInfomation
2011/9/22I was bornGentosha
2014/1/29God[Note 1]Gentosha
2016/5/26Goddess of happinessGentosha
2019/9/4Every little fatePublished by Kawade Shobo Shinsha

Artist book

Release dateTitleInfomation


Song titleTie-up
night skyTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"School-R"Opening theme
Never let goTV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
BeautifulLotte"Pure White Gum" CM Song
TV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
Dear Lonely GirlTheme song for the online movie "Lonely Girl"
Fuji Television Network, Incsystem"HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP"Ending theme
Dreaming under the moonTV Tokyo anime "Adventure King Bite"Ending theme
Don't stop!TV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
SotsugyoTV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
Caught upCamelia diamondCM song
Last SummerTV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
dwango"Iro Melomix DXCM song
ミ シ ェ ルNippon TVSeries animeLupine III Seven Days RhapsodyTheme song
I WILLShochikuDistribution movie "OtoshimonoTheme song
TV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
Eyes on youTohoDistribution movie "GO TO BUBBLE!! Time machine is drum typeTheme song
dwango "Iromero Mix DX" CM song
Until the morning as it isTV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
TV TOKYO system "school-R" ending theme
dwango "Iromero Mix DX" CM song
I won't forgetdwango "Iromero Mix DX" CM song
My Girl feat. COLORFuji TV drama "Bride and dad"Ending theme
Love is ...Every day broadcasting-TBSSeries animeTo the earth..."Ending theme
TV TOKYO system "school-R" ending theme
TV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
19 MemoriesTV TOKYO system "school-R" opening theme
dwango "Iromero Mix DX" CM song
20 -CRY-Theme song for the mobile music drama "20 -CRY-"
Peopleau LISMO drama"Premarital Express-Jinsei is from 17-" theme song
DestinyAsmik Ace=KadokawaDistribution movie "New Moon/Twilight Saga"Image Song
BYE BYETBS systemCOUNT DOWN TV"Opening theme
XOXOTV Tokyo series "DANCE @ TV" ending theme
WHYTheme song for the au LISMO drama "Premarital Express -Jinsei Yappa 21-"
HeroesNippon TelevisionHappy Music"Opening theme
TV Tokyo series "DANCE @ TV" opening theme
DESIRETV Tokyo series "DANCE @ TV" opening theme
RAINBOWTV AsahiDrama seriesRose-colored Holy War A mother of two children, 30 years old, becomes a model.Theme song
ROMANTV Tokyo series "DANCE @ TV" opening theme
Baby tell meKansai TV・Fuji TVGutan Nouveau"Ending theme
AIAIAIForeign drama"THE FIRM The Firm Law Firm"Ending theme
HEART BEATCoca Cola Of2012 London Olympics-Campaign song
ParadiseToho distribution movie "Another] Theme song
EMOTIONTBS drama "After school groove] Theme song
HigherSeiko"Lukia LUCKY PASSPORT" CM song
YOU ... feat. Izumi Nakasone (HY)TOKYO FMRadio Drama"Kimikoi Story-Kimikoi Story-Theme song
The best happinessNHK GeneralDrama"Copy Face ~ Erased Me ~] Theme song[42]
ROMANCEAsmik Ace distribution movie "Love x Doc" theme song
WALK TO THE DREAMsoccer team"Iwaki FC"Official cheering song
Through your eyesAkanoren CM song
Holy Happy FamilyAkanoren 2018 Winter Sale TVCM Song

List of sampled songs

SongSampling music
night skyBUDDHA BRAND"Human Power Station" (1995)
Dear Lonely GirlMarvin Gaye"Sexual Healing"(Year 1982)
Yuri Sato"Lonely Girl" (1983)
ECD"ECD Lonely Girl feat. K DUB SHINE"(Year 1997)
JonetsuUA"情 熱"(Year 1995)
for so longm-flo"been so long"(Year 1999)
for so long PART II
So goooodRIP SLYME"One"(Year 2001)
Michael ~ Ainotheme Remix ~"Lupine III Love Theme"(Year 1997)
Until the morning as it isTanto Metro & Devonte "Everyone Falls In Love" (1998)
FUTURECHECKA feat. SIMON, COMA-CHI & TARO SOULEarth Wind and Fire"Brazilian Rhyme" (1977)
19 MemoriesNamie Amuro"SWEET 19 BLUES"(Year 1996)
Koi ShiteruShanice"I Love Your Smile"(Year 1991)
The day when love disappearedTOK"I Believe" (2001)
Blessid Union of Souls"I Believe" (1995)
XOXOSpitz"Robinson"(Year 1995)
BABY! BABY! BABY!THE BLUE HEARTS"リ ン ダ リ ン ダ"(Year 1987)
STYLEFTA"Creep" (1994)
FUTURE LOVER -Future Lover-Daft Punk"One More Time" (2000)
BABYLONRyuichi Sakamoto"energy flow"(Year 1999)


200511/19Single performancePinkVenue - 11 / 29 Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO (Tokyo)

The first solo one-man live.the title isSame name as 1st albumTherefore, it is a thing to carry this.

20063/28Single eventRECRUIT presents
Venue - 03 / 28 DUO MUSIC EXCHANGE (Tokyo)
2006/3/30Single eventAfter graduation 2006Venue - 03 / 30 SHIBUYA-AX (Tokyo)
2006/4/16Single performanceUNIVERSAL STUDIOS JAPAN (TM)
~ Miliyah Da New Beginning ~
Venue - 04 / 16 Universal Studios Japan (Osaka)
20075 July-9 SeptemberConcert tourDiamond Princess Tour 2007

2nd album “Diamond PrincessThe first national live house tour that was held with the help of.

2007/6/20Single performanceM-ON! Premium Live supported by
Coca-Cola "-Miliyah LIVE on Marine Rouge-"
Venue - 06 / 20 Yamashita Park (Kanagawa)

It was held on the luxury liner "Marine Rouge" that departed in the park.

May 2007-June 10, 7School festival tourDP AUTUMN TOUR 2007

The first school festival tour.The title "DP" is taken from the acronym of "Diamond Princess", the title of the national tour and the 2nd album released in the same year.

2007/10/26Single eventKawiJamele Night feat. -Gold-
Venue --10/26 Minamion Gem (Osaka)

A special live performance to commemorate the opening of the apparel brand "Kawi Jamele" that he produces.

20083/8Single performanceMiliyah Kato LIVE !!Venue - 03 / 08 Kasahara Central Public Hall (Gifu)
May 2008-June 6, 6Concert tourSAMOURAI WOMAN Vanity presents
Miliyah Kato TOKYO STAR Tour 2008
supported by Kawi Jamele

3rd album "TOKYO STARThe same live house tour as last time, which was held with the help of.From this work, the apparel brand "Kawi Jamele" produced by herself is acclaimed as a supporter.

October 2008th-November 10th, 11School festival tourKawi Jamele presents

The second school festival tour following the previous year.Also, 2stCompilation album"BEST DESTINY』Is about to be released in the meantime, so it's also a live performance with that.

20096/11Single performanceSKECHERS x Miliyah
Miliyah Kato SPECIAL Live
Venue - 06 / 11 Zepp Tokyo (Tokyo)

Special live performance by acclaimed cooperation with apparel shoes "SKECHERS".

May 2009-June 9, 9Concert tourSAMOURAI WOMAN Vanity presents
Miliyah Kato “Ring” tour 2009
supported by Kawi Jamele

4th album 『RingThe first national hall and live house tour that was held with the help of.The first performance at Nippon Budokan was held on the final day, and it was later made into a video work. For the Tokyo performance on September 9th,Shota ShimizuIs participating as a special guest.

May 2009-June 10, 10School festival tourRing-a-ling tour

[“Ring” tour 2009] This is the third school festival tour for the third consecutive year, which was held in parallel between the events.

2010August 11- 20112/10Concert tourSAMOURAI WOMAN Vanity presents
Miliyah Kato “ETERNAL HEAVEN” TOUR 2010-2011

5th album 『HEAVEN], A national tour that was held. The hall tour in 2010, and the first arena tour in 2011.

May 2011-June 10, 8Concert tourKAWI JAMELE presents
Miliyah Kato M BEST TOUR 2011

firstBest album"M BESTA national hall arena tour that was held with the help of.It's been about 2 months since the previous tour was held in February of the same year.

20132 July-5 SeptemberConcert tourTRUE LOVERS TOUR 2013

6th album 『TRUE LOVERSA national hall arena tour that was held with the help of.It was the first time in a year since the last time.

May 2013-June 9, 23School festival tourTHE NOTORIOUS VENUS TOUR 2013

This is the first school festival tour in four years since 2009.

20144 July-10 SeptemberConcert touruP !! Presents
Miliyah Kato Loveland tour 2014
Supported by KAWI JAMELE

7th album 『LOVELANDA national hall arena tour that was held with the help of.This year marks the 10th anniversary of its debut.

20153 July-20 SeptemberConcert tourMiliyah Kato 10th Anniversary “A MUSE” Tour 2015
supported by KAWI JAMELE
20164 July-14 SeptemberConcert tourMiliyah Kato “DRAMATIC LIBERTY” tour 2016
supported by KAWI JAMELE

8th album 『LIBERTYA national hall arena tour that was held with the help of.

20176 July-23 SeptemberConcert tourMiliyah Kato “Utopia” tour 2017
supported by KAWI JAMELE

9th album 『UtopiaA national hall tour that was held with the help of.From this year, the event will continue at a small venue.

May 2017-June 12, 11Single tourMiliyah Kato Christmas Premium Live -Uta no Kai 2017-

The first Christmas special live.They were performed on the stage of the daytime (1st) performance and the nighttime (2nd) performance, respectively.

20186 July-3 SeptemberConcert tourMiliyah Kato "CELEBRATION" tour 2018
supported by KAWI JAMELE

Although the tour does not include the album title, the 10th album "Femme Fatale』Has been released, so it is a live that actually brought this work.

2018/6/22Single performanceMILIYAH BIRTHDAY BASH LIVE 2018Venue - 06 / 22 Shinkiba STUDIO COAST (Tokyo)

His first 2018-year-old birthday commemorative birthday live was held in parallel between the national tour ["CELEBRATION" tour 30].Shota Shimizu, a close friend, appeared as a surprise guest in the encore and congratulated him.

September 2018-12, 13Single tourMiliyah Kato "Uta no Kai vol.3 Premium Live 2018"

Like last time, it was held on the stage of the daytime (1st) performance and the nighttime (2nd) performance.

20199 July-4 SeptemberConcert tourMiliyah Kato 15th Anniversary tour 2019 "GEMINI"
supported by KAWI JAMELE

A national live house tour to commemorate the 15th anniversary of debut.It is also the first live tour after marriage and maternity leave.

20206/22Single eventMILIYAH BIRTHDAY BASH LIVE 2020Venue --06/22 (Somewhere in a studio in Tokyo)

The birthday live was held for the first time in two years since 2018.
Unlike the conventional live venue, this work was performed in a studio format called full paid live distribution by renting out a studio somewhere in Tokyo.

September 2020, 11 (planned)Single performanceMiliyah Kato 15th Anniversary
Venue --11/29 Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)

Performance to commemorate the 15th anniversary of debut.The performance at Nippon Budokan will be the first in about 2010 years since the national tour held from 2011 to 10.


TV drama




Girls Award 2012 Spring / Summer (WWS channel/ 2012)



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