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📢 | Concluding an agreement on cooperation between Takaoka City and Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (Interview Guide)


Concluding an agreement on cooperation between Takaoka City and Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (Interview Guide)

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In addition, as the first step, 16 students will stay in Takaoka City for 2021 days from February 2, 8 (Monday) to plan research and planning.

November 2020, 11 Kyoto University of Foreign Studies On Tuesday, December 24, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture and Kyoto University of Foreign Studies will promote tourism and regional development ... → Continue reading

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June 2021, 2


Takaoka(Takaoka) isToyamaNorthwestCityIs[2][3]..県庁所在地であるThe location of the prefectural officeToyamaIt is the second largest city in Toyama prefecture after, and is the central city in the western part of the prefecture (Wu West).

Lord KagaMaeda ToshinagaBuilt byTakaoka Castle Ofcastle townAfter the abolition of Takaoka Castle, it developed as a commercial and industrial city.[2][3].Traditional crafts OfTakaoka copperwareRepresented bycastingProduction is thriving.

The place name of "Takaoka" is "PoetryDerived from the passage "Phoenix Naruto in Takaoka (Phoenix Naruto in his Takaoka)"[1][4], Named by Toshinaga Maeda when the castle was built and openedMizusho place nameIs[5].


areaIs 209.38 km² (20,938ha),ToyamaIt occupies about 5% of the area of.The breakdown of the area is 36.22 km²Residential land, 56.92 km²Farmland, 22.7 km²Mountain forest, 2.21 km²Wilderness, 85.44 km²Public land(Parks, etc.), 5.89 km²wastelandIt has become.

In addition, the city area of ​​Takaoka City extends 19.2 km from north to south and 24.5 km from east to west.[6]..市の周囲は125.9kmでありThe circumference of the city is XNUMXkm[6],coastlineConsidering Toyama Prefecture (3 km), which has the third shortest total distance in Japan, it is about the same length.

4 of Toyama PrefectureCity(Himi,Oyabe City,Tonami,Imizu City), 2 of Ishikawa Prefecturetown(Tsubata Town,Hodatsu Shimizu Town), Adjacent to a total of 6 cities and towns.


AdjacentHimiFrom the border with the southwestern part of the city (Fukuoka area), 150m-300m mountains, especially near Himi cityNijo KamiyamaHigh mountains are gathered around the center.

ShogawaOyabe RiverFlows,TributaryIs sewing the city.Including small rivers, more than a dozen rivers flow through the city.

Top XNUMX beaches in JapanIs also chosenAmaharakaiganIs in the northern part of the city.BeachCrowded, in the summerSea bathingIt is crowded with.また、海岸の沖に高岡市唯一の島であるIn addition, it is the only island in Takaoka City off the coast.Man rockThere is.近くにはNearbyWoman rockThere is also a rock called, this isTateyama Mountain RangeFamous for the scenery that overlaps with.

In the center of the city and from the north to the eastHorizonIs part of.一方でOn the other handTonami PlainFrom the west to the south, which is part ofDispersed villageYou can also see the scenery of.砺波平野のおよそ220㎢の平野部に、屋敷林に囲まれた7,000軒を越す屋敷が点在するOver XNUMX mansions surrounded by mansion forests are scattered in the approximately XNUMX km plain of the Tonami Plain.[7].


  • Ohira: The highest peak in Takaoka City. 508m[8].
  • : 501.6m[8].
  • Nijo Kamiyama: The central peak of the Nijoyama hills. 274m.
  • Shiroyama: Located to the west of Mt. Nijo. 259m.
  • Mt. Hachibuseyama: Located east of Mt. Nijo. 200m.
  • Taishigatake: Located in the northernmost part of the mountain in Takaoka City. 253m.
  • : Located on the border with Himi City. 150m.
  • : 264m.
  • : Located in the south of the city. 160m.
  • : Located in the south of the city. 174m.
  • Jogatairayama: Located in the south of the city. 170m.
  • Motodoriyama: Located in the south of the city. 195m.
  • : Located in the south of the city. 203m.
  • : Located in the south of the city. 200m.
  • : Located in the southernmost part of the mountain in Takaoka City. 119m.


  • Ebisaka Pass : National highway No. 160 passes on the border with Himi city. 51m.


  • Shogawa: Flows along the border between Takaoka City and Imizu City.河口は射水市The estuary is Imizu CityShinminato areaIt is in.
  • Wada River: A tributary of the Shogawa River.砺波市に源を有し、砺波市ではIt has its source in Tonami City, and in Tonami CityWada River DamHave.
  • Oyabe River: Flowing from Nanto City.The estuary is the border between Takaoka City and Imizu City.
  • Gando River: A tributary of the Oyabe River.The basin is mainly in the Fukuoka area, and it is also known for its rows of cherry blossom trees.
  • : One of the tributaries of the Oyabe River.
  • Konade River: One of the tributaries of the Oyabe River.
  • Senbo River: A tributary of the Oyabe River.It flows from the Sho River to the Oyabe River.
  • Grandfather river: One of the tributaries of the Oyabe River.
  • : One of the tributaries of the Oyabe River.
  • Jikuko River: A tributary of the Oyabe River.Agricultural water is used as the water source.


  • Fifth place dam lake: Dam lake.It boasts the largest area of ​​a lake in Takaoka City.
  • Konade River Dam Lake: A dam lake that straddles Takaoka City and Oyabe City.The Kobashigawa Dam is located in Oyabe City.
  • Nakaike


  • Man rock: The only island in Takaoka City.Uninhabited island.
  • Woman rock: Rock near Otokoiwa.Famous for the scenery that overlaps with the Tateyama mountain range.


The climate isSea of ​​Japan side climateso,Heavy snowfallIt is specified in.Due to the Noto Peninsula on the windward side, the wind weakens and snow clouds tend to stagnate, and there is a lot of snow at the Fushiki Observatory in the coastal area.The deepest snowfall in a year is around 50-60 cm,18 heavy snowfallThe deepest snowfall is 104 cm, and in 2011 the deepest snowfall was 127 cm, which is more than 1 m in recent years.So-calledHeavy snowfallAt that time, the deepest snowfall of 1 cm was recorded, exceeding the record of 213 cm in Fukui City, which is the number one prefecture location.

2019According to the weather records, the average temperature is 14.7 ℃, the average humidity is 79%, and the total annual amount.Precipitation amountIs about 2,559.5 mm,Daylight hoursWas 1,820.6 hours[9].


Population distribution by age in Takaoka City and the whole country (2005)Takaoka City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
Purple-Takaoka City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Takaoka City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Square meter (hiramai)

Population 3,720.An area that forms part of the center of Takaoka City.Takaoka City HallThere is.


Population 9,595.An area that forms part of the center of Takaoka City. JRTakaoka StationThere is.


Population 8,651. 19258/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityImizu-gunShomoseki VillageThe area that was.


Population 7,090. The area northwest of JR Takaoka Station.


Population 6,286. 19286/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityImizu-gunYokota VillageThe area that was.


Population 7,197. 1928年6月1日に高岡市に編入された旧Formerly incorporated into Takaoka City on June XNUMX, XNUMXImizu-gunSaijo VillageThe area that was.


Population 3,243.The area on the northern edge of central Takaoka city.


Population 8,748.The area on the northern edge of central Takaoka city.


Population 2,656. 19338/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityImizu-gunNijo VillageThe area that was.


Population 11,596. 19424/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityImizu-gunNomachi VillageThe area that was.


Population 8,761. 19514/4Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityImizu-gunMakino VillageThe area that was.


Population 16,681. 19424/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityImizu-gun(I.e.The area that was.The residential area spreads and has the largest population in the city.


Population 3,736. 1942年4月1日に高岡市に編入された旧Formerly incorporated into Takaoka City on June XNUMX, XNUMXImizu-gunFuttsukaThe area that was.


Population 5,665. 1942年4月1日に高岡市に編入された旧Formerly incorporated into Takaoka City on June XNUMX, XNUMXImizu-gunSanomuraThe area that was.


Population 2,882. 19491/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityNishibaba-gunFutian VillageThe area that was.


Population 5,414. Area southwest of JR Takaoka Station.

Small group(Oze)

Population 1,049. 19544/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityNishibaba-gunOze VillageThe area that was.


Population 3,370. 19554/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityNishibaba-gunTateno VillageThe area that was.

East XNUMXth(Higashi awesome)

Population 4,743. 195310/5Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityNishibaba-gunHigashigoi VillageThe area that was.


Population 1,322. 1953年10月5日に高岡市に編入された旧Formerly incorporated into Takaoka City on June XNUMX, XNUMXNishibaba-gunIshitsumi VillageThe area that was.


Population 3,797. 19513/17Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityNishibaba-gunKuniyoshi VillageThe area that was.


Population 2,845. 19424/1Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityImizu-gunMoriyama VillageThe area that was.


Population 12,208. 1942年4月1日に高岡市に編入された旧Formerly incorporated into Takaoka City on June XNUMX, XNUMXImizu-gunFushiki TownThe area that was.The center of the northern part of the city.富山県内で最も早く開けた地で、古代はIt is the earliest open place in Toyama prefecture, and in ancient timesVietnam OfKokufuWas placed.Fushiki PortIt prospered as an outer port of Takaoka after it was created, and now it isChemical industry,Paper industryIs thriving.


Population 2,850. 195310/5Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityHimi-gunOtamuraThe area that was. Located at the northern end of Takaoka City. It was the only former Himi-gun area in the city, and is now the only former Himi-gun.HimiIt is not an area.

Toide(By the way)

Population 13,734. 19662/10Formerly incorporated into Takaoka CityNishibaba-gunToide TownThe area that was. The center of the southern part of the city.


Population 6,644. 1966年2月10日に高岡市に編入された旧Formerly incorporated into Takaoka City on June XNUMX, XNUMXHigashidaba DistrictNakata TownThe area that was.


oldNishibaba-gunFukuoka Town.. Population 3,071. In the center of the old Fukuoka townMunicipal systemThe area that was Fukuoka Town from the beginning of enforcement. JRFukuoka StationThere is.


oldNishibaba-gunFukuoka Town.. Population 3,961. 19402/11Old merged with Fukuoka TownNishibaba-gunSanno VillageThe area that was.


oldNishibaba-gunFukuoka Town..Population 2,465. 1940年2月11日に福岡町と合体した旧Old merged with Fukuoka Town on February XNUMX, XNUMXNishibaba-gunOtaki VillageThe area that was.

West XNUMXth(I'm sick)

oldNishibaba-gunFukuoka Town.. Population 2,073. 19548/1Old merged with Fukuoka TownNishibaba-gunNishigoi VillageThe area that was.

Five Mt. Kuraiyama(Goiyama)

oldNishibaba-gunFukuoka Town..Population 488. 1954年8月1日に福岡町と合体した旧Old merged with Fukuoka Town on February XNUMX, XNUMXNishibaba-gunFive Mt. Kuraiyama VillageThe area that was. Located at the western end of Takaoka City.

Red circle(Akamaru)

oldNishibaba-gunFukuoka Town.. Population 1,310. 19549/15Formerly transferred to Fukuoka TownNishibaba-gunAkamaru VillageThe area that was.


Ancient times, The current suburbs of TakaokaVietnam OfKokufuAnd therefore, 746ToKokujiAsOtomo IchimochiWas appointed and left a great number of excellent songs during his five years in office. This is the origin of Takaoka City being called "Manyo no Sato", and it is inherited as the main event that is still being held.

The early modern periodTo become and, 1609Of the Kaga feudal lordMaeda Toshinaga Takaoka CastleEnter, the town of "Takaoka" is opened. Due to the opening of the town in 1609, Takaoka in the early modern periodcultureBegins. At the time of the opening of the town, the town was composed of less than 5,000 people, around the castle and on the plateau in the south.Samurai residenceWas placed. But 1615 OfOne Country One Castle OrderAs a result, Takaoka Castle disappears.At that time, it was said that "a castle town without a castle will decline",Maeda ToshinoriTakaoka began to follow the path of development, and the history of Takaoka as a "commercial and industrial town" began because the policy of "regulating the migration of Takaoka people and aiming for conversion to a commercial city" was successful. I will go.Takaoka copperware,Takaoka lacquerwareEtc. also started around this time.

ModernThen, 18894/1ToAomori OfHirosakiWith 30 cities nationwideMunicipal systemWas enforced, Japan's firstCity"Takaoka City" is born as one of them. From around this timeFushiki Port(CurrentFushiki Toyama PortTrade in the Fushiki area) is becoming more popular.

modernThen. 200511/1Adjacent toFukuoka TownAt the same time, the former Takaoka City and the former Fukuoka Town were abolished and the old city and the old town were newly established and merged, and a new "Takaoka City" was established. In 2017, it was found that if the previous budget was prepared from the next fiscal year onward, there would be a shortage of financial resources of 40 billion yen or more. Formulated "Financial Restoration Emergency Program"[10].

Ancient times

中 世

The early modern period

  • 16099/13: Takaoka Castle is completed and the town of "Takaoka" is opened.


After the war

  • 19515/30: Fushiki Port and Toyama Port are integrated to create Fushiki Toyama Port.
  • 1956 : Fiscal rebuilding organizationReceived designation.
  • 197410/19: Formed a sister city tie-up with the city of Mirandópolis.
  • 19774/8: Formed a sister city tie-up with Fort Wayne.
  • 19804/13: Completed the current city hall.
  • 19858/10: Form a friendship city tie-up with Jinzhou City.
  • 1989April 4: Celebrate the 1th anniversary of the enforcement of the city system.
  • 2004April 4: Wing Wing Takaoka opens in front of Takaoka Station.
  • 200511/1: "Takaoka City" is newly established by merging with Fukuoka Town.市章が新たに制定されるNew city emblem is enacted[11].
  • 200711/30 : Central city activation basic planIs certified by the country.Second in the prefecture.2th in Japan.
  • 2009September 9: Celebrate the 13th anniversary of the opening of the town.高岡開町まつりTakaoka Kaimachi Festival[12].

Changes in administrative areas



Successive mayors

The successive mayors of Takaoka City are as follows[13].

Former Takaoka City
NameInauguration dateRetirement date
1 18895/16 18914/9
2 18916/20 189211/7
3 189211/8 189811/7
4 189811/11 19019/20
5Hori Nisaku 190110/2 190710/1
6 190710/15 191310/14
7 191311/28 191711/27
8Keijiro Toriyama 191712/8 192112/7
9Antaro Kamino 19229/16 19265/21
10Shinichiro Minami 19268/7 19308/6
11 19308/11 19348/10
12 19348/26 19387/22
13Taro Kizu 193812/4 194211/27
14Taro Kizu 194212/3 194512/19
15 19461/23[Note 1] 194611/22
16 19474/5 19484/14
17Shinichiro Minami 19486/1 19525/31
18Kenji Hori 19526/1 19565/24
19Kenji Hori 19565/25 19605/24
20Kenji Hori1960/5/25 19645/24
21Kenji Hori1964/5/25 19685/24
22Kenji Hori1968/5/25 19725/24
23Kenji Hori1972/5/25 19765/24
24Kenji Hori1976/5/25 19805/24
25Kenji Hori1980/5/25 19845/24
26Kenji Hori1984/5/25 19885/24
271988/5/25 19925/24
28Takashi Sato1992/5/25 19965/24
29Takashi Sato1996/5/25 20005/24
30Takashi Sato2000/5/25 20045/24
31Keiichiro Tachibana2004/5/25 200510/31
NameInauguration dateRetirement date
-[Note 2] 200511/1 200511/19
1Keiichiro Tachibana 200511/20 20096/19
2Masaki Takahashi 20097/12 20137/11
3Masaki Takahashi2013/7/12 20177/11
4Masaki Takahashi2017/7/12(Current position)


City council

The Takaoka City Council consists of a fixed number of 27 members.定例会と臨時会があり、定例会はThere are regular and extraordinary sessions, and the regular sessions are3,6,9,12To be done.

Successive chairs and vice-chairs
generationChairVice-chairmanInauguration dateRetirement date
1Eiichiro MukaiMasaki Oi 200511/30 200612/22
2Keisuke NigamiShinji Banwaka2006/12/22 200712/20
3Yusho TateKiyoshi Mizuguchi2007/12/20 200812/18
4Masaki OiYoshikazu Takahata2008/12/18 200911/20
5Shinji BanwakaYasuyuki Araki[Note 3]2009/11/20 20113/18
6Yoshikazu TakahataShinichi Umeda[Note 4]2011/3/18 20123/22
7Yasuyuki ArakiHiroshi Aoki[Note 5]2012/3/22 201212/3
8Hiroshi OiTatsushi Sakai[Note 6]2012/12/3 201311/19
9Hiroshi AokiRyosuke Sota2013/11/20 201412/3
10Tatsushi SakaiYasurou Kano2014/12/3 201512/3
11Kiyoshi MizuguchiIchiro Kanamori2015/12/3 201612/1
12Ryosuke SotaKazuko Hizume2016/12/1 201711/19
13Yasurou KanoNaoki Fukui2017/12/1 201812/3
Eiki Sakabayashi[Note 7]2018/12/3 201912/2
14Ichiro KanamoriKazuyo Nakagawa2019/12/22020/12/1
15Naoki FukuiYabunaka Kazuo2020/12/1Incumbent
Committee composition[14]
Committeeof people
Congress Steering Committee10
Standing CommitteeGeneral affairs education9
Consumer hospital8
Industrial construction9
Special committeePort / public transport measures8
Town development measures8
Historical culture / tourism measures8
Public information hearing committee10
Parliamentary Reform Review Committee10


Constitutional composition[15]
Parliamentary groupof people
LDPTakaoka City Assembly16
LDPComrade Association3
Social Democratic PartyLegislature2
Japan Communist Party2
Hemp no Kai1

Toyama Prefectural Assembly (Takaoka City constituency)

  • Constant number: 7 people
  • Term of office: Term of office: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4) to April 30, 2023 (Reiwa 5 years)
NameParliamentary nameNumber of winsRemarks
Morito WatanabeLDP5
Toru YamamotoLDP5
Kawashima countryLDP2
Tatsushi SakaiLDP2
Takeshi HariyamaLDP1
Yuki SegawaLDP1
Mari IkadaSocial Democrats3

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Toyama Prefecture 3rd Ward(Takaoka City,Imizu City,Himi,Tonami,Oyabe City,Nanto CityKeiichiro TachibanaLDP4Constituency

公共 機関

municipal office

  • Takaoka City Hall
    • Takaoka Main Government Building
    • Fukuoka Government Building
    • Fushiki branch
    • Toide branch
    • Nakata branch

Police station

  • Takaoka police station
  • Takaoka station square police box
  • Shikino police box
  • Mima police box
  • Shimizu police box
  • Yokota police box
  • Nomachi police box
  • Nomura police box
  • Takaoka Nishi police box
  • Toide police box
  • Fushiki executive police box
  • Fukuoka police box
  • Shin-Takaoka station square police box
  • Nakata Representative Office
  • Moriyama station
  • Kuniyoshi Police Box
  • Sano police box
  • Ota police box

Fire department

  • Takaoka Fire Department Makino Branch Office
  • Takaoka Fire Department Southern Branch Office

post office

  • Rainy weather simple post office
  • Fushiki Post Office
  • Fushiki Yata Simple Post Office
  • Yoshihisa Takaoka Post Office
  • Takaoka Moriyama Post Office
  • Nakasone Post Office
  • Takaoka Nomachi Post Office
  • Takaoka Shugomachi Post Office
  • Takaoka Asahigaoka Simple Post Office
  • Takaoka Mukai Post Office
  • Takaoka Gofukumachi Post Office
  • Japan Post Post Office
  • Takaoka Miyukimachi Post Office
  • Kuniyoshi Post Office
  • Takaoka Naimen Post Office
  • Takaoka Hirokoji Post Office
  • Takaoka Honmachi Post Office
  • Takaoka Yokota Post Office
  • Takaoka Nakagawa Post Office
  • Takaoka Otemachi Post Office
  • Takaoka Post Office
  • Takaoka Nomura Post Office
  • Ishitsumi Post Office
  • Takaoka Station Post Office
  • Takaoka Minamimachi Post Office
  • Takaoka Wakatomi Post Office
  • Takaoka Rengeji Post Office
  • Takaoka Station South Post Office
  • Takaoka Nanseicho Post Office
  • Takaoka Yoshino Post Office
  • Fukuoka Ono Post Office
  • Takaoka wholesaler center simple post office
  • Tateno Post Office
  • Sanomidoricho Post Office
  • Ichinose Post Office
  • Yokogoshi Post Office
  • Japan Post Post Office


As a traditional industryBell bell,Buddhist fittingsCopperware manufacturing (Takaoka copperware) Is nationally famous.Great Buddha of TakaokaIt is utilized in.Also,Takaoka lacquerware,Takaoka Buddhist altarIs also famous.豊富なRichWedUsedHydropowerfor,electricityBecause it is cheapAluminumThe production of products is developing.Even now, the shipment of aluminum building materials is large,Sankyo Tateyama AluminumHeadquartersLixil(OldShin Nikkei) There is a factory.

As a company with offices, next doorTonamiOne of the major transportation companies founded inTonami TransportThere is a head office.Also, because of the background of the place related to the founder,Yomiuri Shimbun OfHokuriku BranchIs provided.other,Showa NoteHeadquarters,Tulip TVHeadquarters,Hokuriku Coca-Cola BottlingThere is also the head office of.

Census( 2015) Is the industrial working populationPrimary industry1,868 people,Secondary industry28,097 people,Tertiary industryWas 54,505[16].

Companies with major headquarters

Major companies that have factories and offices

Major large-scale commercial facilities


Medical institution

Environmental and hygiene facilities

  • Takaoka City Environmental Clean Factory
  • Takaoka City Recycling Plaza
  • Takaoka City Incombustibles Disposal Plant
  • Fukuoka Recycling Center


Takaoka City is Takaoka's “ManufacturingIn order to let people know about the industry, we have adopted a unique subject "".現在、高岡市内のCurrently in Takaoka city5th grade6th grade1th grade of junior high schoolHowever, he is studying "Manufacturing / Design Department".


primary school

Elementary school that once existed

Junior high school

Junior high school that once existed

Compulsory education school

high school

High school that once existed


The following are closed universities
  • Faculty of Engineering, University of Toyama (moved to Toyama University Gofuku Campus)
  • Takaoka Junior College( 2005Integrated with Toyama University to become Takaoka Campus)

Special school

Vocational school

  • Imamura Cultural Clothing Specialized School
  • Welfare Ren Takaoka Nursing College
  • Takaoka Accounting College
  • Takaoka City Medical Association Nursing College
  • Takaoka Municipal Nursing College
  • Takaoka Daiichi Gakuen Kindergarten Teacher / Nursery School
  • Takahashi Home Economics College
  • Toyama Prefectural Childcare College
  • Hokuriku Technical College Takaoka Branch School (Takaoka Media Port)
  • Yasukawa Vocational School Roy Mode Academy

Various schools

  • Koshin Motor Driving School
  • Takaoka Zhusuan School
  • Takaoka Driving School
  • Hokuriku Driving School

Facilities other than school education



Cultural facility


  • (Wing Wing TakaokaInside)
  • (In Takaoka City Fukuoka General Cultural Center (U Hall))
  • Eye length library
  • Toyama University Library Arts and Culture Library
  • Takaoka University of Law Library

Museums, art galleries, zoos


Sports Facilities

Other facilities

  • Takaoka Regional Local Industry Center
  • Takaoka Disaster Prevention Center
  • Fukuoka Disaster Prevention Center
  • Takaoka Regional Wholesale Market
  • Wing Wing Takaoka
    • Takaoka Citizens' Culture Promotion Corporation
    • Takaoka City Lifelong Learning Center
    • Gender equality promotion center



Christian church

  • Takaoka Baptist Church(Three girls)
  • (Nomura)
  • Takaoka Church (Otemachi)
  • Takaoka Christ Megumi Church (Ohno)
  • Takaoka Bible Baptist Church (Shugomachi)
  • Takaoka Evangelical Christian Church (Shimizumachi)
  • Fushiki Christ Evangelical Church (Fushikinishikimachi)
  • Fukuoka Town Christian Church (Fukuoka Town)


Scenic spots

Castle ruins

Historic site

Shrines and temples

Parks, plazas, leisure facilities

Festivals and events

Cultural property

Designated by the country, prefecture, and city of Takaoka CityCultural propertyIs as follows[18].

Nationally designated cultural property

National treasure / important cultural property

National treasure (building)
Important cultural property (building)
  • Zuiryuji Temple(Main gate, Zen temple, large tea hall, high corridor, north corridor, southeast corridor, southwest corridor)
  • Keta Shrine(Main hall)
  • Shokoji Temple(Main hall, Kyodo, Goriya, Kodo, Hozo, Somon, Karamon, Shikidaimon, Hall and Shikidai, Kitchen, Shoin and Okushoin, Gonai Buddha)
  • (Main house, storehouse)
Important Cultural Property (Painting)
  • Rakuchu Rakugai by Rakuchu RakugaShokoji TempleOwned)
  • Paper book, Color Ichito Ryoson statue, Paper book, Color Nichiren statue, Paper book, Color demon mother God, Jurasetsujo statue, Kinumoto, Color XNUMXth God statue (Daihoji TempleOwned)
Important cultural property (sculpture)
  • Wooden Senju Kannon sitting statue (owned)
  • Wooden sitting statue of a male deity (Nikami Imizu ShrineOwned)
Important cultural property (crafts)
* Eight important cultural property swords that were privately owned by Takaoka City have been moved out of the prefecture or their whereabouts are unknown.[19][20]
Important Cultural Property (Handwriting / Register)
  • After the paper book ink book, the news of Shinkan of Yoseiin (Zuiryuji TempleOwned)

Registered tangible cultural property

  • Fushiki branch (old)
  • (Old water distribution tower, water source water tank, third source Inoueya)
  • (Main house)
  • (Main store, miso storehouse, tool storehouse, costume storehouse)
  • (Old)
  • (Main house)
  • (Main house)
  • (Main house, tea room, first warehouse, second warehouse, furnishing warehouse, miso warehouse, firewall)
  • (Main house)
  • Old (cupola, chimney) (Northland Co., Ltd.Ownership, management)
  • oldFushiki weather station(Government building, tower of the winds)
  • (Main hall, fishing hall, worship hall and coin hall)

Important intangible cultural property

Each individual certification
Comprehensive certification

Important Tangible Folk Cultural Property

Important intangible folk cultural properties

Historic sites / special historic sites

Historic site

Important traditional buildings preservation area

Toyama Prefecture designated cultural property

Tangible cultural property

A painting
  • Wooden Kanzeon Bosatsu statue (owned)
  • Wooden eleven-faced Kanzeon Bosatsu statue (owned)
  • Wooden Buddha Bodhisattva sitting statue (Yue China Branch TempleOwned)
  • Wooden Ucchusma royal statue (Zuiryuji TempleOwned)
  • Wooden guardian dog (owned)
  • Tanto inscription Norishige
  • Takaoka Mt.
  • Sword unsigned Norishige
  • Sword name Kokuji
  • Sword gold statue inscription Yoshihiro
  • Sword name Yuji
Handwriting / books
Ancient document
  • Wooden Shinokawa Village Market Ticket (Owned)
Historical material

Intangible cultural property

  • Wax casting technology () ( 1979Death, decertification)
  • Lacquer craft Yusuke coating technology () ( 1994Death, decertification)
  • Lacquer craft rust painting technology () ( 1977Death, decertification)
  • Lacquer craft lacquer technique () ( 2001Death, decertification)
  • Metal craft twin casting technology ()

Intangible folk cultural property

Historic site

Natural treasure

Takaoka City designated cultural property

Cultural heritage of Takaoka in modern times

Toyama Prefecture and Takaoka City are "Cultural heritage of Takaoka in modern timesAs a cultural property of Takaoka Cityworld HeritageI am aiming to register with.Agency for Cultural AffairsThe entry into the domestic provisional candidate selected by No. was temporarily continued, but it was eventually postponed.At present, the road to World Heritage registration is still far away, but prefectures, cities, and citizens are working together to register as a World Heritage Site.



West Japan Railway Company(JR West) 3 lines 9 stations,Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight) 1 line 2 stations,Ainokaze Toyama Railway1 line 4 stations,Manyo LineThere are 2 stations on 17 lines.

The railway lines and stations in the city are as follows.

JR logo (west) .svg West Japan Railway Company(JR West Japan)
JR logo (freight) .svg Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)
Shinminato Line : Nomachi Station - Takaoka Freight Station
Ainokaze Toyama Railway logo.svg Ainokaze Toyama Railway
Manyo Line

Bus route

Express Bus

Transit Bus


General national road
Prefectural road


City symbol

The current city emblem of Takaoka City isFukuoka TownIt was established after the merger with.公募されたものの中から4つに絞られたのち、市民へのアンケートを経て決定したAfter narrowing down to four from the public offering, it was decided through a questionnaire to the citizens.[21]..The design is a stylized "high" character, with green and blue representing nature and water.In addition, the old city emblem before the merger is 19169/1It was enacted in, and the design was a round design of the letter "high".現在でもEven nowmanholeIt remains on the lid of.

Takaoka City is a city treeTsumama(Machilus thunbergii), to the flowers of the cityBasket(Katakuri), to the flowers and trees of the cityさ く らHas been enacted.旧高岡市は、市の花にFormer Takaoka City becomes a flower of the cityKatakago, To the flowers and trees of the cityKoshino HiganzakuraWas enacted.

In addition, the mascot character of the city, Etchu ChujiOtomo IchimochiWas modeled on the Kaga feudal lordMaeda ToshinagaModeled onToshinagaThere is.

Sister cities, friendship cities, partner cities

The sister cities, friendship cities, and affiliated cities of Takaoka City are as follows.[22][23].

sister city

Friendship city

Partner city

  • Toyama Prefecture Flag Toyama Himi: Mutual disaster prevention mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Himi City. 19837/26Conclusion. 200512/1Re-concluded.
  • Ishikawa Prefecture Flag Ishikawa 小松 市: Mutual support agreement between Komatsu City and Takaoka City in the event of a disaster. 19962/21Conclusion. 200512/1Re-concluded.
  • Ishikawa Prefecture Flag Ishikawa Kanazawa: Mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Kanazawa City in the event of a disaster. 19963/4Conclusion. 200512/1Re-concluded.
  • Niigata Prefecture Flag Niigata Nagaoka: Mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Nagaoka City in the event of a disaster. 19965/9Conclusion. 20061/4Re-concluded.
  • Toyama Prefecture Flag Toyama Imizu City: Mutual disaster prevention mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Imizu City. 20056/3Conclusion[Note 9]. 200511/28Re-concluded.
  • Toyama Prefecture Flag Toyama Oyabe City: Mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Oyabe City in the event of a disaster. 20062/20Conclusion.
  • Toyama Prefecture Flag Toyama Tonami: Mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Tonami City in the event of a disaster. 200710/2Conclusion.
  • Aichi prefecture flag Aichi Ichinomiya: Mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Ichinomiya City in the event of a disaster. 200710/31Conclusion.
  • Gifu Prefecture Flag Gifu Nakatsugawa: Mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Nakatsugawa City in the event of a disaster. 20087/7Conclusion.
  • Gifu Prefecture Flag Gifu Mino: Mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Mino City in the event of a disaster. 20093/2Conclusion.
  • Shizuoka prefecture flag Shizuoka Numazu City: Mutual support agreement with Takaoka City and Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture in the event of a disaster. 201111/14Conclusion.
  • Chiba prefecture flag Chiba Matsudo-shi: Mutual support agreement in the event of a disaster with Takaoka City and Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture. 20122/9Conclusion.
  • Fukui prefecture flag Fukui Echizen City: Mutual support agreement and urban cooperation agreement with Takaoka City and Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. 20125/1Conclusion.
  • Gifu Prefecture Flag Gifu Ogaki: Mutual support agreement between Takaoka City and Ogaki City in the event of a disaster. 20135/7Conclusion.

A person from Takaoka City




Writer / artist





Person with connection

Honorary citizen

People who have contributed to Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture, and Japan will be selected.CitizenshipRegardless of such factors, 15 people have been selected, and many are from Toyama Prefecture, including Takaoka City.

  • - Inami Town(CurrentNanto CityI'm fromTakaoka City Saijo Elementary SchoolAfter working atアメリカ合衆国Naturalized over.After that, he contributed to the development of exchange between Japan and the United States. 19656/1, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • Masataro Matsuri - Daimon Town(CurrentImizu City) A politician and a businessman from.Yomiuri ShimbunPresident,Nippon Television NetworkPresident,Keisei Electric RailwayHe served as the general affairs section manager of the general affairs department and contributed to the development of modern Japanese culture and the Hokuriku region. 19656/18, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • Yoshinari Kawai - Fukumitsu Town(CurrentNanto City) A politician and a businessman from.Member of ParliamentIn addition to acting as, contributed to the development of Japanese industry. 19656/18, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • Hachiro Ohashi - Japan Broadcasting CorporationChairman,Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public CorporationHe served as president and contributed to the development of Japan's communications, communications, and broadcasting. Decided to be an honorary citizen on June 1965, 6.
  • Shinichiro Minami --I served as Mayor of Takaoka.During his tenure, he started the installation of water and sewage systems ahead of the rest of the country and contributed to the creation of the foundation of Takaoka City as a modern city. Decided to be an honorary citizen on June 1965, 6.
  • - MirandópolisMayor. 197410/19Contributed to the sister city tie-up between Takaoka City and Mirandópolis City, which was signed in. 1974年XNUMX8/19, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • - Fort WayneMayor. 19774/8Contributed to the sister city tie-up between Takaoka City and Fort Wayne City, which was signed in. 1977年XNUMX4/2, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • Naoji Tachibana --Politician, businessman.Member of ParliamentBesides playing an active partFushiki PortContributed to the development of. 19823/26, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • --For many yearsaluminumHe played an active part in the industrial industry and contributed to the development of Japanese industry and economic growth. Decided to be an honorary citizen on March 1982, 3.
  • --Doctor.He contributed to the development of community medicine and made an effort in the field of education. Decided to be an honorary citizen on March 1982, 3.
  • - JinjuMayor. 19858/10Contributed to the friendship city tie-up between Takaoka City and Jinzhou City, which was signed in. 19866/3, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • --Mayor of Takaoka, a member of the Takaoka City Council, and contributed to the development of Takaoka City for many years. 19895/26, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • (Eiichi Kanamori) --A metal engraver.Important intangible cultural propertyCertified as a holder of "metal engraving" (so-calledHuman national treasure). 19909/25, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • Yoshida Hotta - Fushiki TownA writer from (currently Takaoka City). 『』で""soThe 26th Akutagawa Ryunosuke AwardIn addition to receiving the award, he left behind many highly acclaimed works. 19943/25, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • --For many yearsaluminumHe made an effort in the industrial industry and contributed to the development of Japanese industry. 200712/20, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • --For many years, he contributed to the promotion and development of the local economy as the chairman of the Takaoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.In addition, he contributed widely to the development of the local community by making efforts to promote tourism as the chairman of the Takaoka City Tourism Association. 20113/18, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • ――For many years, he has demonstrated strong leadership in the business world as the chairman of the National Federation of Commerce and Industry Associations.In addition, he contributed to the development of the former Fukuoka Town as the mayor of Fukuoka for many years and contributed to the merger of the former Takaoka City and the former Fukuoka Town. 20159/29, Decided to be an honorary citizen.
  • --Real name: Yukatsu Osawa.Has the skill of baking mold casting of copperware 2005Certified as a holder of the important intangible cultural property "Metalcasting" in August (so-called Living National Treasure).In addition, he contributed to the development of the traditional craft industry by making efforts to establish the Takaoka Regional Cultural Properties Repair Association, and by making efforts to pass on the technology and foster and secure successors. 8 [September 2015, decided to be an honorary citizen.

Citizen's Honor Award

The Takaoka City Citizen's Honor Award isFukuoka TownBorn in (currently Takaoka City)Youjiro Takita(Film director) said, "Okuribito"so81th Academy AwardsForeign language movie awardsIn response to receiving the award 2009It is a system established in.Awarded to those who have made a name for themselves in Takaoka City and have made a mark of giving hope to the citizens.


Works set in Takaoka City






Sports team


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注 釈

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