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📊 | YE DIGITAL and 2 other companies set up "smart bus stop" to display operation status and notifications on public roads in Saitama city


YE DIGITAL and 2 other companies set up "smart bus stop" to display operation status and notifications on public roads in Saitama city

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In addition to the solar power generation type (no power supply required) at the "Saitama University" bus stop installed in the Tokyo metropolitan area last year, the three companies will accumulate know-how through repeated technical verifications for the type with power supply installed this time to passengers. Work to improve services and improve maintenance efficiency for bus operators.

"Smart Bus Stop" jointly developed by YE DIGITAL Co., Ltd. and Nishitetsu M-Tech Co., Ltd. is Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. → Continue reading


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Saitama University

Saitama University(Saitama UniversityEnglish: Saitama University) IsSaitamaSaitamaSakura kuShimookuboHeadquarters in 255Japan OfNational university.1949年Was installed in.Abbreviation of universityIs Saitama University.


Whole university

Saitama UniversityGovernment Urawa High School(1921年Originated from (Taisho 10)liberal arts-scienceConsists ofGovernment OfOld high school),Saitama Normal School(1873年(Origin (Meiji 6)),Saitama Youth Normal School(1922年(Taisho 11) origin) 3 schools integrated,1949年(Showa 24)New National UniversityWas established as.Currently, it has 5 faculties (Liberal Arts, Education, Economics, Science, Engineering) and 3 Graduate Schools (Humanities and Social Sciences, Education, Science and Engineering).UniversityAnd also the only one in Saitama prefectureNational university.

Philosophy / Basic Policy

Saitama University has the following two principles and basic policies.

  1. Fostering human resources who should be the core of civil society
  2. Creation of knowledge and technology that meets the demands of the times

Education and research

Education at Saitama University is based on the following three principles.

  • Depth High degree of expertise
  • Breadth Wide range of knowledge and culture
  • Interrelationship (Coherence) Systematic relevance of knowledge in various fields


Chronological Table


Okubo Campus
Satellite Campus, Tokyo Station College
TokyoChiyoda WardKanda Sudacho1-7-9 VORT Akihabara maxim Building 4th floor

Education and research



  • Faculty of Liberal Arts
    • Liberal arts department[7]
      • Global Governance Specialized Course (International relationsMajor / International Development Studies Major)
      • Contemporary Society Major (Sociology / Field Science)
      • Philosophy History Course (Philosophy Major /artMajor ・HistoryMajor)
      • European / American Culture Major (European Culture / American Studies)
      • Japanese / Asian Culture Course (Japanese cultureMajorEast AsiaCulture major)
      • 讲座[8]: Cultural environment, modern society, history of philosophy, European culture / American studies, Japanese / Asian studies
  • Faculty of Education
    • School education teacher training course
      • Elementary school course (specialization: pedagogy, psycho-education practice, language culture, society,natural Science, Art, body culture, life creation)
      • Junior high school course (specialization: language culture, society, natural science, art, body culture, life creation)
      • Infant education course
      • Special education course
      • 讲座[8]: Comprehensive Education Science, Educational Psychology Counseling, School Education Clinical, Collaboration Education, Infant Education, Special Needs Education, Japanese Language Education, Social Studies Education, Mathematics Education, Science Education, Music Education, Art Education, Health and Physical Education, Technical Education, Home Economics Education , English education
    • nursing teacherTraining course
      • 讲座[8]: School health
    • Courses up to 2014 enrollment (school education teacher training,nursing teachertraining)

Graduate School

The Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Engineering combine education and research, and have a standard course of 4-year integrated education curriculum through 2 years of bachelor's degree and 6 years of master's degree. In 2017, the graduate school enrollment rate of the Faculty of Science was 67.9%, and the graduate school enrollment rate of the Faculty of Engineering was 64.9%.[10].

  • Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Until 2014 enrollment)
    • Master's program (major: cultural structure research[18], Japan / Asia Studies[19], Cultural environment research[20]
    • Doctoral Program (Department of Japanese and Asian Cultural Studies)[21]
  • Graduate School of Economic Science(Until 2014 enrollment)
    • Department of Economic Science (Master's Program / Doctoral Program)
  • Graduate School of Education
    • Master's Program (School Education Major)
      • Specialization: School education[22],schoolClinical psychology, School health, special needs education, special needs educationcoordinator, Special needs school education, subject education, national language education, social education, mathematics education, science education, music education, art education, health and physical education, technical education, home economics education, English education
  • Graduate School of Science and Engineering
    • Research department[23](Faculty organization) (Department: Life Science, Material Science, Mathematical Electronic Information, Human Support / Production Science, Environmental Science / Social Infrastructure, Collaborative Advanced Research, Strategic Research)
  • Education Department (Educational Organization)
    • Master's program
      • Life Science Major (Course:Molecular biology, Bioregulation)
      • Physics major (Course:physics, Functional materials engineering)
      • Chemistry Major (Course: Basic Chemistry, Applied Chemistry)
      • Department of Mathematical Electronics and Information Systems (Course: Mathematics, Electrical and Electronic Systems Engineering,Information systemengineering)
      • Mechanical Science Major (Course:Mechanical engineering, Mechano Robotics)
      • Department of Environmental Systems Engineering (Course: Environmental and Social Infrastructure International, Environmental Control System)
    • Doctoral Program
      • Department of Science and Engineering (Course:life sciences, Material science, mathematical electronic information, human support / production science, environmental science / social infrastructure, collaborative advanced research)

Mechanism and ancillary facilities

  • Educational institution
    • Education Planning Office
    • Basic Education and Research Center
    • English Education Development Center
    • Japanese Education Center
    • Social Research Center
    • Admission center
    • Student Support Center
    • 保健 セ ン タ ー
    • Teacher License Center
  • Research Organization
    • Research Planning Promotion Office
      • Brain Peripheral Science Research Center (Department: Brain Function Analysis Application, Brain Peripheral Function Linkage Research Division)
      • Environmental Science Research Center
      • Ambient Mobility Interface Research Center (Department: Ambient Mobility, Mobility Dynamics)
      • Resilient Social Research Center
      • Scientific Analysis Support Center (Field: Life Science Analysis, Instrumental Analysis, Environmental Analysis)
      • Comprehensive Technical Support Center (machine construction system, electrical and electronic information system, material / life science system)
      • Research Administrator Office (Department: URA, URA Support)
    • Open Innovation Center (Department: Promotion of collaboration, promotion of intellectual property / projects)
  • library
  • Information Media Infrastructure Center (Department: Academic Information Processing Research and Development, Advanced Information Sharing Environment Research and Development. Information Media Education Support Division)
  • International Headquarters (International Planning Office, Study Abroad Exchange Support Office, International Development Education and Research Center)
  • Student dormitory-Located across a road from the west gate of Saitama University.

Ancillary facilities that once existed

  • Geosphere Science Research Center --Abolished in 2013.Became a part of the Department of Construction Engineering, Faculty of Engineering.

Entrance examination

Most departments in the Faculty of Science take more people in the second semester than in the first semester[Source required].

Student dormitories that existed in the past

Sogen Dormitory (Men's Dormitory) Yumoto Dormitory (Women's Dormitory)
  • Located across the road from the west gate of Saitama University, it is completeDormitoryMet.It was run by the school dormitory steering committee, the Sogen dormitory committee, and the Yumoto dormitory committee, which consisted only of dormitory students. One room was shared by three or two people, and one room was used by four or two people in the Yumoto dormitory. From January 3, the autonomous dormitory was abolished and the operation of student dormitories (2 boys and 4 girl) started by the university.

Affiliated school

University personnel and organizations

Alumni Association

Saitama University's alumni associations include the "Keyaki-kai" of the College of Liberal Arts, the "Kyoyukai" of the Faculty of Education, and the "Keiwakai" of the Faculty of Economics. ..

List of university personnel

Schools that have signed exchange agreements between universities and departments

Schools that have signed exchange agreements between domestic universities
Schools that have signed exchange agreements between foreign universities
Schools with inter-departmental exchange agreements (excluding schools with inter-university exchange agreements)


  • "Yomiuri Weekly" ranked first in "Civil servant / teacher employment ability" in the employment rank of 56 major universities[25].
  • FM UrawaThere is a radio program "Radio Campus" produced by Saitama University students in Japan, which provides university information.
  • The university festival is "Mutsume Festival"[26]..Every year11It will be held around the time.The origin of the name of Mutsume was found in the Saitama ancient tomb.JewelFrom (magatama) and friendship (nakamutsumajii).
  • The history of soccer in Saitama Prefecture isMeiji 41 YearToSaitama Normal SchoolThe establishment of the soccer club (predecessor school of the Faculty of Education, Saitama University) is the beginning of this.Because of this,Urawa RedsThe building drawn on the emblem of Saitama Normal School is the school building "HoshokakuIs the model.
  • 2015年Nobel Prize in PhysicsWonTakaaki KajitaHowever, in commemoration of the lecture at Saitama University,Isaac Newton OfApple treeWas planted[27].



  • 2020年March 3-Male in the Faculty of Education教授On March 60th, (3s) said that the lessons he had given were significantly shorter than the regulations, and when the university investigated the lesson situation, he instructed the students to write a report that was different from the actual situation and tried to hide the facts.Suspension(2 months)Disciplinary actionAnd said.According to the university, studentsIntimidationInappropriate acts that took actions to do were also found. In 2019, there was a consultation from a student and I was investigating[28].


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