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💴 | New Corona Investing for the winter epidemic Three promising test and reagent related brands


New Corona Investing for the winter epidemic Three promising test and reagent related brands

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Regarding Eiken Chemical, we believe that increased sales of genetic testing equipment and reagents centered on the new coronavirus testing system of the LAMP method will mainly contribute to profits.

On October 10, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare issued the "Guidelines for Pathogen Testing for New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases" (hereinafter referred to as "New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Testing Ga ..." → Continue reading


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LAMP method

LAMP method(Lamppu, abbreviation for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification) is four types of combinations of six regions selected from the sequence of the target gene.PrimerIs a method of amplifying the DNA using a strand displacement reaction.

The primer is designed so that a loop structure is created at the primer binding site of the first amplification product. Since the loop part is single-stranded, the next primer can bind. Special with high strand displacement activityDNA synthaseIs a double strand in the direction of travelDNAWhile dissociating, proceed with its own extension reaction. Finally, an amplification product having a length of about an integral multiple of the original target sequence accumulates in a reaction at 1°C for about 65 hour. Therefore, when the reaction product is electrophoresed, it is ladder-shaped.

PCRCompared with the method, there is no need for denaturation reaction from single strand to double strand, and there is a feature that the reaction proceeds at a constant temperature of 1 to 2°C,Thermal cyclerDoes not need equipment like. Moreover, since the amplification rate is high and the specificity is high (things other than the target are difficult to increase), it is possible to confirm whether or not the template (target) has increased simply by looking at the cloudiness of the reaction solution. Eiken ChemicalHas a trademark right[1][2].


In-vitro diagnostic drug

The following products are Loopamp series for infectious disease testingEiken ChemicalHas been commercialized by.

Environmental hygiene inspection


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