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🎗 | Introducing the names of companies donating to seismic retrofitting Toyama Chamber of Commerce panel

Photo Plate panel that introduces companies donated for seismic retrofitting work = Toyama Chamber of Commerce Building

Introducing the name of the company donating to seismic retrofitting Toyama Chamber of Commerce panel

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Seismic retrofitting of the Chamber of Commerce building was carried out from September 2018 to March 9.

The Toyama Chamber of Commerce (Chairman Shigeo Takagi) named the company that donated the earthquake-resistant reinforcement work on the first floor of the Chamber of Commerce Building in Sogawa, Toyama City. → Continue reading

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Earthquake-resistant construction

Earthquake-resistant constructionWhat is (taishinkouji)?Natural disasters(Earthquake)soHouseThis is work to prevent the building from collapsing.


The minimum seismic standard required for buildings 1950It is stipulated by the Building Standards Law, and it is necessary to review or reinforce the existing seismic structure with the revision of the law. If the building's seismic standards no longer meet the standards set by law due to subsequent revisions to the law, even if the building was compliant at the time it was builtReformWhen adding or renovating a building, it must be adapted at that time. Under the Seismic Retrofit Promotion Act, buildings before 1981 are required to undergo seismic diagnosis and retrofit, but there is no penalty. When earthquake-proof reinforcement is carried out based on the Seismic Retrofit Promotion Act, no retroactive seeking is required for existing non-compliant parts of the Building Standards Act that are not related to earthquake-proof, and it is not necessary to provide a fireproof coating on the steel frame for reinforcement. And lowering the hurdles related to renovation

In practice, seismic diagnosis and seismic reinforcement are mainly conducted by the following materials.

  • "Comprehensive Seismic Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Criteria for Government Facilities and Commentary" Building Maintenance Center
  • "Seismic diagnosis and explanation of seismic retrofitting of existing steel structures for the seismic retrofit promotion law"
  • "Commentary on seismic resistance diagnostic criteria and design guidelines for seismic retrofitting of existing reinforced concrete buildings" Japan Building Disaster Prevention Association


Example of seismic reinforcement

Example of seismic reinforcement that does not depend on structural method

  • Improvement of shape index
  • Expansion jointWidening, new installation
  • Reconstruction, reduction of building weight
  • Introducing a seismic control structure
  • Floor reinforcement
  • Removal of CB wall
  • Eccentricity,RigidityImprovement of
  • Seismic retrofit

RC structure seismic reinforcement

It is classified into toughness type and strength type.

  • Reinforcement of sleeve wall expansion
  • Reinforcement of sleeve walls
  • Seismic wall expansion reinforcement
  • Steel panel reinforcement
  • External PC frame reinforcement
  • Internal/external steel frame brace reinforcement (K type, mansard type, x type, etc.)
  • Slit reinforcement
  • Buttress reinforcement
  • Carbon fiber sheet winding reinforcement
  • Iron plate winding reinforcement
  • Closed hoop reinforcement

Seismic strengthening of S structure

  • Plate reinforcement
  • Pillar roll reinforcement
  • Cane reinforcement
  • Add buckling prevention

Seismic reinforcement of W structure

  • Hardware reinforcement

Guidelines for earthquake-resistant construction

  • Seismic diagnostic criteria and seismic retrofit design guidelines for existing reinforced concrete buildings
  • Seismic diagnostic criteria and seismic retrofit design guidelines for existing steel-framed reinforced concrete buildings
  • Seismic Diagnosis and Seismic Retrofit Guidelines for Existing Steel Buildings for the Seismic Retrofit Promotion Act
  • Seismic diagnosis of existing wall type precast reinforced concrete building
  • Seismic diagnosis and reinforcement method for wooden houses
  • Practice of seismic retrofitting of wooden houses

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