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📢 | Rikkyo University Faculty of Law Department of International Business Law April 2022 "Global Course" opened


Rikkyo University Faculty of Law Department of International Business Law April 2022 "Global Course" opened

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In addition, students of this course will be dispatched with priority to the "Oxford Summer Program," in which students study Western culture and English law while spending four weeks of summer vacation in a dormitory at Oxford University.

November 2020, 11 To all members of the press at Rikkyo University Rikkyo University Faculty of Law (Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Dean: Ariyoshi Ogawa) is 26 ... → Continue reading

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Oxford University

Oxford University(University of Oxford)UK OfUniversity city,OxfordLocated inUniversity.11st centurySince the foundation of the university was built at the end of, the world's third oldest existing university,English-speaking countriesThen it is the oldest university. In addition, variousWorld University RankingSelected as the 1st place university (for example, in “Times Higher Education”, 2017st place for 4 consecutive years from 1)[1],Harvard University,Cambridge University,Stanford UniversityAnd so on, always at the top levelUniversityIt is one of the most prestigious universities in the world evaluated as.

A lot of leadership政治家,scholarIs producing. As of 2019, 28 politiciansBritish Prime Minister[2](Current Prime MinisterBoris JohnsonBesidesTheresa May,David Cameron,Tony Blair,Margaret ThatcherCountries such as 30)HeadAre from Oxford University. In addition, of 55Nobel PrizeWinner[2], Over 150OlympicHas produced medalists. It is also famous as a royal university, with sixBritish KingLearned from JapanEmperor Imakami,Empress Masako,Akishinomiya FumihitoLanoroyalAre studying abroad.

The number of students (as of 2019) isUndergraduate1 people,graduate studentThere are 1 people from 1813 countries and regionsStudentsAccount for 4%[2].

"OxbridgeAre listed asCambridge UniversityThe formation of many teachers and students who belonged to this university1209年ToCambridgeOriginated from moving to[3].. Both schoolsEnglish-speaking countries OfAncient university,Europe内 のMedieval universityBelonging to the group of British traditionsCollege systemIs a university characterized by. Entrance and graduation ceremonyLatinDone in[2].


The chief of university management isPresident(Vice-Chancellor)[4]And as of 2019, President Louise Richardson[2].Honorary PresidentThe position called (Chancellor) is for lifeHonorary positionAnd as of 2016, the Honorary PresidentHong Kong GovernorServed asChristopher Patten.. The Deputy President (English: Pro Vice-Chancellor) is composed of 5 university teachers and student teachers and 7 college presidents, totaling 12 people.

The installation form is recognized as a public university in the English-speaking world. Legal basisBritish KingMust be a self-governing body founded by a charter, and receive a national treasury subsidy from the state through the University Finance Council (UFC), and the UFC has determined the size of the university and the proportion of science and science allocated. , The legal nature is obviously differentBuckingham UniversityDue to the recent establishment of a private university such as. However, it has a different interpretation from the history of spontaneous foundation, advanced university autonomy, the existence of colleges with unique assets and stable income, and the national and public universities in Japan.

Sometimes referred to as Oxford University[5].


The founding time of Oxford University is not well understood. Formal year of establishment as a university1167年However, it is believed that not all facilities were built at once, but gradually formed over a long period of time. As the oldest record,1096年There is an official record that lectures were being held in Oxford, and it is certain that at least during this period the university's predecessor educational facilities had been built.

  • 1167年,Henry VBy a British studentUniversity of ParisAcademics gathered in Oxford after being forbidden to study in Oxford[6],ParisA university was formed by students migrating from[7]. From this time, an early hall (dormitory) was established. These halls later developed into colleges (dormitories).
  • 1209年The university was temporarily disbanded following the execution of two students who were accused of murder on murder, which led to the establishment of Cambridge University.
  • 1214年,PopeSpecial Envoy Nicholas De Romanis (Niccolò de RomanisAs a result of negotiations, the university was authorized to reopen in Oxford.
  • The status of this university1571年Was officially enacted by the Act for the Incorporation of Both Universities. Here, the official name of the university is "President of the University of Oxford,Master,andBachelor(The Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford)".

Departments and colleges

The operation of a university is performed in parallel by a department and a college, and the college and department are interdependent in a complicated manner. There are 39 colleges[2]Admission to a university must be accepted and awarded by the collegeBachelor of ScienceIs also given by the university through a departmental examination and college certification. The college sends students to the department for lectures, while offering small tutoring of 3 or less students and medium-sized classes of 4 to 15 people, entrusted to the department when the specialty becomes stronger. To do. Undergraduate students have a strong dependence on colleges both in terms of education and life, but as graduate students increase the proportion of those who live outside the colleges, centering on research activities conducted in laboratories and libraries in the departments. Each college has its own wealth and stable income, and traditional assets areManor, It is a farm, and the share ratio has increased in recent years. A fellow who manages and manages college assets(English editionCall.

As an organization equivalent to the faculty, there is a division (corresponding to the Japanese faculty, faculty, and faculty), and among them, department (close to the Japanese department). In some cases, the college may refer to a college in Japanese, but the college system at Oxford and Cambridge is of a different nature, and is sometimes called a dormitory or a college because it is different from the college system in the United States. This is a system in which many students and some faculty members sleep and eat together, and learn together there. Each college has its major field of specialty, but basically there are researchers and students from various academic fields.InterdisciplinaryIn a traditional environment. With all students, including graduate students,Postdoc ResearcherUniversity faculty members except those belong to both colleges and departments, but there are also positions unique to colleges and departments. Cambridge UniversityDurham UniversityIs a college that adopts the same type of college system, so every year, college-to-college sports events,Doox BridgeIs being held.

キ リ ス ト 教Many colleges have sectarian lines, especially in Christchurch.Church of EnglandOxfordparishIt is also the cathedral of the United Kingdom and is the only one in the university, and is characterized by being the smallest cathedral in Britain. Besides the AnglicanCatholicSystem (Trinity College, St. John's College),PresbyterianSystem (Harris Manchester College),BaptistSystem (Regent's Park College),EvangelicalThere are colleges such as church system (Wick Riff Hall) and permanent private halls. The autonomy and denominations of each college are closely linked, and in that respect they also have a private university element.


Of the United Kingdom, of EnglandUniversity city,OxfordSet up headquarters and college in the city. Each college can be regarded as a campus, but it is generally considered to include departments and central libraries. Also,Cambridge UniversityAs described in the section, if it means a school site, a site is used.


As a central institutionFaculty,libraryThere are scientific facilities, 39 colleges, and 7 halls (Permanent Private Halls; PPHs), and university faculty and students belong to either college or PPHs.There are also colleges that only accept graduate students and women-only colleges (St Hilda's) (St Hilda's2006年6/6Agreed to the future acceptance of men, co-education began in October 2007).St Hilda's College to admit men

In addition to the two Catholic PPHs,St Benet's HallCampion HallAccepts only male students.

Education takes the form of focusing on individual instruction as well as lectures, and especially undergraduate students receive education in a small group of about 1 to 1 to 5 per college. Lectures are given at the department level, and basically anyone who belongs to a university can listen. Although there are some differences depending on the field, there is basically no attendance of lectures. However, since the examination is conducted by the department (department) in line with the lecture, it is hard to say that it is a college-centered educational system.

There are five types of bachelor's degrees: First Class, Upper Second Class, Lower Second Class, Third Class, and Pass. In general subjects, the degree is determined by the results of a graduation examination called “Finals”. However, since the results of the course work such as the experiment report are also treated as one subject of the examination, there are many subjects for which the examination is not all.

Relationship with Japan

Collaboration between universities

Kwansei Gakuin University,Nara Prefectural UniversityThere are also colleges that have "exchange study agreements" with several universities, such as Oxford University, which is a language school that only uses college facilities as dormitories when undergraduate students are not enrolled outside the semester. However, it is not an exchange study system with university faculties and departments.

Sophia UniversityA summer program is offered every year under the agreement with. "economistInvite reporters who are active in 』as lecturers to learn about politics and media from the standpoint of theory and practice.Other British culture (ShakespeareThere is also a lecture on (including).

List of colleges

For the college scarf colors see Oxbridge scarf colors.
NameYear establishedWebsiteCambridge UniversitySister relationship college
All Souls College
All Souls College
Belior College
Balliol College
Blaze Nose College
Brasenose College
1509年websiteGonville and Caius College
Christ Church
Christ Church
1546年websiteTrinity College
Corpus Christi College
Corpus Christi College
Exeter College
Exeter College
1314年websiteEmmanuel College
Green Templeton College
Green Templeton College
Harris Manchester College
Harris Manchester College
College status 1996年
Hartford College
Hertford College
Kible College
Keble College
Kellogg College
Kellogg College
College status 1994年
Lady Margaret Hall
Lady Margaret Hall
Lineker College
Linacre College
1962年websiteWolfson College
Lincoln College
Lincoln College

Magdalen College
1458年websiteMagdalene College
Mansfield College
Mansfield College
College status 1995年
Merton College
Merton College
New College
New College
1379年websiteKing's College
Nuffield College
Nuffield College
Oriole College
Oriel College
Pembroke College
Pembroke College
The Queen's College
The Queen's College
1341年websitePembroke College
St Anne's College
 St Anne's College
St Anthony's College
St Antony's College
College status 1963年
St. Catharines College
St Catherine's College
St. Cross College
St Cross College
1965年websiteClare Hall
St Edmund Hall
St Edmund Hall
College status 1957年
websiteFitzwilliam College
St Hilda's College
 St Hilda's College
St Hughes College
St Hugh's College
St. John's College
St John's College
St. Peter's College
St Peter's College
Summerville College
Somerville College
1879年websiteGirton College
Trinity College
Trinity College
1554年websiteChurchill College
University College
University College
Wodom College
Wadham College
1610年websiteChrist's College
Wolfson College
Wolfson College
College status 1981年
websiteDarwin College
Worcester College
Worcester College

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor's degree

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.): Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts (): Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • Bachelor of Theology ():theologyBachelor
  • Bachelor of Education ():PedagogyBachelor

Master's degree (Undergraduate, 4 years)

  • Master of Engineering (M.Eng.):engineeringmaster's degree
  • Master of Physics (M.Phys.):physicsmaster's degree
  • Master of Chemistry (M.Chem.):Chemicalmaster's degree
  • Master of Biochemistry (M.Biochem.):Biologymaster's degree
  • Master of Mathematics (M.Math.):Mathmaster's degree
  • Master of Earth Sciences (M.EarthSc.):Earth sciencemaster's degree

Master of Arts

Graduate degree

Bachelor's degree

  • Bachelor of Divinity (BD): Bachelor of Divinity
  • Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (BM, B.Ch.):Medical scienceBachelor's degree,SurgeryBachelor
  • Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL): Bachelor of Civil Law
  • Bachelor of Letters (B.Litt.) (no longer awarded): Bachelor of Arts
  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) (no longer awarded): Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.):MusicologyBachelor
  • Bachelor of Philosophy (B.Phil.) (only now awarded in Philosophy):哲学Bachelor

master's degree

  • Master of Surgery (M.Ch.) (10 years): Master of Surgery
  • Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.): Master of Philosophy
  • Master of Letters (M.Litt.): Master of Arts
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) (awarded by examination or by research):科学master's degree
  • Magister Juris (M.Jur.):Jurisprudencemaster's degree
  • Master of Studies (M.St.): Bachelor's degree
  • Master of Theology (M.Th.): Bachelor of Theology
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA):Master of Business Administration(Said Business School
  • Master of Public Policy (MPP):Public policyMaster (Bravatonic Graduate School of Public Policy)
  • Master of Education (M.Ed.): Master of Education



When taking the exam,Cambridge UniversitySame as, but through regular exams and interviews. Characteristically, it is said that there is a difference in that Oxford attaches importance to person evaluation points and Cambridge University attaches importance to objective entrance examination points. In addition, the admission period will be about 2 weeks (admission office admission system).

Sports, circle, tradition

Some colleges have many conventions and rules that differ from the university systems of other countries, such as holding a dinner called “Formal Hall” that requires a formal dress after a regular dinner.

Underwear, graduate students, etc.gownHas been decided, and it is required to wear it in various official ceremonies such as ceremonies and formal halls. Also, as a rival to rival schools in Cambridge, men in white shirts, black trousers or skirts take the test when they take the test.JacketsIt is compulsory to wear a so-called "sub-fask", which is a gown.

Faculty and major graduates

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外部 リンク

Coordinate: North Latitude 51 Degrees 45 Minutes 40 Seconds 1 degrees 15 minutes 12 seconds west longitude /51.76111 N, 1.25333 W / 51.76111; -1.25333

Summer vacation 4 weeks



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