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💴 | Gunma / Takasaki City Taxes and admission fees for municipal facilities will be settled in cashless payment from January next year


Gunma / Takasaki City Taxes and admission fees for municipal facilities will be settled cashlessly from January next year

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For the time being, PayPay and LinePay will be available, and we are planning to increase the number of compatible apps in response to the feedback of the citizens.

In Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture, taxes such as municipal taxes and admission fees for municipal facilities are paid with smartphones to improve the convenience of citizens. → Continue reading

 Gunma TV

It is a prefectural broadcasting station in Gunma Prefecture.
We deliver news focusing on Gunma local topics.

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Supported apps

LINE (application)

Naver Corporation > LINE Corporation > LINE (application)

LINE(Line) isLINE Corporationが運営・開発する、Mobile messengerア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ン.

韓国 NHN株式会社(現 Naver Corporation)ofWholly owned subsidiaryである、日本法人 NHN Japan株式会社(現 LINE Corporation)But,2007年ToThe presidentWas appointed toRyo MorikawaA service developed under.

Smartphone (iOS- Android) iPad , PC (Windows-MacOS-Chrome) Smart watch (WATCH-Wear OS)[8][Note 2]、17言語[Note 1][Note 3]It corresponds in.

2018年3/28Withfeature phone (Common nameGarake) 版のサービスを終了した[9].
なお、Android版では軽量版のLINE LiteIs also provided[10].

2020年12/8 (iOS版は12/14) のバージョンアップで、サービス開始以降初めて大幅にデザインをリニューアルし、アプリ全体のUIChanged[11]..As a result, the color of the app icon has also been changed to a slightly brighter, more bluish green than the conventional green.[12][13].
In addition,12/15The word "LINE color" is in JapanTwitterTrendentered in[14][15].


LINE isSmartphone,Tablet,Personal computerAvailable atApplication software.

Users mutually bookア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ンTheInstallIf youCommunication carrierIt is possible to make voice calls and chats, including group calls for multiple people, regardless of device or terminal. Unlike ordinary voice calls, the call service is an Internet phone that uses packet communication. If you subscribe to the packet flat-rate service, you can make unlimited calls without being charged for the call charge. Therefore, this application, which is provided free of charge, is advertised as "free call." If the packet communication fee is pay-as-you-go, the data communication fee may be excessively charged or the packet communication may be speed-limited. Text chats are stamps and絵 文字There are various types.

LINE pronunciationaccentIs often read as "la <in>" in Japan (Youth words # flattening noun accentsSee).However, the official pronunciation of LINE is read as "<line>" by Yamataka.

May 2012, 5 LINE uses LINEDatingCalled attention to the increase in unofficial services and smartphone applications[16], Since December 2012, some functions of users under the age of 12 have been restricted (see details# Problems and incidents pointed out(See section)[17].

Instant messengerIDAs,Phone NumberSMS at the time of new registration / loginAuthenticationConfirms the phone number. This application is a terminal at the start of usePhone bookYou can read and communicate with people who are registered in the phone book using LINE.[Note 4]..In January 2013, in response to the pros and cons of linking to the phone bookRyo MorikawaNHN Japan president said, "I think if you originally registered in the phone book, you can make friends."[18].



Long time agoFacebookLoginBy LINEAccountAlthough it was possible to newly register, the service ended on April 2020, 4.[19][20]..At the same timePCThe new registration function for the version alone has also ended.[21].

Currently, phone number verification is required for new account registration, and to authenticateSMSIs a terminal that can receiveVoice callI need a terminal that can[22].

050You cannot create or take over an account with a phone number starting with or a virtual phone number, and you cannot create multiple accounts using one phone number.[Note 5][23]..Accounts that have been accessed for more than one year may be deleted.[24].

Login and logout

iOSPlate andAndroidSame in version from multiple devicesAccountCannot be used. With the PC versioniPadIn the version, you can use the same account by logging in with your e-mail address etc.[25].

The iOS and Android versions do not have a logout function, and you need to delete (uninstall) the app to log out.[26][27].

Backup and restore (takeover)

In the iOS versioniCloud, In the Android versionGoogle driveTalk history using etc.backupCan be restored even after the LINE account is taken over[Note 6]..In addition, the transfer of talk is the sameOSIt can only be done in between.Also, the images and stamps in the talk cannot be backed up or restored.[28].


You can use the stamp function to talk with friends using images prepared in advance. There are also animated stamps and stamps with voices.[Note 7].. Some stamps are available for free, but many are sold for a fee. The paid stamp is 240 yen if it is an official stamp,Creator's stampThen you can purchase it for 120 yen (with some exceptions). You can purchase stamps and give them to your friends as gifts. However, if you are using the PC version and present a stamp,Web browserIt is necessary to do it from "LINE STORE", a stamp purchasing site for customers.

development of

History of development

Chairman of LINE Co., Ltd., which was “NHN JAPAN” at the time[29]Of NHN founderLee Hae JinTries to get in touch with family and relativesGreat East Japan EarthquakeSeeing the video of the victims[30], Stayed in Japan and promoted a development project. NHN JAPAN took charge of the development under the promotion of Lee Hai Jin, who stayed in Japan instead of the Korean headquarters, in order to utilize the swift decision-making ability and concentration of small organizations instead of the expanded headquarters.[31].. Development teamCitizenship TheJapan, South Korea,米 国,ChugokuEtc[30][32][33], With Ayumi Inagaki as the development team leader, are each working on an application translated into their native language.[30].

LINE original characters such as "Brown", "Connie", "Moon" and "James" appearing in apps and stamps were written by Korean in-house designer Kang Byung-Muk "I like manga from a long time ago and observe people's facial expressions" I also listened to the opinions of the person in charge of LINE planning so that I could express emotions according to the situation by utilizing the characteristics of each character.”[34][35]He says he designed it.2013年Launched "LINE FRIENDS" as a goods brand, and since then most of the original character goods have been developed under the same brand.[36].

Report on the developer

As the exposure of major media increases with the spread of LINE,Nihon Keizai Shimbun』(2012) in "Japanese domestic product"[37],Sankei Shimbun』(2013) in "Japanese made"[38],Wall Street Journal"(2014)" was developed in Japan and was born in Japan"[39],SankeiBiz"(2013) is "Korean"[40],Union News(2012) "Korea App"[41], And the difference began to appear in the coverage. In 2013, Rie Inoue of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, who described the online question to the press as “purely domestic/made in Japan,” explained that “because it was planned and developed at the Japan branch” and explained the LINE business. Posted by Jun Masuda, Executive Vice President, who replied, "In the end, I would like you to use it as a stateless brand regardless of nationality. You should not feel like a country."[42].

"Nikkei Special Future Century Zipangu-Economics of boiling scene- "(April 2013, 4) said, "A telecommunications service created by the Japanese that can be used for a long time in the world." "It was a division of a Japanese company that was originally created by a Korean NHN IT company as a wholly owned subsidiary. (15) I became an independent company from April."Tsuyoshi NatsunoIntroduced Ayumi Inagaki as "LINE developer/creator"[43]..However, the creator of LINE is Hae-Jin Lee, the development members are multinational, and after the company name change in April 2013, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of NHN Korea until its listing on the stock market in 4.[44].

"Weekly Toyo Keizai], it is a service originating in Japan, but it is said that the influence of the Korean parent company is increasing due to the rapid change in the group relationship, and the situation is described as "the group's capital relationship and business relationship are extremely complicated". Explained[45].

J-CASTaccording toWeekly BunshunThen, it is reported that LINE is made in Korea. Three of the five directors of LINE are occupied by Korean executives of NAVER, and the founder and CFO of NAVER are listed as non-executive directors. In-houseHangulHowever, it is reported that Japanese executives including Mr. Ryo Morikawa (at that time) are responding to the media.[46].

また、エコーニュースでは、LINEの開発を旧NHN Japanで指揮したのは、親会社ネイバーの創業者で韓国のIntelligence agency-Korea National Intelligence ServiceIt was reported that Lee Hae-jin, who built the information system of the company, was found by a match of public information.[47].

In addition, Akira Morikawa, who was introduced by the president of Japan and has been the president of NHN Japan since 2007, talks about the situation of LINE, which has gained explosive popularity in 2, two years after the service started.

Usage situation

World share

Especially popular as a messaging app in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, etc.[48].

The CEO of LINE Plus Co., Ltd., the commander of LINE's overseas expansion, is Jun Junho, who also serves as CGO (Chief Global Officer) of LINE Co., Ltd. LINE has a 100% investment, and LINE Plus Co., Ltd. has branch offices in Spain, Taiwan and Thailand. The base of LINE Plus Co., Ltd. is not in Japan but in Korea[45][49].

On January 2013, 1, the number of registered people was 18 million within 19 months after the service started.[38][50][51]Beyond[Note 8], 4 million on April 30 of the same year[52]、7月23日に2億人、8月21日に2億3000万人、11月23日に3億人[53]Topped.

The simplicity of registering a telephone number at the start of use and the communication in a one-to-one closed spaceFacebookOpen likeSocial MediaCaptured users who were not familiar with[50]It is said that.

LINE isMiddle East,スペイン,South AmericaThe number of users has soared and it is ranked No. 1 in the free ranking of App Store free apps and social network categories in each country[54][55].

On October 2014, 10, LINE Corporation announced that the number of registered users exceeded 9 million worldwide and the number of active users per month was 5 million.[56].

In the world's monthly active user (MAU) ranking as of October 2019, the number is 10 million and the 2th place (Statista survey).[48].

As of 2019, the monthly usage rate for the number of users in the world is about 86%[57].


It is widely used as a communication tool between individuals in Japan.


August 2012, 10,Prime minister's residenceAn official account has been opened,Administrative agencyBecame the first to introduce a LINE official account[58].. IT secretary, IT public relations adviser, Cabinet Secretariat, Cabinet Public Relations Office, was considering introducing LINE as a tool to disseminate information to the younger generation. I was able to do it."[59].. The Prime Minister's official residence account is operated by the Cabinet Public Relations Office[60],46th House of Representatives general electionContinued operation after[61].

August 2013, 4,KomeitoOpens an official party account[62].

October-December 2013 Breakdown of sales is about 10% for games, about 12% for stamps, and about 60% for official accounts and sponsored stamps.[63].

According to NAVER Co., Ltd. (then NHN Co., Ltd.)'s January-March 2013 results announcement, about 1% of LINE sales are generated in Japan[64].

Youth away from LINE

There is a view among young people that LINE is gradually moving away.Research companyMacro millが2016年1月に行ったインターネット調査(15歳以上のユーザーが対象)ではLINEユーザーは、15~19歳が11.6%、20代が24.8%だったが、17年7月の再調査では15~19歳は10.3%、20代が20.7%となった。[65].

Status in Asia

As of 2020, the share of messaging apps in Asia is high in LINE in Japan, Thailand, and Taiwan, QQ in China, and Kakao Talk in South Korea.[48].

Kingdom of ThailandIt is reported that the function introduced by police and capable of exchanging messages and photos will be used for criminal investigation and traffic crackdown[66].

From July 2014, 7,Mainland ChinaI'm no longer connected.People's Republic of ChinaAccording to the authoritiesKakao TalkIsTerrorist organizationBecause it was often used forGolden shieldBlocked by[67].

From July 2017, 5,ロシア OfRoscomnadzorIt is,Integrated registration of prohibited sitesAdded Line server to.After that, Russian users began to have problems sending and receiving messages.[68].

Status in North America

LINE in July 2016New York Stock ExchangeListed on NYSE[69].

Has a rivalry with Facebook etc.[69].. In 2019, the United States has the largest share of messaging apps in Facebook Messenger, second in SnapChat, and third in WhatsApp (Statista “Most popular mobile messaging apps in the United States as of September 1″)[48].


Mobile Content Forum (MCF) sponsored "Mobile Project Award 2012" Mobile Platform Solutions Category Excellence Award[70].

Sponsored by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Association, 2012 Good Design Award “Gold Award”[71].

Selected as “2012 science and technology achievements that made Korea shine in 25” by Korea Academy of Engineering[70].

Problems and incidents pointed out

Occurs via LINEBlackmail,Aid communicationAlthough such cases have been occurring frequently since 2012, they do not have a function similar to ``dating'' to exchange contacts with strangers only through LINE, so IDs can be exchanged through bulletin boards, sites, and applications outside the LINE service. There are many cases in which they know each other's contact information[72].. There is data that 9% of girls suffer sexual damage via smartphones and most use LINE[73].. The LINE Terms of Service also prohibits use for the purpose of meeting strangers of the opposite sex[17][74].

Services such as bulletin boards for LINE ID exchange are different from dating sitesDating site regulation lawRegulations andHazardous site regulation lawNot subject to filtering by[75]Therefore, the police also stopped responding to requests[76], LINE management calls attention to these services[16]And prohibit the use of ID search function for users under the age of 18 at any time[17]It corresponds in.

Educational institutions and the Board of Education are urgently taking measures, because new students and students who are unskilled in social activities spit out harassment on LINE, lose friends, and spread bullying videos and photos.[77].

As the situation continues to be abused for sexual crimes, publicity of proper use for users and parents, prevention of abuse of "bulletin board application" that is prone to hotbeds for child pornography cases and child prostitution, users illegal and harmful information To create a system that does not allow easy access to, and three measures against sexual crimeKyotoPrefectural policeRequested to operate LINE[78].

Personal information leakage and countermeasures

Compared with the spreadpersonal informationIncreasing voices are worried about depositing[79].. In the first place, the registered contents of the telephone directory are "other person's personal information", and they are provided to a third party without permission of the person (Upload) Has been pointed out the problem[80].

In addition, due to the specification that the telephone number is used as the account ID, there is a risk that the employee will make a personal contact based on the telephone number described as member registration or contact information of the reservation site.[81][82].

In addition to this, the LINE registration of the phone number linked with the phone book can be done by leaking the social graph of the person who previously used the phone number, and by registering the random phone number using the PC version. It has been pointed out that there is a danger that numbers will be linked.[83].

On April 2013, 4, LINE acquired the world's first simultaneous three types of global warranty reports showing that information management is being carried out safely. The international certification of the acquired internal control management system for the three types of personal information related services of SOC3, SOC3, and SysTrust is verified by an independent external auditing organization based on the five standards established by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Chartered Accountants Association of Canada. Granted. The SOC assurance report has been acquired by Google, Microsoft, Amazon.com, etc.[84].

Data interception by the Korean government

On June 2014, 6, the Korean government is intercepting LINE data (free calls and text messages)FACTAReported online. In this article, a cyber security official of the Korean government collected data exchanged on LINE.Korea National Intelligence ServiceIs collected and analyzed by the JapaneseCabinet Secretariat Information Security CenterIt was allegedly accepted at the meeting with. At the same time, collect (listen) data directly from the communication line.(English editionIs "Communication secretKoreans claim that it is not illegal in South Korea where there is no law to protect[85].

In response to this news, Ryo Morikawa, president of LINE Corporation, protested that there was no such fact in his blog.[86][87], There is no evidence of unauthorized access to LINE communication data.CipherArgued that it is impossible to analyze the data because it adopts the digitized data format[88](However, passwords and message texts were stored and sent in plain text until the problem was discovered). In response to this protest, FACTA issuer Shigeo Abe argued that "the article posted is confirmed" on the 20th of the next day.[89].. However, as of the same day, the grounds for the claims of both parties have not been clarified in detail, and it has been pointed out that the third party lacks judgment information.[90].

LINE account takeover case

In June 2014, take over the account and on LINESpecial fraudThe incidents of doing[91].. It is reported that the LINE account was taken over by someone without the exception of the entertainer, as a method of fraudulently logging in with the leaked password and impersonating an acquaintance in Japan and fraudulently stealing web money from the victim.[92].. From June to October of the same year when the incidents frequently occurred, the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed 6 cases of damage only in Tokyo, and the languages ​​of other countries (ChineseIt is pointed out that the possibility of an international fraud case has been pointed out by the example of the report in which the damage was prevented by using.

Taiwanese Presidential Office LINE ban

2014年9/23ToTaiwan Presidential OfficeAnnounced that it would ban LINE from using business-related computers due to security concerns[93].

Used for bullying

According to a school bullying survey conducted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, it was announced that bullying using PCs and mobile phones is increasing. Shuichi Hirai, director of the Children and Students Division of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, said, "It has become difficult for adults to grasp because of changes in forms such as bullying using LINE."[94].Online bullyingIn particular, the bullying that abuses LINE is getting serious. Since it is a separate communication between children, it is difficult to confirm from the surroundings, and the reality is that measures against LINE bullying have not caught up[95].

As an example of bullying using LINE, remove the person you don't like from the group and talk to them about slander or slander (in some cases, you can talk directly without leaving the group). For example, you can use LINE to spread photos that humiliate the person you are bullying. In addition, such LINE bullying currently accelerates during summer vacation.[96].

Ignore LINE vulnerability indication

IPA (Independent administrative agencyInformation Processing Promotion Organization), LINE has stolen talk history and photos,SD memory cardIt was notified that there were multiple fatal software vulnerabilities, such as the data inside was completely exposed.[Source required]While the LINE side pointed out multiple vulnerabilities, only some vulnerabilities were acknowledged and they did not try to solve them, so the IPA repeatedly notified and finally acknowledged.FACTAOnline reported[97].. Unknown about resolution.

LINE smartphone game alleged violation of law

Billing items for LINE smartphone game "LINE POP"Fund settlement lawIs suspected of violatingMinistry of FinanceKanto Finance BureauSaid the on-site inspectionMainichi NewspapersReported. In response to this report, LINE immediately announced a counterargument that denies the factual facts, "about our view on some of the content of the report"[98].

LINE smartphone game stopped for 1 month due to App Store violation

Eight new titles such as "LINE QUICK GAME", which was newly started, were caught by Apple's review, "Discovery on LINE!! Tamagotchi", "Exploration Dorriland Brave Hunters", "Fishing Star QUICK", etc.[99].

Minors send documents for unauthorized access

In the summer of 2019, I learned that two minors living in the Kanto region of Japan were informed that ``LINE's image server is vulnerable'', so I used a home computer to illegally use LINE's image server Suspected that they were connected toAct on Prohibition of Unauthorized Access(Unauthorized access prohibition law) on suspicion of violationLocal prosecutor's officeIt was reported in June 2020 that documents had been sent to. The two say to the investigation that they wanted to try it[100].

Main services similar to other companies

WhatsApp Messenger(US WhatsApp Inc.)
Pioneer of smartphone messaging application software released on May 2009, 5[101]Supports 31 languages ​​and has more than 2019 billion users as of July 7[102].
Kakao Talk(Korea Cacao
Released in March 2010[103]With over 13 million users in 1 languages[104]In South Korea, there is an article saying that "all smartphone users use KakaoTalk"[105].
Kakao Corporation claimed that LINE, which was developed and popularized in Japan by NHN's Japanese corporation in 2011, imitated KakaoTalk, the year after it was released.[106]"The difference in direction will become more apparent from now on," said CEO Kao Talk, President Park Jae-jin, at CNET Japan.[107].
Viber(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Viber Media Inc.)
Released in October 2010, it supports 10 languages ​​and announced in February 30 that it has 2014 million users.[108].
WeChat(WeChat, China Tencent
Released in March 2011[109]Has more than 18 million users in 3 languages[104].. For mobile payment services, WeChat and LINE Pay have a tie-up relationship.

In "Future Century Zipangu" (April 2013, 4), KakaoTalk, Facebook, etc. were introduced as LINE-like services, saying, "The biggest companies differ by country, LINE started as a Korean-owned company, In Korea, KakaoTalk has a higher share, and in Thailand and Japan it is LINE."[43].

Coverage of similarities with services of other companies

Regarding the imitation of services of other companies, President Morikawa of LINE Company said, "It is an era when it is essential to have the ability to imitate preceding successful people highly and to enter the market." I think, "Innovation occurred, people who imitated by seeing it survived for a long time and created a modern society."Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun][110].

LINE said, “It was released in March 1, one year earlier, and it was a big hit in Korea.Kakao Talk"Fnnews.com (파이낸셜뉴스) in Korea and "JoongAng Daily NewsIt is evaluated in ","東洋 経 済 オ ン ラ イ ン] Or4Gamer.netLINE also refers to Kakao Talk and introduces that it imitates, but America, which was originally released in May 1 one year earlier than Kakao Talk and boasts the world's top share, "WhatsAppIt is said that the account system and others are very similar to "," and that was used as a reference.[111].

KakaoTalk's best-selling game "(Korean version(Anipang) is a similar gameLINE POPAppears in LINE as[112][113][114][115].

Imitation of iMessage

Ryo Morikawa of LINE CorporationAppleMessage service app for devicesiMessageAdmitted to imitate[116].

LINE linked app

LINE linked apps that have ended service


Mobile remittance/settlement service launched in December 2014[124].. Besides Japan, it is served in Taiwan, Thailand and Indonesia. Korea, the parent company of LINENAVERLINE Pay is ahead of the service in, but LINE Pay as of 2019 is a localized version of NAVER Pay for Japan, a service that enables Japanese yen denominated settlement. That is the position. From May 2019, 5, NAVER Pay users have started a service that allows direct payment at LINE Pay member stores. Due to legal regulations, the use of LINE Pay affiliated stores in other countries across countries is limited to a part such as inbound used by overseas users in Japan (Japanese users are referred to as "Korean ATM exchange service" described later). Not available except). As of June 17, it has 2019 member stores[125].. Contactless paymentQUICPayIncluding, there are 171 million locations.

You can make payments for LINE, LINE related services, affiliated stores, web services, and in-apps from the LINE app. It can be used by pre-charging through a credit card connection, a convenience store, or an account of an affiliated bank. It also has a "split payment function", a "send money function" and a "withdrawal function" to send money to a friend's LINE Pay account without knowing the other party's bank account. Also in KoreaShinhan BankCharge at ATMSouth Korean won現金で引き出す「韓国ATM両替」サービスも行われていたが、2020年11月までにサービスを終了した[126].

You can also make a regular bank transfer, which may be cheaper for other bank transfers. The fee is 176 yen (including tax), but the maximum is 1 yen a day. However, it is necessary to confirm the identity in advance with a driver's license etc.[127].

Earn LINE points by using LINE Pay or participating in campaigns. The accumulated points could be used for code payment and online payment, and could be exchanged for LINE Pay balance until December 2019, 12.

LINE Pay card

Also, from March 2016, it will be called a LINE Pay card.JCBThe service linked with is started,prepaid cardJCB member stores around the world (Discover cardEtc., including affiliated stores of affiliated companies).

Until March 2018, 1convenience storeI was able to purchase by specifying the charge amount at the store, but after that, I apply from the LINE application and get a card.

By using a LINE Pay cardLawson,Natural lawsonCash charge at the cash register,FamilyMartThen.Fami portCash charge at the cash register, viaSeven-ElevenThen.Seven BankYou can charge cash from ATMs.

LINE MOBILEYou need this card if you want to use with other than a credit card.


Service started in January 2015. Service to call a taxi at any time[124].. First released as a limited edition in Tokyo. Only LINE Pay can be used for payment, and cash payment is not possible. Since it is affiliated with Japan Taxi Co., Ltd. (formerly Nikko Data Service Co., Ltd.),JapanTaxi(Former national taxi dispatch) Vehicles from taxi companies that can be called by the app will pick you up. Ended on August 2018, 8[128].


LINE WOW is a food delivery service[124].. "LINE Bros. Co., Ltd.", a new company established through a joint investment with Woowa Brothers Corp., which develops Baedal Minjok, the largest food delivery app in South Korea, is in charge.


LINE GAMECasual gamesThere were a lot of hits in Asia and South America[129].. Operate LINE in 2013NHN JapanParent company NHN conducts internet businessNaverAnd the game business (Han gameDo)NHN EntertainmentIs divided into[130], Japanese subsidiary is also a subsidiary of NeighborLINEAnd NHN Entertainment's subsidiary NHN JAPAN (later NHN PlayArt[131]) Was divided into[130].. In this division, LINE will retain LINE GAME and NHN Entertainment will play games developed by LINE as a competitor platform for neighbors (Kakao TalkEtc.) became easier to publish. Meanwhile, LINE GAMES has also released games such as "Dragon Flight" to Kakao.

In 2017, LINE established a subsidiary, LINE Games,Destiny ChildKorea was shaken by Japanese color problem and probability problem(Korean versionAcquired a majority of the shares of[132][133].. NextFloor subsidiaries include gaming companies Nano Interactive, Mobilfactory and Studio 4 Leaf.[133].

Games currently being delivered

As of June 2019[134].

  • ○ indicates games that can be played offline (except when LINE is activated)
  • Games marked with × cannot be played offline (except when LINE is activated)
  • ? The mark is a game in which it is unknown whether it can be played even when it is offline (other than when LINE is activated)
LINE character game
titledevelopment ofAndroid versioniOS versionOffline play possible
NHN Pixelcube[135]AndroidiOS×
NHN Pixelcube[136]AndroidiOS×
NHN PlayArt[131]AndroidiOS
LINE Plus[137]AndroidiOS
LINE RangerLINE Plus[138]AndroidiOS
LINE Brown FarmLINE PLAY[139]AndroidiOS
LINE Studio[140]AndroidiOS?
LINE Studio[141]AndroidiOS?
LINE Hello BT21LINE Studio[142]?
Other original games
titledevelopment ofAndroid versioniOS versionOffline play possible
LINE Poco breadTREENODAndroidiOS×
LINE Poco PocoTREENOD[143]AndroidiOS?
PATI Games[145]AndroidiOS×
LINE Puzzle TintinNeptune[146]AndroidiOS?
Games based on cartoon and anime characters
titledevelopment ofAndroid versioniOS versionOffline play possible
LINE: Disney Tsum TsumNHN PlayArt[131]AndroidiOS×
BANDAI NAMCO EntertainmentAnd LINE[147]AndroidiOS?
Kakao games[149]
Games distributed outside the LINE GAME brand[Note 9]
titledevelopment ofAndroid versioniOS versionOffline play possible
Jump Chi HeroesWonder PlanetAndroidiOS?
Games distributed by LINE GAMES
titledevelopment ofAndroid versioniOS versionOffline play possible
Protocol: hyperspace DiverNextFloor Basement Lab
Exos Heroes (not delivered in Japan)OOZOO

Discontinued games

  • Duel of Dice[150](Development: Studio 4 Leaf (subsidiary company))

Games whose management has been transferred

  • (Development cooperation: Winlite[151]Transfers Spring 2020 Operations to Winlight[152]

Games that have been or will be terminated

LINE GAMES distribution game that will be terminated or scheduled to be terminated

  • Scheduled to end September 2020, 9[243]
    • (요괴 (Phantom Chaser) Japan version[244], Development: Floppygames[244]


A browser game provided by LINE. Scheduled to end service on October 2020, 10[245].

  • KoToro (Author: Digital Garage[246]
  • "Movie Betting Kegurui" [GAME] (Development:Digital garage[247]
  • Exploration Dorriland Brave Hunters (Development: Wright Flyer Studios, Delivery:Glee[248]
  • Penguin Dash (Author: MOVIGAME[249]
  • End July 2019, 10
    • LINE Minna de Quiz (Development: Jeepla and Game Age Research Institute[246]
  • End July 2019, 12
    • Jetpack Bandits (Development: Wizcorp[246]
  • End July 2020, 2[250]
    • Pocket Oasis (Courtesy of:G-mode
  • Solitaire Cooking Tower (Author: EMONG[251]
  • Spoons Sweets (Author:NCSOFT[252]
  • LINE Today's Sudoku (Author: CoolGames[246]
  • End July 2020, 7
    • Sketch by everyone (Author: CoolGames[253]
  • Scheduled to end September 2020, 10[245]
    • Cat Parfait (Author: SANKYO and Solid Sphere[254]
  • Scheduled to end September 2020, 10
    • Nyanko Defense Force (Author: Game Closure and Ponos)[255][256]
    • Dino Ballz (Author: SundayToz[246]
    • Fishing ★ Star Quick (Author:Wright Flyer Studios[246], Development: Game Closure[257]
    • Discovered on LINE!! Tamagotchi (Author: BandaiAnd WiZ[258],Cooperation:Jeepura[246]
    • Infinity Dungeon (Author: Super Awesome[259]
    • Shopping Panda Park (Author: Rakuten Games and Rakuten[260]
    • Cookie Crush (Author: SOFTGAMES Mobile Entertainment Services[261]
    • Late Summer Paradox (Author: Wright Flyer Studios[262]
    • Hello Kitty Dreamy Terrarium (Author: Sanrio and Wright Flyer Studios[263]
    • Begging Cocoa duo☆ (Author: Beastex[264]
    • Urusetori's super-nervous breakdown (Author: mame & co, Development: WFS[265])

Media development

Original used for stamps with app hitscharacterThe following appearsTelevision Animation,ComicThe work has been produced and is expanding media in various fields other than the application.

Animated works

bothTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.At2013年1/7から9/30Short animation "LINE OFFLINE office worker" of 5 minutes was broadcast until the same year4/3From March 2014, 3, a 26-minute frame animation "LINE TOWN" was broadcast. Both animations have different directors and production companies, and the settings of each character are different, but in chargeVoice actorAnd the insertion BGM in the work is the same. The short animation version depicts a surrealistic world set in a certain company, while the 30-minute version is a slapstick comedy for families set in "Line Town".

Cartoon work


"Weekly Young Jump』(Shueisha) 2013-frame cartoon serialized from 5 May 6 merger issue to 21 merger issue[266].. The authorIchi Renjuro KanedaLeading unit "Team. Kindichi". The setting is an employee like the short anime version. However, there is a description that Connie and Brown are dating.

Character ims

"Weekly Shonen Sunday』(Shogakukan) A surreal gag manga serialized from 2013 issue 6 to 2015 issue 34. The authorManya Immortality.. All eight volumes of the book. In addition, as a sequel, "Character Im's Golden" is serialized from the magazine No. 8 2015 to No. 35 2016. All three volumes of the book.


ConniescharacterI try to become a popular character every day by attending the "Tokyo Character School", a specialized institution that trains children.

School student. Although he dreams of a popular character, he is a guardian who has a dark behavior. My favorite is Ginzasushi.
School student. Silent I often stay with Connie. He is a powerful owner,witchDefeated with a single punch. After purchasing a smartphone, communicate with LINE. I live in an apartment. My favoritesalmonhoney.
ム ー ン
School student. Classified as miscellaneous by the teacher, it is not popular with children. Connie often has a bad eye on him, but he says that he will be revived many times with his own "guts and humor." Cat skin (Cat tongueIt's a skin version, so I can't take a hot bath and I can't even have hot canned coffee. My favoriteTsukimi soba.
Teacher (James[Note 10]
School instructor. In the early days I was also the principal, but laterWhen the school is bought in, the principal will downgrade. My favoritebeef bowl.
A chick picked up by Brown on a rainy day. Speak in the Kansai dialect. At first he was kept by Brown, but before he knew it he had become a neighbor. My favoriteFried chicken.
ジ ェ シ カ
School students.The shadow is thin, and it is often talked about.Sub character.
New principal
A person newly appointed as the principal. The appearance is the same as the director of the short animation version. Tsukkomi is dry.
Appeared from the latter half of Volume 5.She wears blue overalls and calls Moon "Moon-san".It's a little annoying.
Appears from the latter half of Volume 5. The ending is "~su".

Even with this, Manga Research Department LINE 4 frames

"Margaret] (Shueisha) A four-frame cartoon serialized from 2013 issue 9 to issue 24. The authorYukimori Sakura.


Characters, including the expressionless hero, Usa, gradually use LINE to become friends.

LINE TOWN (Puccini edition)

"Puchigumi] (Shogakukan) 2013-frame cartoon serialized from the October 10 issue to the January 2015 issue[267][268]。作者はいけだあけみ(みちのく)。前述の『LINE TOWN』のコミカライズ版で、2ページに3本の4コマが掲載されている。


From 2016, LINE characters will be available at stamp shops.Momoiro Clover ZAn illustration series (40 types in total) that poses with members of is added, which is the first case to collaborate with real people.[269].


注 釈

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