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💹 | Whereabouts of the Yen, Whereabouts of the Dollar 267th What the depreciation of the yen in the cross yen means


Whereabouts of the Yen, Whereabouts of the Dollar 267th What the Yen Depreciation in the Cross Yen Means

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Therefore, it is important to be fully aware that even if you have a long cross yen, there is a risk that the yen will appreciate at any time due to such a sudden plunge in the dollar / yen.

Let's take a look at the daily charts of four typical cross circles from among the cross circles.This is a daily Euro / Yen ... → Continue reading

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Cross circle

Cross circle(Cross En)Forex margin tradingOf the currency pairs inU.S. dollarWith currencies other thanJapanese yenPair of.U.S. dollarとJapanese yenPairs (dollar yen) are called dollar straights.


Current,Base currencyIs in US dollars.Therefore, when trading yen with a currency other than the US dollar, you basically buy the US dollar in yen and then buy that currency in US dollars.In order to save this trouble, the rate is calculated by multiplying each rate.

Rate calculation

Multiply two different dollar straights.The same applies when calculating a cross rate other than the cross circle.As a specific example, the euro-yen can be obtained by multiplying the euro-dollar and the dollar-yen.

[Calculation example of EUR / JPY, when EUR / USD = $ 1.4000, USD / JPY = \ 100.00]


¥ 140.00 = $ 1.4000 x ¥ 100.00

Currency pair example

  • Euroyen
  • British pound yen
  • Canadian dollar yen
  • Australian dollar yen
  • New Zealand dollar yen
  • Swiss franc yen
  • South African rand yen

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