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📊 | Tesla's S & P 500 adoption shakes stock market

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Stock market swaying with Tesla's S & P 500 adoption

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It has been pointed out that the rise in Tesla shares is due to the mitigation bubble and the Robin Hood tribe.

● Tesla will be adopted as S & P21 brand from 500st The first US electric vehicle giant Tesla to be adopted as S & P500 ... → Continue reading

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Robin Hood

Robin Hood (Robin Hood) Is中 世England OfLegendThe person above. In rare cases, it may be referred to as "Robin Hood".

Establishment and transformation

BardEdited as a story by us and spread to the general public.

"Names appear in history books" and "1241å¹´There is a tradition of "death", but there is no reliable material to support its existence. Robin Hood is all about some peopleLoreIt is highly possible that they were formed together. For exampleHereward the Wake (Hereward the Wake) Etc. are listed as models. Also in 13th century ItalyOutlawGuino di Takko, a person who is not protected by law (Ghino di TaccoIt seems that he is also inspired by.

It is said that there are many documents in the 13th century England that there is a record of a person named Rabunhod.[1].. A name similar to Robin Hood is OutlawBanditIt seems to have been used as a metaphor for, and appears in several documents and materials of the 13th and 14th centuries.

A genre of medieval lyric poetryPastorelaDepicts the bargaining of love between a knight and a shepherd, but in the Middle Ages of FranceAdam de la Halle(Around 1240-around 1287? 1304?)Rural pastoralRewrite to format,Jeu de Robin et Marion Ju de Roban et Marion finished in a work called "Roban and Marion's Drama"[2].. In this work, Robin and Marion are a couple of shepherds. It's not clear if it's the playwright itself, but in this era,AngersThen every yearPentecost(Whit), A theatrical work titled "Roban's Marion's Drama" was performed. Until the beginning of the 17th century, EnglandMay festivalThe king and queen were selected from among the participants, and they were called "Robin Hood" and "Marion".

14th century William Lanne(English edition)The feature-length poem "Farmer Peers' Dream"(English edition)Appears (for the first time) as a cohesive story[3].. In old folklore, Robin HoodNorman Conquestlater,NormanTo resistSaxonNon-tenant farmerYeomanAfter thatEdward VIIRomance with aristocrats, thieves, and Marians (a family of Nottingham lords, but depending on folklore and works, daughters, wives, widow, etc.) who were deprived of their territory by the Normans in the setting of the times, orCrusaderSettings such as return have been added. Since the 16th centuryRichard IIIBecame a figure of the (Shishishinou) era, while Richard I was on a Crusader expeditionKing JohnIt came to be depicted as a person who rebelled against the tyranny of.

"bowWith a master ofUK OfNottingham OfSherwood ForestLive inOutlawAt the head of the groupPirateThe setting (image) is actually relatively new, and it has been drawn since the 19th century.greenIt is depicted as a person wearing clothes.

Characters in stories from the 19th century onwards

Robin Hood
His nickname is RobinRobin Longstride), Robin of Roxley (Robin of Loxley, or Locksley)Such.

"happy friends" (Merry Men

Chibi John (Little John) (Little John
Contrary to his nickname, he is a superhuman man. Robin's one-armed existence, fights Robin with a six-shaku stick on a log bridge and becomes a companion.
Friar Tuck (Friar Tuck
A monk of superhuman strength. A type of beer rather than warlikeAleA cheerful man who loves.
Arthur a brand (Arthur a Bland
A fugitive poacher who fights Robin to win and become a companion.
Miller's sword match (Much the Miller's Son
In the early Ballads, he was the second adult warrior, and in later stories he was the youngest of his delightful companions.
Will scarlet (Will Scarlett
Dateo who always wears red clothes. A master of swords and a nephew of Robin.
Will Stutry (Will Stutely
Give John his nickname "Chibi". Archery is second only to Robin. Spy on Nottingham's deputy, captured, and rescued. Occasionally confused with Will Scarlet.
Doncaster David (David of Doncaster
He tells Robin that the bow comparison tournament held by Nottingham's deputy is a trap and warns him not to go.
Alan a Dale (Alan-a-Dale
Bard. Ask Robin to rescue a lover who is about to get married to another man. In recent media,Saracens(Islamic) are often in the group.
Lady Marian (Maid Marian
Robin Hood's lover. In recent media, he is often portrayed as a tomboy and a capable warrior.
Lee's Richard (Richard at the Lee
AbbotA sad knight whose land is about to be confiscated because he borrowed money with the land as collateral but could not return it.Robin will help you with the payment.

Other characters

Lion Heart King
Richard III.
Prince John (laterKingdom of England John)
Depicted as a villain.
Bishop Hairford (Bishop of Hereford
Wealthy and greedy, he is robbed by Robin and his funny friends.
Guy of Gisbourne (Guy of Gisbourne
Robin is captured for Nottingham's deputy, but is killed and decapitated by Robin.
Nottingham's deputy (Sheriff of Nottingham
Antagonist.Aim to catch Robin.

Works with Robin Hood as the theme (since modern times)

Douglas Fairbanks Robin Hood 1922 film poster.jpg
Robin shoots with sir Guy by Louis Rhead 1912.png

Literary works



  • Robin Hood Adventure(English edition)(1955-1960, a TV drama series produced by the British ITC. In Japan, it was broadcast on Nippon Television in 1957.[4])
  • Robin Hood(2006, TV drama series produced by the British BBC)





  • There is a gambler who calls himself Robin Hood and is working to give money to people in need[5].
  • Pirate known as Black SamSamuel BellamyLikened himself to Robin Hood and called his men Robin Hood's companions.


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