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📊 | What are the changes in purchasing behavior in Coronavirus and the required MD measures? ??


What are the changes in purchasing behavior in the corona virus and the required MD measures? ??

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Also, if you are a person in charge who has known before Corona, it is easy to negotiate business, but if you are a person in charge assigned after Corona's disaster, you have a problem that it is difficult to grasp the feeling of temperature and air because you have not been able to build a relationship. There seems to be some people.

As consumers' purchasing behavior changes drastically under the influence of the new coronavirus, more companies are changing their product policies ... → Continue reading

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Feeling of air

Feeling of air(Kuukikan) is one of the forms used for artistic expression. Even though it is not directly expressed, it is suggested that it exists only through indirect information.

写真When used in expression, it means that a two-dimensional photograph looks like a solid.[1] Depending on the distance to the subject distanceコ ン ト ラ ス トChanges from aerial perspective and focus planeBlurThe three-dimensional effect is expressed byaberrationIt means that there are few things and it is rich in reality. It may also be used to describe a particularly good lens.1.

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