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💴 | ZOZOZ Maezawa answers 500 million yen to Tomigusuku City "Hometown tax payment" Mayor's message


ZOZOZ Maezawa answers 500 million yen to Tomigusuku City "Hometown tax payment" Mayor's message

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On the 23rd of this month, the city was informed that he was the secretary of Yusaku Maezawa.

[Tomigusuku] Yusaku Maezawa, the founder of ZOZO, a major clothing mail order company, will spend 25 million yen in Tomigusuku City, Okinawa Prefecture on the 500th. → Continue reading

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Maesawa Yusaku

Maesawa Yusaku(Yusaku Maezawa,197511/22 -) isJapan OfBusinessman,entrepreneur,ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン,YouTuber..Start Today Co., Ltd.CEOThe president[4],ZOZO Co., Ltd.Founder[5],Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Contemporary Art Promotion FoundationPresident[6].ChibaKamagaya cityBackground[7].Blood Type TheO[8].

2020 OfForbesNo. 1,135 in the world and No. 23 in Japan[2][9]..As of May 2020, the amount of assets held is 5 billion US dollars (about 20 billion yen)[2].


19933,Waseda Business SchoolWhile in schoolHardcore punkband"Switch StyleWas formed and was in charge of drums. I was active under the name of "YOU X SUCK"[10][11].. Released 7 "EP (CD in 95).

1995, Started mail order business of imported records and CDs.

19985Established Start Today Co., Ltd.At the same timeBMG JAPANAlso made a major debut from.

20004, Co., Ltd. Start Today Co., Ltd.Start TodayReorganized into.

2001, Band activity stopped and started to concentrate on business as a manager[12].

200712, Start Today Co., Ltd.Tokyo Stock ExchangeMothersListed on.

20122, Start Today Co., Ltd.TSEMarket change to the first part.

201211Established the Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art.

201310, Fashion coordination app "WEARStarted operation.

2016, Ranked 50th in "Japan's 50 Richest" announced by Forbes.

2018From Start Today Co., Ltd. in OctoberZOZOCompany name changed to[13].

20199/12,ZOZO YahooAnnounced on his Twitter that he will retire as president because he will be under the umbrella, and will retire on the same day[14].

20199/13, Established Start Today Co., Ltd. and became president[4][15].

20209/10,Blue ribbonReceived the award (Later)[16].



Although he goes on to high school (Waseda Jitsugyo School), he mainly engages in music activities from the second grade, and hardly attends until the last few days of attendance.While he was absent from school, he was working part-time in architecture to earn a studio fee for band practice and travel expenses to the United States.

After graduating from high school, I have been studying music in the United States for half a year.[12], Has a career as a former musician who also made a major debut in the band[17].

Rapid growth of ZOZOTOWN

ZOZOTOWN operated by the company will grow rapidly as Japan's largest apparel mail order site.Takafumi HorieIt is,Soichiro TaharaIn a conversation with "Japanese managers are slack, not slackGrandchild,YanaiMr. Maezawa, "[18].

October 2012 ZOZOTOWN shipping costs are highTwitterTo the purchaser who described it as a "scam", "Scam ?? I don't think the product will arrive for free. Sweat to your house.Yamato courier companyThe person took the trouble to carry it.You don't have to order a non-thankful guy like you again. "[19]ReplyBurning[20], Maezawa apologized on Twitter on the 21st of the same month[19], Announced that ZOZOTOWN will be free of charge from November[21]..In addition, Maezawa's remarks led to widespread speculation that consumers would be reluctant, and Start Today's stock price hit a year-to-date low on October 2012, 10 for two consecutive business days.[20].

July 2018, 7 On his Twitter account, he said, "I want to have a professional baseball team as a'big desire'."Professional baseball worldHe expressed his interest and motivation for entry and team management.[22]..However, on December 12th of the same year, it was revealed that he would temporarily give up entering the ball world.[23].

2018/9/17 Space xIt is,2023BFR to be launched (laterStarshipRenamed to)MonthOrbital flight plan (#dearMoon) Announced that he had signed a contract with Maezawa as a tourist to the moon.[24]..If realized, the arrival of mankind around the moon in 1972Apollo 17Since[24].Elon MuskAt the press conference attended by the CEO, he gave a speech in English and said, "I choose to go to the Moon."John F. Kennedyof"We choose to go to the MoonI also showed off the phrase that I played with[25].

September 2018, 9 Broadcast on the same dayTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."Nikkei Special Gaia Dawn』Appeared.Among them, Maezawa said, "Doctor NakamatsuWe will do what you couldn't do.Let's revenge, "he said, revealing his longing for Dr. Nakamatsu.The next day, Dr. Nakamatsu posted on Twitter, "Thanks to President Maezawa for'Dr. Nakamatsu Revenge Return Declaration!', I will continue to do what Dr. Nakamatsu could not do. And tweet."Dr. Nakamatsu will revenge what President Maezawa couldn't do. I'm leaving for the United States this weekend, but I'll see you when I return to Japan."Maezawa also responded immediately on Twitter. "From Dr. Nakamatsu, who holds more than 3000 patents. Thank you. If you have any patents that you are not using that could be effectively used by us for society and people, please use them!" ..In response to Nakamatsu's call to "see you", he promised to meet in a public exchange, saying, "Please adjust the schedule. If you contact us, the secretary team will respond."[26].

Support activities

We are engaged in support activities for local communities such as Chiba and disaster areas.

In 2011Chiba Marine StadiumDonate personal renovation costs[27][28].. Also in 2016Kumamoto earthquakeIn case ofKumamotoとOitaDonate 1,000 million yen to each[29].

January 2019Biwa Peninsula TyphoonChiba Prefecture damaged by (Typhoon No. 15)Minamiboso,Konan Town3 million yen each in 1 cities and 1,000 town, in December of the same yearTateyama City20 billion yenFurusato tax paymentDonated by the system[30][31].

In March 2020, Minamiboso City received a large amount of disaster relief from Maezawa.Governor of Chiba Prefecture OfKensaku MoritaThroughJapanese govermentToAwardThe award ofThe award and insignia were issued on August 8st of the same year, and the mayor's award was issued on September 1th.Yu IshiiWas awarded the Medal and Medal after visiting Start Today[16]..In addition to Minamiboso City, Tateyama City has also submitted and awarded the award, and as of December 2020, it has received a total of four awards.[32].

20204/23,New coronavirusTateyama City established the "Yusaku Maezawa Tateyama Support Fund" by utilizing a part of the donation to the city for the above-mentioned hometown tax payment as a support for small and medium-sized enterprises whose business conditions continue to be severe due to the influence of the above.Announced that it will implement emergency economic measures totaling 3 million yen[33].

20205/10,Spread of COVID-XNUMX infectionAnnounced the establishment of the Maezawa Single Parent Support Fund, which distributes 1 yen to 10 people as a support measure for single parents who have suffered from difficulties such as being unable to work due to school closures of children while the self-restraint period continues[34].

Distributing money

February 2019, 2 Declared on Twitter that "I will concentrate on my main business" and announced that I will suspend Twitter activities. One month ago, on January 7th, "1 million yen for each 1 people (total 5 million yen)New Year's giftI will give you a present ", and two days later, the number of retweetsWorld new recordEtc.[35], The topic creation through Twitter has attracted attention, but in December 2018, some apparel makers closed one after another in response to the implementation of the membership discount service "ZOZOARIGATO membership".[36], The company was in a predicament to fall to the first decline in profits[35]..In addition, about two and a half months later, Twitter activity resumed on April 2th.[37]. Also,transplantIs throwing a debate about the current situation of[38].

January 2020, 1 Held the so-called New Year's present campaign "1 million yen will be presented to 2 people!" On Twitter for the second time.Maezawa also posted this campaign on Twitter.Basic incomeIt is said that it also serves as a survey and experiment on[39].

On September 2020, 9, the world record for the number of retweets mentioned aboveGuinness World RecordsCertified by[40].

Private life

  • ChibaChibaInage DistrictResident[1].
  • Shuhei Maezawa, a guitarist of Switch Style and currently the president of There Co., Ltd., is his younger brother.
  • Acknowledges three boys born to two unenrolled women[41].
  • From the fall of 2015SaekoDating[42]..In December of the same year, he took the stage with Saeko on the stage of the year-end party of Start Today and declared dating.[43].. Catastrophic around the summer of 2017[42].
  • Released on January 2018, 4Women seven』In the actressGome AyameDating was reported, and both sides admitted dating on their own SNS[44].. Catastrophic in November 2019. Reunited in February 11.
  • In September 2020, it was revealed on Twitter that a short-term trading of stocks was carried out while the stock price was volatile due to the influence of the new coronavirus, resulting in a loss of 9 billion yen.[45].


He loves wine and keeps thousands of bottles of wine in his home or warehouse.[46]Also famous as a collector of luxury cars,HermesSpecification ofBugatti Veyron[47], Custom madePagani Zonda[48]Owns many supercars such as.

Famous as a collector of contemporary art, the works of well-known writers are displayed everywhere in his home and Start Today office.[49][50].. Held in June 2016Christie'sAt an auction in NYJean-Michel BasquiatThe work "Untitled" (1982) was sold for 5700 million dollars (about 62.4 billion yen), which is the highest bid for the writer, and became a big topic.[51].. In March 2017Sotheby's Basquiat's paintings were sold for $ 1 million at the New York Contemporary Art Evening Auction, breaking the artist's highest bid.[52].. In November 2012, he established the Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary Art, which he chairs, and is supporting young artists and promoting contemporary art.[53]..Also known as a furniture collector, sponsored by the Foundation for the Promotion of Contemporary ArtJean ProuvéCollection exhibition was held[54].

May 2019, 5 Owned by himself on TwitterAndy WarholAnnounced that several works will be put up for auction at Sotheby's on the 16th of the same month.[55]..The two items that had been announced for sale were sold for a total of about 2 million yen.[56]..Regarding this, Takafumi Horie and some weekly magazines pointed out the possibility of cash flow.[57][58]Maezawa explained that it was raising funds to carry out the 100 million yen New Year's present project next year, denying Horie et al.'S point.[59].



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