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💴 | What are the precautions for leaseback?Avoid trouble and reduce risk


What are the precautions for leaseback?Avoid trouble and reduce risk

If you write the contents roughly
Let's consider whether a leaseback is necessary after knowing the precautions and trouble cases in advance.

What is a leaseback?Leaseback is a contract to conclude a rental contract and continue to live in the same house after selling the house ... → Continue reading

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Leaseback(English: Leaseback) Is "Sale and leaseback"(English: sale-and-leaseback), Which is the item you currently own (mainly)Fixed assetEtc.), sell something else, and from thereleaseTo do金融transactionTo say.What is the target of these transactionsReal estateSuch asFixed assetAndairplane,列車Such as capital goods[1][2].

This is the reason for the parties involved in making the leaseback.金融Up,AccountingUp,TaxBecause it has the above advantages[3]..There are two major advantages, "you can get a lot of cash" and "you can save the trouble of maintenance".

LeasebackConcept The外交The above has also been proposed or implemented,Falklands WarAfter a 99 year leaseアルゼンチンProposed to belong to[4]Also, Hong Kong belongs to China for a similar period.

There are rare online articles and SNS posts that use the phrase leaseback to mean "return assets to the leasing company upon expiration or cancellation of the contract," but this is a clear misuse.To be correct, use terms such as "lease up" for contract expiration and "lease cancellation" for cancellation.

Real estate leaseback

Among leasebacks, those targeting real estate are called "real estate leasebacks".Real estate leaseback also includes a service that allows you to continue living by selling your home to a leaseback vendor, raising funds, and renting your previous home from the leaseback vendor.[5].

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