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🌏 | Russia refuses request to release Mr. Navalny from Europe and America


Russia rejects Western requests to release Mr. Navalny

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Mr Navalny's detention could impose new sanctions on Russia by Western countries.

[Moscow, XNUMXth Reuters] – Western leaders detained the Russian government shortly after returning to Japan ... → Continue reading


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Western(Oubei) is in a broad senseEurope(Europe) andAmerican states(Americas.North AmericaとSouth America) Of 3OshuRefers to.

In a narrow sense, EuropeanDeveloped countryas well as the The United States of AmericaとカナダRefers to a group that combines the two North American countries.EnglishmanWas founded,OceaniaIt is inAustralia,New ZealandMay be included.

The Western concept is culturallyWesternIt gently overlaps with the concept of.


JapanFor the event inForeign countriesAs an example in, it is often used as "in Europe and the United States."The origin that Western countries are quoted for comparison is from Meiji JapanModernizationIt is thought that this is because the model of this was Western countries.

ModernIn Japan after that, beforeChugokuIt is a word that is often used with the meaning of "an existence that embodies an ideal" that was supposed to be an alternative to, and often does not match the actual "Western" situation.In fact, it has a longer political and economic history than Japan, and has many experiences and sophistication, so it is referred to when referring to advanced institutions and forms, sophisticated cultures and ways of thinking. (Yoshihiro"I like to use Han dynasty" for the shaved word[1][2][3]Is)).

However, in recent yearsEmerging countriesWith the rise of China, non-Western countries (including Asian countries such as China)Developing countries(Including) has created a new order, and in Japan it is often referred to as an "overseas case."

Western and Western people's idea range

In the sense of Westerners, the term "Westerners" is used.This is the so-calledWThis is because it often refers to people of the same age, and even in Western regions, if they are of a colored race, it was often unexpected when using the name Westerner.In addition, "Europe and the United States" are often taken up as an example of "developed countries", in which caseCuban revolutionAfterキ ュ ー バ,Eastern European RevolutionpreviousEastern European countriesSuch asOne-party systemcountry,Anglo AmericaとEuropean UnionMany in areas other thanDeveloping country(South America, etc.) are often outside the Western idea.

In Japan "ForeignerWhen the word "" is used, it is sometimes used in almost the same meaning as "Westerners".In Japan, it was sometimes said that "foreigners are big", but in regions other than Europe and the United States, there are many countries where the average height is shorter than Japan, and when such expressions are used, Westerners (African descent). It can be seen that it almost refers to (including Americans).However, compared to other races, African descent has a large difference in average height depending on the ethnic group, and in Africa as a whole, the average height is about the same as or less than that of Japan in many countries.


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