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🌏 | UK, new corona dead most updated France goes to medical mask use recommendation


UK, new corona dead most updated France goes to medical mask use recommendation

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On the 21st, the Dutch Parliament approved the first national curfew since World War II.

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State General of the Netherlands

State General of the Netherlands(Dutch : Staten-Generaal) Is Netherlands OfParliament.. It consists of two chambers, but the political priority is directly elected.Second House (Tweede kamer) (House of Representatives,Representative House).Senate of the Netherlands (First room) (Senate,Senate) Is elected by an indirect election by members of the parliament of each state.The State General of the Netherlands CapitolThe HagueIs smoldering.


The State General of the Netherlands is on the third Tuesday of September, the first day of the parliamentary year.Budget Day) To hold a joint sessionking speech (Troonrede) Is read aloud.In addition, the two houses jointly held a joint meeting on the marriage of the royal family, the coronation of the king, and the demise of the royal family.Verenigde Vergadering) open.The chair of the Senate of the Netherlands will be the facilitator of these joint sessions.Also these meetingsAmsterdamIt will be held in the Knights' House (Ridderzaal) in Binenhof, except in the New Church (Nieuwe Kerk).When the joint session is not held, each hospital holds its own meeting.

Under the provisions of the Constitution, all powers of Parliament, except for drafting and amending bills, are given to both houses.However, in reality, it can be said that the Second House has the authority of the entire parliament, and the First House is held only once a week.In the joint session, if the successor to the throne is absent and the regent cannot exercise its powers, a new king will be appointed.

In the Dutch political system, there is a big question as to whether the relationship between the cabinet and parliament should be dual or unified.That is, should ministers and ruling party leaders prepare important political decisions.From a dualistic standpoint, ruling party members should act independently of the cabinet.Monism, on the other hand, is a term used to indicate that the ministers of a coalition of governments should make important decisions to bring about political stability.


Historically, the State General of the Netherlands was in the mid-15th century at that time.Duchy of BurgundyIt was convened as a congress of representatives of the parliaments of the states under the control of.The first meeting14641/9, Duchy of BurgundyPhilip IIBy the life ofFlemish OfBrugesIt was opened in.After that, the meetingDuchy of BrabantWas under the control ofブ リ ュ ッ セ ルSo it will be held regularly.1581King of Spainフ ェ リ ペ 2 世Declared denial of the sovereignty of the Netherlands, and when the Northern Netherlands escaped control of Spain, the State General of the Netherlands became the supreme authority on behalf of the King and the central governing body with the local councils of the Northern Netherlands It became.The State General of the Netherlands was around this timeHollandIt will be gathered in The Hague, but its members are seven state legislatures.Federal Republic ofIt was elected for the rule of.In the State General of the Netherlands, it was decided to cast a vote as a state, but at that time each state had one vote, but this system became established after 1. there were.It should be noted that 1593% of the Dutch Republic territory does not have a state legislature equivalent, so these areas are under the Union Territory and do not have the right to vote in the State General of the Netherlands. It was.AlsoDutch East India Company,Dutch West India CompanyIs also under federal control andニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク(At that timeNew Amsterdam)ofStaten IslandAnd discovered by the Dutchアルゼンチン(Staten Island) is Staten General Staten-Generaal It was named after it.

Still moreSouthern NetherlandsHas its own State General of the Netherlandsブ リ ュ ッ セ ルWas in.

The Hague and the State General of the Netherlands in Brussels1795Will be abolished.This year, the Southern Netherlands was annexed to France, while the Dutch RepublicRepublic of BataviaCollapsed in response to the declaration of establishment of17963/1The National Assembly was convened in.However Staten-Generaal Will continue to be used as the name of the Dutch Parliament, ending Napoleon's rule.1815To Staten-Generaal Was convened again.



Curfew(The kettle is full,English: curfew) Means that the general public is prohibited from going out at night except in exceptional cases as the exercise of public power.

There are several definitions of "night", and generally the day日 没From the next daysunriseUntil. Sometimes it is from 23:5 to XNUMX:XNUMX, but this is also called "midnight". In addition, the cases where exceptions are recognized differ for each actual activation.

Security-MilitarySometimes done for the above reasons, in the old days唐 Ofcapital-Chang'anIt was carried out in.thisNight banAt nightFangIf you go outside, you canWhipping) Was supposed to be punished by twenty[1].

Even now,Latin AmericaIn unstable countries, sporadic night curfew may be issued that may involve travelers who have delayed flight arrivals. Also,1994 OfNorthridge earthquakeIt can also be issued in the event of a major natural disaster, as in the example.

The United States of America

The United States of AmericaThen, in 2015, a black boy who was arrested by police officers injured his neck and died,MarylandBaltimoreThe protests in the city have grown into riots and the city was banned on April 4.[2].

In 2016, a black man was shot dead by a police officer,North carolinaシ ャ ー ロ ッ トProtest demonstrators in the city collided with police forces and the city was given a curfew on September 9.[3].

South Korea

South KoreaBefore the independenceAllied military period Of19459/7, The US ArmySeoul cityとIncheon areaIssued a night ban on[4].. Then in June 1950Korean WarWas expanded nationwide on July 7 immediately after the outbreak. From 8 to 0DoctorOther thanCivilianCan't go out in SeoulDowntownThen after 11 pm, hurry homeOffice workerbyTaxiThere was a competition for him.

The night traffic ban (prohibition) continued for a long period of 36 years and 4 months,19641ToJeju, Inland in March 65Chungcheongbuk-doThe ban is lifted. In May 66(I.e.IsGyeongju,Dongguan,Haeundae,YuseongThe ban has been lifted. In addition, for transportation means necessary for production distribution such as daily goods transportation and export industry,19663No ban on[5]Other than that,Buddha birthday,Christmas,New Year's EveThe ban has also been lifted.

19821/5,At the timePresident of South KoreaIsZentoBut,Military borderThe night-time ban was lifted except for 52 Eup, 292 counties in the area bordering on[6].. Even in the rest of the region, it was completely lifted at the end of the Zen Doo administration.19881/1Is[7].


South AmericanチリThen,1973ToPinochetIs militaryCoup d'etatWoke upMartial lawEnforcement.1990A curfew was also issued until he retired. Since then, it has been transferred to civil affairs2019In 10 monthChile riotWhen the accident occurred, the curfew was issued again toward the end of the month.[8].

2020 New Coronavirus Infection

2020 years,New coronavirus infection OfPandemicOn the occasion ofチュニジア,ボリビア,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu, RiceNew Jersey, U.S. Autonomous Territoryプ エ ル ト リ コ,フィリピンThe capital ofManilaA curfew was issued at[9].


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