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🌏 | British Corona Infected, Expected Decrease Authorities "Still Dangerous


British Corona Infected, Expected Decrease Authorities "Still Dangerous"

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In England and Scotland, full lockdown measures were introduced on the 4th of this month to control the transmission of the highly infectious new corona variant.

[London, XNUMXnd Reuters] – The UK Department of Health reported on the XNUMXnd that new coronavirus infections will occur XNUMX-XNUMX times a day ... → Continue reading


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Lockdown (blockade)

Lockdown(English: lockdown) IsDangerImminent threatriskAn urgent situation in which you cannot freely enter or leave a building or area, or move within it (one or more of them) for reasons such as[1].cityIf you want to block the whole thingCity blockadeAlso called,JapaneseThere is no description in the dictionary of, and currently there is no definition[2][3].

Governments and local governments basically force people to move and outdoor activities禁止Sometimes it means to[4]. Also,EmergencyInMovement of people-Corporate activityThere is an opinion that the restrictions will be imposed with legal penalties.JapanInEmergency declarationThere is an opinion that it is different from "self-restraint request"[5][6][7][8].

In the case of a blockade of a building, lock the door that goes out to prevent access.Drill lockdown(drill lockdown)”. "Full lockdown(full lockdown)” is required to keep people still at their current location and stay still, and is prohibited from entering or leaving.


Emergency lockdown (emergency lockdown) And preventive lockdown (preventive lockdown)[9].

Preventive lockdown

In preventive lockdown, to ensure safety, as much as you can think ofAvoid all dangersIt is a precautionary measure that addresses the worst scenarios and system vulnerabilities with the aim of doing so.

If preventive lockdown is not planned, loss of life etc. may rapidly escalate.[9].

Emergency lockdown

Emergency lockdownImminent threat or risk to human lifeIf there is, it will be implemented. Against intruders from outsideDedicated to pre-school and extra curricularThe emergency lockdown procedure in should be short and simple. Simple procedures can be disseminated with regular practice instead of prolonged training[9].

1999å¹´ OfColumbine High School Shooting IncidentSince then, some American schools have different emergency lockdown procedures, some follow standard procedures, and some recommend a proactive approach to threats.[10].

刑 務 所

In English speaking, the term lockdown is generally刑 務 所Controlling the movement of prisoners in.

Full lockdown in prisoner riots[11].


hospitalUnited States guidelines for lockdowns inpower failure,Earthquake,洪水,fire,bomb,hostageActive shooters such as threats and shootings byactive shooter) Etc. are listed[12][13].. In addition, contamination by substances that may be harmful,Riot, Children, etc.KidnappingThe case is also taken into consideration[12][13].

Manufacturing industryThen refers to stopping and improving manufacturing to identify problems that prevent it. Lockdown event (lockdown event).


American terrorist attacks

2001å¹´ToAmerican terrorist attacksPrivate whenAirspaceWas blocked for three days.

Cronara Riot (Sydney)

2005年Toオーストラリア OfSydneyAnd between Lebanese and Caucasian youthCronara RiotThere has occurred.New South WalesThe government authorized police to lock down certain areas and roads in the state in case of an emergency.Sutherland ShireLocked down.

2008å¹´1/30,University of British Columbia (UBC) threats occurRoyal Canadian Mounted PoliceLocked down for 6 hours, staff and students waited inside the building[14][15][16].

Boston Marathon Bomb Terrorism

2013å¹´ OfBoston Marathon Bomb TerrorismThen.Boston CityThe entire area was locked down and a search for terrorists was made.[17][18][19].

Paris terrorist attacks

2015年 OfParis terrorist attacksIn case ofベルギーThe lockdown continued for two days. same year,Los Angeles Unified School DistrictWas blocked by the threat of terrorism.

Global pandemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

People's Republic of China(Hereafter, China)Hubei ProvinceWuhanで2019年Occurred at the endSARS coronavirus 2byEpidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Then.2020年Since enteringPandemicCaused (global epidemic), China,UK,EU,Malaysia,アメリカ合衆国 OfCalifornia,New York State,north korea OfGaeseong,IndiaLockdown measures were implemented in[20][21][22][23][24]..Also at the same timeEmergency declarationHowever, since the number of infected people was decreasing, economic activities were prioritized and some of them were eased.However, since then, the number of infected people has increased rapidly, and the United Kingdom[25][26]And Germany[27],France[28]Lockdown was executed again in Europe etc.[29][30][31][32].Corona shockMany countries have implemented more relaxed lockdowns than the first time because of the global economic difficulties that have been called.

Partial lockdown/partial blockage (partial lockdownIn (), some activities of residents are restricted.CurfewIs an example[33][34].

Full blockade, full lockdown limits most of the people's activities, but is the basis of societyinfrastructure(So-called in Japanlife line[35]) Does not stop functions such as[36].. Pharmacy, pharmacy, grocery store, daily necessities store, public market, gas station, repair shop, hospital, clinic, bank, securities company, insurance company, security company, public transportation, mail, logistics, telecommunications, news agency, Agriculture, livestock, fisheries, food production, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities production, electric power companies, gas companies, garbage disposal, burial grounds, police, fire departments, national defense, border security, coastal security, customs, public offices, etc. even during the lockdown period As an exception, take measures to prevent the spread of infection and maintain the function. In-store eating and drinking is not permitted at restaurants, but take-out and delivery may be permitted.

About implementation in Japan

There is no lockdown in Japan, and it is not usually under such circumstances in the first place, but in 2020Epidemic of new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)Then in April at that timeShinzo AbeThe Prime Minister (hereinafter referred to as Prime Minister Abe) is the firstEmergency declarationIssued[37]did.However, there is no lockdown in Japan that establishes restrictions on going out like in other countries and sets a fine system for violators.Japanese govermentFrom "Refrain from going outrequestIt is done in the form of ", and of course there are no penalties or coercive forces.[3].

According to Prime Minister AbeThe Constitution of JapanHe also said that legally, there is no lockdown, restrictions on going out, or fines for violators.Japan is also prewarImperial Japanese ConstitutionToNational emergency rightHowever, it is impossible to lock down because it does not exist in the Constitution of Japan (Second World WarIt is said that the consciousness to prevent the runaway of the nation worked from the reflection of.For this reason, Japan has a history of establishing and amending individual laws in the event of an emergency such as a major disaster after the war.[38].

Other usages


ComputerSuch asITAtSecurityFor strengtheningOS,ア プ リ ケ ー シ ョ ンA mechanism that limits functions such as[39].


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