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🌏 | US President Joe Biden directs risk assessment of domestic terrorism


US President Joe Biden directs risk assessment of domestic terrorism

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Saki said the Director of National Intelligence's office would work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security to carry out the assessment, saying, "We want a fact-based analysis, which will lead to policy. It can be formed. "

[Washington, XNUMXnd Reuters] – US President Joe Biden is the Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump ... → Continue reading


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United States Secretary of State Information

United States Secretary of State Information(America is busy,English: Director of National Intelligence, Abbreviation:DNI) Isアメリカ合衆国In the federal governmentInformation agencyIt is a high-ranking ministerial official who governs.Intelligence communityIn charge ofUnited States Federal GovernmentHas the authority to supervise the personnel and budget of 16 information agencies.

Installation process

PreviouslyCIASecretary Director of National IntelligenceHe also oversaw the entire intelligence community.However, since the Director of National Intelligence is also the Director of the CIA, he concentrates on the command of the CIA, which is the organization he controls, and conducts more than 8% of information activities.Department of DefenseIt did not play a role in directing or coordinating the intelligence community due to the conflict with. It has been pointed out that the lack of cooperation among intelligence agencies is one of the reasons why the terrorist attacks in 2001 could not be prevented.Therefore, in 2004 (Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004)National security lawWas amended and the Director of National Intelligence was established, and the Deputy Secretary at that time emphasized the information activities of the Department of Defense.George W. BushIn response to the intention of the administrationNSAWas the secretaryMichael HaydenWas inaugurated.The Director of National Intelligence will be devoted to commanding the intelligence community, and the CIA DirectorDirector of National IntelligenceからCIA exclusive secretaryIt became.


Director of National IntelligencePresidentとNational Security CouncilInformation advisor andIntelligence communityとNational Counterterrorism CenterTo supervise.16 federal governmentInformation agencyHas the authority to control the personnel and budget of.However, the command authority over each intelligence agency is unknown.

Confidential document summarizing information collected by intelligence agencies every morningPresident's Daily BriefReport (President's Daily Brief) to the President[1]..This President's Daily Brief can only be viewed by the President and those approved by the President.

Successive Directors of National Intelligence

1John NegroponteJohn Negroponte official portrait State.jpg2005å¹´4/21 - 2007å¹´2/13George W. Bush
2Mike McConnell
(Vice Admiral Retired from the US Navy)
Mike McConnell, official ODNI photo portrait.jpg2007å¹´2/13 - 2009å¹´1/27
Barack Obama
3Dennis C. Blair
(US Navy retired general)
Dennis Blair official Director of National Intelligence portrait.jpg2009å¹´1/29 - 2010å¹´5/28
David Gompert official portrait.jpg2010å¹´5/28 - 2010å¹´8/5
(Retired Vice Admiral of the US Air Force)
James R. Clapper official portrait.jpg2010å¹´8/5 - 2017å¹´1/20
5Dan Coats
Dan Coats official DNI portrait.jpg2017å¹´3/16 - 2019å¹´8/15Donald Trump
-Joseph Maguire
Joseph Maguire official photo.jpg2019å¹´8/16 - 2020å¹´2/20
-Richard Grenell
Richard Grenell official photo.jpg2020å¹´2/20 - 2020å¹´5/26
6John Ratcliffe
John Ratcliffe.JPG2020å¹´5/26 - 2021å¹´1/20
-(English edition)
Lora Shiao.jpg2021å¹´1/20 - 2021å¹´1/21Joe Biden
7(English edition)
(OriginalCIADeputy Secretary)
Avril Haines portrait.jpg2021å¹´1/21 -Current position


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